tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNrlynkdbabe's Winter Getaway Ch. 01

Nrlynkdbabe's Winter Getaway Ch. 01


Well I have received many messages asking for an adventure that included being naked in the snow. Yes I love being naked in the cold and snow for reasonable periods of time. So I wanted to do it for me as well as for you, I also wanted to some revenge with Tian. I strongly suggest if you haven't already done so you read my last adventure "Nrlynkdbabe's BBQ Adventure 2" before reading this one. After Tian had made me suffer during a late summer BBQ I knew I wanted to turn the tables on her. Now she is not comfortable being naked in front of strangers and she definitely does not like the cold, especially when barely dressed or naked. I was in the process of devising a plan to have some fun with Tian and make her suffer some for what she had done to me. As I was trying to formulate a plan I received feedback on one of my stories from another author that posts here. It turns out that I was a huge fan of hers and had tried many times to contact her, she was also listed in my favorites. If you have never read any of the stories posted by Carrie1 you should. I had read all of the dares and such she did on her Carrie's Stories page and one or two had to do with being nearly naked in the snow. So I want to thank Carrie for inspiring me during this adventure and allowing me to use some of her ideas to make it a very fun nipple popping weekend.

I have a friend who owns a nice ski chalet up in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and so I asked if I would be able to use it for an upcoming weekend. It's somewhat secluded and has an outdoor hot tub which I knew would be fun. I explained what I wanted to do and he said I could certainly use the chalet if I let him in on some of the fun. That was no problem because he would be very useful in getting some good natured revenge on Tian. We set the date and I called Tian and asked he if she would like a weekend getaway to the mountains and she said yes without hesitation. I told her I would get back to her with details in a few days. We had to postpone it the first time because of dangerously low temperatures and wind chills. So we moved it to the next weekend, it was still going to be colder than I would have liked and it would shorten my time naked in the snow but we were going to go ahead with our plans.

I called my friend Mike, the owner of the chalet and told him my plan and then I called Tian and told her the details. I told her to be sure and bring her smallest bikini and leave her bra's and panties at home. I said I will destroy any I find in her bag. I told her to wear either a long t-shirt like a dress or a nice short clingy dress. We would keep the car warm enough that we would not need any coats for the ninety minute trip to the chalet. I began getting my stuff together for the weekend. I packed a short skirt that is made of the same material as sweatpants, a long

t-shirt that I wear as a dress, an old t-shirt that is cut off so it ends just below my boobs, a few other crop tops and my bikini bottom. I did not bring my bikini top or any bras or panties. I honestly don't own many of either but the few I have I left home. I had thought about putting everything in an overnight bag and just going naked but decided to have some fun flashing along the way.

I love being totally naked which to me means no clothes, footwear or jewelry but I love reading the stories of Carrie1. She is one sexy babe who makes being barely dressed in clothes that may or may not keep her good parts covered very erotic. I wanted to have some fun like that this weekend as well as spending time totally naked. I had once read a story that made sweatpants sexy as hell and had tried it during one of my earlier adventures. I pulled the sweatpants out of the closet and pulled them on to see if they would still work as they had before. They are normal sweatpants but I had removed the string is used to hold them up. Now the only thing that held them up was my hips, they rode quite low nearly exposing the top of my ass crack. They hung there precariously but with too much movement they would slide down, exposing my naked ass and pussy. I had a great time when I wore them and hoped to have fun again this time. I put everything in a very small bag including a pair of shoes, a pair of my flip flops and I was ready to go. I was going

I looked at the weather forecast and it was not good. They said the temperatures would be in the single digits at night and in the twenties during the day with snow. The wind chill at night would be below zero so any thoughts of running out in the snow naked at night were put to rest. I would however make the best of it and do my best to have a fun sexy weekend. I had arranged for Tian to pick me up Saturday morning and get us to the chalet by noon or so. We only had the one night there, if the weather had been better we would have left to go on Friday. I had my sweatpants on with cutoff t-shirt which left me bare from my hips to just below my boobs and despite the weather I went barefoot. I was ready and waiting for Tian to arrive and then I heard a car door close. I looked out and saw Tian walking to my door in boots and a coat.

IU opened the door before she had a chance to ring the bell. "What's with the coat?" I asked before she could say anything

"It's fucking freezing out there, in case you didn't realize it." She said as she stepped inside.

