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Note to a Friend



Just thought I would tell you some things that have been going on for awhile. I didn't want to be the one to drop the bomb but you should probably know why your wife is so tired. There is no good way to say it but while you're at work she has been getting fucked continuously! She just can't seem to get enough; she begs for it! I guess I should start at the beginning though.

Remember when I moved in with you last summer? I didn't want to but you insisted. Well I noticed your wife smiling at me a lot so to be polite I would smile back. In fact, every time I looked at her she would make eye contact with me; even when you were in the room.

Well one of those hot summer nights I was sitting on your couch and you were in one chair and she was in another. It was so hot that night that we were all in shorts and tee-shirts but I wasn't wearing underwear. I noticed that your wife kept staring at me; I think she was trying to get an outline of my cock through my shorts!

You started to nod off and she got up and went into the kitchen. I went back to watching the movie and about 20 minutes later you were dozing. Your wife returned from the kitchen with her hair pulled back and a Popsicle in her hand but instead of sitting back in the chair she plopped down one the other end of the couch. I couldn't help but notice that when she did, she must have removed her bra because when she hit the couch her beautiful tits bounced under her shirt! She knew I noticed because my eyes got big and she just grinned a little. I went back to watching my movie, but out of the corner of my eye I could see her start to lick that Popsicle.

I tried not to watch her but she was very animated as she assaulted that frozen stick and she was staring right at my crotch! Well you probably know how good she could suck that thing, she would slowly lick up one side and swirl her tongue around the end then push it between her lips and engulf it in a slow descent sucking hard as she pushed it deep in her throat.

Then she would hold it there and moan around it and slowly pull it back out while she keep incredible sucking power on it until it passed her lips. When she reached the tip again, she would swirl her tongue around it again all while she was burning a hole in my crotch with her stare.

Well buddy, I have to say that what she was doing was turning me on big time and I wanted my cock to be that Popsicle so bad. I couldn't help but start to get hard and she knew what effect she was having on me. I think she really liked it because the harder my cock got the better she could see it in my shorts and the faster she assaulted the Popsicle.

I noticed that the more my cock swelled, the harder her nipples got and in no time my cock was so stiff that the head was peeking out of the leg of my shorts. She noticed too because she adjusted herself and put on leg up on the couch so that her foot was just inches away from the throbbing head of my cock. She was driving me fucking insane and she knew that she was being a cock tease!

By the way, your wife has the sexiest fucking long legs! Anyway, while she was sitting there assaulting the Popsicle, she looked over at you to make sure you were asleep and let her leg slip just enough for her toes to barely touch the end of my cock. Then, she would wiggle her toes on the tip of my cock just to see how much she could drive me insane!

I thought I was going to blow my wad and my cock started twitching like crazy which caused it to strain against her toes. That made her start to breathe faster and heavier and I noticed that her crotch was soaked all the way through her shorts, which were now riding up exposing a good part of her tight sexy ass!

I tried to adjust myself but it just exposed more of my cock! She took full advantage of that fact and let her foot rest against the exposed shaft! I let out a moan which I thought would wake you but you didn't stir. Then as she watched you, she started stroking the full length of my cock with her foot in rhythm with giving her Popsicle a first class blow job! She was relentless on stroking my cock, applying pressure as she ground her foot against my shaft and worked my balls with her toes! She wouldn't stop; she was like a woman possessed!

I think she liked my cock because she looked straight at it smile and licked her lips as she let out an "ooooh". Then she grabbed as much of the head as she could fit between her two toes and pinched as hard as she could, stroking it fast which caused me to cum all over her foot! She reached down and got some on her index finger and sucked it deep inside her lips moaning as she did.

After that she suddenly jumped up lifted up her shirt and flashed me her tits then woke you up and headed you toward the bedroom where I am sure she fucked you long and hard! The next morning while you were taking out the garbage she grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss and whispered to me, "We are not done yet I have to have that big cock of yours". Then she grabbed my crotch and gave it a squeeze! And we were far from done....but that is the next story!

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