tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude Summer Ch. 03

Nude Summer Ch. 03


Chapter 2 of our Nude Summer ended in our apartment Jeanie and I occupied for the summer in Boulder, Colorado. We had quickly become exhibitionists after a daring romp through the building on laundry day. We put "all" our clothes through the washers that day, staying nude in the basement laundry room for the duration and didn't get dressed again until the next morning. Our new, exciting hobby soon gained additional members, as three young ladies happily joined our exhibitionist adventures.


Since becoming official exhibitionists, Jeanie, Barbara and I just couldn't wait to expand our adventures and introduce others to our newfound adrenaline rush. Ever since that first night, naked in the laundry room and streaking through the halls of the apartment building, we took every opportunity to be naked. Barbara, Erica, Jeanie and I totally abandoned wearing any clothes in our apartments and the other tenants got used to our naked trips to the laundry room. Erica's boyfriend even joined us naked for a few movie nights that summer.

Our apartment door, along with our next door neighbor Barbara's, was always open when we were home. So, anybody walking by would get an eyeful of us doing our normal things fully naked. We all realized that our new hobby was well overdue for each of us and discovered many new "excuses" to get nude. Once we became totally comfortable with being nude in a relatively public place, we totally got an adrenaline rush at the prospect of getting caught nude by an unsuspecting person. We were proud of overcoming society's shame and began a campaign to introduce other adventurous people into a new way of life.

When student friends would stop by, we delighted in shocking them with our casual nudity. They didn't know how to act at first, but they'd relax slightly after seeing how confident we were being nude and weren't going to dress on their account. They either accepted it or left. Each time, we encouraged our guests to get naked with us, but only a couple jock guys eventually did.

By this time, the other residents of the building just seemed to put up with all the casual nudity on display, and either just shook their head mumbling a "whatever" or cracking some corny joke. At first there were some complaints to the management, but the other tenants, mostly students and professors, found our casual nudity novel and secretly enjoyed unrestrained body parts bouncing around the hallways. Some were even quite envious of our confidence and having overcome all remnants of modesty. It didn't seem to encourage anybody though, for only Barbara, Erica, Jeanie and myself walked naked in the open halls. Erica's boyfriend would sometimes strip when visiting our place, but always arrived wearing clothes and asked that we close the front door before getting naked with us.

When returning from the "outside world", Erica always stripped just inside the main building entrance before prancing down the hall and up the stairs to her apartment. It became normal for her, knowing the other tenants wouldn't complain, but also providing the opportunity for somebody to see her fully nude. She discovered a new thrill that she was soon becoming addicted to. She would find any excuse to walk the halls nude, or visit one of us, or invite her outside friends to visit her. She always swished her hips and made her boobs jiggle when somebody was watching. Of course her apartment window shades were always open, hoping some passerby would see her nude.

On a few occasions, I turned the corner into the laundry room to find her in a very revealing position, of course performing some menial task and always faking embarrassment. She totally planned the encounter, making sure she would be "accidently caught" with her legs wide open to the laundry room entrance when she heard somebody coming. The flashing was becoming quite an obsession and she told us of many "accidental" flashes when out and about the little college town. We created a monster who just pushed that envelope as far as it would go.

As for Barbara's hot friend Sabine, she usually arrived at our door in the nude, much to my delight. She lived in a sorority house on the other side of campus. And since being such an uninhibited European, was often naked herself around the house and her sorority sisters. When out and about town, she delighted in stripping off her skirt or shorts when driving. She gets a little thrill knowing people see her in her car, totally unaware she's bottomless. Then when she pulls into our apartment parking lot, her top quickly ends up in the back seat. All the guys in our apartment keep a constant watch out their windows for Sabine's nude parade across the parking lot and grand entrance through the back entry door.

As much as we tried to encourage each guest or small group, stripping completely in a mixed-group setting was agonizingly frightening for just about everyone. So, between Jeannie, Barbara, Sabine, and myself, we devised a plan for a wilderness outing sure to get all the participants nude in a fun and safe manner.

