Nox Ch. 01


Dezicra groaned as she stumbled through the Westmeyer woods. Pushing aside brambles and branches, she made her way to a sacred and secret place deep within. Her body felt weak, and her bruises and cuts weighed heavily on her posture. The battle had been fierce, and many orcs of her tribe had fallen to the human skirmishers they'd met, but when the last blow was struck, the Bad Moon orcs were victorious, albeit at a heavy price.

Taking her leave from her clan-mates, Dezicra set out for the one place she knew that could offer her weary body comfort and relief. Deep within the Westmeyer woods lay a secret place, where only those like her were welcome, and safety and serenity were afforded as well.

The baths were impossible for any male or female to find, protected by an age old spell that had stood fast the test of time. Only a futa like her could find their way to them, and once within the confines of the sacred place, regardless of race or faction, all were welcome as equals and all hostilities were left behind. Thus was the way of The Baths of Cum.

In truth, the natural spring, which bubbled up from deep within the core of Nox was not that which it drew its name from, but instead a pure white mud with incredible healing and regenerative properties. It's texture and warmth, combined with a tangy-sweet taste made it all but indiscernible from the wet creamy sauce that most like Dezicra craved however, so the name had been chosen accordingly.

At a statuesque six foot two inches, her dark grey-green skin smooth and perfect but for a handful of delicate scars, (Thanks much to her often visits to the baths) Dezicra was an Amazonian goddess among her tribe, and save the color of her skin, and the telltale up-thrust tusks as the corners of her full and luscious lips was oftentimes given a second glance by humans and elves alike. She wore her long black hair wildly down her back, loose strands cascading across her forehead and cheeks, held there by the wet sheen of sweat that coated her entire frame. Her eyes were golden; almost luminous and glowing even in the daylight, and her body the picture of athleticism and sexual perfection.

Dezicra's bottom, thighs, and breasts, despite her muscled frame, were voluptuous beyond belief, and her curves were a thing of awe and desire to both men and woman alike. Beneath her knee length banded skirt, and tied gently along the inside of her thigh, was a secret that Dezicra had kept hidden from all but those closest to her since her youth. Her cock, easily the length of a short sword, and as thick as an apple, ridged with thick throbbing veins, and topped by a bulbous tip that strained the most skilled of jaws was insatiable, and a constant source of discomfort, as well as indescribable pleasure.

During the battle, Dezicra had faced off with a Amazon female, her nubile ebony body and dark mane of hair a sight to behold. She too had been the picture of taught, firm, sexiness, and when their swords had clashed, Dezicra and her opponent had both paused in awe of one another. The moment had fast escaped them however, as the battle around them shifted and they were separated by a tide of bodies, crimson with blood and wildly thrashing about on the battlefield.

Twice more Dezicra had seen her Amazon dream during the skirmish, holding her own among orcs more than double her size, her twin swords flashing like lightning in the dawn. She and Dezicra were caught in one another's gaze for moments at a time, but an unspeakable lust had gripped them both; or so she had thought. Then, there was the wink.

The Amazon and Dezicra had lost track with one another, and as Dezicra fought back the brunt of a monster of a human warriors brutal onslaught, she came back to back with another warrior on the field. Quickly finishing her enemy, she spun to face her new opponent and clashed swords with beautiful brown eyed perfection; the amazon woman faced her, and again they paused, the tiniest of smiles creeping across both their lips, and the hint of a wink from her nameless foe sending a wave of warmth through Dezicra's body, down her spine, and into the throbbing root of her cock.

Again they separated, one backing away from the other and vice versa as they both slid into the battle and away from each other once again. That moment however, had been burned into Dezicra's mind, and even as the battle waned and the humans sounded their retreat, Dezicra couldn't forget those eyes, and that gorgeous mane of kinky black hair.

"God's what a lovely!" She groaned as she neared the clearing and the welcome warmth of the baths. "If only." She imagined a battle that ended with just the two of them left standing, or separated from the main conflict and alone in the wilderness; how the Amazon would drop her sword, and Dezicra her own, and they would come together in a hungry embrace.

Reaching beneath her pleated skirt, Dezicra pulled at the leather string holding back her fuck meat and rolled her eyes at the pleasure of feeling her cock fall free between her legs, throbbing painfully at the thought of her dark warrior. Her dick ached for soft supple ass, and a wet mouth, and she imagined the tight pussy between the Amazons thighs would be a welcome hole to slide her length deep within as well.

