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Nurse Lucia


You awake to another dreary day in the spinal injury ward of the hospital. Now out of traction, you are still largely confined to bed and in an extreme neck brace, which you're told will help your fused spine heal properly. Still on medication, you spend your days drifting in an out of sleep, noting the passage of time only by how often meals are left for you. Though you receive visitors almost every day, boredom has become your common foe as each day blends into the next.

You long for some excitement, some life, some release from the bonds of your medical prison. As you awake this day, you resign yourself to the unlikelihood of any of those results, and slowly, with great difficulty, eat the breakfast delivered to you by the sallow faced girl from the cafeteria. Despite her obvious homeliness, you find yourself pondering carnal encounters with her nearly every day, as your sexual frustration increases with your boredom. Though you would normally not have given the girl the time of day, your inability to comfortable take care of things yourself has left you in a state of sexual desperation.

As your day drags on, you drift to sleep in the early afternoon, tired of the meagre fare provided by day time television. After an indeterminate amount of time passes, you find yourself suddenly awakened by a soft touch on your arm. You are groggy with medication and sleep, and blink your eyes repeatedly to clear their bleariness as you scan to find the source of your wakefulness.

"Its time for your sponge bath, hun." A woman's voice says to your right, as he hands begin to pull back your blankets.

With your limited ability to turn your head, you scan with your eyes and catch just a few glimpses of the nurse as she prepares her sponge, basin, and warm water for you. Her long dark brown hair cascades down her back, and you cannot fail to notice her voluptuous figure as she moves in front of you to introduce herself.

"Hello Andrew," she says "I'm nurse Lucia. I was just transferred from the pre-natal ward today, so I'll be doing your rounds a few times a week from now on."

You are startled by the energy and life in her deep brown eyes, and by the fullness of her lips, as they almost sensuously pronounce each word. As she bends to examine your chart, you catch a view down her button up white nurse's gown, and see that he ample cleavage is restrained by a frilly white bra. You instantly feel your cock begin to harden as she stands back up and smiles widely at you.

"I see your recovery is going well! Hopefully we'll have you out of here in no time!"

You begin to question your desire to escape the hospital given the possibility of seeing this brown eyed angel on a daily basis. You shudder involuntarily as she begins to undress you with a soft but professional touch, and are painfully aware that your raging erection will be revealed in mere moments as she pulls your backless gown off of your arms. Your face flush with embarrassment, you stare at her face waiting for her expected shock, horror and disgust. You certainly receive one of the expected emotions, as shock plays out clearly on her lightly tanned face. Eyes wide and jaw dropped, nurse Lucia stares at your engorged missile as it lays on your stomach.

"Oh my god..." she utters, and then, surprisingly follows it with "You poor man! Your balls look ready to burst!"

Shocked yourself now, you gaze downwards to find her assessment not far from the mark. The weeks without release had left their mark on you, and your balls are easily the size of large eggs, pulling your scrotum taught with their swollen contents. Your sack seems to shine, the skin is pulled so tightly over your balls so as to make it seem literally about to burst. You blush a bright red and attempt to stammer an insufficient response to the nurse, but are cut off mid-sentence.

"No no, don't you apologise. I can't believe you have been left in this state for so long! We'll have to take care of that!"

Without further pause, the nurse licks her hand sloppily, and briefly holds it up for your inspection. You see that he hand is coated, from palm to fingertips in shining saliva, which she uses to begin caressing your impossibly swollen testicles. She kneads them gently in her hand, and leans over your not throbbing shaft, seemingly to inspect your equipment closer.

"Look at that poor big fat cock," she opines quietly, "such a shame that its been neglected for so long."

She moves her hands higher, and you feel her warm saliva begin to slather your shaft as she allows her mouth to water uncontrolled, so that a long line of drool leads from her lips to your cock. She uses both hands now, one to rub your balls and the other to rub the flat of her palm on the underside of your cock shaft, spreading the wetness thoroughly over the entire surface. She grasps your cock in he hand, and gives it a nice squeeze, smiling when your cock throbs in an involuntary return gesture of affection.

"You are ready to just explode!" she says at a whisper, her lips close enough that you can feel her breathe on your pulsing fuck-tool.

She begins to softly stroke your cock up and down, her hands incredibly gentle so as not to push you over the edge too quickly. Never-the-less, you quickly feel the heat in your loins begin to grow, and let out a low moan of pleasure and close your eyes as your cock continues to throb in her grasp. You hastily open your eyelids when you feel a light flicker on the head of your cock, and bear witness while the nurse plants the softest, most delicate kisses imaginable onto the crown of your cock.

"Such a beautiful, hard cock." She mutters, seemingly ignoring your intellectual presence in favor of focusing all her attention onto your manhood.

