tagErotic CouplingsNotorious Ch. 02

Notorious Ch. 02


I woke in the morning feeling fresh despite drinking so much the night before. I was also feeling horny. I looked at the clock beside the bed and realised there wouldn't be time to relieve my horniness before I had to leave.

My movements woke Tony and he drew me to him as he said, "Good morning sexy."

"Good morning," I replied.

He held me in his arms as he kissed me. I could feel his erection pressing against me and his hands started to wander over my body.

"Easy tiger," I said, as I pushed him away. "I have to go or I'll be late for work."

"But baby, I won't see you for a week at least, and I thought we could... you know..." he said, leaving his thought unsaid, but obvious.

"Well, maybe I could do something for you," I said, as I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it.

"Yeah, that's it babe," he said, inhaling sharply.

When he was completely hard I slipped under the sheet and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him deeply into my throat, as I wanted to make him cum as quickly as possible. I slid my mouth up and down on his shaft as fast as I could. I swirled my tongue around the shaft and the head as I did so.

He pushed the sheet away from me as he said, "I want to be able to see baby."

I looked up as I sucked on him, our eyes met and he smiled at me as he said, "You look so sexy doing that Lisa."

I reached up and pinched his nipple and he reached down and began fondling my breasts.

"Yes, that's it babe, suck me," he said. "It's so good when you suck me."

He grabbed my leg and pulled me up the bed. I positioned myself along side him and he began to feel my arse as well as play with my boobs. He ran his hand all over my arse, pushing my cheeks apart, and squeezing. He ran his hand from the base of my spine down the crack of my arse and over the lips of my pussy. He played with my clitoris for a moment, and then ran his hand back up to the base of my spine, applying firm pressure all the way, parting my lips with his fingers as they passed, and pressing on my arse hole.

It was more than I could resist and I lifted my leg over him and straddled his face. I was sure it would not take long, and it would save me from being frustrated all day at work. As soon as my pussy was near enough to his mouth he began eating me. He began by thrusting his tongue into my vagina and nibbling on my lips.

It was not long before he had my juices flowing freely again. I could feel him sucking the juices right off my pussy, and while I usually like my men to concentrate on my clit, this felt right. Then, as if he was reading my mind, he reached around with his hand and began to rub my clit.

It was extremely difficult to concentrate on the dick in my mouth while he was eating my pussy and rubbing my clit, but I did my best. His cock was very slippery now, a combination of my saliva and his precum, and I began stroking the length of it with my hand while I concentrated on the head with my mouth and tongue.

Every now and then my mouth would slip off the end of his cock, resulting in a loud slurping sound. It matched the slurping noises he was making as he ate my pussy, as he sucked my juices into his mouth.

It wasn't long before the combination of the eroticism of sucking his cock combined with the sensations of him eating me and I felt an orgasm beginning. I wanted to make him cum as closely as possible to me so I began stroking him faster and faster. Occasionally, I would use just my mouth and thrust my head up and down and take him as deep into my mouth as I could, until I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my throat.

I knew he was getting close when he began to thrust his hips upwards at me, pushing the head of his cock deeper into my throat. He was lapping at my pussy and rubbing my clitoris as I let him thrust his cock deeply into my throat. We both began to groan, although the groans were muffled as we both had our mouths full.

He began to cum, shooting his hot load deep into my throat, almost causing me to gag. The first shot almost bounced out of my mouth to gather around my lips and chin. Then I eased him out of my mouth a little and used my hand to stroke the length of his cock as fast as I could. I managed to swallow the rest of his shots. My own climax hit as he was cumming in my mouth, and caused my juices to flow freely into his mouth. As I was cumming, his cock slipped out of my mouth and bounced against my cheek, spreading cum and saliva over my cheek.

After a minute of two we recovered and I looked at the clock. I was really going to be late. I jumped out of bed, and wiped the cum off my mouth and chin with my arm and hand. I found my stockings and dropped them in my bag. My dress was in the living room, and I quickly pulled it on and smoothed it out as best I could. I returned to the bedroom and gave Tony a quick kiss.

"Thanks for a wonderful night, Tony," I said.

