tagLoving WivesNude Beach Bride Ch. 04

Nude Beach Bride Ch. 04


It was Thursday at last.

National Nude Day dawned, as my bride, Gabriella, slept sprawled in our honeymoon bed with our newfound blonde friends, Jazzy and Espy. The two young women were long time lovers, who indulged in passionate play at the resort where we were all staying. They showed no jealousy, and seemed to love sharing.

As the week had progressed, my formerly shy wife had gradually become bolder, revealing more of herself, both physically and emotionally. Wednesday night, we had played sexually, but had not actually had sex with others. We also had not had sex with each other.

Our marriage was still unconsummated, technically at least. Gaby had wagered me that if I could resist fucking either her or any other girls until today, she would walk about the resort in the nude, since National Nude day was the one day that clothing was not optional,. The rules of the day required any guests not prepared to be naked to spend the day in the nearby town.

Gaby's maid of honour, Carla, had planned this with me, without telling Gaby. We both thought my bride needed to loosen up a bit. If Carla was here to see how well the plan was progressing, she would have jumped into bed with us to celebrate. Instead, I slowly realized that what had awoken me were the soft sounds of Jazzy and Espy engaged in what I suspected was their normal wake up ritual.

Espy, the smaller more submissive one, had her head buried between Jazzy's thighs. Her tongue was dancing in languid circles, darting near Jazzy's gash, which was still swollen from all of the sex the night before. Espy was obviously practiced in teasing her lover, never quite touching the most delicate lips with her tongue. Jazzy moaned, spreading her legs apart. She reached down, raking her fingers through Espy's long blonde hair.

"That's it sweetie, eat me. You know just how to please me more than any mere man ever could with a cock," Jazzy muttered quietly, apparently not wanting to wake Gaby or me, assuming she wasn't aware that I was watching.

Jazzy pushed her feet across to opposite corners of the bed, making more room for Espy to slide fully in between her knees. I watched Espy's tongue run up Jazzy's slit just once, causing Jazzy to shudder from the electricity that I knew she must have felt. It was like a spark was jumping across the bed to my cock, which began swelling in appreciation of the vision.

I watched Espy licking Jazzy with increasing fervour, alternating slow upward actions with quick stabs, until Jazzy could no longer contain her demands for more pleasure.

"Fuck me honey, fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me with your fist. Fuck me with your toes. I don't care, just fuuuuck me," she screamed, tossing her head wildly from side to side.

This finally woke Gaby up. She rolled onto her side and silently watched the two blondes from up close. Jazzy's fingers drifted across her chest until she was caressing her nipples. I stroked my cock as I watched Gaby's nubs harden as she watched.

Gaby smiled across at me and slowly slipped her hand up inside my leg, pressing hard enough not to tickle. She paused and rubbed my inner thigh, stopping just short of touching my cock, her fingertips barely brushing my nest of pubic hair where it curled below my swollen balls.

"I'm surprised that you're so heavy after all the fun last night," she whispered, politely not distracting Espy, who was still busily eating Jazzy. She giggled. "I guess what you need is a good fucking."

My cockhead bobbed up and down as if nodding agreement. I smiled, pleased at how my uptight wife had blossomed on our honeymoon. Carla had been right. The nude resort was the perfect place to help Gaby throw off the shackles of her conservative upbringing.

"Maybe we should wait until you perform your half of the bet though," I decided.

The invisible devil on my shoulder whispered in my ear, "Are you nuts? You haven't fucked all week, and this is your honeymoon."

The angel on the other shoulder just grinned, knowing that waiting would drive Gaby crazy, and ensure that the eventual sex was especially memorable. Fucking now might just be an anti-climax. After all, we had sex before we were married, though it had always been conventional and uninspiring. Gaby had already done and watched things this week which went well past her former boundaries.

"Maybe you'd rather fuck one of them, is that it? Now that I'm an old married woman, I'm not attractive?" Gaby was teasing, but her voice was louder, and startled Jazzy.

"Oh, baby, I don't know who Seth wants to fuck, but every guy in the resort will be looking at you today, thinking how lucky he is to be your husband. If you let Seth fuck us, then he'll have to let you pick a couple of fresh guys for you to try."

"I think we ought to fuck each other first," I said. Clearly the angel had won.

"I'm not ready to fuck another guy, especially on my honeymoon," Gaby said.