She continues to kiss your cock, only now more forcefully, lashing her tongue out to writhe about your head, flickering and circling, tracing the features and contours and smiling all the while. She strokes your cock deeply, firmly, and slowly, her other hand cupping your intensely oversized balls, cradling them in a warm embrace. Her saliva runs down your shaft freely as he mouth waters on the head of your cock, lubricating her hand as it continues to stroke you towards release.

"I need to taste you." she half speaks, and half moans as her mouth descends onto your cock.

You feel an incredible warmth engulf your cock, and descend lower and lower on your shaft as she pushes her mouth down on you. Her hand forms a tight ring around your girth and slides effortlessly down to your base, with he mouth trailing close behind. You feel pressure and resistance as your head hits her throat, and then, with a gulp, enters it. As the tip of your dick pushes deeper into her, you can feel her lips stretch forwards to reach the root of your cock, her lower lip pressed against the seem between the base of your shaft and your sperm-laden balls.

Your eyes meet hers as she looks up at you, your entire massive, throbbing hard on buried deep inside her. You can see her throat begin to convulse, and feel it tighten around your cock as barely audible gags emit from deep within her. A matching stream of tears begins to run down each of her cheeks as she struggles to maintain the your cock's depth inside her. With a final massive convulsion, she pulls her mouth back, releasing a thick, soupy downpour of saliva from her lips as she gasp for air, hovering over your cock and continuing to stroke it, faster now, and with purpose.

You groan as you feel her well lubricated hand sluice up and down your cock, and soon feel her lips join that stroking appendage as she bobs up and down on your cock, moaning with undisguised lust. You feel a boiling in your balls now as you approach the point of no return, and struggle to keep from aggravating your neck by pulverizing the nurses face, pummeling your cock in and out of her warm, wet mouth. A loud moan of ecstacy escapes your lips and the nurse looks up from her work as if just realizing how close your imminent explosion was.

"Oh hun, I want to feel your cum all over my face." the nurse says in a tone that conveys a primal sexual hunger that will not accept anything less than satisfaction.

Climbing onto the bed between your legs without missing a stroke, the nurse kneels low so that her face is pressed into your balls as she rubs your cock up and down. She begins to lick and kiss your over-sized balls as you feel the cum begin to bubble up your shaft. You attempt to give a verbal warning but all that escapes is a guttural growl, which causes the nurse to look up. Time seems to freeze momentarily as your eyes lock, and you are overcome by the feeling that this must be what a deer feels when staring into the eyes of a hungry wolf.

The moment ends with explosive glory, as an enormous jet of semen blasts from your cock high into the air. The nurse doesn't even blink as that first heavy shot misses her face entirely and reaches five feet in the air above the bed. She doesn't even flinch as the stream of cum then cascades downwards to land thick splattering ropes of cum onto her forehead and into her hair, just as the second wave of cum erupts forth, aimed this time to ricochet off of her nose and fall sloppily back onto her hand as it continues to stroke you.

"Oh yes!" she exclaims as she is showered by your torrent of cum. "Paint my face with your seed!"

Five more massive blasts of semen burst out of the end of your cock, these aimed directly at the nurse's face, plastering her with your heavy load. Streams of cum coat her cheeks and nose, and spackle her left eye shut. Cum drips off of the end of her nose, and she licks her tongue compulsively at it. She slobbers all over her cum covered and, and your sticky shaft as your cock continues to surge with aftershocks of semen, spilling it out to run messily down the length of your shaft. The nurse moans as she eats up your cum, her face utterly drenched, her hair plastered in places to her forehead and ear.

After several minutes of furiously and hungrily eating your cum, the nurse stands, and straightens her gown, her face still covered in cum. Resuming her professional air, she dips the sponge in the warm water and proceeds to clean you, slowly, and with great care to your delicate and recovering organ.

"That will do for an initial draining," she says with a medical certainty, "but I will need to perform the procedure regularly to keep you from relapsing."

You cannot even mumble a response as the nurse uses your bathroom to clean herself up. She emerges looking fresh-faced, and you catch a glimpse of her white sheer panties and stockings as she pulls her skirt back down into place. With a smile that lights up the room, she waves her hand and walks out of the room. In parting she says:

"Just ring the buzzer if you need anything!"

You smile contentedly to yourself as you drift off to sleep again, thinking that after a brief rest, you may have to summon her back to take care of the returning pressure in your groin. Perhaps, you think, your recovery can wait a few more weeks.

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by Anonymous

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by NoH8red06/25/17

Love the fellatrix

Great story and the growing tension. It like was going to explode at the same time.

Love all of your work. There is a genuine sense of reality and "yeah, this could happen." Keep writing!

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by naet05/21/17

love those insatiable cock suckers. thanks for writing awesome stories.

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