"Yeah baby, and thanks for a fantastic morning too," he replied with a smile.

"I've really got to go," I said, returning his smile. "We'll do this again soon."

"Not soon enough beautiful," he said, as I walked out of the bedroom.

When I reached the street I started walking in the direction of Bondi as I watched for a cab. One came along soon enough and I hailed it down and hopped in the back.

I told the driver where to take me and got comfortable. I realised I must have been a sight. I had dried cum in my hair and on one cheek from last night and probably had more dried cum around my mouth, chin, and the other cheek from this morning.

"Good night was it, love?" he asked, as he looked at me in his rear view mirror.

"Yeah, it was actually," I replied, letting the "love" slip past, and hoping that he wasn't going to be a chatty driver.

"It must have been a big one for you to be going home at this time," he said.

God, he was going to want to chat. All I wanted to do was get my thoughts in order and enjoy a little silence. This morning's love making hadn't satisfied my libido at all, I was hornier than ever, and I wanted to relax for a moment. Then a wicked thought crossed my mind, and I realised I could have a little fun with the driver's chattiness.

"It wasn't all that big a night," I said, "but I did meet a really nice guy I like."

"That's nice," he said. "A good looking girl like you must meet lots of guys. Did he ask for your phone number?"

"Actually, he didn't," I said, "I guess we got carried away in the heat of the moment and forgot about phone numbers."

"Come to think of it, we even forgot to find out each other's names."

"Gee, love, that's a shame," he said, "how will you find him now?"

"Well, I left my business card on his bedside table when I left this morning," I said, with a naughty smile, "and after last night I don't think he'll waste any time calling."

"Didn't you just say you met him last night?" he asked, looking at me appraisingly in the mirror.

"Uh huh," I replied.

"And you spent the night with him?" he asked, sounding like he had a dry mouth.

"Uh huh," I replied again.

"Did you have sex with him?"

"Yeah, we did it all night," I replied in a husky voice.

"Damn, where can I meet a girl like you?"

"You just need to be in the right place at the right time."

"I guess a taxi isn't the right place?"

"I guess not. I did get his friend's number, though, and we have a date tonight. I hope he's as much fun," I said.

"You have a date with his friend?" he blurted. "Are you going to sleep with him too?"

"I think so, I hope so, he's even cuter!" I said.

"This is it," I said. "You can let me out anywhere near here."

I passed him the cash, including a tip, and said, "That's fine, keep the change."

"Thanks love", he said.

I couldn't resist a final parting comment. "You can't see any cum on my face, can you?" I asked as I leaned forward.

He was completely speechless, and I said, "I guess not, thanks for the ride," as I got out of the car.

I waited until he had driven off and was out of sight before I walked to my apartment, I did not want him to know which apartment block I lived in.

Once I was home I wasted no time hopping into the shower. It was nice to be clean again and to have clean hair.

I had been trying to decide what to wear today. On the one hand I wanted to wear something sexy tonight, but on the other hand I had to wear something appropriate to work, and it's such a pain to take a spare outfit to work to change into.

I eventually decided on a vest top which is cut off the hips and waist. It's a little short and allows a little skin to be seen around my middle, but it's not too short for work. The only possible problem is that it's backless, with just a little strap to tie it together at the bottom on the back, but I figured it was Friday and holiday season, so I should be able to get away with it.

I matched it with a very low cut pair of slacks, which really hug my arse and upper thighs, flaring out lower on the leg. Casual slacks really, but smart enough to wear to the office. The combination of the low cut pants with the vest exposed a lot of my waist and hips, which was kind of titillating for work, as I wouldn't usually be so brazen. I felt I really aught to put on underwear though, so I grabbed a brief g-string, with a string waist band, which was sufficiently low cut to ride low on my hips at about the same level as the top of the pants.

After blow drying my hair and putting on a little makeup I was ready for work. The day passed slowly for me, what with remembrances of last night and anticipation of what may happen tonight. Almost nothing at all remarkable happened during the day, the only thing worth mentioning is that I drew a little more attention than usual with my revealing outfit, the attention was quite welcome and I enjoyed the second glances that I received.