I could not help but notice that she was not ruling out swinging after we returned home. I grinned, knowing how pleased Kevin and Carla might be. But that was for the future. Now, I had to get Gaby out of the bed and displaying her nudity to the world, ensuring that she reinforced her newfound self confidence.

The better question was posed by Espy, who looked up from Jazzy's steamy pussy and asked, "What are you going to do about that hard cock then, Seth?" "I'd love to watch you give him a hand job, Gaby," Jazzy moaned. "That would put me right over the top."

She then reached down again and nudged Espy's mouth back onto her swollen clit. I rolled onto my side and watched as the young blonde nibbled softly on the tender flesh.

"Oh, God, I love the feeling of your tongue on my clit," Jazzy yelled, tossing about on the bed wildly.

Gaby shifted closer to me, sliding tight up against my back, her lips by my ear. Her nipples drilled into my flesh, bearing testament to the fact that she shared the excitement. She stroked my balls as her tongue flicked a sweet pulse point at the top of my neck. My cock responded by filling with blood, straining up from my groin, desperately begging for release.

Gaby still worked slowly, flicking her tongue in and out of my ear, and then nibbling the earlobe as if copying Espy, who now added a finger to her actions, probing inside Jazzy, at first just exploring, but gradually building up a fucking rhythm. Jazzy's hips started jumping up off the mattress to meet Espy's lips, and my muscles began doing the same. Finally, Gaby's hand found my shaft, but she let me do the work. Her palm was like a tunnel that I drilled into as I thrust forward and back, watching our friends' lesbian lust just inches away.

"Yeah, Seth, fuck her fist while I fist fuck Jazzy," Espy moaned. She slid a second finger beside her first, thrusting harder and deeper into Jazzy's cunt, spreading the labia even wider.

"Look at the moisture flooding down Jazzy's thighs," Gaby said. "I guess we'll need fresh sheets. "

Gaby paused and giggled, then added, "I wonder if the housekeeping will be a gal for you to fuck, or a guy with a nice hard cock for me."

"Well, if it was a woman, I'd happily share her with you," I replied, my cock throbbing fatter with each syllable, "but how about what you said a moment ago about not fucking around on our honeymoon?"

"Maybe she's decided what happens at the resort stays at the resort," Jazzy sighed as Espy now had three fingers fucking her.

Gaby tightened her fingers around the base of my cock and gave it a sharp little squeeze. "I don't know why you want me to turn into a slut so much, because if I do, there might be no turning back, you know."

"Jazzy's wrong then?"

Gaby chuckled. I focussed on the pair beside us, watching Espy curl her fourth finger beside the first three and thrust wrist deep into Jazzy.

"Not wrong," Gaby replied, "but I've been listening to what you've said about Carla, and Kevin, and I know that if we start fucking around down here, we'll never stop. Be careful what you wish for."

She squeezed harder, and then raked her fingernails across the tender flesh of my scrotum.

"I think we know what his cock is wishing for right now," Jazzy interjected.

"Do we?" replied Gaby, resuming stroking my shaft, while focussed closely upon watching Espy tonguing and fisting Jazzy. "Maybe he wants a nice warm pussy, but I bet he'd be just as happy with soft warm lips surrounding his glans."

She paused and flicked her thumb nail along my slit, eliciting a drop of precum. "That would also leave the question of whose cunt, or whose mouth he most wants to come in. Have I denied him long enough that my familiar womb gets this load? Or does he really want to fuck Espy while you come all over her face?"

Jazzy was too busy moaning to reply. Espy now was thrusting her tiny fist right up inside her lover, pausing when the wrist came back out to thumb Jazzy's clit, and then nibbling that bouncing bud as she thrust harder and deeper, like a solid cocksman fucking a bride. Like I should have done to my bride, on the first night of this honeymoon. Despite the stimulating circumstances, I found my attention wandering, asking myself how I had let Gaby take me to this strange deal, where our wedding remained unconsummated five nights later.

"Maybe I should get Espy to fist fuck me, and let Seth drill you first!" teased Gaby. Or at least I assumed she was kidding, since I thought we had both just agreed that at least our first fucking of the honeymoon ought to be with each other.

"Tooo fucking laaaaate," roared Jazzy, thrashing wildly on the bed as her string of tremors exploded in a wave of climax. She held Espy's head firmly to her clit, so that no matter how much Jazzy's hips bucked, the tongue lashing continued until the larger girl's passion was totally spent, and she sank back into the pillows with a heartfelt sigh.