The way the beauty would moan and grunt as Dezicra pushed her massive shaft in to the balls and rode her for hours at a time, cum spilling from within her abused holes as she slopped her sex cream soaked balls against the warriors chocolate asshole and groaned her own lusts into her lover's mouth. She purred at the thought of the black goddess's perfect body riding atop her, back arched, her ass-hole clamped tightly around Dezicra's turgid cock as she looked down at her, brown eyes met with bright gold as the amazon surprised Dezicra with her abilities, welcoming her deep inside her bowels, soaking her in the sweet cream of her amazon ass-cunt.

Finally Dezicra pushed aside the branches and smiled, the warm bubbling milk-white baths laid before her; her aching body more than ready to sink into their healing embrace, but in that moment, she was stopped cold.

"Gods!" She gasped at the sight before her; as though plucked from her very mind, she took in a sight of perfection made flesh and blood. Black hair, log well-formed legs, tiny ebony toes, and taught thighs. She saw a belly with only the slightest hint of abdominals, and breasts like firm up thrust cantaloupes, with a thick bush of nubian hair tied back behind tiny kissable amazonian ears.

Sitting perched on the edge of one of the baths, her feet dangling into the warm cum-mud, her body bare and beautiful, save a few tiny cuts and bruises, Dezicra's dark warrior looked up as the she orc stepped into the clearing and a smile crossed her slightly haggard face; a smile that would have drawn all of Dezicra's surprise and attention, if not for the enormous black thick skinned cock dangling between the amazons thighs.

"I'm glad to see you survived." She spoke; her voice like honey and sunshine, dipped in freshly milked cum. "I'm Madonna. Care to share my bath?"

The magic of the baths would never allow violence, and only women like Dezicra and her enemy were capable of finding their way. In that moment, the outside world melted away, and it was just the two of them, together, alone, in their own private paradise; a paradises of futa cock.

"You drop your shoulder on the lunge." Dezicra managed to say, grinning proudly as she stepped forth, her fingers undoing the clasps of her skirt and allowing it to drop to the ground; her growing forest green cock rising slightly before her, the head openly oozing with desire. "I noticed when you were fighting Moragh. Serves him right, what you did to him. Still, if it had been me, I'd not have fallen to you."

"Doubt I would have been fighting for a kill if I'd been facing you." Donna grinned, opening her thighs and allowing her beautiful black cock to rise, perfectly hairless balls, both soaked with warm white mud and glistening catching Dezicra's eyes as she stepped into the opposite side of the bath and tossed her plated bikini top aside, her sword and crossbow along with it. "More likely I'd have taken you as a prize. I hold no allegiance to those men. Once the battle was over, I'd have taken you with me, in chains if necessary." Her smile was seductive and inviting.

"Dezicra." The she orc answered back with her name, her heavy orc cock dipping into the warm bubbling mud as she slid her tortured body down along the side of the bath. "And I think it more likely I'd have been leading you off that battlefield in bindings, or over the back of my horse perhaps, until I found a private place to enjoy you at my leisure of course."

The pair smiled coyly at one another, and Madonna slid back down into the bath herself, opposite her gorgeous enemy. For a long moment neither spoke as their bare feet found one another beneath the mud and toes caressed calves as they twined together, hidden from the world above, both reveling in the sweet soft sensations as they acted as though nothing was going on beneath what could be seen.

"I looked for your body among the dead." Dezicra said softly, lowering her eyes and casting a slight glance upward at the beautiful amazon. The thought of her having been killed had been unpleasing to say the least, and that was before she knew that her lovely enemy was cocked as heavily as she. "I'm glad you weren't among them."

"I knew you wouldn't be." Madonna said in a comforting tone. She paused and licked her lips invitingly as she slid her foot up along Dezicra's firm inner thigh and across the length of her gorgeous orcish cock. She teased her toes along the veined length of Dezicra's aching dick and watched as the orc slid deeper into the bath, eyes closing in pleasure as she enjoyed the soft ministrations. "None in my party could have stood against you. None but me that is."

Dezicra opened her eyes and smiled. She cast a hungry glance across the small pool of cum and pushed off from her side, grinning brightly and bearing her tusks as she threw caution to the wind and slid atop the ebony warriors lap, her cock sliding up between the amazons breasts as Madonnas own powerful fuck organ slid up along the crevice of Dezicra's ass, the burning hot knob at the tip of her cock sliding along Dezicra's natural curves as though they were of the same mold, settling in the small of her back, mashed tightly against warm orcish flesh.

