tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNudist Resort Feminizing Ch. 01

Nudist Resort Feminizing Ch. 01


I was really looking forward to to my outing to the local nudist park. Since I was out of state, there was no chance I'd run into anyone I knew, so I could behave as I pleased, be any person I cared to be. Since I had been feeling very feminine lately, I decided that today I would get very bold and let my femme side really come out.

For about a week I had been using a tanning gel with a very brief string bikini to create a sexy string bikini tan line that rode high on my hips in femme fashion. I decided to get really bold and shave my entire body smooth, except for a bit of my pubic hair, which I left in a sexy "V" shape against my small area of white, untanned pubic skin. I also decided to show off my big nipples to the fullest, so would wear my Supplenips nipple enlargers for an hour prior to getting naked at the resort. This would make them really stand out. To complete my look, I decided to wear a silver bracelet, an ankle chain and a toe ring. I also decided that it would be exciting to act kind of feminine while there, through body language, gestures, posturing, etc. This would be an exciting exhibitionist outing I was much overdue for.

After arriving at the nudist park and registering, I headed for the locker area to finally get naked and reveal my sexy preparations. I was alone in the locker area, so before heading out to the pool area I took a few minutes to admire myself in the full length wall mirror. How very sexy I looked and felt with my smooth tan body, sexy string bikini tan line, sexy pubic shave, enlarged nipples, and sexy body jewelry. I was ready to strut my stuff!

As I walked through the large club house area towards the pool area, I noticed a collection of nudist magazines on the table and noted to come back later to check them out. The few people in the clubhouse were preoccupied and didn't really check me out. Oh well, onward!

As I emerged from the building, the feel of the fresh breeze on my smooth body reminded me of my total nakedness. It felt wonderful and I felt a tingle in my enlarged nipples as I proceed toward the big outdoor pool. There were about a dozen people at the pool mostly older, overweight couples, except for two couples in their forties. They all looked me over as I entered the gate and I made no attempt to cover myself as I walked around the pool looking for just the right place to station myself. I made a quick decision to take the empty lounge chair next to one of these younger couples. since the wife was laying on her stomach, all I could tell was that she was very petite and, of course, tan all over. Her husband was a nice looking, thin , muscular guy – probably a construction worker. He had a nice larger cock, even if it was mostly hidden in a thick mat of blondish brown pubic hair. We did a cordial greeting as I stood boldly in front of him and then took the opportunity to show off a little by taking longer than needed to spread my beach towel and settle onto my lounge chair as he checked me out. I would love to have known his thoughts as he watched this sexy, smooth, feminine guy in front of him, with the biggest nipples he'd ever seen.

After some small talk about the weather, his wife finally turned over to say hello and reveal a sexy frontal view. Her name was Jill and she was a real "hardbody" with a short boyish hair, but my eyes were immediately drawn to her other details. She had very small breasts – almost flat chested, but very big, plump nipples – probably 3//4" long and ½" in diameter – which really stood out against her flat chest. Amazing! She also had shaved her little pussy leaving only a thin straight vertical line of pubic hair about ½" wide. Protruding from her tight pussy were a long pair of fleshy lips. I had never seen a pussy like this. I took every opportunity to look at her nipples and pussy. Since I had sunglasses on, I hoped that my staring wasn't too obvious.

Feeling very sexy and bold I decided to begin my show, knowing that this nice looking couple would be watching. I proceeded to applying an oily sun lotion to my smooth legs, much like a woman would do, making long sensuous strokes, doing even my feet and toes. Then I did my smooth upper body, making sure that I gave special treatment to my still enlarged my nipples. I wondered if they had ever seen a guy with big nipps like mine. I hoped Jill would feel some comraderie with me in the nipple department.. The last part I oiled up was cock and balls. Even though I'm pretty small when soft, I hoped it would add to my feminine look – especially shaved the way I was. Thoroughly oiled, I proceeded to lay back and enjoy the feeling of the light breeze and sun on my smooth, naked body, knowing that my new acquaintances were watching my moves. I hoped they had enjoyed the show as much as I did. So far this was a very special outing.

After a few minutes, some small talk started again and Jill complimented me on my tan and asked me what tanning products I used. She was also curious about where I did most of my tanning (probably because of my string bikini tan line). I told her it was mostly back yard time but that occasionally I got brave and laid out at hotel pools when I was on business trips. I also confessed that I helped it out with tanning cream to maintain my special tan line. It was obvious that Jill was the more outgoing of the two and had a real curiosity about me. I learned that this was only their third time at this park and that one of the large motorhomes was theirs.

I told them I wanted to explore some of the hiking trails at the park and they recommended the loop that went furthest from the pool area because it was very secluded and had some nice private places to sunbathe nude. I decided to head off in that direction and wind my way back via the campground so I could walk among the RV's . So taking only a tube of suntan lotion I headed out wearing only my sandals and a hat. As I walked I savored the sun and soft breeze on my nakedness, my thoughts turned back to Jill & Todd and I began to fantasize about being sexual with them. As I imagined sucking on Jills big nipples as Todd stroked his big hard cock, I started to get aroused and realized that if I didn't stop this fantasizing, I'd be walking with a full hardon with nothing but my hat to use for cover.

It was then that I heard footsteps in the brush behind me and turned to see Todd & Jill coming down the trail. They had obviously followed me. With my cock already at about ½ mast , there was nothing I could do but let them see me that way. Interestingly, as they got closer, I noticed that Todd's tool had also grown to be semihard, and was amazed at how much bigger he looked. They could tell I was a bit embarrassed and told me not to worry – Todd said the same thing happened to him when he walked this secluded trail.

After some small talk, Jill boldly noted how nice my sexy shave looked with my sexy tan line, and especially with my cock a bit bigger now. She asked me to walk around a bit so "they could look me over". I was more than happy to comply and decided to be really bold and act a little feminine in modeling for them. As I walked around modeling and posing for them, I sensed my cock getting harder and then noticed that Todd was also getting more turned on. He obviously liked what he saw and was revealing some possible bisexuality. Jill also had a hungry look on her face and I could swear that her big nipples were even more erect than before. Knowing that they were liking my movements, I struck some even bolder, very feminine sexual poses – even playing with my big nipples for them, and telling them how I was a nipple person and just loved Jill's big ones. She said she knew that by the way I was looking at her at the pool, and proceeded to squeeze and pull her nips in an effort to make them look even bigger for me.

Jill continued to compliment me on my sexiness and then said that she had been trying to get Todd to shave smooth for some time, but he was unsure about how to do it safely. I told them I use a special electric hair trimmer which eliminated the risk of cuts. Then, feeling really bold and more excited, I said I'd be glad to help make him smooth today if he'd like. Although he was still wary, he was turned on by the prospect. Jill responded by saying she'd love to see that, and with a bit of her coaxing he agreed to give it a try. Luckily my suitcase was in the car and I had my special trimmer with me, but would have to go and get it. We agreed that I would come to their motorhome in 15 minutes, and that we'd best part ways before our hardons were raging and it would be difficult to walk back into the pool area. They gave me one of their towels just in case I needed to "cover up". Needless to say, as I walked to the car my mind was racing with excitement and sexy thoughts in anticipation of spending some private time with this sexy couple.

(to be continued...)

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