tagSci-Fi & FantasyNot So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 05

Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 05


"Taken, you say?" Asked the King.

"Yes your highness." The Royal warden bowed low. His face was flushed with blood and he gasped for breath.

"Stolen away in the night?" Asked the King.

"They must have been your highness. We found this, " he held up an arrow fletched with a single black raven feather. "It was in Prince Michael's bedroom. We searched the castle high and low for the two Princes but neither of them can be found anywhere. This is as sure as a note highness."

The King stood from his Royal bath. The water cascaded over his naked body and he reached for a towel with one powerful arm. The King was in his mid-forties now. Though he was still a strong man the hard muscles of his campaigning years had been covered by a pleasant layer of fat. Drinking too much beer had left him with a pronounced belly that hung down above his Royal cock. He was not a tall man but he was imposing as an act of his Royal upbringing. Every one of his moves spoke of power and self confidence.

The warden was a man who enjoyed the company of women; but like most long serving soldiers did not object to that of men. He thought the King a handsome man with his red-brown hair that clung to his head and spread from beneath his arms and between his legs.

The King towelled quickly, standing with his legs apart so that his royal scrotum hung down between his thick thighs and his Royal cock bobbed with each movement. "We need to widen the search." He said, his voice booming deeply in the large bathing chamber. The walls were covered with fragments of tile that glittered in the glow of candles.

"Yes your highness." The warden bowed, licking his lips. His eyes could not move from the cock of the man in front of him. There was something very attractive about the rod. Whether it was the width or the largeness of the head Warden Davie could not decide. Either way, he thought to himself idly, as with the man, so the equipment.

"And Davie?"

Turning to go Davie halted.

"Yes, your highness?"

"Leave the arrow."

"Yes Highness."

He took a step.

"And Davie?"

"Yes Highness?"

"Next time, don't stare at my cock. It's disturbing."

Davie flushed bright red and rushed from the room to the sound of deep, booming laughter.


The head of the valley was deeply forested with trees that stood lush and green against the magical colors of the rapidly darkening night. A troop of figures rode up the steep incline, spurring their beautiful mounts into powerful action. The two lead figures - a woman and an elf - both had their hair unbound so that it flowed out behind them in a glossy curtain.

Dear reader, I realise until this point I have been sparse with details about the Princess Joy. In truth it is difficult for me to write a description of her. How does one describe the color of hair that could in some lights appear shimmering blond, in others sunset auburn, and at night the cloak of deepest black? How does one begin to set to paper eyes the colour of emeralds that can shimmer at a moments notice and become pure sapphires? She was not the tall thin build of a country farmers daughter, honed to perfection by work in the fields; instead she had the curvy build of one accustomed to the finer things in life. Her breasts, as we know, were large and firm; her hips wide and fleshy; and her waist narrow enough to give her an hourglass figure without the appearance of being malnourished. Her skin was soft and well looked after, brushed and moisturised each day so that it gleamed brightly. Her legs wrapped around the belly of the horse and squeezed strongly. She was dressed this day in riding breeches. A red tunic that fell to mid-thigh slit was slit the hips and had a modestly high neckline. Her breasts had been bound down for a hard day of riding and appeared small than their natural size. Her boots were practical leather, lined with fur that peeked over the top. Gold chains encased her legs to hold the material of her breeches tight against her muscles. She had at her waist a dagger and an axe that clinked with each movement.

Her companion was the Elf, Woodsong. His long black hair was tied back with a leather thong. He was dressed entirely in green - tunic and breeches and boots. His proud green cloak trailed behind him as his horse cantered. His hairless face was set in a warm smile as he beheld the lands that had once been his home and would be once more.

Woodsong drew his horse to a halt. "At the top of the ridge is the entry to Elventhar, the land of my people."

"Do you really think that some of your people would have taken my brothers, Tutor Woodsong?" Asked Joy without looking at him. Her gaze was fixed on the edge of the lush green trees beneath the clear blue skies.

"We Elves are ever chaotic your Highness. I know that your father fears for your safety with even me. That is why he sent the guards along." A green gloved hand gestured at the royal rangers that had ventured along with them. "Although I do admit I am rather surprised he allowed you to come too."

