tagIncest/TabooNot Just Kissing Cousins

Not Just Kissing Cousins


Chapter One: The Introduce...

"Okay, Mom, heading over to Doug's house for the weekend," 22 year old Conner Winfield announced to his mom.

"Change of plans honey," said his mom, just as Conner had his foot out the door. "Your Uncle James and Aunt Betty decided to go on a second honeymoon and so your father and I gladly invited their daughters to come and stay with us for a few days. We need you here to show them around. To make them feel at home."

"What?! You and dad can't do that?" argued Conner.

"Your father and I have dinner plans tonight since he's going away on a company trip this weekend, we are going to enjoy ourselves. Plus, your cousins need to hang around someone their own age sweetheart," explained Conner's mom.

"Oh mom... We're not the only family they have. What about Uncle Dave and Aunt Rachel? They live in that big house and have plenty of space. Where are they going to sleep?" Conner said.

"Son, your Uncle Dave and Aunt Rachel live in New York. We live in Springfield, Ohio and your father's brother James and his wife only live an hour away from us. So their girls are coming and we need you to make them feel at home, got it?" replied his mother. "They will stay in your sister's old room."

Conner sighed and had no choice but to follow his mom's orders since he opted not to go to college after high school, still lived under his parents roof, and worked a low paying job.

"You should be thrilled to see your cousins again honey. We haven't seen those girls in almost 6 years," said his mother. "I wonder if their still shy..."

"By shy, do you mean; alienated, social outcasts, bad-mannered prudes?" responded Conner.

"None of that this weekend Conner. We want those girls to know that they can come and visit us anytime," said his mother. "Now please, go change into something a bit nicer then a flannel shirt, dirty tank top and cut up jeans. You look a bum. Your father should be here any minute with those girls."

"Yes mother," Conner said in agreement.

Ten minutes later, Conner's mom called for him to come downstairs to meet his young cousins; 18 year old Savannah Winfield and 19 year old Devon Winfield also known as the Brooding Sisters. As Conner arrived downstairs, his eyes nearly popped from their sockets and his mouth hung open which rendered him speechless at the sight of his female cousins. A sight in which he was never expecting...

He first laid eyes upon Savannah, the oldest sister who had a post-Gothic look with skin as white as ivory. She was a bit tall at 5'7 with a fairly adorable face and jet black hair with purple streaks which was shaped like a helmet and the length stopping at chin-level. Her gorgeous green eyes were hidden behind a pair of thick-framed spectacles, her short and dark eyebrows looked penciled in, her nose was small and kind of pig snout like in a reasonably cute way and she wore a deep purple colored lip-gloss over her petite yet full lips. While all of that was noticeable in itself, it was down below that really caught Conner's attention...

She wore a multiple colored plaid skirt, bright neon green stockings, and a pair of knee-high black boots. Her shirt was purple and tucked inside her skirt. There was an distorted image of a green dinosaur widely spread across two of the largest pair of tits Conner had only seen on porn sites and porn magazines. The blood rapidly streamed to his cock as his eyes lingered on the two, enormously massive rounded torpedoes as even incased behind a heavy duty bra, still overhung a bit over her stomach yet protruded at least a good foot from low on her chest.

"Conner? Don't be shy now. I know its been a long time but still, show some manners and say hi to your cousins," said his mother.

Conner finally managed to blink his eyes and muttered out softly.

"H, h, he, hello..," Conner shuttered.

Six years ago, Conner remembered a thirteen year old Savannah beginning to enlarge quite nicely in her chest area but he couldn't have imaged six years later she would be sporting tits the size of watermelons. Might be a bit of an overstatement but not by a tad much with proof being those monstrous knockers lurching lewdly from her chest as she walked into the living room. Her back was tapered which made for a breathtaking scene of her heavy juggernauts wobbling from side to side. Conner felt his hard cock swelling painfully against the front of his skinny jeans and luckily for him, there was a barricade blocking everyone's view of his erected boner.

"Wow, and here I thought you stop being a loser," spoke the youngest sister Devon.

