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Not What It Seems Ch. 06



I'm seriously sorry for not posting this ASAP. As a reader myself, I know how much it kills to wait for a story to be updated.

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If anything, I had the best time whilst away, no it was AMAZING, but I never stopped writing, even borrowing my roommate's laptop just so I could write. That is dedication, right? 

Special thanks to my editor Jim, who has been amazingly supportive throughout and just...I don't know, maybe every synonyms to amazing :) His suggestions have helped shape this up ALOT :)

I have exams coming up and other commitments, so chapter 7 will not be up as quick as I would like- but I promise I would definitely try my best :)

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March 2010

NYC Daily Post: 'You never forget your first love...Alin Fanning "visits" Jared Valentine's suite late at night! John Haltor, nowhere to be seen!'

"Breaking news! At *Gossip First* we can exclusively confirm that Alin Fanny, daughter of the late Anne Serano and entrepreneur Timothy Fanning have stayed the night at THE BACHELOR Jared Valentine's suite the night of the Charity Auction Ball! They were seen dancing IN FRONT of her fiancé John Haltor, the heir to the MASSIVE HALTOR CORPORATION! After the dance she left quickly, well as we now know she went to reunite with her ex-fiancé, Jared Valentine!

To make matters worse, the next morning she was seen with the necklace Jared had bid for $1Million at the auction!! Complications? Yes? Don't worry we are pretty much lost ourselves. Just keep up with us to get the latest on this troubled love-triangle! Well some girls can have the best of both worlds I guess! As for JOHN HALTOR, all I can say is form an orderly queue girls!"


Charles was worried, very worried.

Now that Jared was back with Alin, Charles knew Jared would definitely confront Alin about the E-BID contract. Although it was his words against hers, there just might be a possibility he would believe Alin.

"Jared, I'm not saying this as your employee, but a friend. Just be careful, you can never trust a person who's betrayed you once."

Jared was taken aback, never has Charles delved into his personal life, it just didn't seem like him at all. Never-the-less he knew Charles was saying the words in his best interest.

He nodded his head, "Charles, I appreciate your concern."

Charles was relieved. He knew Jared was considering his words and that it would certainly sway his judgment.


She hated Jared.

It had been a week since she had seen him and media attention had still not died down, if anything it had gotten worst.

After he left her apartment, she sat there, contemplating everything that had happened. She wanted so badly to explain herself, tell him she would never betray him, though what use was that? Not only would he not believe her, it would ultimately make her look desperate and cheap. He already treated her like a whore, and explaining herself would mean she cared about what he thought of her. She didn't, right?

He was calculating and manipulative, and she couldn't believe she actually loved him. All these years in the back of her mind, she had sub-consciously compared John to him, yet all this time, he was no better than her heartless father. She vowed she would never forgive him for how he treated her.


"Alin, what is going on?!"

John was furious. The news was plastered over every single channel, newspaper, magazines and to top it all off it was the topic of everyone's conversation. Five years ago when Alin left Jared, he was on top of the world, now he was humiliated and a fucking loser. John didn't think it was true, yeah there were pictures but Valentine wasn't the only one staying in that hotel, maybe she went to visit an old friend or whatever. He wanted to believe it wasn't true, she loved him right? Why would anyone leave him for Valentine?

"Alin answer me!" The silence on the other end was killing him. Why the fuck was she not denying it.

"John...I'm sorry." She softly said her words; as if the words were a heavy rock she had to lift.

Wedged between anger, humiliation, and hurt, John wanted to shout at her call her every curse words he could, but he couldn't, he loved her. Even if she did sleep with Jared, John would take her back.

Take her back, fuck her and demean her. John thought darkly. No one fucks with him, vengeance was his thing. He would wait for the day till she came back to him. He didn't wait five years for nothing.

"Alin, I love you."

"John... please don't say that. I don't deserve you."

"Where does this leave us?"


John smashed the phone against the wall. If Jared Valentine wanted to fuck with him, John would play this shit a hundred times dirtier than him. As for Alin, if she ever came back he would fuck the shit out of her, until she fucking passed out. No one ever makes a fool out of him.


