tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude Day "Streak-a-thon" 2004

Nude Day "Streak-a-thon" 2004

byMy Erotic Tail©

University Campus, Main drive, (9:54 am)

A crowd gathered around the main entrance to the college campus on Wednesday morning, of Nude Day 2004. The low chatter grew louder and louder as the gathering of people grew bigger. Some were willing to give it a go for the prize money, others were there to watch, what was being called "The Nude Day Streak-a-thon."

"Ok everybody," Mira stood waving her arms to get the attention of the crowd. "I've got 46 people down with entry fees of twenty dollars each. That's 920.00 dollars." People cheered loudly as Mira stood on a concrete slab around a statue, waving the money. Her short, black skirt offered a tempting view. Waving her hands up and down trying to quiet the chatter.

"Anyone else want to enter the Streak-a-thon before we begin?" Her hot pink tube top was bulging as her arms were up and out with the cash in her hand. The dark ovals of her nipples pressed outward. Mira's plump, luscious lips were painted a bright red, that enhanced they're fullness. She wiggled her hips after a couple of whistles, of approval.

"I do," came a voice from the crowd. "Jimmy Blackburn," walked up with a twenty dollar bill in hand and handed it to Mira. Mira's assistant, Pam wrote his name on the list. Jimmy was a tall, lean young man with slightly long hair.

"Okay, that makes 47 people who have entered, 940.00 dollars to the winner." The crowd cheered even louder as Mira waved the large wad of cash again. "Okay, Pam is going to the Sheriffs Office, she will acknowledge you as you go by her, tell her your name so she can cross your name off the list. She will be in or next to that black Mustang, over there," she pointed towards a parked, shinny black, Mustang. "Then run back here and you know what that means, right?" Mira smiled as she pulled her tube top up a bit. The crowd grew impatient yelling, 'Yea.' Cheering and shouting to "Get on with it."

"Ok, and remember...don't get caught, this is a 'Boot-leg' Streak-a-thon. Which means take off your boots, show your legs and cover your own ass." Mira said laughing. "The main entrance road, right here is the start and finish line." The crowd gathered to the curb, bunched up and slightly pushing for room. "When you hear me say, 'Go' then take off all your clothes and good luck." The yells and screams of approval came loud and clear. A couple people started running but soon came back when they realized she was talking about 'go' not saying 'Go.'

Start/Finish line at the University entrance (9:59 am)

"On your mark..." runner's fingers began undoing buttons on their clothes. "Get set..." A few of the guys and girls yanked they're shirts off and the crowd cheered. The line along the curb moved back and forth like a snake as people were antsy to begin. "...Go!" Mira shouted.

Forty-seven people took off, only slowed down by the removal of some garment of clothing. A few still stood along the curb taking their clothes off but most were on the move and flinging shirts, hats, belts, socks and pants just about everywhere. Some of the clothes and garments landed on other runners. The freshly cut lawn of the University was filled with half naked people running around the 'Don't walk on the Grass' sign. Steadily tossing clothes everywhere. Clothes laid across the grass like a multicolored quilt. The campus looked like a garage sale that had just been 'blown,' by a gale wind. Mira and Pam were watching the bare ass's, wagging cocks and flopping breasts of those still cresting Campus hill. Trailing from the University and disappearing into the town.

Mira hopped down from her perch and tucked the money in her tube top that created a bulge, that added to her fullness. Pam jumped down and headed for Danny's car. She was a preppy, cutie with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her summer dress flowed back and forth as she pranced to the vehicle. He offered to give her a ride to the Sheriffs station where they were to await the runners. Pam shut the door on the black Mustang. Danny started his motor, 'Revving.' Pam waved bye to Mira. Mira blew kisses, back to her.

"Woohoo," Pam shouted out as Danny drove off towards their destination. Screeching tires around the corner, honking his sing-a-long song, beeps.

"Well, this should be interesting," Mira said to Tom who was afraid to enter the race for fear of getting caught and thrown in jail. He wasn't known for his bravery, he was known as the computer geek around the campus. "Lets go up on the hill and wait," Mira said smiling, rolling her eyes at the clothes that was scattered everywhere.

Deputy Sheriff, Adam 14, Officer Dunkin, (10:01 am)

"Attention all units, attention all units, this is Adam 14. Officer in pursuit of...huh, a bunch of naked people running from the college. Want to advise?" Officer Dunkin was patrolling the college area when he spotted a hoard of naked people running slightly in a row, in one direction, towards town.

