tagNonHumanNurse Demoness Ch. 01

Nurse Demoness Ch. 01


Lightning crackled through the night sky, illuminating a feminine figure perched in a window of the Hospital Merci. Darkness quickly overtook the lights again and left only the dark shadow of a woman. Dark eyes studied the room in silence, her heart beating fast.

Mina was a lust demon. That is, she embodied everything sexual and then some, but also fed off of the sexual energy in a process that was often fatal to those she preyed upon. Often she considered herself a succubus, but that description did not fully describe what she was. Those demons existed, but for her, she was hindered by their own curse of only feeling one emotion or sin; Lust. This demoness, as she referred to herself often, was able to feel the broad spectrum of emotions that humans did. She had no explanation for it, but that wasn't from a lack of investigating. Lightning flashed revealing her once again.

Porcelain skin came out, but her dark hair stayed in the shadows. It was long but pulled back for ease of entry into the hospital. It also allowed her breasts, which were huge by normal standards, to stand out in their full glorified perkiness. Those round spheres of chest were matched by her wide hips and what she had many refer to as a bubble butt. She had toned legs and arms. Hands sported dark obsidian nails and her feet were actually hooves, which always posed a problem on her feeding nights.

The demoness was hanging out in the window of a private ICU room of the Hospital Merci because this is how she preferred to feed. During the day, the demoness posed as a nurse who, but at night, she returned to a marked room in where the occupant was already knocking on death's door. She did this for two reasons. the first being that it was an almost endless supply of food. The second was for defensive measures. Those who died in the hospital were rarely going to be investigated for causes other than natural being that most succumbed to the injuries or diseases they entered in with. For her, keeping a low profile meant that she could live and continue her goals.

Tonight, her prey was a man, well more of a boy being that he was barely twenty, named Alexander. No doubt, his friends probably called him Alex and Mina had learned of the severely injured man when he was wheeled in right before the end of her last shift. He wasn't going to make it. The diagnosis had been glum and then he was wheeled into the private ICU room to die. His report spoke of no one that was close and for Mina he was the perfect meal, but the report also detailed what had happened.

Alexander was a man who enjoyed the speed that a motorcycle had to offer. It was surmised in the report that he had been enjoying the speed that the small vehicle offered. That speed had been his undoing when a car had changed lanes abruptly and hadn't seen the speedster. There was no time to break and he swerved to avoid the impact, but the spiraling event ended up with him leaving the bike and slamming on the road. The impact had shattered the man's body and had left him closer to death's door than many of the multitudes that came through. It had Mina wet with excitement. Meals lie this were hard to come by. His injuries and youth meant that he would be too weak to fight and a decent meal. At twenty, his once bright future was coming to an end, but it was an end that Mina would make as heavenly as possible.

The window had been left unlocked earlier by none other than herself. There were no allies in this place, and she had only one friend. A man named Norm, who's name was a fitting description of the man, except in other places. She thought of Norm and the often meetings they had for sex. The memory helped her get more into the mood for what she was about to do.

The first step into a room was always the hardest. Mina wasn't able to hold her human form if she took too long between feedings. This was such an occasion and so the first step was difficult. Hooves would echo throughout the room if she stepped too hard and sneaking in hooves was a difficult task at best. Hunger consumed her and it made the task no easier.

The hospital hadn't taken in an ICU case in over a day, which was not unheard of, just rare. So for Mina, her day was filled with distractions of needing to feed. That need would eventually take and cause another hunger, a need for sex. So badly that Mina almost thought she was a nymphomaniac. She managed the first step and made it in just as quietly with the second. Her pussy twitched in anticipation and a heat went through her body, signaling that the hunger would not be kept at bay much longer. That would be disastrous because it would take over like an instinct and damn whoever saw or was fed upon at that point.

Both of her mouths watered like a lioness about to pounce upon her prey. Patience, however, was the key in this situation because moving too fast would cause issues. She had an hour before his next check-up and before then, he would be dead. As she walked up to the bed, still careful to keep her hooves from making any noise, she prepared to begin the process in which she would be able to feed on the beaten and battered Alexander. This process, which would begin with her own pleasure first, would flood the room with pheromones that would stir the man into a lustful disposition. unconscious or not, if he was in need of sex, it was a window in which she could invade his mind. Though, she had to be perfect tin the speed in which she introduced the pheromones into the room. Too much too fast and his weakening heart could give out and he would die before she fed.

Being a demon, Mina sported a tongue like a snake, but it was thick and heavy. Both of its pointed ends ran across her lips in anticipation of the coming meal. Kissing was a huge turn on for Mina and even though she was a little horny, playing with the lips of her mouth would help increase that. It worked and the hormones began wafting from her with signature smell; cinnamon. The scent would tickle his nostrils, though how it permeated through the plastic breather on his face was from the machines filtration center. It would be more concentrated and for Mina, she hope that would mean a quicker feeding. She needed to kick up her own desire in order to increase her prey's sex drive. I order to do this, she began playing with her own body, starting by needing her own bountiful bosom. Her level of sexual need increased tenfold when her finder eventually worked on pinching her nipples, causing heat to radiate more in her body. Alexander shifted in his sleep and Mina breathed heavily because the cinnamon pheromones were overtaking the painkillers in his system.

