tagMatureNorma's Young Neighbor

Norma's Young Neighbor


Norma glanced out the window for the up-teenth time—still no Troy. Back to the bathroom, she assured every detail was just right. ‘I still look good for thirty nine, if I so say so myself,’ she thought. Her lime green bikini under her tropical patterned cover-up brought out her red hair and green eyes perfectly. Back before he let himself go to pot, before his impotence, this type outfit always brought her husband, Bill’s, cock to full attention. Two years and counting—still he refused to get help. Today she was taking the bull by the horns—if she didn’t chicken out.

The only alcohol available was the cheap red wine the doctor ordered Bill to drink before bedtime, but while she never drank before she’d already had two glasses and now she poured herself another. Where was Troy?

She’d realized last year Troy had a crush of her, and the longer she went without, the more tempted she was to respond to the supposedly teen age Lothario’s advances. Well, today he was no longer jail bait and she asked him over to celebrate his becoming legal. Now where the heck was he? She sipped on her wine and checked once again; still no Troy.

Disappointed she decided to start the pool party without the little asshole—stand her up, will he? She’d show him!

Since she was over half through her glass, she decided to pour another before she settled down with her romance novel. If she couldn’t do it, she’d just read about it.

The pool’s deck seemed to waver as she went for a refill, but she made it without spilling too much. Back to her book, the heroine was just kissing the hero’s giant cock and Norma’s fingers had just found her magic spot when she heard, “Hey Momma, need help?”

Surprised, she tried to jerk her hand back, put her book down, and jump up all at the same time, She may have made it with two glasses of wine—three was too much. If Troy hadn’t grabbed her, she’d have fallen.

Naturally that played right into Troy’s plans. He was a man on a mission and getting to fuck the woman he’d lusted after for so long was just icing on the cake. He might have been young, but he’d had more pussy than many men twice his age, and the woman he called Momma would add a full grown woman to his harem.

Grabbing her, he pulled her almost naked body tightly against his. Her arms wrapped around his neck just as his lips sought hers. There was no tender foreplay involved; he was a horny eighteen year old and she was drunk and horny.

Her lips parted, accepting his pressing tongue. She wiggled against his probing cock, desperately willing it to enter her. He pushed the crotch of her bikini aside, his right hand guiding his shaft against her.

“Fuck me, Troy,” she whispered. “It’s been too long.”

“Let’s go inside, Honey. This deck is gonna be too hard on the knees and back.”

Norma grabbed the remaining bottle and by the time Troy dropped her on the marital bed the red liquid dripped over her body. She giggled as his tongue licked it up.

“Just a second, Momma.” Troy took the bottle and dribbled wine around her pussy and into the slit.

“Don’t! That’s nasty!” She pretended to push his lapping tongue away, but as soon as it touched her clit she pulled his head tighter into her widespread crotch, giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Don’t waste it all down there,” she complained, when he pulled her legs over his shoulders, opening her pussy wide and poured it full. She tipped the bottle to her lips, drinking deeply while her lover lapped wine from her cunt like a dog drinking water.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, when his cock stretched her wide. She had never felt so full. She came almost as soon as the young cock began pumping into her and she lost count of the repeats.

Norma lost all track of time, finally falling asleep when so sated she couldn’t bear to be touched. When jarred awake by a slamming door, she leaped out of bed, sure she was caught.

She wouldn’t have worried if she could have seen Bill hand Troy a fifty asking, “You do the job, boy?”

“Yes Sir, I did just as you asked. You wanted her properly fucked and I promise you, she’s properly fucked.”

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/13/19

Didn't Finish

Got to your 8th "word" - 'up-teenth' - and gave up.

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by LoquiSordidaAdMe02/10/19

Nice twist

I didn't see it coming.

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by chytown02/05/19
by prinnavea02/04/19


Did Bill just turn an eighteen year old into a gigolo. I can see him making a hundred dollars a visit now. Fifty from Bill and Fifty from Nora, Bill should have went and received help for his problem.more...

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