"Are you fucking stupid? How are you supposed to pay the debt?"

When the reports had come out, Timothy Fanning literally felt sick. If Alin broke up with John, who would pay the debt? Not that he cared about her or anything, but he was worried that if she fell behind on payment, those people would come for him. True, she was the person liable for the debt, but the thing was since he was her father, they might just come knocking on his door.

Alin was beyond furious. How could a man like him be her father? Her life was in turmoil, she was receiving a lot of scrutiny from the press, labeling her heartless and ungrateful. She was constantly followed by paparazzi and getting calls from reporters while at work, asking about her relationship with Jared, everything was a mess, and yet all her father cared about was himself.

"A) it's YOUR debt, B) yeah maybe I am stupid, stupid enough to trust you! And C) DO NOT call me again." She slammed the phone down. If it wasn't for her father she would never had to see Jared again! Her childhood, innocence and even happiness were robbed from her by the men that should have protected her.


'...you can never trust a person who's betrayed you once.'

Fuck it, how could he forget? Jared didn't want any feelings for this woman. Wasn't he able to always fuck a woman without love? How could he love her? She might not have slept with John, but she was still a bitch who would do anything for money. His life was nearly ruined because of her! BankSafe had to pay an out-of-court settlement to EBID for $30million, nearly crippling the company. If it wasn't for his contacts and his good relationship with the illegal firms, they wouldn't have lent him the money to rebuild his company.

As Jared knew Charles never questioned his personal life, now that he took a sudden interest, it must mean that he too, thought Alin was not trustworthy. It was better when a third person told you his unbiased view, Jared thought. He was so glad Charles reminded him of Alin's intention. Well he was his trusted assistant; why else should Jared not trust him?

It was good that work was making him so pre-occupied otherwise he would be tempted to go see her. Though news came out that the engagement between Alin and John was off, nothing was confirmed between the two parties, everything was just a speculation. He had been chased by reporters and paparazzi demanding to know if it was true, he had remained quiet -- action spoke louder than words

"...you will never have me anyway other way than sex. I hate you...and I wish I had never known you."

He had thought about those words in the last few days. He was not sorry for treating her the way he had. Why? Because he was honestly glad she knew the boundaries. After the Cullen's anniversary the whole world would know she was HIS property.


Ryan had been so busy since the Alin-Jared scandal. His company had gained a lot of publicity from it, with sudden media interest and new clients phoning in. He didn't want to admit it but he was guiltily happy, though sad that the people he cared for the most had to be dragged into this shit. Most importantly though, he was glad with the extra workload Alin never had time to think of Jared.

He still didn't know why Alin and Jared got back together. The last time he saw them, they were ready to rip each other apart. Obviously he was ecstatic that they were back together. In fact, he had waited five years for this day to happen! Unfortunately, being best friends with Jared since childhood and knowing Alin for five years meant that he knew what was going on inside their relationship and it was definitely not how he pictured it.

Today was the so called event of the year, the Cullen's anniversary, where practically everyone from 'high society' was invited. Ryan, Hallie and Alin though invited every year, never attended the event, so the sudden appearance of Alin was bound to cause quite a stir. Although Jared had expected her to attend, he hadn't contacted her in a week. She was so relieved until Ryan came strolling into her office with a package in his hand.

"Hey A, you've got a parcel."

She was busy at work with her assistant Sophie planning her schedule for the coming week. Spotting the package, Sophie immediately knew it contained something good.

"OMG Alin! Can I open it? This is definitely from PRADA!! Yep, definitely the one on Madison Avenue!! They are the only one to use this packaging!" Opening the box excitedly she picked up the dress and draped it across herself. "Why is this world so unfair? OH MY GOD the dress is amazing Alin, I hate you!"

The white dress was simple yet stunning. It was a Grecian style dress with a deep V-neck, leaving very little to the imagination. Sophie had told her the dress was likely to be exclusive, seeing as it wasn't featured on the runway for this season or next season. With the dress accompanied a note on the bottom of the box, 'Wear this dress tonight with the necklace. I'll send someone to do your hair and make-up. I'll pick you up tonight at 8PM."

