tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude Day Picnic and a Spanking

Nude Day Picnic and a Spanking


It was a strange set of circumstances and events that led to a most embarrassing and exciting day. As a 19 year old college student I lived in a unique apartment building just off campus. The building had eight apartments; each was occupied by four students and a resident advisor. This year five of the units were male; three were female. Each unit was very nicely furnished and each person had their own private bedroom. It was a very special program for students who'd been selected under a very rigorous process. And it was a lot easier to be dismissed from the program than it was to get in.

So I knew the rules, some unique to our apartment, and understood that following them was critical. It was very strict, no underage drinking, no drugs, strict guidelines on grades and a lot of "house" rules. I also knew, and accepted, that, in our specific apartment and one other that I knew of, being spanked by your resident advisor, almost always in front of your roommates was the most frequent punishment for infractions. Spankings were more embarrassing than painful -- they were intended to be embarrassing and, if you can believe it, educational. The spankings were only delivered by hand, and it was always bare bottom, and you had to be completely nude for the spanking.

Today was going to be very different. It was the summer barbecue planned for the entire apartment complex -- a full afternoon and evening of good food, games, and swimming -- all in the enclosed area connected to our apartment building and shielded from any neighboring properties by a fence and plenty of landscaping. It was also the one party of the summer where no outside guests were allowed. This was simply because at least for this occasion all participants would be members of this special academic/scholarship program.

After a late breakfast, and making sure the apartment was clean for the open house nature of the barbecue, Tom, our resident advisor noticed that someone had slid a sheet of paper under the door to our apartment. He started laughing as he read the notice and headed toward those of us who were still sitting around in the kitchen area. "Guess what guys; we apparently scheduled the open house barbecue on a rather special day -- unless this is a practical joke." He showed all of us the announcement that appeared to be signed by the RA's of two other apartments, another of the male apartments and one of the female apartments. The announcement told us that today was "National Nude Day" and that the residents of both of the apartments had all agreed they would be nude for the entire day including all the outdoor barbecue events. They were notifying the other apartments and expressing the hope that everyone would join in the "Nude Day" celebration. The notice concluded with a statement that "we're already all naked in our apartments so if you think this is a practical joke, come to our apartments to check it out."

It was either a very interesting possibility or an outstanding practical joke. One of my roommates immediately went to the computer in the main living area and quickly discovered that according to several web postings, today was indeed promoted as "National Nude Day." Apparently there were a lot of stories about families, businesses, even entire small towns celebrating a very typical day -- except that everyone was naked.

Tom said he's was going to check with the apartment next to ours -- it was one of the male apartments and one that had been identified on the "Nude Day" notice. He came back in less than ten minutes and relayed to us that all the guys were in fact all nude in the apartment (which wasn't that rare) but that they'd done it very deliberately to begin the "Nude Day" celebration. There was some debate but I ended up winning the opportunity to go check on the female apartment on the floor above us -- again the apartment where the RA had "signed" the announcement. My roommates encouraged me to go down to the apartment naked (being nude was not much of a big deal inside our apartment). They said it would be a show of good faith if all the women in the apartment were indeed already naked. I admitted that was true but I also argued this might make me a great close to the practical joke possibility so that I'd be standing naked at the door of an apartment filled with five women who knew nothing about this "Nude Day" celebration.

I won out and headed upstairs dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. When I knocked on the door, there was a quick response from a voice I recognized as Karen, someone I had certainly noticed as a very attractive person -- and certainly someone I had thought about getting to know better. There was one class we had shared and we'd studied together in one study group a couple times -- so now I'm wondering what's going to happen if she opens the door. When I told her who I was, she immediately opened the door and invited me inside. She was indeed every bit the beautiful woman I remembered except that she was now standing in front me saying "HI' and she was naked. And to further what was becoming a somewhat uncomfortable situation for me, I then saw her roommates and the apartment's resident advisor -- all nude. After making it clear that the announcement was not a joke, the women told me that they'd already heard from two other apartments that were definitely going to join in "naked" for "Nude Day" events at our barbecue.

Karen said I should go back to my apartment and tell the guys it was a legit deal -- but that in all fairness I should strip naked right now and go back to my apartment in the nude. Reacting to my puzzled look, Karen told me "look, you're staring at five naked women right now. First of all, we deserve the chance to see you naked. Second, you'll deliver a clear message to your roommates that we're comfortable with "Nude Day." When I started to hesitate and say "but..." Karen looked at me and stated rather casually, "Look, everybody has a great chance to enjoy "Nude day' and while it's about being naked -- not about sex -- everybody both guys and girls are going to be aroused at times. You've got a hard on right now -- let us see it and get it over with. It won't be the only one or the last one we see today."

The way she casually said "hard on" made me even harder but I couldn't really figure out how or why I would not just remove my t-shirt and shorts. When I did, with my cock sticking straight out, the five girls in the apartment all came toward me and somewhat casually simply made comments like "nice," or "glad you're going to join us." "We'll see you again in about an hour when this event formally gets underway."

