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Nurse Lovewell


Tom Mullins knew he was a lucky man. He remembered seeing the green light change to red through the downpour, and putting his foot on the breaks, but after that, it was all a blur of screeching tires and a deafening crash. From somewhere he remembered seeing flashing lights, and hearing a voice telling him he would be ok, but from that moment on, all was lost to him, until he woke in the recovery room with both his legs in plaster, and a headache the size of Texas.

It had been almost a weeks since the accident, and most of his more superficial wounds had healed. Every afternoon, just after lunch, a male nurse would arrive with a bowl of warm water and give Tom a sponge bath that he was not at all comfortable with. Still, he had no choice in that matter, and the male nurse did seem very professional, doing his best to make Tom feel more comfortable with the situation.

Today though, things seemed a little different around the ward, and one of the staff informed him that there had been a roster change. Some new student nurses would be working in the ward as part of an exchange program with another hospital. Tom didn’t see how this would affect him, until the new nurse came to give him sponge bath.

At first Tom thought someone must be playing a joke on him, perhaps one of the guys from work was setting him up and had a hidden video camera somewhere, but when the nurse pulled the curtains closed around his bed, and pulled back his sheets, it became very apparent that this was no joke.

His new nurse could have been no more then twenty-two. She was about five foot eight, honey blond hair, and the bluest eyes he had ever seen. Her large breasts were mostly hidden inside her uniform, the fabric straining to contain the delightful mounds, her ample cleavage more then enough to tease the eyes. Her slim waste and rounded bottom was not left unnoticed by Tom either, and no sooner had she dipped the sponge into the water, then Tom had a raging hard on that was impossible to hide. He blushed a little with embarrassment, trying desperately to think of anything that might make his throbbing member deflate, but as soon as her hands touched his body, he knew he was more likely to explode then deflate.

The nurse, Kyle Lovewell by her nametag, seemed unperturbed by Tom's predicament, washing his body with gentle strokes, being sure not to miss anything and washing around his wounds with professionalism. Rolling him gently onto his side, she washed his back and buttocks, and then toweled him dry before rolling him back again. The last thing she was to wash was his pelvic area, and Tom was both dreading this, and anticipating it with great enthusiasm. Nurse Kyle however, washed the region thoroughly and as though every thing was quite normal.

As she picked up the towel and began to dry Tom’s tortured body, his erection was bordering on painful. With the bath over, Nurse Kylie pushed the tray with the bath water on it to one side and reached for a clean towel. This she placed over the tops of his legs, covering the plaster. The other nurse had never done this before, and Tom was more then a little curious as to what she was doing, but not curious enough it seemed to entice his erection to loose any of it stiffness. Tom had always been quite proud of his manhood. Eight inches was nothing to be laughed at after all, and often had him receiving attention he was not at all sure he deserved, but right now, he would have done just about anything to make it go away.

“Are you feeling any better now Mr. Mullins?” Her voice was as soft as he wished his dick would become, but the sound of it only severed to make matters worse. He was almost sure there was moisture seeping from the eye of his dick, but was too embarrassed to look incase he drew more attention to it. He hoped that she might not notice, but she picked up the moist towel from his bath and wiped the droplets away without a word. Tom wanted to sink into the mattress and hide.

With a stupid grin and an almost total loss for words, he stammered, “Yeah, much better.” It was a blatant lie, but hopefully it was enough to make her go away before he embarrassed himself further.

“You look a little tense, but perhaps I could help you with that. You’ll mend much faster if you can relax more.” And with that, she cupped her hand fully around his throbbing shaft, squeezing it gently before sliding her palm up, and over his increasingly moist head.

Tom moaned and sank back into the pillow, hoping the guy in the next bed couldn’t hear, but not really caring if he did. The feel of her slender fingers wrapped around his shaft was worth any ribbing he might get from the other guys in the ward later. Slowly she worked her fingers along his shaft, massaging and rubbing every inch of his now throbbing manhood. Her touch was soft, deliberate, expert, and Tom knew he was in the hands of a professional. Closing his eyes, he lay back, prepared to enjoy the sweet relief her hand was offering. He wondered if he should inform the nurse that although he was quick to gain an erection, he was very slow to ejaculate, but as her hand slid over his head, and down over his shaft again, he decided to keep the information to himself.

Nurse Kylie Lovewell continued to stoke his shaft, running her fingers up and down, twisting her hand a little with each stroke to increase the sensation, picking up the pace and then slowing again, but it seemed her expert masturbation skills were not having the desired effect on Tom. This method of relaxing a patient had never failed before, and she was a not a nurse that liked to fail in her duty to help her patients recover as fast as possible. She paused for a moment, considering what to do next.

Unfastening the front of her uniform, she pulled one side of her bra down, and released one of her large, rounded breasts. Tome laid still, his eyes closed and his breath deep and even. She took his hand and placed it against her breast, allowing him to take the full weight of it in his palm. Tom smiled sheepishly, not opening his eyes, but moving his thumb across her soft orb until he reached its center. Her nipple was large, and soft, but soon contracted into a hard bead beneath his probing thumb. He longed to feel that hardened flesh on his tongue, but it was impossible for him to sit up, so he was content to fondle it and imagine what it would be like to suck it deep into his mouth. His mouth watered a little at the thought and he could almost taste the sweetness of her smooth pale flesh.