"My father believes it is time I receive more than book learning for my future role. I will be dealing with your people often and also those of many other lands. Father says that I need to be aware of the different customs of many lands."

Woodsong laughed low beneath his breath. "And you have ways of persuading him to allow you anything you want."

Her big beautiful lips turned up in a warm smile. She battered her eyelids at him. "Could YOU refuse me anything, Woodsong?"

"Certainly not Princess." He dipped his head in a bow and then put spurs to his frothy stallion. "We must move if we are to reach the camp in time for the evening entertainments."

Joy raced after him, giggling loudly as she attempted to out ride the fleet elven steed. The guardsmen, old heads who had seen many battles, rolled their eyes at one another and followed more sedately.


They rode beneath the trees. There was a lush carpet of moss and dappled shadows in the late afternoon sun. Woodsong pulled them to a halt with a raised hand and stepped down gracefully from his horse.

"So, Lady Joy, how much do you remember of your education about the Elves."

"Oh, everything, Master Woodsong. You know that I have a good memory." The Princess likewise dismounted and stood kicking at the soft earth with her boot. She had the painful expression that always came to her face when she was forced to think too hard - a cross between a squint and a pout.

"So take a guess at what I am about to say."

"We are here in the Elf forests. I am guessing that the Weeping Willow over there denotes the edge of the lands claimed by your people. It is late in the day and the breeze is blowing that way so I guess that they have already been made aware of our presence by their forest cousins, if they did not spy us from afar with magic, or know that we were coming because of the messenger that my father sent. So I think you are pointing to the custom of "eiaEou" whereby all visitors to Elven lands must appear..."

Her pretty hands with their long nailed fingers began to unhook the eyes of her tunic. Woodsong waved to the guards with his hand and also began to remove his own clothes. Every set of eyes in the clearing were riveted to Joy as she removed her clothes even as each man stripped from his. She shucked out of her tunic with a swish of her hair to reveal the simple, gold threaded blouse underneath. The toggle buttons on this came underdone easily to reveal her bound breasts. The material wrapped around her was pure white and slightly gauzy in nature, and it tightly hugged the big bountiful breasts that she had been blessed with. Grinning softly to herself she undid her sword belt and began to unwrap the golden chairs from around her long, supple legs. As she bent down her breasts strained against the material of their wrappings. Every man in the clearing could hear the fabric groaned as it struggled to contain those big, firm knockers. Several of them were already sporting erections that made it hard to get out of their pants. Next the Princess kicked off her boots and stood barefooted upon to soil of the clearing. Her toes dug into the moss and she wiggled them and giggled, dancing a full circle. Her strong thumbs hooked into the waistband of her breeches and she lowered them down her long legs, showing how smooth and naked her skin was. She was wearing a simple loincloth underneath that was as white as her breast bindings.

The clearing took a deep breath as she unbound her beautiful tits. As the last fold fell away the huge melons dropped slightly but settled firmly upon her chest. Her little pink nipples, each the size of the tip of a small finger, pointed slightly upwards as the truly amazing rack sat like two eggs yolks upon her curvy frame. Giggling at the attention she was getting, her face flushed, Princess joy dropped her clout to reveal the neatly trimmed bush of her delectable young pussy and the creamy soft white globes of her perfect, fleshy young ass. Bouncing on her toes now she tucked all of her clothing into the saddlebags of her mount. She made sure that each of the men got a good, long look at the strong muscles of her legs and the curve of her backside. Turning she saw that the plan had worked so well - each of the men in the clearing was sporting a firm hard-on. Her eyes twinkled. "You are all standing to attention - as only befits a royal Princess." She giggled, before climbing up onto her horse again. The curve of her leg flexed to show a powerful muscle as she pushed herself dexterously across its back. Each man breathed out a sigh of lust as he saw the soft padded pink lips of her tasty young quim when she cocked up her leg to boost herself onto the mare's back.

Woodsong was grinning with a slightly strange quirk to his lips. He sported an erection of his own but had little trouble getting onto his own stallion. The guardsman fared a lot worse and it was several minutes before they were all mounted once more. Princess Joy watched with a sad amusement - she wished so much that she could help some of them with their problems; the cock on the oldest of the guardsman was as thick around as her own wrist and one of the younger ones had a tool that tickle her royal taste buds with its circumcised head. She licked her lips slowly but knew that it would not be long before she had some action of her own.