I wasn't sure what was going to happen later that day -- and it included a surprise I wasn't expecting -- but I walked back into my apartment to inform my roommates -- still sporting a hard on that didn't want to go down at all. I suspect my roommates wanted to harass me a little but realizing that "Nude Day" was for real was likely stirring some excitement in them as much as me.

I spent part of the next hour checking out some other information about "Nude Day" on the internet. I don't know why I thought it would calm my excitement -- it didn't. I found too many stories about people experiences, many fictional I suspect, but definitely exciting as individuals, families, and relatives experienced their first "Nude Day." There were also a number of conversations with my roommates, some who were also checking out stories on the internet, and we were all building in anticipation -- and nervousness about spending the rest of the day naked. We were very comfortable being naked around each other -- we'd all been spanked naked by Tom and in some cases by each other -- and most of us had spent time naked with some of the other guys who lived in the building -- but there was now the potential of nudity with several other guys -- and many girls -- for most of the rest of the day and night.

The announcement of the "Nude Day" part of the barbecue made it clear that residents of the apartment were not required to be naked -- they were welcome to dress however they wanted -- but it was pretty clear that several if not most residents planned on being naked. There was also speculation among my roommates that even some who might arrive for the barbecue clothed would join the nude participants when they saw how many people were naked.

By the time the barbecue formally started around 1 p.m, an informal count showed that almost all residents were in attendance. About 2/3's of the residents arrived nude, perhaps a slightly higher percentage of the guys versus the girls but not by much -- and a few of the girls who weren't nude started being comfortable topless. However, within the first hour, the percentage of naked residents was clearly in excess of 90%. Most of the girls who had arrived with their bikini bottoms or shorts on had removed them as had a few other girls and guys that had arrived dressed in shorts and t-shirts. And in that same hour, the aroused states of many guys and even some noticeably aroused women had calmed down.

It was really a struggle for a couple of reasons. I know I wasn't the only one in the group who at some point, in just the last couple years, had been to a nude beach. But at the nude beach I visited a couple times, the people were lying around and wandering around a much larger area than our apartment's pool and party area. Plus there was a much wider range of ages and bodies at the beach. The situation today was 40 college students all, because of the nature of the specific program, attractive, healthy, young (and now naked) bodies. There were also the complications of current, some past, and potential relationships. And while we didn't know the sexual orientation of every person, it was likely there was a range of experience and preferences. I knew, and was comfortable with, that one of my roommates was certainly bi-curious if not committed to be bi-sexual. Before the party started, he was joking about being aroused by both the naked guys and girls at the barbecue.

But again after the first hour or so, most participants had gotten very comfortable with being naked -- without the sexual overtones. It was likely to return throughout the day -- but at this point people were talking, swimming, and enjoying the wide variety of food. Men and women were sitting and standing close to each other -- not avoiding the nudity but not being obsessed by it either.

There were clearly several discussions about the nudity; people were asking each other about "was this the first?" or "how comfortable are you?" I had approached Karen right after the party started. She had reacted so casually to my erection earlier that I really wanted to learn more about this. So I approached her and asked her if she would be OK answering a couple questions for me. Now I need to make it clear that Karen is a knock-out beautiful woman. In purely male terms, this woman was cute, had beautiful shoulder length brown hair. Her breasts were perfect size from my preferences -- not real big, but not real small either-- breasts that would be guaranteed to arouse me. Don't know any other way to say this, her ass was perfect and her pubic hair was nicely trimmed. My fear in approaching her to talk about nudity was that I was going to get aroused again pretty quickly.

But I approached her anyway and she was more than willing to chat. I found out that Karen was from a family with five kids, a sister and three brothers, all very close in age. The family was very open growing up -- it was not uncommon for the kids to see their parents and each other naked. They had also visited a cabin a few times with a swimming area that was private and encouraged skinny dipping. She also told me that her parents both presented and expected sex to be openly discussed. Questions didn't go unanswered and as it became appropriate based on age and development, discussions were often conducted in the nude. Karen knew that her brothers masturbated, she even knew her father masturbated. She'd seen her brothers jerk off a few times and her mother and older sister had been very open about their own masturbation.

This was all getting me pretty aroused again -- and there's no way Karen wasn't going to notice. But it was very interesting to me how she reacted. She didn't shy away from looking at my growing penis -- she just smiled. "Hey, what's more natural for a guy than to get aroused when discussing sex -- what should be embarrassing would be not getting aroused. And for a guy, it's going to show. But I telling you about my growing up and my family's openness toward masturbation, I'd expect any guy to be getting hard. It is difficult at times, particularly when it first starts happening to guys. I told Karen a little about how my dad had made me feel comfortable about masturbation too -- but I was still concerned about being embarrassed aroused -- which I now was -- with a woman who wasn't a family member, about being embarrassed by sporting an erection at the nude beach because of some really beautiful women that were walking by me naked.