Nurse Lovewell returned to stroking his shaft as he fondled and squeezed her breast, feeling sure that the extra stimulation would bring Mr. Mullins to successful release. It soon became obvious though, that this was not enough. In frustration, she leaned over him and began to gently kiss his balls. Tom was a little shocked; he had definitely not expected this. He squeezed her awesome breast a little harder, picturing in this mind that his mouth was sucking even harder on her large nipple, urging her on. Her tongue reached out, licking and teasing the sensitive area between his balls and his anus before her lips sucked each of his balls in turn deep into her mouth. He could feel himself building slowly, but he was a long way off coming yet.

As she continued to suck and lick his balls, her hand never missing a beat as it stroked and pulled his cock, she seemed to become a little more involved in the treatment then she was when she first started. Her mouth had become hungry, her licking and sucking becoming less methodical and more lustful. Moving her hand, her hot tongue made a wet trail up the length of his shaft, around the rim of his perfectly formed knob, and back down again. The next long lick found her lingering at the rim of his head, licking and teasing, tasting the salty juices that slowly dripped from its center.

Tom moaned again, opening his eyes to watch as his cock vanished into the depths of that beautiful face. In his mind he wondered what it would be like to be buried deep in her body, to feel the hot, wetness of her pussy enfolding around his ridged shaft. To have her on her hands and knees before him as he drove his cock harder and harder into her creamy cavern. The thoughts brought him closer to the edge, and he could feel the urgency building within him. He had no desire to cum yet, but the pleasure was just too exquisite. The next long, hard suck saw him closer to the end, and he knew there was nothing he could do to stem the tide of passion that was about to be unleashed.

Harder and harder she sucked, taking the full length of him into her mouth and throat as if her sole intention was to devour him. He tried to lift his hips, to force himself just a little deeper into her hungry mouth, but the plaster kept him pinned to the bed. He had often wondered if bondage would be as exciting as it sounded, but not being able to take control, to contribute to the pleasure, was not as exciting as he thought it might be. He wanted to take this woman, and take her hard. Make her moan and scream in her pleasure, as he took his own. He pictured it in his mind. Her slim body beneath him, her breasts bouncing back and forward as he delivered thrust after powerful thrust into her hot, wet pussy.

The image was more then he could stand, his mind fixated on the thought of his cock pushing deep into her for one final thrust. Hot cum shot from his cock, filling Nurse Lovewell’s mouth and throat with salty love juices. In his mind, he was deep in her pussy, filling her very core with his seed, bathing her within with the heat of his passion. Nurse Lovewell took every drop of his seed into her mouth, swallowing deep the flood of salty cream he pumped into her. Her tongue reached for every drop that managed to escape her lips, retrieving it hungrily and swallowing it.

She continued to suck, even after he was spent, determined to suck every last drop of cum from his cock. Tom lay on the bed, his legs shaking a little and his breath deep and slow. His hand fell away from her breast, his head spinning with the intensity of the release.

Norse Lovewell felt a sense of pride in having accomplished her task; reaching for the still clean towel she had placed over Tom’s legs and wiping her sticky, wet lips. She didn’t normally go to such extremes to aid a patient, but then, she had never struck such a difficult patient before. Still, she had not failed in what she had set out to achieve, and felt quite satisfied with herself. Refastening the front of her uniform, she picked up the washcloth and stepped from Tom’s cubicle. She rinsed the cloth in warm water, and returned to his bedside, wiping his cock and balls clean of any remaining semen and saliva. Her job was done, and in her opinion, done well.

Pulling the covers back over Tom, she tucked him in, collected the bath dish, and left Tom to relax in the wake of orgasm. Tom had not even realized she had gone until the noise of the dinner try woke him some hours later. He chucked to him self a little, remembering how his last girlfriend would always become upset with him for going to sleep right after he blew his load. It wasn’t his fault coming was so damn exhausting. He looked about for Nurse Lovewell, but she was nowhere to be found. From the time, it was probably well after shift change, so he would not see her until tomorrow, and bath time. A wicked smile brightened his face at the thought.

The following day, right after lunch, Tom lay back in his bed, watching the clock, knowing full well that the nurse would soon be coming to give him his bath. Right on time, the bath tray was wheeled in, pushed by no other then his usual male nurse. Tom felt a combination of disappointment and relief. He had been looking forward to repeat of yesterdays bath, but wasn’t really sure he was up to a repeat performance so soon. In a way, it was probably better this way. He would always have Nurse Lovewell and her magical bed bath to remember.

Bath time over, he lay back and closed his eyes, thinking back on yesterday and wondering if anyone was ever going to believe his tale. The male nurse pushed the trolley away but had no sooner left the room than he returned and handed Tom an envelope. “I was asked to give you this, I almost forgot.” Tom thanked him and opened it. Inside was a piece of paper that simply said, “Call me when you’re UP and about, Nurse Kylie Lovewell.” There was a phone number and an imprint of red lipstick where her lips had been pressed against the paper. How he would always remember those lips.

It was not surprising that Tom recovered in record time, and the first thing he asked for as he left the hospital, was a phone.

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