tagLetters & TranscriptsNow and Forever Ch. 01

Now and Forever Ch. 01


Author's note: This is an official entry in the Annual Literotica Winter Holiday Contest for 2006. All characters and situations are works of fiction. Any resemblance to real people or events is pure coincidence. I make no assertion of technical accuracy. In fiction, anything can happen.

Remember, the winner of the contest is decided by reader votes, so please remember to vote. All feedback and public comments are welcome. Thank you! ~Minx


Brogan sat in the barracks, waiting for the rest of his unit to arrive and thinking about his wife. When he'd gotten his orders the morning before, he'd thought his heart would break. Imagining the sweet face he'd had to leave behind, his eyes filled with tears. Picking up one of the pictures his wife had pressed into his hand that morning, he prayed this tour would end early.

Realizing the clock was ticking, and he was running out of time, he picked up his notebook and poured his heart out on the snow-white page.

Hello Darling,

I know I've only been gone a few hours, but I miss you so much I couldn't resist writing. The question that continues to run through my mind is, 'why me, why now?'. We haven't even been married a year yet, it seems cruel to have been shipped out now. Four years... four God-awful years overseas, without you in my arms, without your lips pressed to mine...

Anticipating my every need, you have proven to be the perfect wife, in our short time of wedded bliss. My eternal gratitude is yours for insisting I take along some of our wedding photos. I only regret that I cannot feel your skin under my fingers; or smell your unique scent; or hear the rumble of your infectious laughter. The sight of your raven head leaning against my blond one brings powerful memories to mind.

The most potent of these memories is our wedding night. Do you remember? Of course you do, I shouldn't have even asked. It was perfect, wasn't it? Carrying you over the threshold, the surprise and pleasure of my action lighting up your tanned face. You didn't think I could do it, but I fooled you. Laying you on the white satin sheets and peeling your clothes off your body. Tormenting you by going slow and kissing your skin as it was exposed. Preparing your body to meld with mine, I drove you crazy with desire. I savored every taste, every touch, every moment.

The electricity between us was phenomenal, not only that night but every night since. I could feel your body humming with anticipation, and the promise of sweet revenge. You got your revenge too, didn't you? I almost lost it when I felt your mouth close around me, so warm and inviting. The way your tongue danced, the outpouring of sheer love with every stroke, took me to a higher plane; a plane I'm positive only you could show me.

The first time I entered you, I thought I would die from the pleasure. Your body accepted my invasion into its tight sleeve, molding to me as if made for me alone. Staring into the deep blue pools of your eyes, the love and trust I saw moved me to tears. I was making love to my best friend, my chosen life partner, and the surge of emotion I felt overwhelmed me. Your sweet smile and soft, velvet touch was all that allowed me to continue sliding in and out of your silken sheath.

You cried out my name as you came and sent me flying to the heavens. When I returned to Earth, you were stroking my hair and whispering in my ear of your love for me. I remember holding your hips and rolling to the side, maintaining our physical connection, but it was you who kept the spiritual one. You cupped my face and looked into my eyes. A smile spread across your face as you told me we were, now and forever, one. You melted my heart in that moment.

Remembering our walk through the early morning mist... Was it only this morning? It seems like a lifetime ago. Remembering that walk, my heart melts again. I saw the tears in your eyes, my love, before you choked them back in an effort to be brave. I appreciate you not letting them flow. I was on the verge myself, knowing how much you were hurting and not being able to do anything about it. It was only through your control that I was able to get a grip on my own emotions; that I was able to let you go.

I have to go for now, my dear. The tears are making it hard to see and I want to get this letter in the mail before we leave the States. You'll get it faster that way. I'm enclosing my contact information on an envelope. Address all of your letters that way, unless I tell you otherwise.

I love you, darling!

Now and forever,



"Mail call!" The private shouted. Hoping and praying to hear their names, soldiers swarmed toward him.

When the private called Brogan's name, he sighed with relief and took his letter. Ripping it open, he walked to his bunk and sat down. Every day he had prayed for a letter from his love, and now he held it, like a precious gift from God.


