tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude on Stage Ch. 02

Nude on Stage Ch. 02


That was how it started. The "lots of time to think about it" flew by. David and I did talk about it a few times without either of us deciding whether it was a good idea or too wild for words.

"They must have a ton of people to pick from."

"Maybe not. The quote partial nudity unquote in the play might put some people off; and they need someone who looks good in lingerie."

"You want me to go on stage night after night to do some heavy petting and maybe simulated sex in front of a crowd?"

"Calm down now, Honey. I only said I'd let you, not that I want you to do that. That's entirely up to you. Jerome knows you modelled for the art class in college and that we go to topless and nude beaches. But you know how things are. He might already have someone in mind for the part. He may never call."

"He has seen me in some pretty revealing outfits and probably remembers the see through top I wore that time we all went to the opera and I got on the society pages. What will I say if he does call? And how could we ever forgive him for what he did to me that evening if he did not call?"

"That's up to you. But it wasn't what he did to you. It was what you did together."

"You're not the one to talk. You were there, egging us on. But the point is you'd let me do that on stage?"

"Look, it's obvious that you want to do the audition, show them your body, maybe do a little touchy feely stuff. That's no biggie. It will be over and done in an hour or two at the most. Then you can tell me how you feel about it all and how that fits into our life. If there is any way it can hurt our relationship we stop right there. Otherwise you decide. Agreed?"

That is where we left it, not once but each time we talked about it. Our conversations drifted around like that without either of us saying "No way". But it was a powerful aphrodisiac, and we would always end up having hot sex.

Of course, one day Jerome did call, asking if I was still keen to audition. What could I say? I told David. He was reading through a report and I swapped my soda water for some wine. I would not want him to know that the idea of performing in my underwear was turning me on and I was even getting a little moist down there. I soon found myself in the bedroom going through my lingerie drawer, trying on one set after another, each sexier or more provocative than the last. I was hooking a stocking onto a suspender belt when I heard David laugh. He had poked his head around the bedroom door.

"I thought that was what you might be up to. Don't let me stop you." He stepped over the panties and other frilly stuff littering the floor and had his right hand on my tummy. "Mind if I check?" I knew he knew.

"Go on. Embarrass me. I'm so horny thinking about being half naked on stage. Even more that you'd let me expose myself there. I'm dripping wet." His fingers were pushing past my panties. We stumbled over to the bed. There was no foreplay, and no time to get rid of our clothes. While I unzipped him and got his half-hard cock out, he pushed my bra up off my tits, rolled between my legs and as he became fully erect in my hands he slid deep into me. He was not going to last very long, so I kept one hand down there playing with myself as he pounded me so that I'd get off when he did. It was really intense but over too quickly. We lay still for a while. One of us giggled and we were suddenly roaring with laughter.

"I guess we made a decision there. I will go and try out for the part." For a long time we cuddled and talked, exploring some longings that we both discovered in this opportunity, along with the possibility that I'd be partially nude and in physical contact with at least one of the actors, not just kissing but, from what Jerome had said, simulating sex. Slowly becoming aroused again we made love tenderly in stark contrast to our earlier animal sex.

A couple of days later we were there, Jerome introducing us to three strangers, Wilf the director, Julia the author and Stephan whose role was a little vague. They seemed delighted that we had come. Wilf thought the photos hardly did me credit as he lifted my hand over my head and spun me around, without explaining what photos they had. Jerome made his excuses and left. We were in the upstairs office part of a what looked like a warehouse kind of building. It was a huge office with a big clear space in front of the desk and some seating.

"Let me explain." was Stephan's way of getting started. "The play will deal with sexual topics and situations. We can't go through weeks of rehearsals only to find that one or other of you have some hangups and will walk out on us or, worse still, throw a fit on opening night. So we need to explore the limits of your sexuality, Suzanne, find out what inhibitions you have, that kind of thing. Are either of you having second thoughts about this?"

"No, not at all." I spoke for both of us.

"That's good. Let's sit." He gestured to the seating in one corner of the room.

