tagNon-EroticNumchucks: The Legend Ch. 12

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 12

byMy Erotic Tail©

Georgie Girl

Houston Texas~

Numchucks and I were making a delivery to a regular customer in the Southwest Houston area. This company had an Office, small warehouse about the size of a four car garage and a back parking area for their service trucks.

With an arm full of boxes I walked through the warehouse to deliver their supplies. On a rope, by the opening to the back yet curled up in the cool concrete floor of the warehouse, lay this (I say this politely and with great respect, now) Ugly dog. Medium sized, skin and bones, greyhound looking canine that came to me with wagging tail.

I greeted her with a pat on the head and some kind words. The customer came to help me and we exchanged the usual "How do's."

When I got a moment I went and petted the Dog. The man was a bit amazed that she let me near her. He insisted that the dog hates everyone. He was going to take her to the pound later that afternoon cause he couldn't deal with her. I on the other hand, had never met a dog I didn't like.

I looked at her and knew she was headed to the gas chamber. Well, maybe they don't gas dogs anymore but that's what I was thinking at the time. So I took her with me. She went in the back of the truck with Chucks like they were old friends. But soon made it clear she was no push over.

Of course someone else let it be known they weren't a push over either. My now, wife, Sandra. She didn't like the idea of another dog with us already having two. And I agree, my hopes was to find a home for her up at the river where I thought many would like to have a semi-guard dog. According to the man who gave her to me, she ran every one off including him. I hadn't seen that side of her yet.

It was only a day later that I came home with the news that I was fairly certain I had found a home for the dog. I was informed at that time that Phillip had become fond of, "Georgie Girl." I couldn't argue with democracy. So she became the third dog in our family. I had Chucks, Sandra had Shinkers and now Phillip had Georgie Girl.

The name seem to fit and she came to it eagerly. She always seem timid with her tail low if not between her legs. Her floppy type ears always back. And seem gentle as a lamb.

I went to check on Phillip while making the rounds of checking the doors and turning off the lights at night. I opened the door and stuck my head in and took a peek. "Grrrrrrrrrr..."

"Georgie Girl? It's me." And then silence. She was starting to come out of her shell and relax around us more and more. But one thing I was sure of, nobody would be going into Phillips room at night without an aggressive canine to contend with.

Phillips chore was to walk the dogs regular. I had hopes that this would teach him that taking care of an animal is a great responsibility. This also got him out of the house some. I recall walking out on the patio and seeing Numchucks running across the parking lot like a Husky pulling a sled. Of course the weight being Phillip who was holding the lease tightly. Being dragged across the grass and pavement. This was when alternative measures were taken. Like Sandra or I walking Numchucks.

But the weekends at the park and weekday trips that Sandra took them on showed Georgie Girls true talent. Numchucks and Shinkers would jump from the truck or car with joy and anticipation. Later maybe even fear. Georgie girl would sit back and watch.

"Well go get 'em." Was all it took. Georgie girl was the fastest dog I had ever seen. I figured she had to be Greyhound. The man claimed she was an Australian Whippet. I never heard of such a dog. But apparently they are used for hunting for their speed, but to watch her capture a dog, was a sight to see.

She normally passed Shunkers up, more for an ambition to catch the lead dog I figure. But straight to Numchucks who hasn't quit running yet and Georgie Girl would clip Chucks legs and as he fell she went straight for the throat. Snarling and growling and quit as though she was just playing. Then as if she wasn't done yet she headed for Shinkers as if to say, "Now your turn." And then repeat the process by catching, clipping his legs and then hold him by the throat for a few seconds. And if she chose to...she would get up and then go after Numchucks again. Of course Numchucks could see it in her eyes and bolt, to no avail.

Numchucks and Shinkers would prance around the back of the truck eager to get in. Waiting on the tail gate to drop so they could jump in. With Georgie Girl there was no need to drop the tail gate. Tell her, "Let's go," and she sprang over the fender and into the bed of the truck with ease. I've seen her jump into the cab of the truck with the window half way up.

So Georgie Girl got to ride with me to work on alternate days. She took to traveling as well as the other two. And always acted like a perfect lady. I would sometimes get between deliveries and pull over into a shaded area and wait for my pager to go off which usually didn't take, long enough for a nap. But this particular day I was going to try and squeeze one in. It was hot so the windows were down. I was sunken in my seat with my hat pulled down and basically somewhere between reality and dreamland.

"Grrrrrrr....ruff ruff snap." Georgie's growl woke me up. I looked straight at her and she was looking at me. From the passenger seat she lunged towards me. Now, I didn't know any better, I thought she was finally showing what this man said was to be the viscous dog that attacked everyone.

But she went right by my head and at the window by my head she went to barking and growling and causing such a fuss. I turned and looked out my window to see a man stepping back from the truck window very slowly.

"Sorry man, didn't know you had a dog. I was just going to see if you had a smoke I could borrow." Needless to say I didn't loan him anything. And Georgie girl finally showed that she was part of the family. For dogs protect there own in a pack. I was honored as well as pleased with Georgie Girl's protective way. It soon got around that you didn't touch the truck if Georgie was riding with me. You couldn't walk with in three foot of the truck without her sounding like a pack of angry wolves. She was the perfect alarm as well as protective device in the big city of Houston.

I made a delivery back to the place where I had gotten Georgie girl several times and for the longest time I rarely had Georgie girl and this location on the same day. But one day I went there with Georgie. The man came running to the truck wanting to see the dog he had given me.

"Grrrrrrrrrr..." Georgie's hair stood on end. The sign she was about to devour something. And this dog couldn't hold fat if you tied it to her. Skinny as a rail all the time but somehow she still had a look about her that let you know she was serious.

"What have you been doing with her? Why's she growling?" The man asked with a nervous tone in his voice.

"I've been giving her love. What had you been doing to her to make her not like you?" I asked back. For Georgie had proved to be a very affectionate and endearing canine. I could only speculate the reasons why Georgie despised this man. But she was well loved now. Perhaps Georgie had learned what love and a good home was and when she saw this man she thought of her passed and didn't want to go back.

Georgie became part of the family. Phillip's dog had her own personality and purpose. Numchucks was the retriever, Shinkers was the dog that did all the tricks and Georgie Girl became the sergeant of arms. The guardian. The dog you didn't mess with.

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