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Not Teddy



The clock stares me down boldly. I lay naked on my bed. I cannot sleep. I have not been able to sleep for weeks, maybe months. Really, have I ever had a full night's sleep in 18 years? It's all been leading up to today.

You see, today is my little girl's 18th birthday.

I've watched my charismatic daughter grow from a witty little kid into a remarkable young lady. I am enraptured by her every movement, I hang onto every word she speaks, and I am constantly in awe of her innocent beauty. Over the past few years, she has developed curves in all the right places. Her shiny brunette hair is just long enough to brush her shoulders gently when she moves. Her ample bosom (D cup?) fills out the low cut sweaters she loves to wear, causing any man to stop and stare. And boy, those eyes! Her baby blues stare right down into the pit of my stomach every time she glances up at me. She is my heart and soul, my reason for living.

And 1 hour and 20 minutes ago, she became legal.

The thought has haunted me for years. My sweet, innocent baby girl is now free to do as she pleases. She has always been a good girl, a true Daddy's girl.... But with a body like that, and the personality to back it up.... I worry.

I roll over onto my stomach and bury my head in the pillow. I know I'm being unreasonably concerned. She's a smart girl, she can take care of herself, and she's never gotten into any trouble.

But men... they bring trouble to the table. I know it as well as anyone. Look at the effect she has on me, her own father! I can only imagine the thoughts that run through their minds when they see her. They are the same thoughts I have, the same perverted fantasies I've been dreaming about for years.

I pound my fist into the mattress and roll onto my back again. My raging hard-on infuriates me. Just the mental image of my daughter's face is enough. Picturing her curvy body sends me over the edge. I stroke my cock furiously as I imagine my little girl staring up at me innocently, her short stature always allowing me the perfect view of her supple cleavage.

My concerns creep back into my fantasies. If I'm unable to control myself, surely other men won't be able to either. Do all fathers feel this way?

Finally, only one thought remains in my head. Flashing through my mind, over and over:

"My daughter is barely legal. My daughter is barely legal."

My hand returns to my cock as this thought changes to simply "My daughter is legal."


Enough is enough. Still unable to sleep, I know I need to do something. I need to protect my daughter from the immoral intentions of all mankind. I need to keep her safe. I have to make sure her innocence is protected. I'm not ready for her to grow up - she's not ready to grow up!

I leave my bedroom in a fury and race down the hallway to hers. I pause briefly outside her door, my hand frozen on the doorknob. I have no plan, no idea how I'm going to protect her. All I know is - I have to.

I turn the knob slowly and am mesmerized by what I see. In the pale moonlight, I can make out her curvy silhouette on the bed. It's warm tonight; no blanket necessary. I step closer to her bed as more of the wondrous sight before me is revealed. My eyes travel from her cute little feet up her silky smooth legs. She is wearing only a white satin nightie - her favorite. Her arms are wrapped tightly around her teddy bear, her breasts pressing firmly against it. Her perfect pouty lips are slightly parted, her steady breathing audible.

She is perfection.


In a few short hours, the beauty before me will awaken on her first day as a legal adult.

But, for now... she is still Daddy's little girl.

I walk around the side of her bed and reach over to her teddy bear. I try to gently remove it from her grip, her arms resist at first but I tug harder. I place the bear on her nightstand and climb onto her bed. I move over her, and her arms reach up and around me. She pulls me close to her and whispers into the darkness, "Mmmm, teddy...."

I don't resist her pull and I relax a bit, allowing my body to rest on top of hers, careful not to crush the delicate beauty beneath me. Her breathing is slow; it calms me. I look at her beautiful sleeping face and I know I am free to feel every place our bodies are touching. Her small hands gripping my back... her pink lips just inches from mine... her tender breasts just underneath my wildly beating heart... My knees next to hers, our legs intertwined....

And my cock. Hard as ever, it presses against my little girl's thigh just beneath the hem of her nightie. If I shift just slightly.... It rests between her closed legs.

Trying not to disturb my baby's restful sleep, I rock my hips ever so gently to rub my cock between her legs. The head pushes along the satin fabric, and I can feel it start to bunch up a bit beneath my pelvis.

I rest my weight on one arm next to my sleeping daughter, and I reach down to pinch the side of her nightie, pulling it up just a bit to free the space between her legs. My daughter's head turns, and I freeze for what feels like an eternity as her body shifts and she spreads her legs apart to accommodate the weight of my body against hers. My cock slips lower between us, and my heart stops as I realize the head is resting against my daughter's most innocent, sacred place.

And she's not wearing any panties.

I move almost imperceptibly, fueled by the heat I feel from her.

My cock is resting atop my little girl's pussy.

My daughter's bare...


soaking wet...


Painfully rock-hard now, my heart beating out of my chest, I am suddenly aware of what I must do to keep this perfect little girl safe from the lustful minds of unsavory men, to protect her against inevitable heartbreak.

I must make her mine, and keep her to myself.

I press my hips against hers, and I feel the length of my shaft find its way along her wet slit. Still terrified of waking my sleeping beauty, I move as gently and quietly as I can, barely even at all.... but just enough for my shaft to press into her wetness easily, her soft pussy lips wrapping around my cock.

Unable to stop myself now, I rub myself against my little girl's hot pussy. I can feel her juices coating me as I slide ever so slowly up and down this perfect pussy.

