Not Your Average Grandma


"Don't cum - not yet," Grandma pleaded, squeezing my arms tight as she sensed what I was going through. "Stop. Go slower. That's it. Omigod, you're so big and hard. Now just move in and out a little bit."

I moved as Grandma Rose asked, and soon I began to get a little control over myself. I pulled my dick almost all the way out of Grandma and then let it slide all the way back in until I had fully impaled her.

Grandma liked that, and the feeling on my dick was so sensational, so I kept doing it. Long and slow strokes, and after a minute or so I could see Grandma's face get redder and more strained. She was looking at me like she was scared or something, and I wondered whether something was wrong or not.

Suddenly my cock was crushed by the walls of her pussy as she clamped around me savagely. She was screaming as her fingernails raked my arms and shoulders, and all I could do was stare at her with my mouth open as I filled her with my cum.

"Sorry Grandma," I gasped after she stopped convulsing and caught her breath. "When you - I couldn't help it."

"That's okay Danny," Grandma said, hugging me and smothering me with her love. "I'm glad you liked it. You're the best Grandson ever."


Grandma said she hadn't gone to sleep before 9 in years, but she claimed I had worn her out.

"Danny, my spirit is willing but my pussy is so sore," Grandma said as I cuddled up behind her. "I haven't been screwed five times in one day since I was your age."

"Six times," I corrected her.

"I wasn't counting the time you came in my mouth," Grandma said. "Or the hand job."

"Neither was I," I told her, and proceeded to recount them all.

There was the first time, and then the next time was with Grandma on top, riding me like I was a horse. Then we did it while we were on our sides from behind. We took a shower together and I couldn't resist after we dried each other off.

"Oh! That's right," Grandma said. "I forgot the one in the kitchen. How could I forget that one? You were like an animal."

Bent over the kitchen table, I had taken her from behind. By then I was confident and in control somewhat, and I fucked her hard as she propped herself up with her hands on the table, kneading her dangling tits roughly until we came.

After dinner had been the sixth time, just about an hour ago, and that had been the most tender and loving of them all. We were in sync so completely, and while she didn't cum that time, she said that in many ways that was the best.

"You're really good, Danny," Grandma said. "Your Grandma would never lie to you. You were good in bed from the beginning and now - you're incredible."

"You make me so horny," I complained in a good natured way, bringing her hand back to my cock, which was hard again, of course. "Just one more time."

"I'm very sore, Danny," Grandma said, but as she started to stroke my cock she half-turned to me. "Of course, there is one thing you haven't tried yet."


Grandma's face was on her pillow, but she was on her knees, her bottom raised high. Before me, Grandma's cute little rump was in my hands, and I was parting her ass cheeks wide.

Her anus was pinkish and hairless, and while I was apprehensive about it, Grandma had offered it to me, along with the tube of lubricant. I slipped my finger into her ass, my oiled digit probing deep while Grandma groaned in response.

"Don't put it all in me, Danny," Grandma pleaded. "You're too big, and your Grandma is small back there. Be gentle."

"I would never hurt you, Grandma," I assured her as I brought the head of my cock to her opening, but as I pushed the tip in I wasn't sure if that was going to be the case.

"Omigod, Grandma Rose," I said after I managed to pop the head of my dick inside of her, and after I put about half of my manhood into her ass I stopped.

"Oh gee," I said. "It's so hot and tight. Like a furnace. Can't..."

I felt my cock spurt into Grandma's rectum, having only lasted about 20 seconds at best. After I stopped cumming I pulled my cock out of Grandma's puckered ring, which stayed open a bit as some cum oozed out of her until it tightened back up.

"It's just as well you came so fast, honey," Grandma said, easing down to the bedding and hugging me after I apologized for ejaculating so quickly.

I fell asleep, but was up at the crack of dawn, my dick hard and Grandma on my mind. I nibbled on her neck until she woke up, but she politely rebuffed me and told me to jerk off until she got some more rest.

So I did. I tugged the sheet off of my Grandma Rose and after putting some lotion in my palm, took my cock in my fist and began stroking it while staring at Grandma's tits.

Grandma Rose must have heard the sound of my fist pumping my cock because she opened her eyes. When she saw what I was doing, she shook her head with an amused expression and motioned for me to kneel down.

A few minutes later I was coating Grandma's throat with my cum, giving her what she called an alternative to her morning juice.

"Are you going to be like this all day?" Grandma asked me. "If so, I'm going to have to get somebody in here to wear you out."

"Who? Charles?" I asked, remembering Grandma saying that name yesterday, and not really being interested in that kind of thing.

"No, not Charles, but Grandma has another friend I think you might enjoy," she told me.

"Grandma knows best," I said, letting her get some rest by leaving the bedroom.

"That's right, Danny," I heard her say as I closed the bedroom door behind me. "I do."


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I really enjoyed this, please do another.

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We need the sequel

Don't leave us in suspense

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