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Many people that read stories on this site no doubt end up getting turned on and end up having a sexual encounter of some type. Some people will be lucky and have someone around to help out and some will end up having to masturbate.

Masturbation is one of those things that everyone does (or just about everyone) but no one talks about. The chat lines on the internet are one way of talking about masturbation with out having to look the other person in the face.

I am one of those guys that does talk masturbation on the internet and shares my stories etc. with the other person. One of the things I have done is explain the game of “numbers” to people.

Numbers is a masturbation type game that I play and have told a few people over the last few years.

People would not masturbate if it were not enjoyable. Too much of a good thing tends to take the fun out of the activity. Variety is the spice of life and that saying holds true for masturbation.

You can get variety in masturbation by changing the location that you do it (in bed, in another room, in the shower, sitting on the toilet etc.). You can also get variety by changing the time of day that you do it (early morning orgasms on a full bladder are different).

I always figured the best way to get variety was to change the way that you do it. Females are lucky in that they have more then one way to do it. Most females would use their fingers but also have the option to use a vibrator, dildo, shower massager, water jet from a pool/spa/bath tub, humping a pillow. Guys for the most part are stuck with their hand.

Although guys are stuck with the hand there is different ways to stroke the hard cock. The first thing is they can do is go "dry" or use a "lube". I would be classified as a "dry" guy and never even knew for the longest time you could use a lube. I have tried using the lube and it is a lot of fun - different that is for sure, but you need the lube handy - not great when you are sitting in your car and in the mood, or at your desk at work.

The second way that you can change the stroke is the method in which you use your hand to stroke your cock. That is where the game of numbers comes in.

Over time I have developed a few ways of stroking myself.

The first way which I call the number 1 stroke is to take one finger and run it up and down the vein part of the cock - the same spot that a tongue would most likely go during a blow job if the female was just licking the cock and not taking the whole thing into her mouth.

The number 2 stroke is using 2 fingers to stroke the cock - actually one finger and one thumb. What I do is take the finger closest to my thumb and the thumb and make a circle with it. This circle then goes around my cock and I stroke it all up and down the shaft. It is sort of like lips going all up and down the shaft.

The number 3 stroke is using all fingers on my hand. What I do is grab my cock from the top and place all 4 fingers and thumb in the same direction as the cock and stroke that way. Using this stroke if I was to cum it would hit the palm of my hand and not spray all over the place.

The number 4 stroke is the traditional stroke that most guys show when joking around. Call it the fist if you like, make a fist and then relax the hand so the cock can slide up between all the fingers. If you were to cum during this stroke the cum would shoot out the top and land all over the place.

OK, time for the game of numbers. There are various ways of doing the game and I will explain 2 of them.

Method 1 - I would look at the clock (digital) at night time in bed and take the last number and do that stroke for the night. First problem is what do you do when there are only 4 strokes and 10 numbers that could be on the clock. I handled that in that I would come up with a special number 5 each time I masturbated. That could be wrapping a pillow around my cock and humping that, could be using a Kleenex right around the cock and then doing the stroke of the 2nd to last number in the time. That gets me up to 5 strokes. To get from 5 to 10 all I had to do was double the first 5. This was done by saying the first 5 were with my right hand and the 2nd 5 were with my left hand. Could also be done by saying the 1st 5 would be cleaned up with a Kleenex and the 2nd 5 would not be cleaned up and the cum would just stay on my cock/stomach until dry.

Method 2 - decide on the number of strokes that you need - 4 to 10 will work for this way - do not need 10. Then find someone to give you the number and a speed (slow, medium, fast) and then have the person change the number/speed every 10 seconds or so.

When the other person changes the stroke and the speed your hand moves to the new stroke. This works well in person, over the phone, or even in a chat room.

I hope everyone gets the idea and just maybe one or two people will even try it. Once you have the basics done there are all sorts of other number games you can come up with.

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