"Open it up, let me see what you have on under it." I said as I moved closer to her.

Tian opened the coat and I saw she was wearing a big t-shirt which ended about six inches above her knees. I moved forward, grabbed the bottom of the shirt and pulled it up exposing the small patch of blue-black pubic hair.

"Good no panties, what about a bra?" I said as I reached up and squeezed her boob. "Good no bra either, now take the coat off." She didn't hesitate.

" You seem a little overdressed in those sweat pants, I thought you would be more exposed." Tian said obviously disappointed.

I took her coat and rolled it up holding it with both hands as I took a few steps back from her. Before she could say anything more I just barely moved my hips and my sweatpants dropped an inch or so and then slid down to my ankles.

"Oh I like those, I'll have to make sure your hands are always full." Tian said with a huge grin on her face.

I tossed Tian her coat and pulled my sweats up, grabbed my bag and said let's go.

"Where are your shoes girl?" Tian asked when she saw me going out barefoot.

"In my bag with my flip flops, you should go barefoot too." I said looking at the boots.

"I'll take them off when we get in the car." Tian said as she started down the steps.

I told Tian her coat had to go in the trunk with all our other stuff and that we would stay dressed as we are until we reached the chalet. As soon as we stepped outside the cold hit us, I saw Tian's nipples stiffen and almost poke through her t-shirt. My nipples popped to attention right away also, but I had the sweatpants on so I didn't have the cold air blowing on my pussy like Tian did in the t-shirt she was wearing as a dress. I have to admit I was a bit jealous that Tian was somewhat more exposed than me so as we went to put our bags in the trunk I moved my hips and let the pants fall leaving me bare from the bottom of my boobs to my ankles. It was cold but damn it was making my pussy hot.

"A little help here please." I said laughing.

Tian looked and saw my naked ass she took her time before reaching down to pull my pants up for me. Now I could have done it myself but it's more fun having someone else do it for me. Tian closed the trunk and got in the car after removing her boots. It was quite cold out, only in the 20's but I love the feeling of the cold ground on my bare feet. We got the car started, the heat on and some great tunes playing and off we went. Tian said she needed to get gas but wanted to wait until we were in Pennsylvania. We did pull off onto a side road in New Jersey to get a cup of coffee. It was a small convenience store with just one car in the lot, probably belonging to the clerk. Tian started to put on her boots but I put a stop to that.

"Suck it up girl, your staying barefoot." I said as I stepped out of the car.

" Fuck it's freezing." Tian said as she hopped from one foot to the other before hurrying to the door.

We walked in and saw an older man behind the counter. He did a double take when he saw we were both bare foot and my whole torso was bare.

He didn't say anything, he watched us as we walked back to the coffee station. I was standing with my back to him as I grabbed a cup and poured my coffee. I felt the sweatpants slip just a little and knew he could probably see a nice bit of my ass crack. As I reached for the milk I moved a bit and my sweats dropped to my ankles. Tian laughed as she saw the look on the clerks face.

"He's there with his mouth gaping open looking at your naked ass babe." She said.

"A little help here please." I asked her

"Not just yet, let him enjoy the view." Tian said as I put the lid on my cup.

Fine, I'll let him enjoy the view while you get your coffee."

Tian moved to the other side of the coffee station and got what she wanted. We were now ready to go pay and continue our trip.

'Ok babe a little help now." I asked her again

No response again from her she wanted to see what I would do.

I raised one foot and then the other and was now free of the sweatpants, I turned around and started to walk to the counter, naked from just below my tits to me feet.

"Grab those for me sweetie." I said as I moved to the counter.

The man was just standing there staring, mouth open. Tian had my sweatpants in her hand when she came up next to me.

"A little cold to be out dressed like that isn't it ladies?" the clerk managed to ask

"No I love being naked and barefoot in the cold, it turns me on and makes my pussy wet." I said smiling.

I love to tease and knew he was probably getting hard if he wasn't hard already.

I put the coffee on the counter and stepped back a little.

"It makes my friend here horny too."

I reached over and lifted the bottom of Tian's t-shirt up over her hips exposing her little landing strip. I reached over and slid my fingers between her legs.

" Yep she's wet too, see." As I held my glistening fingers up before putting them in my mouth to clean them off.

