tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudist Holiday Ch. 01

Nudist Holiday Ch. 01


Every Summer we go abroad, to somewhere hot, Steve normally does a bit of research and finds a place where we can sunbathe nude either at a resort or at least on the beach. This year it was on the French Atlantic coast at CHM Montalivet. I just tend to trust what he chooses so I didn't know what to expect. We drove down from Le Harvre in our camper which I love.

I have to say that while I love being nude on holiday I am still a little nervous about it all before we get there, I am a business consultant in the UK and I would die if people knew what I got up to on holiday, I think it is in the anonymity of being abroad where no one knows me that I am free enough to explore my sexuality.

We arrived late in the evening and found a quite sport to park our camper on the edge of the campsite. We walked down to the village centre to have a meal then back to the camper to sleep. We lay in the van talking about the campsite I thought it looked lovely tall Pines everywhere, it had been a year since our last vacation and we chatted about being naked all day and how that would feel again I was a little apprehensive I know that I have quite a nice body but like many women I always would like certain bits to be different. Men often look at me when I am on the beach which initially I found intrusive but I now find quite sexy. We ended up making love and drifting off to sleep.

The following morning was glorious; the sun shining through the pines causing the dew to steam. The sky was bright blue and I had three weeks holiday to look forward to. I volunteered to pick up the Croissants as I wanted to go to the showers, I picked up my toiletries and walked naked towards the bathrooms I loved the feel of the fresh morning air against my breasts and that first feeling of vulnerability as people walked passed of said "Bonjour" it is so different from my normal day in England. I thought I'd shower first. The showers are in a block but where the weather is normally warm they are in the open air so I hung up my towel found my toiletries and stood under one of the hot showers, I stood for ages letting the hot powerful spray course over me, first I washed my hair and put on some conditioner while waiting for the conditioner I soaped my breasts working down to my pussy and down my legs, I hadn't had time to wax my legs before we left so I decided to use the razor, Months of waxing just ruined! I did my legs and the started to trim my pussy I normally just shave around my vagina and keep the top bit short as I can't stand the itching when it all grows back, I was busy with a leg up getting in all the cracks when a lady behind me said "Bonjour" I nearly jumped out of my skin, Here I was shaving my pussy in font of someone else, I was relieved it was another female, I like my pubes to look neat and even, so I proceeded to tidy them up, it was all getting shorter and shorter and I thought in for a penny in for a pound and I shaved it off completely I knew Steve would be pleased I would just have to deal with the itching later.

I rinsed my hair and my body dried myself, The French lady smiled and glanced at my freshly shaved pussy and said "Goodbye", As I walked towards the shops the I felt the fresh morning air against my pubic area it was such a new sensation, I felt both sexy, embarrassed, vulnerable and free all at the same time. I immediately wrapped my towel around my waist and walked on, after a few minutes I missed the thrill of all those feelings and as entered the shopping area I put my towel back over my arm. The Boulangerie was full mainly of men collecting their breakfast Baguettes. The queue was quite long and while waiting I turned to catch the sun streaming though the shop window, I caught my naked reflection in the window my labia lips are quite long and were completely on show. As you can guess the other men were also looking at the window. I turned quickly back hoping the queue would move faster, I have to say now that as the holiday went on I began to enjoy this attention but this was all such a new sensation for me.

Eventually I bought breakfast and began to walk back to our camper, I new Steve would be thrilled at my "haircut" I passed more people walking into the shops as headed home I loved this feeling of complete freedom.

When I got back Steve was laying on a hammock that he had strung up as he turned he could see my bald pussy, He had a grin from ear to ear. "You look fabulous" he said, I told him about the queue in the shop and the walk home as by now I was beginning to feel horny. He reached out his hand and stroked my smoothness gently caressing my lips. I shifted my legs apart and lent into his hand. Out in the open air his touch was heaven, He slipped his finger into me slowly withdrawing it and the tasting it "That's better than a Croissant" he said. I just wanted to feel his prick inside of me. Grabbing his hand I led him into the camper, I climbed on top of Steve's cock I was so wet by now it just slipped in perfectly, Steve started to ask me all about my walk, How many men had seen me? How many of them would like to put their cock in my shaven pussy? Did I see any large cocks? What was the woman like who had watched me shave? I loved all of these fantasies especially when Steve started to talk about having another man fuck me, by now I was sliding up and down ready to scream, I began to think of a particularly good looking guy who had smiled at me on the path joining in with us. Steve came first filling me up, I put my hand down to my cliterous massaging it frantically until a great wave of pleasure exploded over me.

I lay for a while, I had really enjoyed both the fantasy and the reality of the nude walk and the thought of being fucked by another man. We eventually eat breakfast and began our most sexual holiday ever, During the next three weeks we experienced a new sexual adventure nearly every day.

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