Since Boulder was tucked up against the Rocky Mountains, there were plenty of trails through the forest ending on a mountain top or lake. We found the perfect trail, which after about five miles through very thick woods ended at a mountain top meadow, overlooking a beautiful panorama of Boulder. We planned our adventure for a weekday so we could almost be assured to have the trail to ourselves.

We decided to invite a modest group of about ten to 15 students and friends. This gives the group enough mass so each can feel comfortable that the whole world won't see them nude, while still encouraging the attitude of "well, if everybody else is doing it..."

We carefully selected our cast of characters. We needed a mix of bold and shy people, who would provide plenty of eclectic reactions to their first time casually nude with a strange group of people hiking up a mountain in relative public. Sabine was our primary recruiter, as she knew practically half the students in the university, and combined with the desire of every male to see her nude, didn't have any problem finding interested participants.

The exhibitionist adventure day arrived a couple weeks later. Barbara, Jeanie and I were excited beyond belief waiting those weeks, especially with who we finally talked into coming. My dick and the girl's nipples got hard every time we imagined or talked about the upcoming nude adventure. I started a game between us three trying to guess what each of our guests would look like without clothes. Especially, when we imagined how each would've trimmed their pubic hair, or not, according to their personality. We purposely invited the more beautiful and interesting people for our exhibitionist adventure.

The girls would delight in watching my dick rise whenever they mentioned one of the hot girls who agreed to go on the hike. Of course I didn't have much control over it when my imagination played through the possible scenarios of these hotties stripping their clothes in public for the first time. Barbara, Erica and Jeanie all teased me to no end, with their new power to embarrass me at will.

Doing normal everyday things in the nude somewhat suppresses the eroticism of being naked around other people. Jiggling boobs and swinging dicks just become another body part when they're on display the entire day. The first week or so after becoming the apartment building nudies, my dick was always somewhat inflated, and there were a few times in the public areas I had to hide a growing erection from becoming embarrassing. One instance happened when I was in the front lobby talking with the manager and found myself quickly losing control of a growing super erection.

It was a day I woke up to an overwhelming desire to push the exhibitionist envelope sometime that day. I needed to talk with the manager at the front desk over some rent issues, and I would normally get dressed before venturing into the front lobby for two reasons. First, even though the management was very reluctant, they eventually succumbed to the pressure and tolerated the sights of a few bold people walking naked through the halls. So, us nudies tried our best to avoid the management, fearing they'd pull our newly won freedom.

And secondly, the front lobby opened up to the street through a big window. The view into the lobby from the street was somewhat obscured by heavy bushes and a dozen or so cars in the front parking lot. But even though it was a quiet, residential area, somebody walking or driving by would be able to see into the lobby with a little effort. But this particular morning, my exhibitionist drive overruled my restrain.

I boldly walked naked into the lobby, and before the assistant manager looked up at who just walked in, I scurried up to the belly-high counter, shielding my lower body from her view. In somewhat resigned disgust, she asked, and I responded that I was indeed fully naked in her lobby and wasn't leaving until I had finished my business.

During the ten or so minutes of negotiating my way out of a late rent fee, I could feel my dick grow uncontrollably into a throbbing super erection. Wow, imagining this middle-aged, but still hot lady bottomless behind her desk was really turning me on.

While I was talking with the manager lady, and secretly enjoying flicking my hard dick up against the underside of the counter, the head manager emerged from the back office door with two teen girls in tow. His closing remarks to them about their application for a job immediately stopped upon all three of them suddenly noticing me at the front counter. Enough of my waist was above the counter, so it was very apparent I was fully naked.