The shapely young woman followed Woodsong from the clearing into the depths of the forest with very lustful ideas in her fast thinking mind.


They rode for maybe an hour through the trees before they encountered the first Elves. In this hour the mood of the group had completely changed from the businesslike attitude with which they had set out upon the road. The gait of the Princess' mare and her perfect seat caused her buttocks to sway back and forth beneath the curve of her waist. The swells of her breasts were clearly visible from behind, and the smooth curtain of her glossy hair twitched back and forth in its braid. The guardsmen were completely held entranced by the vision before them and had, in truth, stopped paying attention to anything but. The Princess herself meanwhile was enjoying the rather sensual sensation of the supple leather of her saddle rubbing against her young quim. It dragged her lips back and forth against each other and soon she became deliciously moist, the slickness running down the saddle. The scent of her tight young pussy filled the air around her and, as the breeze was blowing into her face, carried the delicious scent back to the nostrils of the guards. Her face was bright and her eyes glowing, her cheeks red with the excitement that built in her young loins.

"Damn, " She thought to herself, "If we don't get there soon I'm going to cum!"

And she was not sure she could hide that from the men around her. The men she desperately wanted but was unable to have. The thought of having a wild orgy with them was just tantalising her horny mind when the Elves dropped from the trees above.

The huntsmen dropped from the trees, two to either side of the animal track that was serving as a pathway. Her lusty thoughts of moments before not quite forgotten, Princess Joy got her first sight of Elves in the wild. There were three men and one woman. The four were all of a muchness - like Woodsong they had long dark hair that fell to the middle of their backs. Their skin had a faint green pallor and their eyes and eyes a slightly pointed curl at the tips. They were all tall and willowy with long strong muscles. Each wore a leather loincloth, thigh high boots and a dagger at their hip. Each held a bow in one fist, an arrow ready to be notched back in the other hand. The woman had bare breasts that were so small there were mere swellings on her deftly muscular chest. Her nipples were pierced with red gems, while two of the men sported blue. The other, slightly older (if such a thing can be said of Elves) male had adorned himself with green. Each had a small individual tattoo on their lower belly just where the skin met the loincloth.

The two men with blue gems raised their bows. The one with green pierced nipples stepped forward to speak. The woman loitered near the back, her violet eyes half closed as she eyed first Woodsong, then Princess Joy.

"Halt!" Called the man. Joy's jaw dropped. His every movement was pure poetry and his voice was soft but commanding. His very words seemed to speak of an other world, a place where sensuality was not just welcomed but prized above all else. She wanted to know his world. "What business have you with the Elves?"

Woodsong pushed his horse forward. "I, Woodsong, Umaine of the People, bring here Princess Joy to parley with the Queen."

The elf looked the Master up and down, his eyes stopping on the face, nipples and finally groin of the mounted figure. His lips drew back in a half smile, half sneer. He spoke a few words of musical language to Woodsong; the Master answered with a longer speech of his own. The only words that Joy could understand were her own name and the Elven for "Princess". She knew that her own poor Elvish with its weak pronunciation would be of little use here. She licked her lips and shifted in her saddle. One of the men behind her groaned and she tensed every muscle in her body not to turn and look at him. There appeared to be some kind of stand-off between the hunters and Woodsong now. Nobody spoke but Woodsong's gaze was firmly fixed upon that of the other elf.

Joy felt the breeze cold on her nipples and hips. It brushed its fingers through her hair and whispered against her naked skin. She shivered and goosebumps stood out all over her. Her nipples stood up hard at the sudden cold. It was this same breeze that seemed to break the trance. The female elf uttered a single, soft exclamation and gestured to the ground. Woodsong tied his stallions reins in a knot and clambered down from the horse. He gestured for Joy to do the same. The guards quickly followed.

"Follow my lead, " Woodsong whispered. Accustomed to following his orders in the classroom and also the bedchamber Joy dropped down easily from her mare. The animal stood peacefully. Woodsong got down on all fours. His legs were spread, his arms braced apart. His hairless balls hung down freely between his legs. His head was down, face close to the earth, arms bent. Joy followed him, feeling very foolish and exposed before these elves. She noted that they had not yet loosened their bowstrings. The green pierced elf came forward and used his hand to tip Joys face down. His scent was that of the woodland itself. He was strong but gentle with her. Joy felt that he meant them no harm but that he was also determined to follow this procedure.