My wonderful husband, how I long for you. I've tried to fill the days since your departure with activities that engage my mind, but it's proving an impossible task. Out of nowhere, I'll smell your cologne or hear your laughter and run to find you. My heart drops like a stone and tears course down my face when I realize it's a mirage my lonely soul created.

Halloween has come and gone, as has our first anniversary. I felt your love lift me on the eve of our first. Ironic, isn't it, that the first traditional anniversary is paper and that's all we have to hold?

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, which means Christmas is just around the corner, our second as husband and wife, and yet we'll be apart. Such is the cruelty of war. I haven't the heart to string the decorations around our home, with you not here to share them with me. I'll spend the holiday with our families and avoid being home alone.

I want to thank you for insisting we make the video of our lovemaking. I have watched it over and over, my body feeling your penetration. The dildo you bought for me completes the illusion. I see your lips touch mine and I close my eyes so I can feel them. I hug your pillow, pretending it's you I hold. My love, my life, I miss you.

Work holds my feet on the ground, and gives me reason to get up in the morning. I've earned a promotion, my darling. Beginning next week, I'll be the Assistant Vice President of the bank. The title and the news seem hollow, without you here to celebrate.

I pray to God every night to keep my love safe and warm. I see so many tragic stories on the news, and I know should stop watching, but I can't bring myself to turn it off. I'm afraid something will happen and I won't know, so I torture myself with other families' loss.

The endless days stretch before me and I have to force myself not to think of the years ahead. It's not fair. No one should have to serve so long. I know, you explained it all already; how the shortage of willing men forces those already enlisted into longer tours. It's still not fair.

I also can't help but think about our disagreement the week before you left. Our first, with so little time to work it out, and it weighs heavy on my mind.

Reading over my letter to this point, I feel I must apologize. I had intended to make it light and cheery, but that would be a lie and we promised never to lie to one another. I miss you to the depths of my soul and I don't foresee a change in my mood until you return.

I love you, sweetheart. I hold you in my dreams and I hope you can feel my arms, as I feel yours.

Now and forever,


Tears rolled down Brogan's face as he folded the letter and put it away. To know the loneliness his wife felt caused pain deep in his heart, but he appreciated the honesty of emotion. More than three years remained on his tour of duty. Three long and trying years. Turning to a fresh page in his notebook, he composed a letter to his wife.

My darling wife,

I regret that I was not there to celebrate our first anniversary, just know I held you close to me and whispered to God of my love for you.

Congratulations on the promotion, my love, you deserve it. I'm sorry you could not enjoy it, but I promise we'll celebrate everything when I get home.

By the time you get this letter, Christmas will be almost upon you. Please hold the spirit in your heart and try not to be lonely. I can't stand the thought of you being so sad at such a joyous time of year. Talk with my brother and my parents. Listen to their stories of years gone by. I want to be able to hear your laughter on Christmas Eve, and that's one way for me to ensure it. Promise me, my darling, I need to hear your laughter.

I'm pleased that the video helps you. The thought of you pleasuring yourself while thinking of me and watching us make love warms my heart... among other things. I'm sending a care package and I hope you use it well. If nothing else, you'll have something to hold as you fall asleep at night.

Our argument has been weighing on my mind as well. I have no solution, considering the length of our separation, but I will continue to think about what you suggested. I promise.

I don't wish to scare you, my life, but I want you to know what's happening. My unit will be on the frontlines for the next few weeks and I will not be able to send any letters. Know that I am safe, for I hold your love in my heart and God knows of my love for you. Nothing can get past the protection of true love.

I love you, wife.

Now and forever,



Brogan was sitting on his bunk when mail call came New Year's Day. The private handed him a box and warmth flooded his body. Seeing the 'fragile' stamp on the box, Brogan opened it with care. Inside he found a letter, a tape recorder, headphones, a package of blank tapes and a case of batteries. Smiling, he opened the letter.

Dearest love,

I know it will be past Christmas before you get this package, but I thought it was necessary to send it. The tape recorder was your mother's idea. She told me about your father's tour in Vietnam and how there were days when the only thing that kept him moving was the sound of her voice. Your father made it a point to tell me he'd have died without her tapes. As my fondest desire is to hold you in my arms again, and you being alive is required for that to happen, I took their advice. In the recorder you will find a tape. It's ready to play. I hope you enjoy it as much as I think you will.

