tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude Resort Vacation Ch. 02

Nude Resort Vacation Ch. 02


We checked into the resort with no problems and headed for our private cabana out by the beach. As we walked thought the lush, jungle setting of the resort we knew had selected the perfect place for our first nudist experience. The resort was extremely private and only had 20 cabanas which meant there were only 19 other couples in the entire resort.

We arrived at our cabana which was situated on the edge of the beach and headed straight for the balcony to look at the view. The view from our balcony was amazing as it looked over the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the water could not have been more than 100 feet from our balcony. We noticed naked couples, young and old, lying on the beach in the late afternoon sun and we longed to join them the next day.

After a passionate fuck on the balcony and a long day of traveling we slept peacefully while the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore flooded our cabana. We awoke the next morning with a gorgeous sunrise penetrating our cabana through the open doors from the balcony.

We sipped the fresh orange juice and ate the bagels that were delivered to our door and got dressed for the beach. We were both nervous but knew that the beach would not be as crowded as a normal beach so we assumed we could find our own little secluded spot while we got used to being totally naked.

I came out of the bathroom wearing my new white string bikini that I had bought for the trip. It was the sexiest bikini I had ever owned. Two little triangles of cloth tried to cover my nipples but they were losing the battle since my nipples were already sticking out like thimbles. Two strings held a small patch of cloth in front of my pussy while one dove down the crack of my ass. Unable to move, my hubby just stood there staring at my virtually naked body. I had a feeling that he would have hard-on this entire trip just looking at me.

It was time for the beach so we strolled through the pool area and headed for the beach. As we walked through the pool area, no one really seemed to pay attention to us because we were all there together sharing a nude vacation. There was a nice mix of young couples and old couples, none of which had Baywatch type bodies.

After helping us drag some lounge chairs to a secluded spot on the beach we sent the cabana boy for some margaritas. I commented how cute I thought he was and how he probably had the best job in the world that a 20-year old could possibly have. He agreed and joked that he wished a hot little cabana girl would bring us our drinks.

While waiting for our margaritas we decided it was time to get naked and to my surprise he stood up and slid his trunks down to his ankles. I thought for sure he take more convincing to get naked but he was now the first one naked. I thought he would have felt more nervous but all nervousness had obviously switched to excitement. His cock began to grow as I stood to remove my bikini. I untied my top and it fell from my big tits. He told me they were absolutely amazing and I had to agree. Firm, round, no sag what so ever and all natural. My hard nipples pointed at him as he sat in front of me wanting to suck them. I removed my bikini bottoms and my freshly shaved bald pussy glistened in the sun. I handed him the lotion and told him not to miss an inch. He squeezed the oil on my shoulders and let it drip down to my tits where it pooled on my nipples. He massaged my tits rubbing in every drop of the lotion and then moved down to take care of my pussy, ass and legs. I told him to pay extra attention to my pussy because I did not want to take a chance on getting a sunburn in the most precious area on my body and he did not hesitate to slide a finger into me as I got wetter by the second.

The cabana boy was obviously smitten with my body when he returned with our drinks because he almost spilled the tray he was carrying them on. He finally gained control of the tray and handed me my margarita. My hubby loved how other men, especially young men, were attracted to my body.

After finishing our first round of drinks, he told me that he was going into the ocean to cool off since it was getting hotter by the second. I said that was fine and would order us another round of drinks while he was gone. The warm breeze of the ocean felt amazing on my naked body covered in oil and I watched as my hubby swam out about 50 feet where he could still touch but the water came to the top of his chest. I ordered the next round of drinks from the cabana boy and I could easily see the bulge in his shorts. I was pretty sure my hubby would be able to see the bulge from 50 feet away because it was so big. As the cabana boy left, I leaned back in my chair and started to gently finger my clit. I waved at my hubby to make sure he was watching and hoping his hand would reach for his cock under the water and begin to stroke it as I rubbed my clit and slit. He kept watching as the glistening juices from my pussy started to form as they sparkled in the sunlight.

As the cabana boy approached with the drinks I stopped fingering my pussy and swung my legs around to the side of the chair. The cabana boy now stood in front of me and handed me the drinks which I sat on the small table between the two chairs. We spoke for a moment as I tried my best with broken Spanish to thank him for the drinks. I looked out at the water to make sure my hubby watching us then reached for the cabana boy's shorts, unbuttoned and unzipped them. My hubby watched as I fumbled around and finally released his cock that was aching to be freed. My husbands cock was a nice 7 inches but the cabana boy's dick must have been at least 10 inches long. My hubby has always told me of his fantasies about watching me suck another man's cock but I had never dreamed it of making his fantasy come true.

The cabana boy's cock was at full strength and staring me in my face. I stroked it a couple of times and then kissed the head before swallowing 7 inches of it. The cabana boy buried his fingers in my hair as I slid his shaft in and out of my mouth. At first, I sucked slowly while taking an extra inch of cock until I was deep throating all 10 inches of the young man's cock. As I got used to all 10 inches in my mouth I began to suck faster and faster. I knew my hubby would be stroking his own cock while he watched and I started to suck the first 5 inches of his cock hard and fast while I used my hands on the bottom 5 inches. The young man began to quiver as I took his cock out of my mouth and pointed it at my tits. I promptly squeezed every drop of this young man's white wad all over all over my naked tits. As I let go of his massive cock, I rubbed the liquid lotion into my tits like suntan oil, stood up and faced the back of the chair with my firm ass raised and begging to be fucked doggie-style.

The cabana boy took the hint and moved in behind me. He held on to my tits for leverage then buried his cock into my wet pussy with one quick thrust. My head arched back as all 10 inches entered my pussy. The cabana boy continued pumping and fucking me as he pinched my nipples and I played with my own clit.

I climaxed and went limp against the back of the chair. The cabana boy removed his cock from my pussy and tucked it back in his shorts. I made my way to my chair and wiped my pussy down with towel. I sipped my drink as I watched the cabana boy hurry back to his duties. I looked at my husband who was vigorously stroking his cock underneath the water and later told me how he unloaded his white wad into the deep blue sea.

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