"Jerome insists we can rely on you not to get fussed about nudity and even simulated sex on stage if that is what the script calls for. We don't know or care how he gets that impression, but since you and he are so palsy-walsy we might guess." The three of them laughed and exchanged glances. "But it is my reputation on the line The play won't work if the actress is a cold fish. She has to be aroused and show it but she has to control herself. We could get shut down if the simulated sex turns real on stage.. So at several points today we will check to see how aroused Suzanne is. Is that a problem?" Dave shrugged. I shook my head.

"Stand up, then, Suzanne; and Dave, pull her panties down to mid thigh. Good. Spread your legs, Suzanne." I did that, feeling vulnerable. Stephan explained as Julia got up and did as he described. "One of us will place the palm of his or her hand on your vulva and do a couple of circles in each direction. We'll see each time how wet you make that hand." Julia looked at her hand. "Dry so far." she explained as she pulled my panties up again. I was feeling a bit like a piece of furniture they were treating me so impersonally.

"Now," continued Stephan, "we need to see how comfortable you are being nude." He led me to a full length mirror in the middle of the room and the three of them took their places on chairs forming a triangle around me. "While we talk we want you to undress. Take your time. When you are naked we'd like you to ...."


"Yes, completely. Except for your shoes. A nude in high heels is the sexiest thing alive."

Surprised, I took a deep breath to calm myself. This could be fun, I thought, but better get some control of the situation before it gets out of hand. Quietly I said: "That's not what I was told. Jerome said there would be partial nudity. Why are we not doing a reading first?"

"The script isn't complete. In fact, you are helping to write it now. All I can promise is that we will show every respect for your sensitivities."

"Then what's this set-up with you three sitting all around me?"

"You will be at least partially nude in most scenes, so your body will be the focus of the audience's attention. We need to know it intimately, your gestures, any markings on your skin, stretch marks, scars, tattoos, everything. Most important will be your posture as you strip. That will show how comfortable you are."

He paused to let me absorb that. "When you take something off I want you to walk over and give it to one of us, then go back to the mirror. That way we see you walking about. You can ......"

"Enough. This is my show from here on." My mind was racing. Several nude or partially nude scenes and dealing with relationships meant they were going to push the limits on stage, exactly what Jerome had said.

"How many actors?"

"Four, plus a few bit parts."

"Two men and two women?"

"Three men and you." Wow. They want me to undress night after night for three separate men!

"Physical contact?"

"Of course. One of the men would play your husband; one your lover; and a third guy whose role is evolving."

Take a deep breath, girl, before you ask the next question.

"Simulated sex?"

"Naturally. The play will mirror real life."

"With how many of them?"

"Two at least, your husband and your lover."

"I'm not sure I'd do that."

"That what we came to find out. You can do as we ask or stop at any time. Okay?"

Another long silence. Why not go along? I can stop at any time or Dave could stop me. Nothing to lose, I thought.

"This is my sexuality we are exploring. It's my show. Let's get started. Dave, will you take this mirror away? I don't need a prop to help me strip."

With that encouragement they started firing questions at me about my first sex experiences. With my eyes fixed on Julia I caressed my necklace and my skin in the V of my blouse before lifting it off. Going over to Julia I put it back on, reached for her hand and got her to stand.

The questions stopped. "Now, you do that." She hesitated a moment then repeated what I had done. Her fingers were cool on my chest.

Back in the middle I ran my hands over my torso, focussing on my breasts, while loosening my blouse and finally shrugging it off my shoulders. By the time I reached Wilf I had it on again and they knew a lot about my sex likes and dislikes. When I reached him Stephan was asking something. It only took a glance from me to silence him. I had control. Now they knew to help me strip but to shut up and pay attention. I turned my back to Wilf. He reached around me and copied what I had done, even repeating the little twist and tug I had given my nipples.

Next, my skirt? No. I had worn bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. Instead of removing my skirt I reached under it to unfasten my stockings. They were stay-ups. When the stockings were free I pulled the garter belt around so that the latches were at the front and took it off. My skirt fell a few inches above my knees and had a lot of fabric so I was able to do all of that without pulling it up to my waist, but I was not shy about showing a lot of thigh and the cheeks of my bum. Dave had to know I'd be inviting one of them fo fumble under my skirt. I glanced at him to see how he was reacting and caught him with a big grin on his face.