"You're so beautiful." Dezicra smiled, running her fingers through the kinky curls of Donnas hair, leaving behind traces of white creamy mud.

They kissed; and not like lovers, or even long time mates, but much much more intimately. As Dezicra took Donnas hands in hers their fingers intertwined, and their lips parted as tongues slid forth and curled and slid along the lengths of on another. Madonna tilted her head, and drank deeply of Dezicra's mouth, and Dezicra fed her spittle to her lover like a mother bird feeding it's young.

Lust dribbled down their chins and into the bath, and both girls nostrils flared to take in breath and prolong their kiss. Donna opened her mouth wide, and moved to one side, surrounding one of Dezicra's tusks and suckling it like a tiny bone cock, her eyes locked with her orcish lover in a sultry stare that promised a long wet and sensual play.

Not a word passed between them as they slid their bodies' together, grinding, rubbing, and memorizing every curve and contour. Dezicra's nipples were fat and throbbing as much as the head of her cock; easily as big as wild marshmallows, but dark green and caked with cum-like mud.

Madonna moved from tusk to fattened orc tit and latched on, nursing like a newborn as she closed her eyes and gobbled dark green tit. All at once Dezicra rose up and slid her hand down her back, fingers encircling the huge black cock-tip of her amazon lover as she arched her back and guided Madonna between her cheeks. Often times, when with one of her own, Dezicra was more dominant and chose to be the giver of pleasure, but if another moment passed without her knowing the sweet thick love of her enemy deep within her ass, she would have grown mad.

Donna let loose the nipple between her lips, and roared out loud her incredible pleasure as she felt Dezicra guide her cock down the slick velvet crevice of her beautiful ass, and against her puckered green sex pocket. For a moment, the tomato sized knob mashed against Dezicra's rectum, and her anal ring kissed and suckled at it beneath the mud, but then, giving up against the resistance, Donnas meat pushed through and shot deep up inside Dezicra's pucker-cunt; balls deep and as hot as a branding iron within the gorgeous orc.

"FUCK!" They both cried out in unison, grasping on another; Dezicra's fingers tightly gripping Anya's hair and yanking her head back s she bore down on the dick inside her and Madonnas own digits gripping her lovers ass and digging in deep, the flesh of the she-orcs bottom spilling out from between her fingers as she plunged her depths more deeply than any other lover had ever taken her before.

Rocking, and rising and falling against her lover, Dezicra leaned in close and opened her lips around Donna's neck, dragging her tusks up and down the soft ebony skin as she slid her sex-hole up and down the largest cock she'd ever had. Madonna had to be a solid sixteen inches; enormous for a human, and only an inch of two shy of her own throbbing orcish length. She felt her ass stretch to accommodate the meat within her, and panted in lust with each deep plunge of cock within her anal cave.

No to miss an opportunity, looking down between her breasts as her cock was fucked in slow powerful thrusts, Donna opened her lips and craned her neck, Dezicra's big beautiful orc cock appearing and disappearing from beneath the surface of the mud-cum. She opened her lips around it and latched on, causing her lover to pause in mid bounce and groan out loud. Her tongue began a wild hurricane of licks and laps, taking the time to swab it across the leaking cum-hole as she worshipped Dezicra's bloated head with her lips and cast a look up at her lover; their eyes locked once again.

"Your mouth is like a frothy cunt amazon. God's what a sweet little face-pussy you have." Dezicra groaned, rising up until only the head of Donnas brutal meat was lodged within her butt so she could concentrate on feeding her smaller lover more of her aching meat.

Donna could only smile and wink at her lover, (Gods! That wink) as she tilted her head and invited her horse hung lover into her throat. Inches by inches disappearing as she closed her eyes to concentrate on the task at hand, Dezicra's thick pre-cum and the sweet fuck-mud that coated her dick dribbling out the corners of her lovers mouth, she took almost the entire length within her, all the while, her twisting twirling human tongue working it's magic along the underside of her cock.

"Sweet fucking bitch!" Dezicra groaned out loud, tossing her head back and unloading her cum into Donna's wanton throat, filling her belly with warm fuck-gravy as she felt her big orcish balls grabbed and squeezed tenderly, milking her of every drop she had to offer. "Fuck! Oh Fuck!"