She hated everything. So now he was telling her what to wear, and to be at his beck and call. No matter how much the dress cost, it seemed his words about her being a high class whore were true. Yes, being with him meant she wore designer dresses, lived a lavish style, but underneath everything, it was a transaction that she was using her body to pay.

Sophie had asked to try on the dress and skipped out of the room, dress in her hand excitedly.

The room turned to an awkward silence once Sophie exited the room. Ryan shifted uncomfortably before he finally turned his attention to Alin, "A...I've never had the chance to explain to you, but, Jared and I were friends for a long time-"

"I know. Hallie told me, do you really think she would keep it from me? Ryan, I'm not angry. I understand why you didn't tell me, don't worry about it" she smiled, hoping her words would make him stop beating himself up for the situation he was forced into.

"I knew you would be forgiving!" Sensing the tension no longer evident, Ryan decided it was now or never, he had to broach the subject, "Alin, maybe I'm wrong, but I know your relationship with Jared is not going well...he can be an arrogant bastard sometimes, but he cares a lot about you-"

She hesitated, "Ryan, I- it's really complicated between Jared and I."

He wanted so badly to press on, but Sophie had come rushing in and eagerly showed off the dress, asking for Alin's opinion. Ryan knew Alin took this opportunity to divert the attention. However, he was determined not to see them hurting each other.


After an exhausting day at work, Alin finally returned to her apartment to get ready. She sat down on her bed gently and opened the box Jared had sent over. Standing up now, she took the dress out and draped the dress across herself in front of the mirror. She refused to admit it, but it made her smile that Jared somehow knew the color and size of the dress would suit her.

She shook her head. No, he probably did the same with numerous women, so of course he was going to be damn experienced in dressing his whores.

A loud knock on her door shook her from her thoughts. It was only 6:30pm, so she knew it couldn't be Jared, she went to open it and was greeted by two friendly looking girls.

"Hi Miss Fanning! I'm Kim and she's Jodie. Mr Valentine sent us here to help you prepare."


Looking in the mirror, Alin never felt so beautiful before. The dress was revealing, with a deep v-neck, showing off her full breasts, while her hair was curled and loosely tied. Her make-up contrasted with her white dress, the red lipstick gave her a seductive twist.

"Miss Fanning, I promise you will definitely be everyone's centre of attention and...Mr Valentine would definitely not be able to keep his hands off you!"

Alin blushed, "Thanks! It wasn't really me, you guys did a great job."

Her happiness was short-lived when a prompt knock at the door told her it was 8pm and Jared was here. Jodie and Kim went to open the door and also to pack up. Alin stayed in her room, refusing to go out and greet him. If he wanted her, he should come in. She perched herself on her bed, laid down, and closed her eyes, while outside of the room it remained strangely quiet.

Exhaustion consumed her. Work was hectic, but her sleepless nights were due to her mind constantly drifting back to Jared. She couldn't sleep at night, as she imagined his hands on her. Then, her frustration and guilt would kick in at the horror of craving his touch, while he was probably sleeping with other women on a daily basis!

Upon entering her apartment, Jared had greeted Kim and Jodie briefly and then went straight to Alin's room. When he got there, the sight nearly undid him: she was lying down on the bed, eyes closed with the deep-v neck of the white dress exposing her generous curves, her breathing was even, which made her breasts rise up then down... it made him smile, he had seen everything underneath that dress, but still it excited him.

Everything underneath belonged to him, no other man would ever touch her apart from him. He snapped out of that thought when he realised she wasn't wearing that necklace.

"Did I not tell you to wear the necklace?" his stern voice shook her from her slumber.

She sat up and glared at him, "I. Don't. Want. To. Wear. It."

Jared smiled, he wasn't angry but ...he was almost laughing at her, "Alin, I thought I made it clear you FOLLOW my rules. If you forgot, I'll tell you one more time. If I tell you to do something you do it. If I tell you to lie on your back so I can fuck you, you do it. Understand?"