"Check and see if the University has called in a fire or something, cause there's a lot of people running away from, something...huh...naked."

He began turning his police unit around in the middle of the street, near the University. Strangely curious to what he was witnessing. He turned on his siren and the sound echoed out loudly as he began pursuit of what streakers he saw. Two bare ass woman were running along the sidewalk. Officer Dunkin moved the rearview mirror and checked his Hair and appearance. He was middle aged, jet black hair, dyed to cover his gray. He had been with the force for a while now, enough to know that this was not a common event.

Walker St. (10:04 am)

Approximately twelve runners were in the lead of this naked marathon. Full out sprinting across the black top then onto a sidewalk, by the local bakery. Making a line as they passed window shoppers, parked cars and wide eyes. One man ran out and around the parked cars in an attempt to beat the crowded group of runners that pushed and shoved to get ahead. The trail of naked flesh strung out almost three small town 'city' blocks. Moving along like a long, human, slinky across streets, sidewalks and patches of grass.

A Mature couple gasped with open mouths as the streak-a-thoners, streaked by. "Don't look Ethel," said her husband but it was to late she had done seen the moons of ass's passing by, then she smiled. They froze in their tracks as they were stampeded by nude people shooting by them. Gripping each other, the elderly couple stood there grinning. "Did see that Ethal?"

"Yea, I did," Ethal replied with a plastered smile.

Jenny's firm breasts bounced, her arms swung slightly curled into her chest, while she began taking the lead. Her cute, firm, heart shaped ass was a beacon for the guys that followed close behind her. Her tightly pulled ponytail, flopped wildly. She 'figured' she had good chance to win since she was in track, at the University. Jenny's feet pounded the pavement, her toned legs glistened tan while her slightly white ass streaked by buildings, shops, people and cars. She had heard in whispers that this event was secretly going to take place. She showed up like most did, not sure rather it was for real or just a bunch of talk. But when Mira began taking names and entry fee's, she checked out her compotition and felt she could win and entered.

Quickie stop market (10:05 am)

Jim Thompson run behind the 'Quickie stop market,' three blocks away from the University and hopped in the white van that was waiting for him. Shutting the side sliding door as it spun off in the direction of the Sheriffs Department. His naked ass rolled around while the van turned sharply. "Go man, go," he yelled from behind the driver, his friend Bill. Their plan to win the contest was not an honorable one. Bill sped through the light in his haste directly in front of Officer Dunkin. The sirens were still going loud as Bill yelled out, "Oh shit." Then pulled the van over to the curb slowly. Checking his mirror to see if perhaps the officer might drive by.

"Don't stop," yelled Jim.

"I have to man, I ran a 'fucking' red light in front of this policeman." Bill slapped the steering wheel with anger. Jim looked around for something to put on over his naked body but there was nothing, they hadn't planned on this in all their planning. Balling up tightly behind the drivers seat Jim tried to stay out of sight.

The sound of a shutting car door made Jim jump. Bill turned and looked out at his window. "Licensee and Insurance please. You know why I stopped you?" Officer Dunkin asked while walking to the drivers side door. Another police car sped by with its siren going, full blast.

"Huh, no sir," Bill answered nervously. Officer Dunkin slighted him a smile as Bill handed him his license and insurance papers. Officer Dunkin began reviewing them when Jim coward down even lower. Officer Dunkin saw movement behind Bill's seat. Putting his hand on his revolver.

"Come out from behind the seat and both of you step out of the vehicle." Officer Dunkin stepped back cautiously as Bill opened the door and stepped out. "Who do you have back there?" Officer Dunkin asked while pointing for Bill to stand in front of the van.

"A friend," Bill answered as Jim stuck his head up slowly.

"Come out of there," Officer Dunkin said loudly.

"I can't," Jim replied.

"Why not?... Sir, step out of the vehicle...NOW!" Officer Dunkin grew impatient. Jim raised up even more and Officer Dunkin saw that he was nude. Jim stood slightly bent with his hands between his legs.

"See, I can't," Jim yelled out and Officer Dunkin snickered.

"You boys want to tell me what this is all about?" Jim and Bill looked at each other and started singing like canaries.