Devon was just your typical looking teenager and undoubtedly nothing special. She was five feet shorter then her sister at 5'2, had slightly tanned skin and auburn hair with platinum blonde streaks separated into two ponytails on each side of her head. Her face was a bit chubby but reasonably appealing, had dark brown eyes, bushy eyebrows with a piercing in her right one and she wore no make-up like her big sister. And unlike her big sister, she wasn't wearing any type of clothing that revealed her body frame with the exception of an oversized black hooded-shirt that only provided cover to her very massive set of enormous tits. From what Conner could tell, they didn't look close to being as monstrously huge as Savannah's wobbly spheres but they were still the kind of boobs he only saw on dirty Internet sites and porn magazines.

Six years ago, little Devon was chunky and had little to no tits for being only twelve. It seemed all that fatty tissue transferred into her chest. Conner watched as Devon followed her sister into the living room.

"Honey, why don't you go into the kitchen and fix the girls a snack. I'm sure they are hungry from the long drive," Conner's mother asked him.

"Sure," he calmly said but then remembered his throbbing cock poking out from his jeans. "Have to go change first!"

Conner rushed back upstairs, into his room, and closed his door.

"Good GOD!" a flabbergasted Conner exclaimed, as he rubbed his pursing boner through his jeans. "They have tits! Really huge fucking tits! What the fuck am I going to do?"

"CONNER! Are you alright?" shouted his mother.

"FINE MOM! Be down in a bit," he responded.

His hard boner wasn't going away anytime soon so Conner had no choice but to relief himself. He pulled his jeans and underwear down to his ankles and laid across his bed. He pulled out one of his favorite porn magazines entitled Juggs from under his mattress and preceded to quickly stroke his cock up and down. It didn't take him long to cum once an image of his extremely well-endowed cousins plagued his mind.

"AARRGGG!" cried Conner, as he erupted a thick geyser of cum all over the page of his Juggs magazine. "Oh shit... Oh shit..."

Five minutes later after cleaning up, Conner came downstairs wearing baggy sweatpants and greeted his parents in the living room with his two overly large busty cousins...

Chapter Two: Good Friends, Better Cousin Stealers...

Conner's mom convinced her son to take Savannah and Devon out for a bit. The trio hopped into Conner's mother's minivan and headed off to the mall. It was very distracting for Conner to drive as Savannah sat in the front seat and the seatbelt was literally absorbed between her mammoth soft spheres and separated them and driving over speed bumps made her gigantic loaf of tits lurch and bounce ridiculously. Lucky for him, his baggy sweats hid his throbbing erection.

"Here we are, the mall," announced Conner, as he was the first one out of the minivan. The busty cousins soon joined him on the outside and they ventured into the mall together. Unquestionably, both Savannah and Devon got quite the stares from an elderly grandpa to someone's five year old daughter. While the girls ignored the stares, Conner noticed and did an idiotic move by putting an arm around each other his cousins.

"So what store in the mall do you want to enter first?" he asked, as it took every shed of well power he had not to look down at the vast towering slopes that bounced in front of his young cousins.

"First off, scrub. No need to have your arms around us like we're buddies," stated Savannah in a stern tone, as she and Devon pushed Conner's arms off them. "Secondly, you can go get loss."

"Will, I see you two have not changed," said Conner, obliviously talking about their attitudes and not their ridiculously enormous boobs.

"And neither have you Conner. You're still that curly haired, skinny and unfunny jackass with no girlfriend or car," a mean-spirited Devon said.

"Okay then. Guess I will see you girls back at the car," said Conner, as he watched his very curvy cousins walk away.

"Hey Conner! What's up man? Thought you said you had to baby-sit your cousins for the weekend?" said Conner's friend Doug, as he walked up to him.

"I do, I mean, I am. Sort of," a confused Conner said. "They're somewhere in the mall."

"Alright, then lets forget about them and you come hang out with me, Michael and Daryl," said Doug.

"Alright, bet."

Conner when off with his friends. They played some arcade games, read some comics at the bookstore, and followed around some very hot ladies.

"YO, YO, YO, YO!! Check out the chick with the huge fucking watermelons!" an energized Daryl shouted to the rest of his friends.

Conner didn't have to look as he knew exactly who Daryl was talking about. He quarrel back and forth in his mind rather or not to tell his friends who Savannah was.

"Yo! Check out her friend. Short, thick and stacked! Just how I like them," stated Michael.

Conner listened on as his friends spoke nasty about his two cousins.

"Which one of those chicks would you bang Conner?" asked Daryl.

"No doubt Conner would bang the one with the biggest fucking tits!" teased Doug. "Who needs pillows when she got those."

Everyone busted out a legit laugh while Conner faked his.