She got up from the bed, refusing to acknowledge him.

Suddenly he grabbed hold of her wrist and with his other hand squeezed painfully on her jaw so that she was looking at him, "Alin, I asked you if you understood, when I ask you something you answer me."

Staring back at him with pure hatred and disgust, she uttered angrily, "I understand."

He let go of her as he saw her hatred towards him. He didn't want to treat her like shit, but every time he was near her, he desperately wanted to put her in place, control her. Each time he saw the flicker of pain he wanted to stop, but the satisfaction of seeing her listen to him obediently always outweighed the fact that he was hurting her.

Before he could collect his thoughts, Alin had sat down on the stool in front of the vanity table to put the necklace on. She refused to look in the mirror, knowing that he was looking at her intently. She opened the box and before she could pick up the necklace, Jared gently brushed her hand away and picked it up instead.

He didn't immediately put it on her, instead he came closer to her from behind, hooking one of his arms around her waist, and nipped at her ear. Alin tried hard to push him away, but he was much stronger. Jared started to trail kisses along her jaw line, "You look beautiful tonight." His voice was soft and seductive, "I've been thinking of you for five days...how wet you were when I fucked you."

Alin couldn't help but moan, his words plus his light kisses on the column of her neck was driving her crazy. He removed his other arm from her waist and reached up to wrap the necklace around her neck, while still sucking the tender spot on her neck. Leaving the spot abruptly, he clasped the necklace on, while stroking the slightly bruised mark he left on her.

His hands continued to linger everywhere, while his gaze remained on the mirror watching her from behind. The look he gave her made her feel strangely excited, like he was undressing her with his eyes. His kisses alongside his hungry gaze made her wet. She could feel it seeping. Alin hated how he manipulated her, one minute he was cold hearted, then suddenly he would switch back to being so charming.

"We are going to be late." He smiled at the fact that she wanted him, he wasn't going to give it to her....yet.


NYC Daily Post: "It might be the 'Golden Couple's' anniversary, though it's Jared's Valentines and Alin Fanning's appearance that is set to upstage the Cullen's."

When they reached the Cullen's outrageously big and expensive mansion, a host of paparazzi and reporters were already at the front. Even through the blacked out window, cameras were already flashing and photographers were screaming for celebrities to give them a pose. Staring at the scene before her from the blacked out window, Alin frantically turned to Jared, "I can't do this-"

He slid closer to her, and whispered, "Show the world what being Jared Valentine's girlfriend is really like."

Jared held her hand as they exited the car, the media was in frenzy with photographers snapping shots recklessly and paparazzi hurling questions at them.

"Jared, is it true she stayed the night with you?

"John is not here, is he purposefully avoiding you?"

"Alin, what happened between you and John?"

"Alin, you never attend these events- why the sudden change?"

"Alin, Alin, Alin..."

Jared remained composed, while everything was giving Alin a headache. She hated Jared for putting her in a situation he knew she couldn't stand. Before going into the mansion he paused for photos, while paparazzi continued to throw questions at them. He decided to put on a little show. Sliding his hand possessively along her back, he curved his arm around her waist and pulled her in closer, while his lips gently touched her earlobe.

Alin grudgingly craved the way he was teasing her, yet she hated the way he was putting on a show for the world to see. They weren't even in love, yet Jared was so good at fooling everyone around him, Alin hated the way he controlled the situation so perfectly, and always managed to play out the way he wanted it to. He did it five years ago, trying to bind her with marriage and dictate her life. She looked at him and knew the happiness in his eyes was because he thought he could dominate and manipulate her the way he wanted. He was wrong, she despised him!

Feeling content and happiness was not what he should have felt, but right now everything around him didn't matter, didn't even exist. He imagined Alin embracing him back, without him initiating or even forcing her to. It was strange but he knew he was genuinely happy, and right now he wanted to take her home and make love to her until they passed out from love, passion and devotion to each other...wait! What the fuck? No he didn't feel like that! Yeah, he wanted to fuck her, the dress she was wearing was giving him a fucking semi, but he didn't love her. Fuck no.

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