Walker St. at 11 Th. St. (10:10 am)

Jenny was still in the lead but Pete Johnson was right on her heels, or should I say ass. Pete is a daily morning jogger. He has been ever since he got out of the Army and returned home. He had heard of the Streak-a-thon from a friend and thought he would check it out. Now, he found himself running downtown, nude. Nothing on but a smile as he stayed right behind the leader, Jenny.

They were all pacing themselves a bit more now, there was a half dozen ahead of the rest. Many were starting to show signs of fatigue. Slowing, gasping for air and holding they're sides. Swinging arms and ass's ribbon through town in they're various gaits. Some came to a slow crawl but determination kept them moving, that and the fact they're naked, on a street. With the usual townsfolk conducting they're daily business and 'bare' witness to this flood of flesh, streaming through sidewalks and crosswalks.

Pete's pecker flopped back and forth faster than his swinging arms. His eyes became entranced on Jenny's cute, white ass. As she took a turn to shoot across the street at the town square. Pete's eyes were on Jenny's round rump and ran smack dab, into the mail lady, as he took the turn. "Arg." Letters and papers went everywhere, her shrieking scream, "Aaa," came after the mail lady had fallen and she looked up to see Pete getting to his feet, shaking his head while six more naked runners shot by her. "Aaa," she yelled again, then smiled as she saw a couple more dancing cocks flop by.

Still gazing at they're rears as they dashed off across the courthouse lawn on the square. Then a few more streakers shot passed her as she slowly got to her feet. Picking up a handful of documents as another group of nude runners passed by.

"Arg," she blurted as she was body slammed to the ground again by a nude 'male man,' laying on top of her. The mail lady's legs sprawled outwards while the man began to get 'up' from between her legs. The lady's lips curled into a smile once she saw her assailant fully 'risen.' Then he darted away with apologies to her. Her eyes were fixed on his bare bottom while he sprang off across the street.

Adam 14 , (10:12 am)

"Adam 14, be advised...there is a contest of naked runners heading towards the Sheriffs Department. All units converge, we'll have our hands full. Be ready to catch them." Officer Dunkin called in, with both Bill and Jim in the back seat. Jim had a yellow slicker rain suit on, that the officer had in the trunk that was offered to him and he took it. The Officer tapped his pen on the steering wheel, gazing into the rearview mirror, contemplating.

Walker St. (10:13)

"Well, shit," said Daisy as she slowed to a stop panting, out of breath. She leaned over and put her hands on her knees. Sucking air fully with her ponytailed hair falling over her shoulder. Her ass outwards from her body's bent frame. Slightly hyperventilating for oxygen.

"Giving up?" She heard from behind her. "Hank Jones," he said as he walked up to her, naked as a jay bird. He too was tired and out of breath, holding his side. 'Sucking' air with his mouth fully open. His eyes scanned up and down along her legs and rear.

"Hell, I can't catch them so why try?" She answered in frustration.

"Over here," Hank suggested as he pointed to a shady spot behind a row of buildings. Daisy began to walk with Hank towards the hidden alley way. Her nipples were pink and pointing out about a half an inch with Hanks eyes peering at them fully. Daisy was looking down at Hanks long cock that hung like a tired race horse's. Her frustration soon disappeared as a smile grew across her face. When they reached the seclusion of the 'Alley' they leaned in closer to each other.

"Fuck the race," she spat.

"Did you say...fuck?" Hank said laughing.

"I'm Daisy," she said. Slightly licking her lips as she looked down at Hanks love muscle. They got even closer as a car passed by and they went to hide a bit more. Finding themselves pressing into each other. Slowly they looked each other up and down then like magnets their lips come together. Daisy's blonde ponytail fell to her side as she leaned her head to come closer to Hanks open mouth. Their lips twirled each others as their arms wrapped around and they became intertwined. Still breathing hard they paused only long enough to search for a comfortable spot to sit or 'lay.'

Hank took Daisy's hand and began walking towards a grassy, shaded area behind the buildings. She smiled as she followed just behind him enough to stare at his ass. Biting her bottom lip seductively as Hank turned and caught her visions focus.

Reaching the grassy area they sat at the edge and began kissing again. Both of their hands began roaming freely over each other. Fulfilling their desires seems to have taken precedence over the marathon or watching for anyone to walk or drive up.

11 Th. and Houston Ave (10:16 am)

A car's tires screeched, then a loud crash. Steam bellowed from the hood of a pickup truck that had just rear ended a car sitting at the green light. More streakers shot across the street corner in front of them as the victim yelled out in anger then turned her head to see more naked men running across the road before her. The crash had been forgotten momentarily as she watched the streakers, streak by the collision. The lady got out of her car, smiling.