Gaby was so enthralled by the display that, although she never loosened her grip on my cock, her fist remained motionless.

Espy slowly lapped her lover's wet thighs, cleaning her fluids off of the well tanned dewy skin, gradually slowing her hand motions so as not to cease too abruptly. Finally, she completed her task and lay between Jazzy's legs, her head using a toned quad for a pillow. The younger woman looked across the bed to my wife and I, then giggled.

"You can't let Seth go outside with that hard cock, Gaby. That would be rude on nude day."

"What should we do about it?" Gaby replied, once again slowly teasing my cock, keeping it rigid, but not quite allowing me release.

"I loved watching you suck him off the other day when Jazzy and I were on the beach and you were in here. Seeing it up close would be even hotter."

My cock, as if with a brain of its own, nodded up and down in Gaby's hand, encouraging her to agree.

"Just lay back, relax and watch," Gaby said, and then she leaned across and tenderly kissed Espy's lips, which still glistened with Jazzy's flow. As if unconsciously, Gaby's free hand slid along Espy's lush young body, lingering to caress her full tit, pausing to tweak an already excited nipple, finally stroking just above the young blonde's obviously engorged clit.

I noticed Jazzy look from this show across to meet me in the eye. I imagined that she wanted to ask me whether we cared if Gaby ate Espy.

That moment passed however, with Gaby again kissing Espy, this time more forcefully, tongue exploring within lips, emerging coated with Jazzy's spunk.

Gaby wasted no time then in twisting around to kiss me before I had any chance to resist the transfer of tastes. My lips spoke silently, parting to sample and then savour the treat.

Meanwhile, Gaby seemed to realize that she still had a firm grip on my more than firm cock. She slowly stroked once up and then once down my length, taking extra time to add to the drama for our excited audience. Her lips spread wide and her shiny white teeth grinned broadly as Gaby made eye contact first with Espy, then with Jazzy, and then finally held eye contact with me.

Without a word, Gaby dropped her head to my lap, swallowing my length in one gulp, her jaw opened wide so that only the slightest sensation of her tongue against the underside of my shaft evidenced her deep throating me. Just as quickly, she raised her mouth up, clamping tightly only at the level of the ridge at the bottom of my swollen mushroom.

Now it was my hips, not Jazzy's, levitating up off the bed. I wanted to fuck my bride's face, but her teeth raked my tender flesh harder the more I tried.

As Gaby rolled her tongue under my helmet, Jazzy stirred and said, "Not the biggest cock I've ever seen, but it looks like a nice mouthful."

Gaby nodded up and down as if to agree, but in the result deep throated me twice.

"Don't try to talk with your mouth full," Espy advised.

Incredibly, all this attention was making my aching weapon swell even fatter. I knew from the past few days that whether or not my once shy bride had seen bigger cocks before our marriage, she certainly had seen some fine specimens flopping around the beach, and even more so the erect ones we had seen our new friends sucking and fucking.

The sight of Jazzy's pink tongue moistening her own lips as she stared at Gaby's teeth teasing the flap under my cockhead made my balls tighten. Gaby wisely gripped my root firmly, delaying my release.

Espy's fingers, still moist with Jazzy's juices, drifted down her own body, stroking those firm tits, pausing to massage her nipples, and finally, brushing open the petals of her tender rose. Her breathing slowed and she started to pant. She was staring directly at where my cock met Gaby's lips.

The head of my cock was throbbing, the slit gaping open as Gaby alternately stroked my shaft and brushed her tongue across the very tip, teeth still bared, nipping right along where the tenderest flesh curved inwards. She captured a bit of precum on her lips, which now glistened to match Espy's.

Still holding me tightly, Gaby raised her head for a moment and leaned across the bed. With her free hand, she guided Jazzy's mouth to hers. They held a long lingering kiss while Espy sighed, sliding into orgasm. Finally, they broke loose. This time when Jazzy ran her tongue over her lips, she tasted my essence. "Mmmm. Not the biggest, but perhaps the best tasting I've ever tried."

My cock throbbed even harder, hoping that perhaps she might want a sample directly from the source. Gaby put those thoughts out of both my heads, by lowering her mouth once again to my cock.

"That's it, suck it, stick that cock down your throat and swallow a fat load of come," Espy moaned. Her eyes were half shut but she was still watching my erection, her fingers deeply thrust into her own cunt. I noticed that our hips were bouncing off the bed in a matching tempo.