"Wow" was all the clerk could say

He didn't charge us for the coffee, I walked out wearing just my crop top and pulled my sweatpants back on after Tian tossed them over the car to me before I got in the car. Tian nearly ran to the car as she complained about being barefoot. We were back on the road and heading towards the Pennsylvania border. We chatted about our plans for the rest of the day and evening. I had planned to have my friend Mike come by later in the afternoon but had no intention of telling Tian. We were also going to go out for dinner and drinks at a place Mike knew. We crossed the border into Pennsylvania and Tian began looking for someplace to get fuel. It dawned on me then why she waited, there are only two states in the USA where you can't pump your own gas, Oregon and New Jersey. In New Jersey it is actually against the law for you to pump your own but I don't think anyone has been arrested for it. Now pumping your own gas naked or bottomless in New Jersey might up your chances of having an encounter with law enforcement.

Once again we pulled off the main highway this time in search of a gas station. We found one not far off the main highway that had just a few pumps and did not look very busy. Tian pulled up to the pump nearest the window to building.

"You pump the gas, I'll go pay." She said as she went for her boots

"No boots babe, barefoot or I'll go pay and you pump the gas." I said knowing full well Tian would want to be inside away from the cold.

"Fine." she said obviously a little annoyed.

I got out and my nipples popped up right away from the cold. I was ready to start pumping as soon as the pump was turned on by the clerk. I saw Tian through the window pointing at me and heard the pump start up. I found when I went to set the automatic thing on the handle that it didn't work.

"Just fucking great, now I'll have to hold the trigger until the tank is full.". I thought to myself.

It was so fucking cold and I started moving from one foot to another trying to stay warm. Then I felt the sweatpants dropping a little lower each time I moved. I turned to look back at the window and saw Tian standing by the counter watching me with that devilish grin of hers. I turned back and that was enough to cause the pants to fall once again to my ankles. I would not let her know I was freezing with my bare ass facing the window. Finally the tank was full, I put the hose back, closed the tank and turned to look at Tian. I stepped out of my sweatpants reached down, picked them up and tossed them in the car then walked naked except for my crop top into the mini mart. I walked right by Tian and made my way to the ladies room. The coffee and being almost naked in 20 degree weather for that five minutes made the restroom a necessity. I was just leaving the stall when the door opened and Tian walked inside. I went to the sink as she stepped into the stall.

"A little cold out there pumping that gas bottomless wasn't it?" She said with that annoying giggle

"Yes it was but it was a turn on too." I said as I thought about having some fun with Tian.

Tian came out of the stall and moved to the sink. I moved behind her and as she washed her hands I put my arms around her and moved my hands to her boobs, caressing them through her long t-shirt. She began to squirm a little and let out a soft moan. I knew I had her. I slid my hands down her body and then back up lifting the t-shirt little by little. She was getting excited as I exposed more and more of her. She was now naked to just below her perky 32c tits. I leaned in kissing the nape of her neck before raising the t-shirt up exposing her boobs. When I went to lift the shirt off completely Tian put up a small fuss but soon I had her

t-shirt in my hands. I kissed her neck a few more times and gave her boobs another squeeze.

"We better get going." Tian said in a soft voice.

"Your right plenty of time for fun later." I said as I went for the door.

"Nikki, I need my t-shirt." Tian said now getting a little nervous.

"No you don't well finish the trip naked." I said laughing as I pulled my crop top off.

I was out the door and wondered if Tian would follow. I had both my top and Tian's long t-shirt in my hand when I walked out of the ladies room and into the little mini mart.

"Fuck!" that was all the clerk said when he saw me.

Nikki! Bring me back my t-shirt, I'm naked." Tian yelled out the door.

"No, we are going naked the rest of the way. Come out or I'll drive off." I yelled back in to her.

Now I wouldn't really drive off but I would move the car out of sight. I didn't get a chance to do that because the very naked Tian came out one arm across her boobs and a hand over her pussy. She is just stunning but is very shy about showing her body especially her pussy. She will go topless but anything beyond that makes her nervous. Tian rushed to the door leading outside and stopped realizing she would have to stand naked and barefoot in the very cold air until I opened the car. Yes I could hit the button and unlock it from inside, but what fun would that be for anyone. I reached Tian and out we walked our nipples responding to the brisk air. I unlocked the car and Tian jumped in as I took our little bit of clothing and put it all in the trunk. Now we would drive the next 30 minutes or so with us completely naked. We had the heat cranked up and had an uneventful ride the rest of the trip.

