tagGroup SexNude Day on the Lake

Nude Day on the Lake


As Christy walked down the dock I couldn't help but admire her small, tight little body. At age 40 and the mother of two, she still had a figure that would turn heads and get me hard instantly. At five-two and around a hundred pounds she still had the body of a college cheerleader. And as we headed out onto the boat on Nude Day, she had every intention of tanning every square inch of it.

Our 38 foot Catalina sail boat isn't the largest in the marina, but it's big enough to get us out into Lake Erie away from everyone else and enjoy the amazing quiet that can only be found on a sail boat. And the gentle rocking brought out the freak in my wife of 18 years.

We stowed the cooler, towels and picnic basket we had brought on board and Christy untied us from the dock, making sure, as she always does, to wag her ass in the air for all who might be watching. The four college guys in the slip next to us stopped what they were doing to watch her perform this ritual. I started the small outboard that would get us out of the marina and Christy assumed her usual position on the bow of the boat, leaning back on her elbows, back arched, the breeze blowing through you shiny dark hair. Her tiny pink t-shirt barely covered her breasts, revealing the swell at the bottom of each. The gray cotton shorts fit her bottom in very much the same way.

Once we cleared the break wall I killed the engine and we went to work. Christy unwrapped the cover from the jib and the mainsail and I hoisted each to catch the wind. After about five minutes of adjustments the sails were taught and we were riding the wind, doing about five knots out into the lake.

As soon as the sails were set, Christy came back to the cock pit and slipped out of the few clothes she had on. She sat on the couch-like seat in the stern and slowly rubbed sun tan lotion on her already-dark body. She finished and dug into her bag, frowning. "Damn, I left my face lotion at home, I guess I'll need you to give me some," she said with a grin.

I knew what this meant and quickly slid my own shorts down to my ankles and kicked them off. Her dark ponytail bobbed as she sucked my cock. I had one hand on the wheel and the other on that ponytail, guiding her, as if she needed my help. I told her I was about to cum and she leaned back a bit and closed her eyes, jacking me to completion. A few seconds later a think glob landed on her left eye and more covered her cheeks and mouth. With both hands she rubbed my cum into her skin, covering her face with the gooey mess. Soon it had all disappeared and she returned to her towel on the bow.

She laid, as she always did when we are on the boat alone with her head toward the bow and her legs spread, giving me a beautiful view of her landing-strip decorated pussy as she baked in the sun. I fired up the GPS and headed toward an area of the lake that I knew was of little interest to the fishermen, water skiers and even the tourists who would head to Canada to bring Cuban cigars back to Cleveland to share with their friends.

We dropped the sails and the anchor and lay on the deck, dozing in the late morning sun. On the horizon I could see a familiar sail, a jib with the Corona beer logo on it and knew that our friends Craig and Tami were headed our way. We had met them in May when we were both getting our boats ready and Craig needed some help replacing the teak on his railings, a job I had recently completed. We had discussed this spot on the lake as one that was quiet and private and we had often run into each other here. Christy was sleeping as the other boat came near and I quietly slid my shorts back on. When they were just a few feet away I put my finger to my lips to keep them quiet, then pointed at my gorgeous, nude wife. They nodded and tossed me their lines. Soon the two boats were rafting together in the middle of the Lake.

I went aboard their boat and explained that we had both been celebrating nude day. Tami said she hadn't heard about the holiday but she thought she should celebrate it as well. She carefully picked her way onto our boat and stripped off the tiny bikini she was wearing and put her towel down next to Christy, who stirred from her sleep and smiled at her sunbathing partner.

As Craig and I enjoyed a few beers the girls talked and giggled. Soon they came back to the cockpit where we were sitting and asked us to apply more suntan lotion. We quickly agreed, each of us slathering our own wife, feeling her skin tighten against the cool lotion. "You know my face probably needs more lotion, can you help me sweetie?" Christy asked with a grin. We didn't know Craig and Tami all that well, but who was I to deprive my sexy little wife? Craig was amazed when I pulled down my shorts and released my hard cock. Tami didn't bat an eyelash, which told me the two of them had been discussing this. Craig followed my lead and soon we were both getting amazing head.

After a few minutes, Christy whispered into Tami's ear and the two of them changed places! My hard cock was being sucked by this gorgeous blonde as I watched my wife slobber on Craig's cock like there was no tomorrow. Craig unloaded onto Christy's face and tits, a load big enough that I knew it had been a few days. Seconds later I announced to Tami that I was about to cum. She took me deep into her throat and stroked the base of my shaft. Soon my cum was shooting down her throat and she swallowed every drop.

As I finished, Tami turned and began licking her husband's cum from my wife's face. She would fill her tongue then offer it to Christy to lick off and swallow. Soon the two of them were kissing deeply and Christy's fingers were deep into Tami's pussy. Christy kissed her way down to her beautiful breasts and flat stomach, down to Tami's clean shaven snatch. Kneeling between the blonde's legs my wife began dipping her tongue into her wetness and stroking her clit. I could see Craig eyeing my wife's tight little ass and I simply said, "Go for it."

Without hesitation he knelt behind her and slid his cock into her wet pussy. Craig was a bit longer than I am but not as thick and he easily slid in. It was incredibly erotic to watch my middle aged wife with another man pumping her pussy while she ate out our sexy friend. Tami's hips began to buck and I realized that Christy must be as good at eating pussy as she is at sucking cock. She kept the pressure going until Tami was writhing in an orgasm. Only then could she give Craig her full attention, fucking back onto him, working her hips in that way that always sent me over the edge. Sure enough he was soon pulling hard on her ponytail and groaning as he filled my wife with his jizz.

The three of them collapsed on the deck, exhausted and glistening with sweat and cum in the mid day sun. We spent the rest of the day celebrating Nude Day the way it should be celebrated, with our new lovers in the middle of the lake.

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