The manager turned to the two girls, both with mouth agape, and sheepishly explained that a few bold college students feel the need to walk around naked. He added that they both had the night receptionist job if they wanted, but only if they felt ok with the quickly spreading nudity throughout the building and promised to keep the new trend quiet. Both girls excitedly nodded to accept the job. And while transfixed on my muscular body, the girls swore to keep the added perks quiet.

My efforts to quench my erection just weren't working, and I really needed to get back to my apartment, hoping not to embarrass myself or someone getting an eyeful of my erect dick leading the way down the hall. I figured that if I twisted a certain way and hugged the lobby wall, I could exit the scene without the office staff seeing how hard I'd become.

Just then, two of the older lady tenants walked in from outside. I'd seen the silver-haired girlfriend club before, always quick with a leer or flirting comment towards the young college guys. They hadn't seen me nude before though, and sent a complementary-crude remark my way as they giggled their way through the lobby with locked gaze at my bare ass.

I guess from their view on the way in, the old ladies caught a good glimpse of my erection under the counter. Because after successfully negotiating my exit from the lobby without giving away my engorged state, the ladies were waiting for me in the hall, and delightfully escorted my proud erection all the way to my apartment.

Within a few days of the high school girls beginning work at the front desk in the after hours, we talked them into spending their entire work shifts fully nude. Much to the delight of the growing crowd of nudists, who then after usually stripped fully in the front lobby before heading into the building to their apartments.

One weekday afternoon, Erica was home early from work, and was frustrated because she hadn't been able to flash anybody all day. She needed that rush, so picked a neighbor who she didn't think had seen her nude already and was a relatively interesting person. She decided to ask a guy who lived on the fourth floor above her for something trivial, to of course satisfy her exhibitionist need for the day and possibly create a new nudist friend.

Shocked at seeing a naked girl at his door holding an empty measuring cup. The geeky college teen was dumfounded and totally speechless to answer Erica's question for a cup of milk. Her exhibitionist desire progressing according to plan so far, Erica pushed her way past the guy and just kept on asking for a cup of milk, totally comfortable with her nudity. The guy finally looked up from leering at her cleanly-shaved pussy, and snapping back to reality, stumbled in response saying he only had a little milk left, reluctant to give it up.

Erica pleaded to take the last of his milk, shaking her boobs while asking, and said that if she needed more, would need to walk down to the corner store in her current state of dress. Overwhelming thoughts of this hot girl walking naked down the street was just too much for this sheltered college freshman to process. Erica relished, and expected this reaction, so just twirled and preceded to the kitchen for her now well-earned milk, acting as if being naked was the most normal everyday thing.

Returning to her still frozen freshman guy in the doorway, she just thanked him and strolled out. Once she was just outside his door, she turned back to give him a full frontal view and asked him to keep this incident quiet, making up some lame story about her clothes in the washer or something and just couldn't wait because of something she was cooking and desperately needing the milk. And to send him over the edge while explaining her predicament, squeezed one of her boobs in a gesture that her own supply was out.

The desired reaction to Erica's bold tease was almost instantaneous; his thin shorts were tented with vigor, totally oblivious to the owner. Erica slowly glanced down, and with a lustful teasing voice, complemented him on his impressive manhood, hoping secretly to see it proudly displayed in public sometime soon.

Before sauntering down the hall, she whispered and motioned to him to keep her naked romp a secret. And if he did, she just may come back another time for more milk. The once again overwhelmed guy nodded in excited agreement just as he felt an orgasmic rush to his groin. Erica pointed to the growing wet spot on the front of his shorts and teased that the next time she needs more milk she would really like to see him answer the door with his dick on full display. He embarrassingly agreed and hoped Erica would come back very soon.

Erica planted the seed she hoped. While excitedly gyrating her boobs on her way down the stairs hoping to be seen by another victim, she vowed to return to the geeky guys apartment early the next morning to play more teasing exhibitionist games, with him hopefully going along with her request and answering the door sporting a morning erection.