"Man, oh man, I think I might go and introduce myself," said Doug.

"Don't bother man. Those two are stuck up snobs. They will bite your head off and shove it clean up your ass," responded Conner.

"Oh? I take it you tried to hit on them?" Doug questioned.

"Not exactly. Just tried to talk to them," Conner replied.

"No wonder Conner. You're an ugly bastard," Doug stated, followed by a laugh. "Just playing man. Just playing but I am better looking then you."

Doug popped a couple of tac-tics in his mouth.

"Watch and learn boys," he said, as he preceded to head over in Savannah's and Devon's direction. Conner paid close and special attention to his cousins. To his compete and utter shocking surprise, they actually engaged themselves in a conversation with his friend Doug. They even smiled and laughed at whatever he was saying.

"Doug has the smallest dick out of all of us yet he's able to pull the most pussy," said Michael, followed by a laugh.

"Doug is always the biggest fucking pervert out of us," stated a concern Conner.

"Yeah, true but I don't think Doug walked up to them and commented them on their breasts. Sure both of them would had slapped the hell out of him," said Daryl. "Oh look, here he comes."

Doug ran back over to his friends.

"Gentlemen, we have hit the mother fucking load!" stated Doug.

"What do you mean?" Conner asked.

"I invited them to come and hang out with us but only if we supplied the boozes. Now, grant it, they look a bit scary but they sound real sweet. They sound like the type of girls who if you got them drunk enough, will be willing to do anything... and anyone," said Doug, followed by a laugh. "Hell Michael, we can finally get your ass laid tonight."

"Oh yeah, its on," said an keened Michael.

"Unfortunately gentlemen, Conner can't come to the party because he has to baby-sit his little cousins," mocked Doug. "But don't worry Cody, I will give you all the play by play details if their boobs don't knock me unconscious."

As Doug, Michael, and Daryl headed over to Savannah and Devon, Conner desperately wanted to spill the beans but he was also a little surprised that neither Savannah or Devon told Doug their relations to him or it was just their way of completely disowning him out of their lives. Conner watched hopelessly as his friends were gathered around his overly top-heavy cousins and exited the mall with them...

Chapter Three: Uncontrollable Urge...

Conner drove back home without his cousins.

"Mom?! Dad?!" he shouted, as he entered the house. He walked into the kitchen for something to drink and found a note on the counter.

"Hey Conner,

Your mom and I decided to leave a couple of hours early to catch a movie. We won't be home until late. I want you and the girls to be nice to each other and behave.

Love, Dad"

Explaining to his parents why he didn't come home with his cousins was an extreme sigh of relief for Conner. As Conner exited the kitchen, he realized he had the whole house to himself for a few hours but he knew his parents weren't going to be home until late in the night. He wondered about his cousins. Speaking of which, Conner when upstairs and into his older sister's room. She was await traveling all over Europe as part of her studies for college. He noticed Savannah and Devon didn't even bother to open their suitcases.

"Guess I'll led them a helping hand," Conner selfishly said.

He unzipped the first suitcase which had a few crossbones and dragons stickers on it. The first item that popped into his view was a black lace brassiere. The cups were so enormously large, you could fill it with some footballs and the straps looked deep and wide and seemed reinforced.

"This is definitely Savannah's."

Conner's cock had already sprung to its 8 inches of hardness once he saw Savannah's bra. He picked the bra and ran his hands all over the smooth cotton texture of the humongous cups. He planted his face into one of the soft cups as his head wasn't big enough to fill it out completely. He removed his head and read the bra's label;

"30JJ!!! Jesus..." moaned Conner, as he felt his cock ready to explode.

An idea hit Conner and if he were to follow through with his idea, that wouldn't make him much better then Doug. Probably worse. He undid his jeans and dropped them to his ankles along with his underwear. He rubbed his hard dick all over Savannah's double J cup bra. Conner was overjoyed as he had never done anything like this in his whole life. He envied all those male porn stars who got to fuck some of the bustiest women in the world and here he was, slightly fulfilling his dream as he cock-slapped the massive cups of her bra. He moaned and panted as he started jerking his hard dick while staring down at the bra. He envisioned Savannah wearing the heavy-duty bra. He pictured seeing her and her overgrown jugs for the first time in over six years and oddly, he became more aroused as he picture his friend Doug having his greedy way with her tits. That send Conner over the edge and he spewed a fat load of his cum all over Savannah's bra.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck!" a breathing heavy Conner groaned, as he jerked every last drop of cum from out his pee-hole and onto the bra.