The window was open to his mind now, a fact that Mina found out when she prodded with her own mind. That was all it took and she began working on his dreams to create more erotic ones. In his case, those dreams would be of a blonde girl with pigtails wearing a red and white striped skirt and a white sweater with a red letter A on it. Though the A looked deformed being that he had some degree of control of his dream, but only as much as the form of his dream didn't clash with Mina's own form. Her chest was huge and her victim's dream girl sported the same mammaries.

The dream girl began to dance and Mina heard him mumble the name, Jessica. Manipulating the mind was a difficult task and it took time, but as Mina began wearing him down, she began to gain more control of his dream girl Jessica. Jessica, who was now a puppet, began a dance that was both erotic and a strip tease. Clothes would slowly be taken off in the dream, but Mina was already naked and was beginning to grow impatient with the way her sex was buzzing for attention.

Groaning, Mina decided that her own body needed some attention in order to keep her mind charade going. Jessica would be used for the sex and Mina ran a hand through the man's bed and found that he was hard and willing. So hard and willing that Mina was doubly surprised to find that her meal was well-endowed. This made her squirm in need, and now she could feel the want of her pussy running down her legs. Her kitty, as she liked to call her female anatomy, need attention and she was all too willing to oblige. Fingers delved into her pussy, which the labia were swollen real in contrast to her porcelain skin color.

Mina was proud of her sex. It sported thick puffy lips, which barely contained the throbbing big clit that she had. It was huge and when she was aroused, the thing would spread the top of her labia out. With a mirror once and spread eagle, she had discovered that being super horny meant that her sex would throb just like a man's cock; like Alexander's cock. She began to play with his cock, running fingers up and down its length. In his dream, Jessica had finished her strip tease and was now knelt in front of him, playing with his member in the same way. There was a compelling will that she should suck his member, and in order to keep the victim placated and no in distress, she moved pulled back his hospital sheets and pulled up his gown. His cock sprang free with an enthusiastic bounce and she smiled, knowing that it was just gonna taste so good.

"Please, Jessica..."

He moaned this and like his cheerleading blonde, Mina engulfed his full length in on swallow. It was a mouthful, but one she was more than happy to taste. Her forced tongue would work in swirls as she bobbed her head up and down. His dream girl would also suck him off, and Mina was thankful her extra components within her and that they would be lost in the dream. The ministrations paid off and Mina got the first taste of her meal. It was just a droplet of pre-cum, but it came with much-needed life-force and she drank it more greedily than a miner digging for gold.

For her, the feeding was the most important thing. The hunger was unbearable if left unchecked and it would eventually turn her into a mindless sex fiend until it was satisfied. She moaned in anticipation and Mina could see that in his dream, Alexander was bucking, close to a full release. Her stomach growled in anticipation of the feast that was open to happen. When he did release, pulled his essence into her, feasting on the memories and his spirit. It was too bad that he was done quickly and that it kept her from finishing him off. Not that she was complaining too much, there was another hunger that needed to be fed; her sex drive.

Alexander stayed hard in his dream and his dream girl moved so that she could straddle him in the chair that he was sitting in. Mina followed suit, climbing into the hospital bed. Alexander only saw Jessica as she sank down onto him, but it was, of course, Mina who impaled herself. There was a growl of appreciation and her hunger jumped in octaves, both in need of more of him and need of the sex. Jessica began her ride and Mina followed suit, marveling in how spread she was and how wet she was. She was thankful that the potent pheromones and her sex would dissipate quickly after she left. Demons didn't possess DNA like humans did so there was literally no was of her to get caught unless someone walked in.

Alexander audible gasped. His member was being squeezed like it was in a velvet glove. It was super warm inside of his fiancé and Alexander couldn't recall her ever being this eager and she was implying technique with her body he had only dreamt of.

Mina herself like to have any member buried deep within and for a while, she just grinded on her prey, enjoying how he scratched a deep itch. Sex was never hard to come by for Mina and in fact, she was normally hooking up with Norm. But sex and feeding, that was an experience of ecstasy that Mina was hard pressed to get. A good meal often allowed her to concentrate on other activities and at least try and live a normal life. A life that she hadn't found what she really wanted yet; love.