Dezicra bucked, her bottom releasing Donna's cock as she stood on tip toes in the cum bath and thrust in and out between the sweet amazon's pussy-like lips. Donna released her lover's balls and craned her neck to take the face fuck proper, and brought her arms up alongside her, elbows resting on the edge of the bath as she worked to pump her thirsty mouth in unison with Dezicra's thrusts.

Slowly, Dezicra's twitching body slowed it's spasms, and she looked down at her amazon lover, caressing the side of her face as she tenderly withdrew the meaty length of her spent (But still hard cock). Even as the last of her beautifully shiny green cock slid free, a river of cum cascaded out from between Donna's slightly parted lips, down her chin, and into the bathwater they shared. She looked up at her Orcish lover with a sweet and innocent grin, rolling her tongue in the creamy cock-milk as she swallowed a fair amount and allowed the remainder to dribble across her naked breasts and neck.

"I'd have you in my ass my beautiful orc." Donna said with a lip licking smile, rising up to stand naked before her lover, both of their cocks pressed tightly together and connected by a spider web of cum and mud. "If you think you can manage it."

Dezicra narrowed her eyes in a challenging grin. "My little bitch-hole of an amazon. I'd sooner die than face the end of this day without knowing the sweetness of your tight little shit-cunt." She slid her hands up along Donna's naked back, fingers sliding through slick warm mud. "Had you thought to deny me, I'd have had to take you against your will anyway."

Donna smiled, sliding back away from her lover and onto the edge of the bath, her naked bottom sitting back as she brought her legs up and laid across the soft moss covered ground, opening her thighs and stretching out like a cat in the warm sun, her beautiful mud soaked balls only just dangling over the tiny chocate hole they hid beneath. "Take me orc." She said in a half whisper. "Fuck me like a bitch in heat. Cock me like you want to ruin my pussy-butt. Dezicra. Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

Dezicra was filled with renewed vigor, and growled her lust as she stepped forward and lowered her throbbing meat beneath her lover's smooth balls. She mashed the giant head against Donna's anal mouth and gave a shove, again, the both of them gasping out an audible. "Oh fuuuuucccckkkk!" as they were joined.

Almost immediately, Donna's tortured cock began to dribble it's milk between her own breasts as she laid back, arms stretched high above her head as she was screwed, her cum freely belching from her cock hole against her skin and up along her neck and chin. Dezicra ran her hand along it, and gathered the sweet sauce on her fingers, bringing it to her lips and suckling hungrily as she pushed her length in and out of Anya's tight honey-pocket.

"So tight!" The she-orc purred, her cock trapped in a vice, almost painfully squeezed by Donna's ass-hole. "So fucking sweet tooooooo!"

Donna gasped out loud, her jaw hung wide open in pleasure as she spread her legs wide apart and welcomed her enemy deep inside of her, soft little mud drenched feet stroking up along Dezicra's muscled arms as she took her pounding like a wanton whore and loved it. She tossed her head from side to side, never having dreamed of feeling so full of dick as she was. None of her lovers could ever have compared, and she cried tears of joy as Dezicra plunged depths deeper than she had ever felt any go before.

Both women let loose the beasts within, and their cries of pleasure, and grunting groaning lusts were screamed out as they fucked wildly on the edge of the bath. Dezicra leaned forward, and lifted her lover by the back of her head for a kiss, sharing her spit and crying out into her half open mouth as she plowed her butt with murderous intent.

"Cum in me!" Donna screamed into her lover's face. "Fucking fill me with your sweet cum!" She reached up, hands finding Dezicra's shoulders as she lowered her feet to her lover's hips and gripped them, digging in her toes. In her position, it was the best she could do to apply leverage, and shove her wanton ass-hole up and down along the length of the orc cock inside of her.

Dezicra screamed out her pleasure as she drove herself in to the balls, staring into Donna's eyes as her balls bounced wildly in the mud beneath them, then tightened, and bulged at the coming tsunami.

The first torrent sent a ripple of unbelievable pleasure through the both of them, as Donna's asshole burped and squelched a sloppy sound, and cum gushed out of her around her lover's beautiful green cock. She swore she could feel the cum slam against her inner pink walls, and the heat of it seared her insides as she gasped out loud, desperate for air, hyper ventilating as her own dick burst again, showering ropes of wet creamy cum over her face and tits.

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