Her excitement provided her boyfriend with very wild sex that night. He was pleasantly surprised at Erica's recent change of sexual desire since she began walking around her apartment in the nude. She suddenly changed from a sexually conservative girl into a new sexual monster, ever since she met us and had that one-time streak down the hall from the laundry room. Little did he know of all her exhibitionist adventures around town and throughout the apartment building. The naked dinners in our apartment were only the tip of the iceberg. Erica though, was erotically excited about the day when he would eventually catch her in one of her exhibitionist adventures.

The next morning, Erica awoke early, too excited to sleep thinking about the guy on the fourth floor and her plan to get him to join our nude-in-the-building group. All kinds of situations ran through her head that night, while she spent the entire night groping her boyfriend's dick and balls. He wasn't awake early enough for a quick bonk to relieve her sexual tension, so at a time when any college student wouldn't be caught awake yet, Erica primped her nude body and set out down the hall to surprise her new project. The guy didn't have a clue what he was in for that day, considering all the things Erica had planned for him.

After knocking twice, Erica saw the peephole turn dark, indicating she was being watched. And with boobs presented proudly, she struck a playful pose for her audience, who she hoped would be naked and fully erect when he opened the door. She was surprised that the door didn't open right away. Who would keep a naked girl waiting this long she wondered. But then the peephole became dark again, so she posed again, grasping her boobs to create a cleavage shot that always worked well on unsuspecting victims.

The door then slowly opened with the startled, although still very sleepy, guy's head peeking out from behind. He peered down each end of the hall, to no doubt see if anybody else besides the naked Erica was nearby. She gestured that it was only her this time, so he gingerly opened the door, resulting in a big smile from Erica that he had complied with her request. He stood naked and fully embarrassed, with his hands barely able to cover a full morning erection. Erica barged her way into the apartment, attempting to pull at least one hand from his crotch as she passed. She really desperately needed to see a full on erection from a new guy before too long, as she just couldn't take it anymore.

She twirled in the center of the room for full effect and before the fully embarrassed guy could get the front door closed, she forcibly told him to keep it open. She was in charge now, knowing this shy, geeky guy had probably never been in a situation like this with a naked girl knocking on his door. But Erica reckoned he seemed cute enough to have probably been naked with a girl at least once in his life. So, she used her boldness to be a little bossy, getting him to do whatever she had planned.

The move worked, for he left the door open, but while still holding his hands over his erection, waddled out of direct sight of the open doorway. Now that he appeared somewhat more comfortable, Erica practically pleaded for him to show her the goods, even promising to do fun things with it. Even though she just really desired to see it wave in public, a little encouraging never hurt.

The guy was still reluctant to expose himself to his neighbor, even though she had already shown him her goods, something was holding him back. She soon found out what, when the guy's roommate entered from a second bedroom. Wow, Erica was now a little taken aback because of a change in her plans, but was now even more excited at the prospect of bringing two new guys into the nude group.

She seductively walked over to the roommate and held out her hand for an introduction. He confidently introduced himself as Doug and admitted he was the first to spy her naked form through the peephole. He then woke his roommate to ask if he know why a naked girl was knocking on their door so early in the morning. Doug then got the full explanation, while a little taken aback noticing his roommate get out of bed without wearing his usual shorts and sporting a morning woody. Even though they had been roommates all semester, he had never seen his roommate naked, much less with a woody walking out to answer the door.

Doug was a lot more comfortable talking with a naked lady, although it may be because he was still dressed himself. Doug introduced his shy roommate as Bob, and congratulated Erica on her persuasive powers to get Bob to answer the door naked. Obviously this entire time, Doug was peeking out from his room, admitting to Erica he was intently interested in the situation, especially Doug's reaction. He thought it would be a good discussion to bring up in his psychology class, which totally piqued Erica's interest. She was quickly imagining the possibilities of a college psychology class full of curious students willing to give exhibitionist nudism a try. She excitedly revealed her thoughts to Doug, who shrugged that he may possibly mention the notion when the time seemed right.

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