Finally, the day ended, and it was time to head into the city and meet Paul for dinner. I freshened up a little, putting on some makeup and a little perfume, and headed out from the office.

When I caught the train into the city it was a little more crowded than usual. I was feeling a little spirited and had mild regrets that I had worn pants instead of a skirt, I was in just the right mood to let my skirt ride up a little and let the other commuters have the occasional peek. It was not to be however, and I had to content myself with thoughts of what Paul and I would get up to later tonight.

By the time I arrived in the city I had worked myself into quite a state. I decided I wouldn't think about sex at all while I walked to the restaurant, after all, it wouldn't do to arrive flushed and wanting to jump on Paul before we had even eaten, I was hungry.

Not thinking about sex turned out to be more difficult than I had expected though. It was Friday night in the city, everyone who worked downtown was either on the street or in a bar, and I kept getting smiles, sideways glances, second glances, third glances, and even outright lecherous stares. As much as I tried to ignore them I couldn't, and I couldn't help but let my lips curl in a little smile as men undressed me with their eyes as they passed me on the street.

I finally arrived at the restaurant where Paul was already waiting for me at a table He stood as I walked over and kissed me when I reached him. His kiss was aimed at my cheek but I turned to face him as he leant towards me and kissed him on the lips. He put a hand on my shoulder and with the other hand he gently squeezed my hip. I was glad my hip was bare because I could definitely feel a spark.

We ordered a bottle of wine and made small talk about what we had each done during the day. As we spoke I began to feel that Paul was distant in comparison to last night, he again seemed impervious to my charms, and I was wondering whether all of my plans would be in vain. As we ate and had a few glasses of wine he loosened up and conversation came more freely, but he was still distant, a little impersonal, and none of my flirting seemed to be able to warm him up.

His company was not lacking, it was neither inattentive nor uncaring, but it was missing a warmth, an energy that I usually feel with a man who has a desire for me. He was being a perfect gentleman, and that was the problem. I wanted a little naughty chatter, a little innuendo. I wanted to catch him looking at my breasts so I could give him the little smile that means I've caught him but I like it.

After dinner we walked to Opera Bar. After sitting for so long, my g-string had ridden up a little and I could it feel the waistband above the line of my slacks. Usually I would fix it, but I was feeling a little desperate, I needed to find a chink in Paul's armour and I thought letting him see my sexy underwear may be the answer.

We walked all the way to Opera Bar, and Paul had not taken my hand or put his arm around me, despite me letting my hip and shoulder brush against him several times during the walk. I had known all along that Paul would be the hardest nut to crack, but the way he had flirted with me last night had given me hope. His resistance only served to strengthen my resolve, however, and maybe with a few more drinks he would begin to crack.

We arrived at Opera Bar a little late and found our friends with the help of our mobile phones. With the fantastic views of Sydney Harbour, the Bridge, and the regular fireworks Opera Bar was usually chaos on a Friday night and tonight was no exception. Cassie was there, as was Ezra, and several people that I didn't really know who were closer friends with Cassie than with the boys. I said hello to everyone and gave them each a kiss, and as usual Ezra squeezed my arse. I gave it a little wiggle against his hand to encourage him and he noticed my g-string and ran his hand along it. It was reassuring to know that my clothing was having the desired effect, even if it didn't seem to be working on the object of my desire.

The odd thing was that Paul came over to Ezra and me and interrupted us while we were saying hello. He shook hands with Ezra and said, "I believe it's your shout Ez, I could really do with a Corona."

"Sure," said Ezra, looking a little surprised. "Can I get you anything Lisa?"

"A Corona sounds good, thanks Ez," I said, smiling.

Once Ezra was gone Paul put his hand on my hip and reintroduced me to some of the others that I hadn't met very often. He had suddenly become warm and friendly with me again. He was responsive to my flirting and I decide to make the most of it. Putting my hand on his back or arm whenever I was near and letting my body brush against him.

I also gave the other men in the group a lot of attention. Touching them and flirting with them. If it was competition that brought out Paul's interest in me I was determined to make him as interested as I could. Ezra was particularly cooperative, taking any opportunity to run his hand over my bare back, or touch me on the arse, and I let him have plenty of opportunity.