Conner stood half naked in his older sister's room as he tried to catch his breath and still held onto the cum-dripping and stained colossal black bra belonging to his cousin Savannah. After a few seconds, he realized what he had done and quickly headed into the laundry room and washed the bra. It took close to forty minutes before the bra was washed and dried and lucky for him, his cousins didn't return to the house.

After he put Savannah's tailor-made bra back inside her suitcase, he was still curious about Devon's size. If he risked viewing her bra, he could lose control again. It was truly an agonizing decision... So he decided to trust his cock and take a real quick peek.

"34H!! Good lord, what have their parents been feeing them?" a dumbfounded Conner said. He put Devon's huge red bra away and headed back downstairs as his hard cock slowly became flaccid.

Conner became bored and hungry so he ordered a pizza and watched a couple of movies on DVD. Every so often during a movie, he worried about his huge-breasted cousins and how his disgusting friends were treating them. He felt somewhat guilty for not coming clean to his friends about who Savannah and Devon really were. He shrugged it off after remembering how his cousins treated him rudely earlier and started playing some Battlefield 3 on the PS3.

It was around 11pm when Conner was alarmed by several loud bangs on the front door.

"I'm coming! Who the fuck on!"

He opened the door and was shocked see his busty cousins; Savannah and Devon and they stood in front of him with those monster tits of their pointing right at him and holding a case of beer in their hands.

"Well, aren't you going to invite us in cousin?"

Chapter Four: Prelude To A Long and Hard Night...

"So... What happen?" Conner asked his well-endowed cousins, as he sat across from them in the living room.

"Well after we left the mall with your corny ass friends, we picked up some alcohol and when back to Doug's house," Savannah shortly explained.

"You have some real horny dogs as your friends Conner. They were quick to try and get us drunk enough so they could have their way with us but instead, we got them drunk, put them all into Doug's car, dropped those losers off halfway across town, and in Doug's car, we came here," Devon finished explaining. "We even brought some beer back with us. They got wasted on all the heavy shit."

Devon tossed Conner a cold beer and together, the three of them gave toast to putting Doug, Michael, and Daryl in their places.

"So how come you didn't tell them we were related? We found out from Doug saying his friend Conner wouldn't come with us beside he had to baby-sit his cousins?" asked Savannah.

"Are you kidding me? After you two decided to ditch me, why I would want to apparently embarrass you anymore by telling Doug and the others who you were? You might not had gotten all this free beer," stated Conner, followed by a laugh and remarkably, he saw Devon and Savannah crack smiles and giggle a little. "And here you two said I wasn't funny."

"You had your one moment, don't get cocky," teased Devon, followed by a snicker.

It seemed the torn relationship between Conner and his two cousins was starting to mend. The three of them ate pizza, played video games, talked, joked around, and got pretty hammered. The girls left midway through to go change into their respective pajamas.

Conner watched as Devon returned downstairs first wearing a pair of pink flannel pajama pants, no socks and an extra large t-shirt with the phrase; "These Get Me Off The Hook!" printed largely above Devon's giant ballooning breasts. Conner could instantly tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Her huge 34H tits pleasantly jiggled and gingerly swayed as she walked towards the couch. Conner got a good view of how portly round Devon really was without being overweight and how incredibly low her boobs draped pendulously from her chest yet they swelled out into massive cantaloupes with apparent large and rock-hard prominent nipples that stained against the thin fabric of her loose shirt. Conner was so entranced by the obscene swaying of her low-hanging melons, he ignored his cock as it became increasingly hard right on the spot.

"Alright, who's ready for another round of drinks?" loudly asked a slightly drunk Savannah, as she returned downstairs wearing a pair of grey jogging pants, grey wool socks, and a sea-green huge tank top that was about to succumb to the heavy and sheer size of Savannah's colossal naturally-saggy torpedoes. There was no mistaking that Savannah wore no specially-made bra as her 30JJ boobs bounced lively on her way over to join her young sister on the couch across from Conner. There was only enough material on the tank top to completely drape over Savannah's mammoth knockers as everything from her naval and down was showing. Conner was taken back and just blown away by the most humongous and plumpness tits he had ever seen in person as they dominated and tortured his poor cousin's snowy skin and slender chest.

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