tagRomanceNot the First but the Last

Not the First but the Last


I stand in the doorway watching her bottom and hips sway to the kitchen radio. You're singing and dicing some celery, which every couple of seconds gets swept onto the side of your knife and thrown into the pot on stove. It's a steady rhythm that is making me focus on the way your curves are moving within the short green shorts and light top. I love your curves, but no matter what you seem to always be embarrassed or ashamed of. You've never been skinny but that never made you less of a beauty to me. Even now as you move a little slower, you make my skin vibrate with the need to touch you.

I walk behind you and place my hands on your soft mound. That soft, round mound that carries our child within it. Even as the months have progressed your curves have never faltered. Sighing you put the knife down and place your hands on mine; a sincere, gentle touch. It's a shared intimacy between us that made me love you. Everything about you is gentle and intimate with me. You've been my best friend for so long that rarely I stop to appreciate this blessing. But the pregnancy changed all that for me. I worry for you and my heart beats more steady with the reminder of your love and loyalty out in the open. It reminds me of the fire you possess both in the heart and the bedroom. At this moment that's the fire I'm wanting to ignite. I want to make you moan as much as I can. I want you to bring me to my knees. My head is swimming with lust, thinking of your naked body writhing in pleasure because of my touch. Fuck I want you!

I know though I need to take this slow, drive us both to the end of our control. I slide my hands around your belly and then start raising them to your breasts. In silent agreement you let me touch you; but you pick up your knife and begin peeling and slicing some carrots. I chuckle cause even now you're teasing me; daring me to push the moment farther. Oh God! Your breasts are full and soft; they always have been. I trace my fingers along the sides, as your breath catches I know that you are starting to feel an ache similar to mine. I'm already starting to harden but I don't want to rush this. God I can't rush this! My hands are sliding under your shirt caressing the warm, soft skin underneath. My hand finds your nipple and I move my fingertip around it, feeling it rise. You drop your knife on the counter and brace your hands on the counter your breathing is heavy. I pinch your nipples knowing how it makes you go wild.

Both my hands are rubbing your breasts, your breath is ragged and fast. I kiss your neck, tasting the flesh. Inhaling your scent which has become more subtle and womanly. I move my lips across your skin, biting it gently. You're moaning now and I know you're ready to go farther. I slide my hand along the side of you grasping your hip I spin you around. I kiss your lips as they smile at me. I move away from you and start kneeling down. You falter saying "Wait!" You touch my cheek and kiss me before moving away, slowly taking off your top, wiggling your hips. To watch anyone but you do this would be laughable but it's erotic and cute coming from you.

I watch as you pull a chair out from under the table and lean against the table. You motion for me to come forward with a sly smile on your face. As I move forward to lean and kiss you, your arms wrap around me. It all feels so passionate and natural. You move your hand down towards the crotch of my pants undoing the button and zipper slipping your hand inside. I groan and press against you. Deepening my kiss and tugging at your pants, but they get stuck on your hips. "Damn baby!" I say and you laugh removing your shorts for me. You help me undress and move your lips down my chest. I know where you are going and for a moment I'm worried as you halt your motion. Looking as if you are going to fall over. Laughing you ask me to help you fully kneel and repeat "Damn Baby!"

Now there's that humor I love. After I help you get down and in no time your lips are upon my head. Gently working my foreskin back. Your tongue constantly moving around and down my head. You suck my cock hard and I'm lost in the sensation of you taking all of my length in your mouth. The motion of your mouth working my cock in a steady motion is going to make me cum. Good god you're great with your mouth, my fingers are tangled up in your hair. I fight the urge to move your head farther down. I can feel my balls tingling and I know I have to stop you now. It feels so good I hate to stop you but it's my turn. I pull your head back and for a moment you look confused. There is a fierce look of lust on your face as you look up at me.

I love that face, your plump cheeks and deep blue eyes. I hope our baby has those eyes; then again if it's a girl I could be potentially dealing with a lot of love soaked teenagers. But that is a thought I push away fast. I have work to do, I smile and help you up placing you on our table your swollen belly in front of me. I kiss it and for the briefest second wish that the fetus inside would bump against my face. I want so badly to feel the life we've created move inside you. For a second that ache overpowers my desire and I pause. You seem to know what I'm thinking and place your hands on my face. I lift my head you stroke your thumbs against my cheeks; this small, loving smile upon your lips.

"I love you" you whisper looking into my eyes.

"I love you" I reply back and I'm blown away by how deeply I mean it.

You stretch out your arms and motion for me to help you move off the table. Still holding my hand you lead me to our bedroom, to our bed . You push me down and smile. Kissing my forehead and moving unto the bed and straddling me. There is a brief second where our eyes connect and a warm sensation washes over my entire body. I love this woman! You move yourself above my purpling member and move it inside of you again I groan. You're warm and moist, you fit around me and I just want to lose control.

Biting your lip, you start moving your hips. Slowly at first just a simple unbearably wonderful rhythm. Your head is leaned back and your eyes are closed. Breathing fast, you let loose little sounds of pleasure and need. Soon you pick up the pace your hands on my chest digging in. The little darts of pain don't bother me. The pleasure consuming my attention, all I can focus is how your movement against me feels. You start to tighten, your voice getting louder as you reach your climax. I'm holding on to mine trying to fend off the pangs of my own impending eruption. I have to wait for you! God I have to wait. Your cheeks flame red and my hands are on your hips as you cum. Spasming exquisitely against me; I let go and my cock jolts over and over inside of you. I can hardly breathe as my orgasm runs through me.

Breathing deep after a few seconds I stare into your face, watching you smile down at me. Suddenly you have a look of surprise on your face and I immediately start to worry. Did I hurt you? Is the baby ok? You move off me and laugh moving your hands to the left of your stomach. I ease up a little and before I can ask what happened you grab my hand and place it beneath yours. Understanding floods through me as I feel our baby move. Soft fluttering motions beneath your skin smiling I know now this moment is perfect. Just the two of us or three I should say enjoying our love for one another.

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