My plan was working well. Paul became more and more attentive as the night went on. Our conversation over dinner had been limited to small talk about things we had done in the day or plans we had for the holidays, now the conversation became more personal, with Paul even extending an invitation to me to spend some time with him during the holidays.

By the time the fireworks started Paul was completely relaxed with me and had even started to make some advances. Possibly encouraged by Ezra, he had put his hand on my arse gently several times. He was not yet as brazen as Ezra and there was no squeezing, nevertheless I gave him all of the encouragement I could, pushing or wiggling my arse against his hand when he touched me.

The first of the fireworks startled me and I let out a little squeal.

"It's just the fireworks," Paul said, as he put his arm around me and turned me to face the harbour where they were being let off. "You predicted fireworks last night."

"I did, didn't I," I replied, "and I predict more fireworks later tonight as well."

As we watched the fireworks in silence I put my arm around him and leant against him.

Later in the evening, Paul approached me from behind. Apparently, my g-string must have ridden up above my pants again, because he played with the string of the waist band a little, drawing it up over my hips causing it to squeeze a little further into my arse crack.

"You must have put a little more effort into dressing tonight," he said with a sly smile.

This was most unlike Paul, but I didn't want to discourage him, so I said, "It may have taken me a little longer to dress this morning, but I put no less thought into my outfit. Do you like it?"

"Oh yes," he said, "very much."

He drew the waistband further out of my pants so that it became visible on my hips and even at the front. I was facing Cassie and she looked down to see what was happening.

"Paul!" Cassie blurted, looking shocked. "Leave the poor girl alone."

She slapped his hand away and adjusted my pants and g-string so I was acceptably attired once again. Paul watched intently as Cassie pushed my g-string down, slipping her fingers inside my pants as she did so.

"I know places where they would charge for a show like that girls," he said.

"Oh Paul," Cassie replied, "get your mind out of the gutter."

I couldn't help myself, so I smiled at him and winked as I asked, "How much do you think it would be worth, Paul? Maybe we could make a little money on the side."

"Don't encourage him Lisa," Cassie admonished.

Cassie is actually a very proper girl, a devout Christian, in fact. She liked to flirt and tease as well, but had very strong ideas about where the line should be drawn, and I think Paul had left that line a long way behind when he began playing with my underwear. Of course, he hadn't even come close to my line, and I was simply enjoying the attention.

It wasn't long after that that people began to say their goodbyes and leave.

"Bye Cassie," I said, as I gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Have a good weekend."

"You too, and I'll see you soon sweetheart," she replied.

"Goodnight Cassie," Ezra said, as he kissed her on the cheek. He patted her back just at the very top of her arse, no doubt he would have preferred to let his hand slip a little lower but Cassie would have chewed him out viciously if he had.

He had no such reservations with me, and he stroked my arse shamelessly as he kissed me on the cheek and said, "Goodnight Lisa, don't forget about the gym this weekend."

I put my hand on his hip and moved my arse a little sideways so his hand was stroking my arse at the bottom between the cheeks. "Good night," I said, "I'll see you Sunday morning, Ez."

Ezra has a membership at a fancy gym and is allowed to bring guests in for free. A few times a month we get together for a little squash, some swimming and a sauna.

I turned to Paul and said, "Let's go."

He clapped his hands together and said, "Yes, let's"

Paul's house is on the way to my apartment so we had decided to share a taxi home earlier. I was hoping Paul's place would be our final destination, and was planning to invite myself in for coffee if he didn't have the idea himself.

We chatted and laughed as we walked to the taxi rank. Paul was warm and relaxed, and still in the mood to flirt with me. I was pleased, because I had been worried that he may cool off once we were alone together and he was free of any possible competition.

We were fortunate enough to find a taxi waiting at the rank and Paul opened the door for me and helped me in. He was still a gentleman, but one I hoped now wanted to get into my pants.

After we had been driving a few minutes I planted the coffee seed, saying, "I wouldn't mind a coffee actually."

"Yeah, I could go for one too," he replied. "It's too bad we didn't think of that before we got the taxi."

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