She moans, in a barely audible whisper, "Mmmm, teddy....."

Whether she's dreaming or slightly conscious - I don't even care at this point. I continue deriving the most immensely immoral pleasure from this single act, having crossed the line between acceptable and incestuous.

I feel her delicate hands tighten their grip on me as I rub against my princess more and more. Her breathing is heavier now, but her eyes remain closed. "Teddy.... teddy..." she breaths out in a whisper, over and over. What an incredibly vivid dream she must be having! Her body is still, with the small exception of her hands pulling me closer to her.

I shift my weight onto one arm again and bring my hand to her firm breast. I cannot help but utter a somewhat stifled groan as the palm of my hand finds her hardened nipple, feeling her wetness pouring out of her tiny little pussy as I rub both areas of her body now. My fingertips circle her delicate nipple, moving with the same slow rhythm as my cock.

I know she will surely awaken any second, but I don't care. I roll my fingertips along her pert nipple as I cup her supple breast, the perfect size for my hand. I slide my thumb up and gently pinch her nipple. I feel her entire body react to this touch, her hips raising slightly to meet my gentle movements. A deeper moan arises from within her, and her dreamy whispers for "Teddy" turn into breathier confirmations of her pleasure. "Yessssss teddy..."

The fact that my little girl is enjoying this, whether consciously or just in her dreams of "Teddy," is too much for me to handle. I have to give her more, show her more. I have to teach her that Daddy loves her and will protect her and keep her safe and bring her all the pleasure she will ever need.

My fingertips glide over the curve of her breast, and I pull the satiny fabric of her nightie down to reveal the most beautiful breast I have ever seen. Large but firm, silky skin, and a perfect pink nipple resting atop, begging for more attention. I cup the bottom of her breast and lower my head to it, partly my lips slightly, allowing my tongue the freedom to please my daughter.

Her nipple makes contact with my tongue, and I lick long and slow, allowing her nipple to graze the entire length of my tongue. Her hands tighten on me even more, driving me to place my lips around her breast and suck her perfect little nipple deeply. She squirms beneath me as I alternate suckling my little girl's nipple and flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

I have never felt a wetter pussy before in my life. My gentle rubbing along her slit turns into a more frenzied thrusting as I frantically suck and lick and rub her most erogenous body parts. Her breathing is ragged now, her entire body displaying it's appreciation of these actions, and her moaning gets louder with each flick of my tongue.

"Ohhhh Daddy..."

I freeze, unsure, uncertain. Did she say...

"Yesss Daddy...."

I remove my mouth from her breast and glance up at her perfect, angelic face. Slowly, her eyes open and she looks directly into my eyes, into my soul. "Make love to me, Daddy." She says it, clear as day.

I place both of my hands beside her, lifting my weight off of her a bit. I pull my hips away from her, my cock following suit, removing my shaft from between her pussy lips. As I lower my face to hers, her hands move from my back to my hair, gently guiding my head to hers. I stare into her baby blue eyes as only the tip of my cock remains in contact with my daughter's perfect body.

She places her small hands on either side of my face, and rubs her cute nose against mine. Eskimo kisses, just like she's been doing her entire life. In that moment, I know.

I bring my lips to hers, kissing her in a way reserved only for lovers. I feel the tip of my cock slide down her dripping wet slit, and as our lips part to allow our tongues to swirl together, she raises her hips just enough, and it happens.

My incestuous cock slips inside my little girl's perfect pussy.

My God, I have never felt anything so incredible in my life. I could never have imagined a tighter pussy than this. I feel her muscles tighten as I move, making it almost too hard to enter her.

With only the head of my cock inside my beautiful little girl, not wanting to hurt her, I break our kiss. "Baby girl..."

"It's okay, Daddy..."

With my daughter's encouragement, I push forward a little more. Her breath catches as her Daddy's cock sinks deeper inside of her. She is soaking wet, but so tight! I go slow, pulling out after every inch and working my way back in, getting my baby girl used to my size.

Finally, I am completely inside her, every inch buried deep into my daughter.

We kiss again and I pull out, almost all the way. She whimpers as my cock leaves her pussy, and I thrust back into her, deep, hard. I repeat this pattern over and over, her pussy gripping my cock tightly with every thrust.

I am fucking my daughter.

The thought takes me over and I can't handle it. I ram my cock into her, wrapping my arms under her and holding her close. She hugs me back, pulling me in, and her pussy lips rub against me as I rock her body underneath me, my cock barely leaving her. I need her, my daughter, forever. We make love for what feels like an eternity, daddy and daughter, in the dark, holding each other close, kissing, pressing our bodies together as the very cock that made her brings her the greatest pleasure she has ever known, the pussy he created bringing him to a new level of ecstasy he never thought possible.

"I love you, baby girl..."

"I love you too, Daddy..."

Those words are all I ever need to hear. It sends me over the edge, and my cock releases an explosive orgasm, shooting my cum deep inside my little girl. Her body responds with a spasm, her pussy tightening harder than ever around me, milking my cock as she cums with me, my sweet little girl.

Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washes over both of us. Finally, I collapse on top of her, our arms still wrapped tightly around each other.

"Happy birthday, princess!" I whisper. Our breathing eventually slows, and we fall asleep in each other's arms, my cock still inside my little girl.

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