In the process they were asking about what affairs I had since David and I got married (none) and how I felt about marriage vows, so they learned we had promised love without taking away the other's freedom, and that we had omitted the usual "forsaking all others".

"Stephan, put this back on first, then take it off." He was careful not to take liberties, but for several minutes I enjoyed his hands on my thighs, around my waist and on my ass cheeks. He only brushed my pussy a couple of times.

My skirt came off next. In the process I played with it, and caressed myself above and below my waist. They could see I had chosen a very brief thong that disappeared into the crack of my ass. I chose Wilf to put my skirt back on and take it off again. He stayed away from my pussy and I began to wonder whether he was gay. He was fairly quick so they had not learned much more about me.

My tits are not big enough or soft enough for me to get my nipples into my mouth so with my bra off the best I could do was to touch them with my tongue. I put it back on before going over to Julia. She wasted no time getting it off and sucking my nipples into her mouth.

"That's right. Gentle does it." What was I to do? Just stand there? No way! My hands were free so I tugged her blouse out from her jeans and played with her breasts. She was braless and maybe never wore one, her tits were so small. We took our time.

Thong or stockings? The stockings could stay, so taking off my thong would be the last step. I toyed with them, walking from one to another, running my fingers under the elastic at the legs and crotch, or pushing a hand down the front, finally stepping out of it.

"There! I had no idea you'd ask me to strip right down and I sure didn't plan to. Is that it then?"

Waiting for an answer I turned to face each of them, giving them a good view of my body from all angles, and in profile it would be pretty obvious how swollen my nipples were. It was Stephan who answered.

"We are delighted, Suzanne. I'm sure I speak for us all. We had not expected to take things so far so quickly; and I can tell you that none of the other candidates for the role have been as comfortable with their nudity or as open about their personality as you have."

As he spoke he had stepped over to me. With one hand on my lower back he put his other hand between my legs. "Spread your legs again, will you, and let me feel how wet you are. Nice! It's pretty obvious from the way your clit has swollen and pushed out that you were turned on." When he moved his hand, pushing my pussy lips around I instinctively pushed down against him and spread my knees wider. When he held his palm up for everyone to see it glistened in the light. He sniffed it and allowed Wilf and Julia to do that as well.

"We need to call Jerome. This may take a few minutes, Suzanne. Help yourself to whatever you find over there." He gestured towards the credenza across the room and indicated he wanted Dave to go with them.

So they left. Once dressed, I checked to see what there was. A coffee maker, and in the cabinet below a few bottles of wine and some hard liquor. I may have acted cool during the last half hour or so, but my nerves were on edge. I poured myself a large glass of wine. There were phones on the desk and on the table beside the settee. I picked up the phone to see if I could listen in on their call to Jerome. Stephan was in mid sentence.

"... stunning. She did more than undress. Did a sexy strip and got each of us to help and made us all fondle her. You could see she was aroused and she soaked my hand when I felt her. We won't know if she can act until we have her on stage, but we think she will be the one."

"Have you told her?"

"No. You had said that since you and Dave were old friends you wanted to talk to him first. Here he is." Dave came on the line. "Hi Jerome, what's up?"

"The next step worries me, Dave. The guy who is putting up the money insists on having a complete portfolio of intimate photos of all his leading ladies. Not for publication, of course. If Suzanne goes along with that we will check how she reacts to physical contact with some of the actors."

"No need to worry, Jerome. She is a big girl and wants to do something interesting and maybe challenging. If this adds a spark to her life that can't be bad."

"That's not the point."

"What's bothering you?"

"You may not be too happy about where this goes and I don't want to jeopardize our friendship. You know about the nudity and that she would probably be asked to simulate sex with at least two of the actors."

"Yes, yes. You talked about that when you were over at our place, remember? Under the covers in bed, or somehow half hidden from the audience, that kind of thing? You know she won't freak out. Didn't she prove it that evening?"