In light of your last letter, I sent blank tapes and I want to ask a favor. I want you to record something for me; it doesn't matter what you say, I just want to hear the sound of your voice. I know you're okay, if you weren't I'm sure I'd have felt it, but I think hearing your voice will help me get through the lonely nights.

I'm glad to hear you're thinking about my suggestion. I don't believe it will be as bad as you imagine.

Oh, and thank you very much for the care package. I'd already been wearing your boxers to be closer to you, but with the additional tribute to our love I sleep much better.

Listen to the tape, my love, but make sure you use the headphones. It's not appropriate for a public audience.

Now and forever,


Brogan set aside the letter and pulled the tape recorder out of the box. When he had attached the headphones, he pushed play. His wife's husky voice whispered in his ear, "I love you, my darling, my life. I miss you. I hope you don't mind what I've done and you don't think it's inappropriate."

There was a long pause and then he heard, "Brogan, I want you to lay back, close your eyes, and imagine I'm lying next to you. Are you there? Can you feel me?" Brogan found himself nodding in answer.

"Now, imagine yourself naked. I'm sliding my hands up and down your body with gentle, featherlike touches. My lips touch yours, the barest caress. You feel my breath on your lips. My fingers circle your nipples before following the trail to the treasure.

I don't touch my prize just yet; it's too soon for that. I circle around the boulders and walk my fingers down your inner thigh. I can feel your tension, my love. Relax. I kiss your cheek, and then your chin. I rain kisses down your neck, but slow when my mouth reaches your nipple. I suck your nipple into my mouth and give it a gentle bite. I hear you moan and I give it another nibble before turning my attention to the other one.

Finished with your nipples, for now, I kiss my way down your belly. I reach the end of the trail and touch the head of your cock, my treasure, with my tongue. I suck your cock deep into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it as I go. When I've reached the base, I close my teeth on your cock. Gentle, I don't want to cause pain, only pleasure. I drag my teeth on your cock, all the way to the tip. I release your cock from my mouth.

Brogan, I need to tell you, darling. I'm masturbating as I'm making this tape for you. I'm using the dildo you bought me, sucking on it and fucking myself with it, pretending it's you.

I return my mouth to your cock, sucking it in with one long stroke. I circle your cock with my fingers, closing them around it. I give your cock several slow strokes, but I don't want you to cum in my mouth this time. I want your cum inside me.

I straddle your hips and hold your cock upright. I lower myself onto your cock, penetrating myself slow and easy. Oh, my love, you feel so good. All the way in now, I lean forward and kiss your lips, sliding my tongue across your bottom lip. I begin to move, unhurried. No need to rush the moment, savor it. In and out, your cock slides with ease.

Faster now, reaching the brink, I want to feel your cum fill me. Faster. Harder. Yes, my love. Just like that. Oh, oh, oh. I'm close. Are you close? Yes, I can feel it. You're as close as I am. Faster, my love, we're almost there. We can cum together. So much better that way. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm there. I'm going to cum. Cum with me, baby. That's it. Oh. God. Yes! I'm cumming. I can feel your cum filling me, completing me. I'm milking your cock of every last drop of cum, can't leave any behind.

I feel you relax beneath me and I know I have it all. I collapse on your chest, winded from the excursion. I feel your hands in my hair and raise my head to look at you.

'I love you', I hear you whisper. I whisper back, 'I love you, too.'"

There was a ten second pause.

"Brogan? Did you mind terribly? I hope it didn't cause you any trouble. I don't know what barracks are like, so I wasn't sure if you could follow along or not. I just wanted to give you something of me, and this was the only thing I could think of.

I love you, darling. I miss you and can't wait for your tour to be over so you can come home to me.

The tape ended and Brogan wiped the sweat off his brow. He knew he'd have to change his underwear, having cum inside them, but it had been worth it. His wife knew just what he'd needed, as usual. He put the tape recorder in his footlocker, making a mental note to create his tape at the first opportunity. He opened his notebook and started writing.