Karen laughed a little and said: "I don't mean this sarcastically or in a negative way. But guys are funny. If you're naked with a group of people, or with a woman, and you're not aroused, you're embarrassed because you think women are judging you because of your penis when it's not erect. Now that may be true for some women who don't know much. So you're embarrassed whether you're aroused or not. I guess I'm one of those who understand this. My view today is very simple -- enjoy the nudity. If a guy gets aroused looking at me, I accept it as a compliment. Similarly if I'm talking to a guy who's aroused, like you are right now, I'm certainly not going to ignore it. I enjoy looking just as much as you do. So I'm probably going to say something simple, like "nice" or if the reaction is obvious during a conversation, I'll take a look and say 'thank you'."

It was really surprising to me how comfortable everybody seemed to be with the nudity after a couple hours. People were swimming, resting in the shade, sitting around tables talking -- and just enjoying a beautiful day with the added freedom of being naked. I could even see, sometimes overhear, and sometimes participate in conversations that were either about the nudity or sex. There were conversations that addressed the different ways most of the women addressed their pubic hair. Every woman was trimmed to some extent, some were shaved bare, and others had a variety of shaves that were certainly arousing to many of the guys. There were clearly guys that had addressed the same issue; one explained to a small group why he'd completely shaved in the area of his cock and balls. Several guys were obviously trimming their public hair and there were certainly several who had shaved their balls. By mid afternoon, it was obvious that both the women and the men were more comfortable being nude -- at the same time learning more about their bodies.

Then it happened -- part of the plan for mid afternoon had been a selection of deserts. As people returned from their apartments with fruit, cookies, some ice cream treats, I noticed my resident advisor Tom first looking over at me, then calling my name. I realized pretty quickly what was wrong -- and wondered about how much trouble I was in. I was supposed to stop at a local bakery yesterday after classes to pick up one of their famous cream pies. I'd completely forgotten.

I walked over toward Tom, hoping the apologetic look on my face would spare me any embarrassment right now -- but suddenly feeling a tingling that wasn't in my cock, it was either in the pit of my stomach or on my butt -- because I knew I'd be spanked for this mistake. I was just hoping Tom would say something about dealing with it in the apartment later.

But the minute I got to Tom, he was whistling and clapping his hands to get the attention of the 35 or 40 people at the barbecue right now. It took just a few seconds for everyone to stop talking -- and those who were swimming in the pool got out or came over to the side. Mike very briefly explained to the group that I had been responsible for bringing one of the special treats to the party -- and I forgot to do it. He then explained to the group that in our apartment, mistakes are punished by a spanking. "While I can't have him experience the embarrassment of having to get naked in front of his roommates for the spanking, maybe the embarrassment of being spanked on his naked butt in front of everyone from the apartment will ensure he doesn't forget something like this again."

I wanted to protest but I knew that would have no impact on the situation. I also started thinking that the minute this embarrassing spanking was over, I'd be heading back to my apartment and would not be seen at the barbecue for the rest of the day. My roommates had seen me spanked before. I'd seen them spanked. But this was different, including being spanked in front of almost 15 females, including one that I was becoming very interested in -- certainly without her clothes but also dressed.

Tom simply directed me to bend over and expose my butt. With my hands on my knees, I realized that being naked this way was very different from the way I'd been naked for the last few hours. But Tom immediately delivered somewhere between 20-25 firms slaps to my naked ass and I could not only feel his hand on my butt, I could feel the eyes of everybody watching my butt get spanked. The spanking didn't hurt enough to make me cry but I was certainly blushing from the embarrassment. I had learned enough from spankings I'd gotten at home -- and from our apartment rules -- that I stood up from the spanking, also knowing that it gave me one heck of an erection, and told the entire group I was sorry for forgetting the pie, and excused myself to head into the apartment building. I was actually getting mad at myself -- not because I screwed up -- not just because I'd been spanked -- but because I realized I'd be missing the rest of the "Nude Day" party that had started out as an awesome event.

I went to my room and lay down on my bed -- all the nudity and the spanking had heightened my arousal at that point. When the doorbell and knocking awoke me, it was about a half hour later. It was "Nude Day" so I just went to the door and opened it. Karen was standing there, asking if she could come in. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt but when she saw me still nude, she quickly removed the t-shirt and then the shorts telling me she was glad to see I hadn't abandoned "Nude Day."

She told me she came to get me and bring me back to the party. When I said no, she said the no one would care -- there had been a lot of spanking stories told after I left. Tom and my roommates had been asked a lot of questions about the spankings being a formal part of our rules, each of my roommates had told at least one story of something they'd been spanked for. And it turned out that at least one other apartment had similar rules and more examples of spanking were shared. I still didn't want to return even though her rendition of what had happened in my absence made me feel less embarrassed.

So Karen tried a different tactic that I knew would work the minute she started. She looked right at me and said: "I stopped in my apartment and got some very soothing lotion. Let's jump in your shower, get a refreshing cool shower, and I'll make sure that bottom of yours is given a soothing massage." I was already getting aroused from her naked presence in the privacy of my apartment. Her reference to massaging my "bottom" drove me to a level of a hard on I was really feeling good about sharing with Karen.

Our shower turned into a lot more and it was a long time before we returned to the party. But I was now very comfortable with my nudity, especially as Karen and I returned to the barbecue -- and I could quickly tell there were some other stories developing around the pool. My first "Nude Day" was something I was never going to forget.

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