We saw more snow as we got closer to the chalet, which was making Tian nervous.

"There's fucking snow everywhere and we're naked." Tian snipped.

"We have clothes in the trunk, don't worry sweetie."

"We don't have any warm clothes, just summer stuff that barley covers anything."

"It will be fine, don't worry."

There was the driveway leading to the chalet, it had been cleared of all snow, thank goodness. We pulled in and up to the chalet which looks like a log cabin. It's on a hill and the back has a raised deck and a lower deck with a hot tub. On the other side of the hot tub is the yard covered in snow. The walkway from the driveway to the front door had been cleared but was still freezing. I got out to open the door and Tian ran in once the front door was open. The place was warm, Mike had made sure the heat was on knowing I wear little or no clothing most of the time. After warming up a little I ran out naked and got our stuff from the car, I knew Tian would not be ready to go out again just yet especially naked. Damn it was cold out there, much colder than predicted earlier in the week. If it would have been a bit warmer this getaway would have been longer and there would have been more outdoor naked fun.

I retrieved our stuff and was back in getting warm. I had Tian go put on some coffee while I got a fire going in the fireplace. I cheated by using one of those logs you buy to start the fire easier. Mike had kindly left a few of those along with plenty of real logs and kindling to be sure we could start the fire and keep it going as needed. Tian brought some nice hot coffee into the living room and we sat together on a big overstuffed chair. I knew Mike was going to come by later in the afternoon but Tian thought her first meeting with him would be later for dinner. After having our coffee and warming up we explored the chalet. There were three bedrooms but we would be using just the master bedroom. There was a huge bathroom with a large shower and a large bathtub. You could open the sliding glass door in the master bedroom and step out onto a small balcony. The view was beautiful and below it you could see the lower deck with the hot tub. I was really anxious to try the hot tub, knowing Mike had it all ready for us. I slid the glass door open and pulled the naked Tian out with me into the cold winter air.

No Nikki, No it's too cold." Tian protested

" Just for a minute babe, feel the cold air, it feels great." I said trying to convince her

"Look see down there, there's the hot tub. Just think how great that will feel." I told her

'Well yes that will feel good, nice and hot." Tian said shivering

"Ok back inside." I said

Tian wasted no time getting back inside. As soon as I was barely clear of the door Tian shut it to keep the cold air from coming into the bedroom. I went over to my bag, grabbed some small silk scarves concealing them from Tian and dropped them on the table near the bed. Tian was still shaking as I moved toward her, wrapping my arms around her and pulling our naked bodies together. I leaned in and kissed her gently at first. She kissed me back, our tongues entwined as I pressed my mouth harder against hers. Our hands roaming over each others naked bodies as we kissed . I guided Tian to the bed, breaking our kiss I pushed her back, her legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Gently I pushed her legs apart as I moved my head between her smooth thighs and lightly slid my tongue along her slit. Tian was wet and jumped when my tongue touched her clit.

I pulled my head back, stood up and lifted Tian's legs swinging them onto the bed. I moved up, leaned over and kissed Tian softly on her lips. I took a silk scarf off the table and took Tian's left hand and wrapped the soft silk around her wrist before tying it to the corner of the headboard.

"What are you doing, Nikki?" Tian

"Relax babe, just going to have some fun. Have you ever been tied up before?"

"No, never." Tian said nervously

"Well don't worry, you'll be fine." I said walking around to the other side of the bed and kissing Tian once again before binding her right wrist to the headboard. Another kiss and I moved down taking hold of her right ankle, I leaned down and kissed the top of her petite and sexy foot. I love sexy female feet but they need to be clean for me to really enjoy them and we had been barefoot so our feet were dirty. There was a small post at each corner of the bed I secured Tian's right leg and moved to do the same to her left one. Now she was naked and restrained spread-eagle on the bed. Now the fun would begin, as I moved to the side of the bed and climbed onto the bed straddling Tian. I lowered myself down and kissed Tian hard on the mouth as my naked body pressed down on hers. I broke the kiss and moved my lips up kissing her forehead. A quick peck on the lips before I began lightly kissing Tian from one side of her neck to the other. She squirmed as my lips softly brushed against the soft skin of her neck. I began to move lower, one hand exploring each and every peak and valley Tian's bare body. I gently slid the palm of my hand over her nipples causing them to stand up even more. I rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, gently tugging on them every now and then.

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