My love,

I got your package. What a wonderful surprise! I couldn't follow along, not being alone at the time, but I did have some clean up to do. You are amazing. I would not have thought to ask for something like that, but you always seem to know.

I will make you a tape at the first opportunity. I'm looking forward to it.

Well, the good news is, we returned from the frontlines this week. The bad news is we're now a man short. The enemy killed Corporal Harden. I won't go into detail.

Tell me, how was Christmas with my side of our family? Did they spill the dirt on me, since I wasn't there to stop them? I bet you learned all kinds of things about me as a child. Only believe about half of what my brother told you. He likes to make me look worse than I am.

My mother is a dream, but beware of my father. He's a charmer. Where do you think I got all of my smooth lines? I'm dying to hear how it all went.

I miss you, darling. More today than any other day so far, but that's been typical of every day. I'm still holding out hope that this war will end soon and I can come home before my tour is up. I hold you in my heart, and I'm with you in my dreams.

I love you!

Now and forever,



The following week, Brogan found his opportunity. He had pissed off the platoon leader and drawn latrine duty. At lights out, he retrieved the tape recorder from his footlocker and headed to the bathroom. Knowing he didn't have much time, he got right down to business. He pushed record and began to speak.

"Sweetheart, it's taken some time to find a way to do this, but you know I'd do anything for you. I love you, baby.

Take your clothes off and lay on our bed... There you go. Now, I want you to stroke your body, as far as you can reach without straining. Imagine my fingers are touching you. Take your fingers and press them to your lips. Imagine what you feel is my lips on yours.

I want you to suck your fingers into your mouth and imagine you are sucking on my cock. No, don't protest, I know your fingers aren't the same size as my cock. Yes, that's it. Roll your tongue around the head. Mmm. Yes. Touch your nipples with your wet fingers. Yes, like that. Continue down your chest and belly. Now, slip one finger inside your hole. Mmhmm. I'm stroking my cock, honey. I don't have much time so this is going to be fast. Reach into the nightstand and get your toy. Make sure you lube it, baby, I don't want to cause you pain and we don't have enough time for a lot of foreplay.

Slide the toy inside and rub yourself. Pretend I'm there with you, that I'm the one rubbing; I'm the one fucking you with your toy. Mmm... I'm so hard, honey. I need to cum. I'm imagining how you smell and pumping my cock in my hand.

I wrap my fingers in your hair and lean down to nibble on your neck. Oh, god, baby. Feels so good. Faster. I'm getting close. I'm closing my eyes so I can see your taut little body. So sexy. I love the curve of your ass. Faster, honey. You're almost there. I can feel it. Cum with me. Mmm." Brogan grunted and groaned. His fist was flying on his cock. "Yes. Yes. Baby, I'm gonna shoot. Cum with me. Oh. Yes! Now. Cum, baby. Yes!" Cum shot out of Brogan's cock, landing on the floor in front of him. He fought to catch his breath.

"I know it wasn't as elegant as what you sent me, my love, but it was the best I could do. I love you, my darling. I have to go for now, but I will write you soon."

Brogan pushed the stop button, set the tape recorder aside and cleaned the bathroom before heading to his bunk. He tucked the tape into an envelope and put the machine away before crawling under his blankets. Two hours later, reveille sounded and he rolled out of bed, bleary eyed.



Darling, I got your tape. It was wonderful, even if it was hurried. I admit, I cried when I first heard your voice, and it was only on the second time through that I came with you. Thank you, my love.

To answer the questions you asked in your last letter, I had a wonderful time with your family. Yes, they regaled me with stories of your childhood. They were so sweet. I believe every word your brother said, since he didn't have one bad thing to say about you. He told me about the time you saved the puppy from the icy pond. He also told me about the time you saved him from a group of bullies.

Your father certainly is a charmer, and I now see where his son gets it. If I didn't love you and your mother so much, you would have some competition there. (I'm kidding! Your father was nothing but respectful to me.)

I can't wait until you can come home. I pray every day for this war to end, for my life to come home. Everything here is fine. The job is dull, which is a good thing, but it doesn't occupy my mind. I wonder what's happening over there, though I know you can't tell me much.

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