The pace changed and Mina decided to start taking his length in full stroke. He would almost pop out of her depths before being swallowed back up the heated depths. The demoness realized that she was running out of time and couldn't understand why her prey hadn't thrown himself away into her yet. the pheromones were flowing and Mina wasn't sure how much more of the cinnamon pungency could be pumped out before the scent began to filter out and into the hospital. This needed to be ended quickly and so she leans forward and began pumping her hips really fast so that the pace of sex was increased. Mina loved to be on top, but the lack of reciprocation on his part left a little to be desired. Then she felt him thicken in his impending release and she couldn't wait to finish feasting upon him. She would drink him up through his cock like drinking through a straw. Problem is, she would have to keep herself from draining the vessel fully. When she fed, there was nothing left but dust afterward. Plus, in order to maintain her secrecy, she would have to leave just enough of him so when his body failed, there was still a body. This was not an easy task, but Mina had found that the rewards of success far outweighed the work. Then he said words that spelled doom to the whole situation.

In his dreams, while Jessica rode him wildly and screamed in enjoyment. That was until he reached up with tears in his eyes and grasped her face He pulled her in close and told her he loved her as he released himself. Mina almost cried out in joy and began feasting on the dying boy trapped underneath her. That is until the actual feeling of love hit her. Rad tattoos appeared across her body, forms of demonic writing that spelled the rules of being a demon and any contracts that she had. Though, for her, there was only one contract, but they flared up when one of the rules were being broken.

The love hit her like poison and pain laced throughout her body, turning the feeding from joyous into a nightmare. A rule and been broken and for Mina, it was quickly apparent that the rule had to do with his love. Demons were allowed to consume anyone, willing their victims offered themselves freely. Mina had fallen into a trap of her victim being unconscious, and so her feast upon him was illegal by the demonic rules. His profession of love was for Jessica and not for Mina, which meant that unconscious, his true desires had come out. It wasn't here, and his pain continued to lace through her. It was a punishment and one she was likely not to survive and in agony, Mina cried out. She needed to do something and fast. There was one hope for her, and Mina took it.

Putting energy and life-force back into a victim was nothing knew for Mina. Sometimes the sex was so good that she had done it before to keep it going. Though that wouldn't be the reason for it now, though she would have to keep the sex going. In desperation, she started foreign the energy back into him, but there was going to be a problem with this. The energy that had been absorbed into a demon and then given back took on healing properties. Mina had to hurry because in time, his body would begin to heal and the man would no longer need to be in the ICU.

The pain from the contract started to subside and the red tattoos faded. Mina sighed in relief, but as soon as the pain faded, the hunger came back tenfold. Worse, Alexander had woken up and was staring at her. She smiled and told him it was his lucky day and if he spoke of anything, she would come back and kill him. There was an audible pop when she pulled off of him and it was a hectic process to get out of the room. She didn't even cover him up or try to hide her echoing footfalls. She was out the window win a flash and landed the six stories below behind some bushes. In the dark, there was no chance anyone saw her fall.

The night was till young and Mina was panicked. She needed to find a meal and quickly. Her vision was already blurring and she realized she would have to resort to measures that she rarely ever had to use. Out there in the city, Mina would have to find a random man to attack and consume. It was no easy task, but from the shadows, she would be able to make it happen.

She found her victim standing in an alleyway, getting high. He wouldn't be an ideal feast, being that Mina actually did not like the taste associated with drugs, but high, she would be able to take advantage of him. When he saw her, he looked surprised, but her nakedness reassured him that she was an illusion to his mind.

"Whoa lady, you're gorgeous. These drugs are awesome."

She didn't reply, but instead relied on his inebriated state to walk up to him. Her thoughts were completely on feeding and sex. Haven been denied one, she needed to feed, but she also wanted to get off very badly. His pant were loose fitting and they'll down to his ankles with just a tug. She dropped down and began sucking him off, not even worrying about releasing pheromones to get him in the mood. He was ready and willing, if not disappointing in the equipment department. What did she care, though, she just pretty much ended a fix like her did, and so here she was sucking him off and fingering herself in an alleyway. Drugs numbed a person and when he exploded into her sucking maw he didn't even notice that he was losing body mass. Memories hit her and she released in the meal, which also helped her forget about the earlier pain. He dropped to the pavement and Mina was upon him like a pack of wolves to fallen prey. He didn't las along in her squeezing depths and he blasted away into her quicker that she would have like. The hunger was too much and so she consumed him in his entirety, leaving a pile of dust in the alley that lay in the outline of a human. She cared not and released the relief she had gotten from him. It was time to head home, but naked and in demonic form meant that the way home would be a long and arduous one.

A journey that she would have to stay hidden from view and also keep snacking to none. One victim was okay for now, but if there were other feedings like that or the right victim had family that had resources, another danger would be presented to her; hunters.

Mina got up and cleaned herself. A process which involved licking her own juices of her fingers and any cream from her now deceased prey. Her porcelain skin made it tough to hide and he wings displayed the color like a beacon in the dark. She flew up to the roof of on the buildings in the alley used the rooftops to get around fast and unseen. Hopefully, no one would be around, but if they were, Mina would feed again in hoped that a second feeding would hold her over longer. The night was long and she was happy to be headed home for some much-needed rest.

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