"I have to be up front with you, Dave. An audience senses the chemistry between the performers so we need to find actors Suzanne will like. They are real people. From experience and from talking to others I can tell you there comes a point where the sex play between performers gets real. Almost always. And once they do it, you can be sure they will do it again and again. Do you want to take that risk? This is your last chance. Give me the word and we'll give her some reason why she isn't our choice."

Wow! That laid it all out for David. For me too. Afraid to hear David's answer I hung up, found that my glass was empty, poured another one, and sat wondering what I'd say when they came back. From what I had just heard they would want to pursue their very unorthodox audition and get some reaction from me about interacting with three men I had still to meet.

It took a while for me to wrap my head around what I had heard. Did Dave trust me to resist the temptation to have sex with the other actors. He seemed to be saying he did not mind that it was quite likely I would have actual sex with one of the actors. My head was still reeling when Stephan came in. "Jerome is on the phone and wants to talk to you." I picked it up. "Hello."

"They were telling me how things went. You have made a really good impression. They are positively gushing with praise for your poise and of course your physical beauty. What puzzles me is that you invited them to undress you and to fondle you in the process."

"Oh, by the way, I listened in on your conversation."

"Yes, the clicks when you picked the phone up and replaced it gave you away."

He waited for an answer. "That's easy. You said there would be physical contact so I was checking out how I felt about being touched by strangers. It turns out I like it. There was no way to know without giving it a try."

"Then you heard what I said about simulated sex quickly becoming real."

"Let's not worry about that. Not yet anyway. You have not given me the role. So far I am enjoying the audition, if you can call it that. I did not hear the end of your conversation. Anything I should know?"

"Only that Dave loves you so much that he gives you free rein."

"So, what's next? Someone mentioned an intimate photo portfolio. I assume you mean explicit, open crotch, like that?"

"Well, well. In spite of all the teasing and flaunting yourself at me over the years, you do surprise me. But if you are willing, there are two more things we'd like to do. The first is the photo shoot. Mr. Angel, that's what he likes to be called, he insists on having a comprehensive portfolio. The kind of nude poses you'd find in some girlie magazines. Not for publication. While we are doing that I'll call in the three actors we expect to hire and after lunch we'll get you to play out a scene with each of them. We can do the photo shoot here."

He paused long enough for me to object. This was not what I had expected, but should not have been a surprise. I shrugged. In a couple of minutes he returned with Wilf the artistic director and Julia the author who was still writing the play. Stephan took my hand and walked me to the middle of the floor.

"Dave got a call on his cell and had to run, but he knows what we plan. You can do as you wish. Wilf is going to take shots of you stripping, and then we'll get you to pose using the furniture. Think of Mr. Angel as a dirty old man putting up a lot of money. This is part of his reward. The more you show him the better."

For the next few minutes I did a striptease for the camera. Once naked, or at least down to my stockings, garter belt and high heels, Stephan started to give me directions.

"Let's get that chair from behind the desk. Use that as a prop, Suzanne." I sat on it; stood behind it and beside it, stretched across it, while Wilf moved around taking shots from all angles. "Now get up on the desk and strike some poses. You must have seen what the models do in the men's magazines. On your tummy, your side, your back."

This took a while. At some point I noticed Julia whispering to Stephan. He quickly called a halt. I got off the desk and stood there, leaning against it.

"Suzanne, you must be getting hot, worked up. Julia noticed that your outer lips have spread to show your wonderful clit hood. It's like a thin finger. Julia wants to use that in the play, but so far you have been hiding it from the camera."

"What do you mean, use it in the play?"

Julia answered. "I'm going to have you stand facing the audience at some point. Your clit's big enough for them to see, especially if you thrust your pelvis forward a little. It will show them how you are reacting to your lover's caresses."

Stephan broke in, leaving me no time to react. "Great idea. The play will be a sell-out. What we need now are some good shots to show Mr. Angel. First some standing shots." He directed me through a series of poses, always making sure my legs were open to leave me exposed. It was immediately clear that my asshole was not off limits, whether I was standing, sitting, kneeling, lying down, close up or from a distance. It seemed I took every pose possible. I could not believe how much I was enjoying myself.

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