The Driver of the truck got out yelling till he saw about a dozen women running by naked, smiling and waving. His hand raised up just a little and his wife started barking from the interior of the truck. "What are you waving at Eugene? Get your ass back in this truck, this instant." Her scorn soon changed as two, long slonged dong men walked by, to tired to run anymore.

A man and woman strolling along, hand in hand, gazing into a country store, seen the naked runners and began running with them and removing their clothing. Tossing shoes, pants and shirts. He flung his briefs as they came off, she wasn't wearing any panties or bra. Happily, they joined a fast pace group of naked runners, 'Naked themselves.'

Houston Ave and Travis St. (10:17)

"Hey, what'cha stopping for?" Pete asked as he stopped beside Jenny, who was peering around the corner of a church. Runners shot passed them, turning the corner and never slowing down. Two more guys darted past them as Pete took a peek around the brick of the old church. Seeing those who had just passed them scattering as Police were scrambling to catch them. More runners ran around the church towards the Sheriffs Department and all were being directed to stand before the long wall outside of the Station.

"Damn, what are we going to do?" Pete asked while panting loudly. Then he looked down at Jenny's bare, freshly shaven puss. "Nice," he commented as she turned and seen what he was looking at. She looked down at Pete's cock and nut sack that hung fully.

"Not bad yourself," she replied with a big grin then looked back towards the officers that were catching naked runners. She then started running in a different direction at full speed. Pete stood there a second, looking at the officers lining up a row of streakers along the Sheriff Department's wall. Then took off in the same direction Jenny went. Her bare ass bounced along a sidewalk to another intersection. He saw her stop, peer around the corner then shoot across the street. Pete didn't hesitate, he shot right on across. A few more stragglers come up on the church and saw the arresting situation and took off after Pete and Jenny.

Walker St. (10:20 am)

Meanwhile Hank and Daisy were in their secluded hide away interlaced into each other fully. Hank lay in the grassy area while Daisy sat on top of him riding him like a cowgirl. With long back arching strides. Her arm up and behind her while Hank massaged her plump breast. Their body's in sync with their pumping thrusts.

Daisy put her hands on Hanks chest as she began to drive onto him fully. Moaning loudly and whipping her head back and forth as she exploded in wetness. The sound of sloshing, clashing body's rang out behind the buildings in the alley. Hank gripped Daisy's hips and began driving his humps wildly as his orgasm began. His face was tight as he yelled out in pleasure. Daisy sat there smiling as she felt the warmth deep within.

She leaned down and kissed Hank. Her ponytail fell to the side while her mouth ravaged his. Both were still panting and out of breath.

University Campus (10:25)

Mira and Tom sat on the crest of the hill watching the cars drive by. The open lawn still covered with scattered garments of clothing. Mira's nipples poked out hard in her tube top as she toyed with the blades of grass. Tom's eyes were locked onto Mira's chest, (Not the money).

"Hey Mira...you got a boy friend?" Tom asked shyly. Mira looked at Tom and smiled. He wasn't her type. She liked them athletic and strong. Tall, dark and handsome, Tom was none of the above.

"Yeah, back home," she said politely.

"Oh," Tom's disappointment showed in his sinking grin.

"You a virgin Tom?" Mira asked playfully.

"Me? No way," Tom blurted. He began toying with the grass the same as Mira, imitating her moves.

"Oh...to bad. I like to take virgins and...well, make them not virgins." She said with a giggle. Tom's smile grew enormously.

"Oh! Well, you promise not to tell?" He said as he perked up.

She smiled back at him as if she knew what he was about to say, "Tell what?" She said with a giggle.

"I really ain't never been with a girl before," Tom said shyly.

"Get out," Mira said with a loud chuckle. "Not you Tom, I figured you for a stud muffin." She playfully laughed. She felt sorry for him. He was sweet, but not to bright for a smart guy. She flung her short, black hair seductively and looked at him with long, gazing eyes. "Tom?"

"Yes," Tom finally looked up at her.

"If you ain't a virgin and you ain't been with a girl...?" Mira grinned.

"Oh no...I'm a virgin. I just don't want people to know." Tom said slightly stuttering.

"You want to do it? Right here, right now?" Mira asked in a bold blurt. She was feeling the urge and he was the only one around at the moment.

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