tagNon-EroticNumchucks: The Legend Ch. 10

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 10

byMy Erotic Tail©

(Numchucks the Second, Shinkers)

The River's side, Texas~

Numchucks was a quiet dog, he rarely barked unless there was a reason. I was woke up in the middle of the night by Chuck's barking. I scolded him and told him, "Go, Night Night." It was Wednesday night. Thanksgiving was in the morning. With all the things to do for thanksgiving we had planned an evening hunt instead of a morning hunt.

But his continuous barking told me something was wrong. My brother bolting through my bedroom door and yelling, "The house is on fire," that was my second clue. The hall way was filling up with smoke as I jumped from my bed and scrambled to put something on.

The back of the house along the porch and the wall along the living room and garage was a-flamed. All adjacent to the fire place. My brother had been up late and had the fire place roaring. Somehow heating up the studs in the wall to a point of igniting. Some quick connections with the water hoses and Alan and I put the fire out. Smoldering smoke and dripping wet back porch, the signs of the dangerous inferno was no more.

The local Volunteer Fire Department shows up as I was rolling up the water hoses. "Its Okay, the fires out." I said as they bolted from their fire truck, gung-ho to do battle with a fire that was already dispersed. But with axes, these anxious fire warriors began hatcheting the walls to look for any possible smoldering fires. The wrecking crew did more damage than the fire did. Tearing out as much drywall and paneling to inspect the studs and interior walls. Standing water pooled up everywhere as the constant spraying was flooding everything. The multiple tracks through the house from wet rubber boots, fire hoses and black smoke and soot was devastating.

After all the excitement settled down and the volunteer firemen finally left I went and took a shower. The smell of smoke and fire is a strong stench and badly needed the relaxing massage of a shower, then to bed. It was every bit of 3 or 4 am by now.

Numchuck's barking woke me up and I looked at the clock it was eight. I got up and opened the bedroom door looking down the hall to see if the fire was the reason for this wake up call. Thinking it might just be time for him to go outside. I got my robe and went and let Numchucks outside. The living room was a mess but not on fire. As I went outside to soak up the beautiful morning and inspect the exterior.

"Your house catch on fire?" A neighbor asked walking up from down the road.

"Yep, last night." I replied, watching Chucks greet them as they turned into the driveway raising their hand and pointing, walking towards me.

"No, your house...it's on fire."

I turned to see what he was pointing at and smoke was coming rather quickly from the backside of the house. I darted through the garage and when I got to the door to the back porch, I saw the fire was alive again along the back wall. I quickly got the water hose and began spraying it down with water.

The excitement rose again as I got the flames under control while Numchucks barked and woke my brother. He came out sleepy eye'd then got the other hose and we put the flames out again. The constant spraying after there was no more fire was insurance that it wasn't coming back to life.

The fire trucks pulled up about the time we had already forgotten we had a second fire and just put the breakfast dishes in the sink. The hatchet squad got to back to having a swinging good time tearing out more walls and giving the structure a much more thorough inspection, before finally leaving.

The fire at the house never started up again but the fire that was about to begin never died. Thanksgiving Day we gave thanks, that everyone was all right and that the fire never really got out of control. What did get out of control was the fact my ex-girlfriend (Sandra) called and her and her friend (Teresa) wanted to come to the lake for the weekend, to get away. I explained the house was a mess and that we had just had a fire. But what's a little fire for a red head.


This started a long distance romance that took Numchucks and I on weekend trips to Marshal, Texas. Sandra liked Chucks so much that she called one day and said, "I got me a lab."

"Oh, you sure its a lab?" I know what a Lab pup looks like but most people might call a little black dog, a black lab to get rid of it.

"Yes. Its father was a Black Lab and the mother's a chuaua."

Now is it just me or do you find this statement interesting? I was in total disbelief till I made a trip up to Marshal and saw this for my self. The little black puppy looked like a black Lab, only teeny tiny. The smallest black lab in the world.

"Whatcha gonna name him?" I asked with curiosity. The five week old pup was being weaned from its mother and instinctively went to Chucks to nurse. Well that didn't go over real good, but Numchucks seem to understand but he still growled at the pup and warned him not to do that again.

I wouldn't believe this if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Sandra thumbed through the local advertisement papers for inspiration to name the puppy. After several trials of words selected from the news paper and off the tops of our heads. She found an ad that said "SHINKERS." I don't recall what was being called this but the word rang out nicely so he got his name, Shinkers.


"Grrrrrrrr..." Came the sound in the middle of the night. The lights were out and everyone was asleep.

"What's that?" Sandra whispered from the covers. The dark room lit slightly from the windows wintery glow. I listened in the dark for clues to why Chucks would Growl.


"Arg...whimper whimper."

"I think Shinkers is trying to get him some milk." I replied after it was obvious. "Numchucks, chill."

The two became best buds that's for sure. But the lab, chuaua mix had shinkers eventually grow to one-third the size of Chucks. He looked just like a lab from head to tale. But his legs were like they were cut off. Short legs with big paws. And like Chucks he showed to be an intelligent Dog right off. Shinkers became Chuck's little shadow. His legs would keep him from being a hunting dog. But Chucks had that covered. Shinkers became the guard dog that traveled with Sandra everywhere as Chucks did with me.

Shinkers was a circus dog. This dog did some amazing tricks that won the hearts of so many as well as Chucks. He learned to fetch our slippers from a game of Hide and seek. The task was so amusing that, "Go fetch the slippers," was daily fun more than the need for something afoot.

He would shake with you and then tell him to, "Give you his other paw" and he would swap paws and shake with you again. When he sat-up and begged, he had such good balance that he could sit there for almost as long as you could wait for him to quit. He spoke, tell him to "Speak," and he'd begin his folly of quiet little growls/bark mixed. Sometimes I would think he was trying to talk. But what he was saying? I had no idea. I think he just wanted to have a conversation along with everyone else. Shinkers didn't think of himself as a dog. I believe Shinkers thought like a human.

"Play dead," was cute as was his "Roll over." His most endearing trick of all was a combination of tricks that we saw on TV and realized Shinkers already knew the tricks. We just had o put them together. "Sit Pretty," would be the command. Shinkers would sit up and beg and while he would be sitting up point your finger at him as if it were a pistol. "Bang, play dead," And Shinkers would fall over to his side and play dead, it was the cutest thing.

The trips to Marshall became routine, arriving on Friday nights and leaving on Sunday to return to Houston. One Sunday while loading the truck to return, I had Numchucks in the back of the truck already to go. I hoped in the car with Sandra to go around the corner to the store and be right back. "Numchucks, watch the truck."

When I returned, Numchucks was gone. I hunted every road leading every which way for way longer than my time frame allowed. I searched my self silly. I eventually had no choice but to go back to Houston without him. And yes, that was one of the longest trip I have ever made.

Sandra called the pound daily, checked the news papers lost and found, drove up and down the roads calling for him for days. Needless to say I called every chance I got for an up date.

Thursday morning, four days later, the vet called and said they were called and given a number for someone had found a black lab with the vet's tag. "Numchucks" I was at work on a delivery. Sandra was at her job. I talked my boss into letting me head up there after "Chucks," with a delivery in that direction. When I got to Marshall, Sandra had Numchucks at her house and yes, I hugged my dog for a long time.

Of course he got an ear full on the way back to Houston. But we were back together again. I went to the house of those who had found Numchucks. I gave them a thank you card with twenty dollars in it. They definitely tried to refuse but I was very insistent. If there's one thing I could recommend to Canine Owners, that would be, have your dog's vet tag, on a secure collar. You may only need it once but that once will make the difference.

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