Jazzy kept an eye on Gaby, but slid down the bed to add her tongue onto Espy's clit. Before she licked that little erection though, she raked her nails across my balls. "Of course, my lover hopes you won't swallow it all," Jazzy added, "Espy will love a snowball."

I was being held on the extreme edge of pleasure, the pressure in my balls building painfully. I was silently creaming inside as Gaby, usually a diffident cocksucker, slowly lowered her mouth down my length, her teeth scraping the flesh. She raised her head slightly. I could see the fat bulb of my helmet bulging in her cheek as she rolled it with her tongue. I glanced over and saw that Jazzy had Espy also at the edge of climax.

Gaby repeated her actions again and again, each time more slowly on the way down, but faster on the way up, and each time clamping her teeth a bit tighter.

Suddenly, Espy screamed in ultimate ecstasy. Jazzy lifted her head away from the shaking hips. Without thinking, Gaby also reared back. At that moment, a torrent of gism burst out up from my balls, shooting high in the air out of my hole. Great gobs of goo splashed onto all three women from my quivering cock before my bride could lower her mouth back down to capture the continuing flood.

I sank back onto the mattress, watching Jazzy licking pearls of my seed off of Espy's tummy, and then slide up her friend's reclining form to share my taste with the youngest member of our little play group.

By the time that the two blondes broke their kiss, Gaby was done hoovering the last drop of semen out of my tubes. My heart was still beating fast, even though my poor aching testes could pump no more.

Gaby looked across the bed at Jazzy, a string of gism drooling from her lower lip. As my deflated cock sank to my thigh, I watched my wife lean across my body and swap my seed first to one blonde and then to the other.

I lay back on the bed as I watched the limber pink tongues dart from lip to lip, trading bits of semen from one mouth to the next, occasionally pulling back just a bit to slurp a stray droplet from a lower lip, or lick a sheen off of a chin. Whichever blonde was not busy kissing Gaby at any moment worked on licking the other women's flesh, searching for more traces of come to trade.

"This is so fucking hot," I sighed, before I realized that breaking the mood might just chase Gaby back into her pre marital shell. Would she suddenly realize the sheer depravity of her actions?

"You taste great, even second hand," Jazzy responded, as she gently teased Gaby's labia. Since Gaby had engaged in a brief lesbian play with Jazzy, Espy and the chambermaid last night, this was not totally shocking. After all of the build up, it did not take long for my bride to orgasm, a gush of juice leaking down her thighs. Jazzy quickly lowered her head and began licking Gaby clean.

Gaby sighed at the attention, her head buried in the plush pillows. "Espy, I think you should see if you can revive Seth. He's earned his turn at my cunt."

Not even the prospect of this nubile young blonde deep throating me could make my tired member respond.

"Milked dry," Espy giggled, gesturing at my tired organ.

Without a word, the three women seemed to agree what to do next.

I had thought Gaby might ease into National Nude day, perhaps going topless a while, only shedding her bottom later. That was not the case, however. Jazzy grabbed Gaby's left hand, and Espy her right, and all three ran right out our sliding patio door, still naked, stray bits of come glistening on their skin, across the beach and into the ocean.

Every pair of male eyes, and most female ones, on the beach followed the three beauties as they ran across the sand. Gaby and the blondes cavorted in the surf, playing like puppies, or perhaps porpoises, their sleek flesh sparkling with sea salt in the sun. I stood and went over to the patio door for a better view.

I realized from the sparse audience scattered along the shore that it was barely dawn. My bride's Nude Day adventure would be a full day. I smiled at that thought and my cock began stirring, revived already by the voyeuristic appeal of what I – or we, if my little brain was counted separately - imagined lay ahead. I knew, however, that no matter how exciting that I hoped the day could be, events would unfold differently. If the honeymoon so far was any indication, the reality would be even better than the fantasies.

My chubbiness became more engorged and I could not help but fondle my throbbing cock, watching several older gents adjusting their erections. A couple of the younger guys were already honouring National Nude Day, and were running into the water to hide their own automatic responses to the scenery, since obvious erections were considered an embarrassment to the wearer, as opposed to a compliment to the cause. A rule no doubt made up by middle aged 400 pound blubbery beached whales.

Moments later when my bride left Jazzy and Espy to play in the water, and walked up onto the beach, with her wet hair flying wildly in a moment worthy of Bo Derek's classic entrance in "10". No rules about embarrassing erections matter now. My cock returned to a full erection, but it was far from the only automatic reaction to this display.

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