Joy felt rather than heard the footsteps circle them. They stopped first by Woodsong. There was a sound like two elves imitating the wind, then a wet sound. A short while later a groan followed. A single soft word of Elven was spoken by the female, her voice beautiful like the singing of bells and far closer now.

There was peace for a moment.

The female Elf knelt in front of Joy. The Princess could see her navel and the small tattoo at her waist. The bones of her hips protruded above the leather cloth and Joy could see the clothing was padded with fur. The female smelled like streams on an autumn evening. Her navel was pierced with a small string of gems. Joy felt hands either side of her head. They tilted her face upwards. The female elf with the beautiful eyes leant forward. At first Joy thought that the woman was going to kiss her. Her lips were slightly open. Joy had never kissed a girl before and her heart skipped a beat as she thought about it. Despite the strange scene in the clearing the naked ride through the trees had left her horny and wet, and kneeling with her legs apart while her men looked on had done nothing to quell it. The woman did not kiss Joy despite the Princess reaching out hungrily with her soft, curvy lips. Instead she sniffed softly all over the Princess' face and then the crown of her head. Releasing her grip she stood. Her hand ran over the top of Joy's head, down her spine, and over her buttocks. Joy gasped at that touch and arched her back so that her bottom parted and she could feel the cold evening air on her soft young ass hole. Luck had it, dear reader, that the Princess was very wet now. So when an Elven finger, complete with long nail, was inserted into her tightly clinging pussy it did not hurt her. Rather Joy groaned and opened her legs further. The finger withdrew as swiftly as it had entered her leaving her feeling empty and a little violated but all the more horny. She had the rather odd sensation of something brushing against her ass hole and again the sound of sniffing. A digit pressed against her tight anal bung but finding resistance at its lewd probing did not enter her virgin anal ring.

A swell of hair not her own fell across her naked back and soft lips whispered. "Welcome to the Elf Forests, Princess Joy from the East. You are free to enter. We are sure you will find much here to satisfy your tastes, but little to answer your questions."

The touch spirited away as though it had never been, leaving behind its impression like a raindrop falling from a leaf and leaving it quivering. Joy stood and brushed herself down, walking to join Woodsong who was talking to the elf with the green pierced nipples. Her eyes strayed and saw that the elf woman was examining each of the guards in turn now, sniffing their faces before stroking their swollen balls and sniffing and testing their taut male asses.

When the ceremony was finished Joy turned to Woodsong. "So what now?" She asked in a voice that seemed girlish even to her own ears.

The elf with the emerald piercings answered. "Now, Princess Joy, we ride for the Heartree. You have arrived at a most fortuitous time for there is a festival tonight."

"Oh, a festival, lovely!" The young woman smiled and clapped her hands. The elf smiled coldly but she noticed that his eyes never shifted from the swelling globes of her firm young breasts. "Yes, " She thought to herself, "This could be interesting. Very interesting indeed."

What do you see when you imagine an Elf forest, dear reader? Mayhap you see tall beautiful trees with leaves the colour of emeralds and trunks the shape of a young maiden's leg. Do you see light globes hanging from the branches, patterning the rapidly gathering night with all of the colors of the rainbow? Don't forget the soft music of Elven voices raised in passionate song that soothes the spirit and yet awakes it. The leaves and grass at your feet may mingle with moss soft and dewy like the first flush of sexual awakening upon the loins of a young maiden. The light may be a soft goldenness creamy like butter and thick to the eyes. The scent may be the perfume of a thousand different flowers, waxing and blending and changing so that it is never the same twice but always rarer and finer than a Queen's perfume. You may imagine all of these things, dear reader, and you would be right. That is what an Elf forest is like. As the Princess and her royal guard padded their way across the soft carpet of moss that supported and stroked their feet, she was taken to a sharp intake of breath. The experience of entering the hallowed glades of the Elves was so sensual it was as though she had been bathed in a warm bath and put to bed early with a good man. She breathed deeply and was determined to remember the notes of the scent that caressed her nostrils but forgot it the next moment.

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