Not Alone On New Years Eve


"Darlene, have I told you that I think you have a sexy body?" She thanked me and smiled. At that point I have no clue what happened. I must have passed out. Next thing I know is its 5:30 in the morning and she has a towel wrapped around herself, a smile on her face, and telling me to wake up.

Instantly I know I didn't please or satisfy her. "Sorry Darlene, how can I make this up to you? I want and need to make it up to you. I have to."

"No honey you do not. Not unless you wanna." I insisted and insisted but all she did was hug me, kiss me, and politely ask for her money back I laughed and gave it back. I kissed her like a good lover and left.

At home, I saw a few lights on. Patty's car wasn't there and I wondered why the lights were on. No one was around but I heard footsteps upstairs and I went up to investigate. There, in my bedroom, half naked wearing only a bra and undies was Renee.

Looking at her from behind I gawked at her sexy presence. I was a little bewildered too. I was still drunk but wondered why she was in my house. She heard me breathing and when she turned around she had been crying.

I asked why and she explained. "He started calling me a fucking cunt out in front of everyone. He's been on the meds and shouldn't be drinking. He knew it but he didn't care. He embarrassed me and himself so I walked out on him. I'm sure he thought I went home, but he gets out of hand and scary, so I came here. I was just going to take a bath and then leave after I sobered up. Patty always said I could come here if something like that happened."

I walked up to her and wanted badly to hug her. It was my intention all night anyways to be intimate with her but it didn't work out. I hugged her regardless if she only wore a bra and panties. It felt good when I did.

I so wanted to run with it. I couldn't, not under the circumstances. I rested on the bed while she took a bath. I listened while she did. Then I fell asleep. She came in while I slept and snuggled with me. It was nice feeling her against me when I woke up at 9:30 on New Years day. Rolling over and seeing she was naked was a treat. I was in my clothes.

Looking at me she smiled and said "Good morning and Happy New Year honey. It's okay to say honey isn't it?"

"Well, you're here next to me, without clothes on, so I'd say it is perfectly fine. Umm can I make love to you now?"

She looked up and giggled. "Feel free because I don't mind."

That's what I began doing until my god damn cell rang. There I was kissing and caressing her as she began undressing me and everything was perfectly silent. The sun was shining through the blinds. Everything was progressing nicely. Touching her in one erogenous area then the next and eventually about to touch her clitoris and finger her pussy, my cell rings.

"Damnit why now" I say frustrated. "Why couldn't this call come in later as in an hour from now?"

I was being saved from doom and destruction most likely. We both knew it; doom and destruction as in somehow being caught by my wife and my marriage ending abruptly. Taking the call, it was my wife. She called late last night but I didn't answer. She was suspicious and wanted to know where I was. I told her I went to one party then the other. I told her I was drunk and passed out. I said I didn't get home until just a few minutes ago. That's all I remember.

She said she'd check it out. Hopefully I wouldn't be murdered. I made up with her. Made out as a goody two shoes, and told her to drive safely.

Looking back at Renee, I begged her to let me continue making love. I asked if she would but she wasn't comfortable with the idea. I asked her if we did it downstairs would it matter. She laughed and said no. We kissed, she dressed, and I walked her out.

"Will you call me though" she asked with a wink. I told her yes I would and all the time too.

I hooked up with the one woman who walked the neighborhood. I don't remember her name. Renee and I talk here and there, but it's hard to hook up.

Lying in bed, half naked, I woke up to the scent of a woman's perfume. There next to me was my wife's head, kissing my chest and caressing my stomach. I told her good morning, petted her head, and ran my fingers through her long brown hair.

Undoing my belt and undoing my pants, she slowly took them off to give me a nice, romantic New Years day blow job.

"I'm going to return the favor if that's okay with you sweetheart."

She smiled, winked at me, and my cock disappeared in her mouth.

Fuck I enjoyed that a lot!

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