Nurse Mom

byMany Feathers©

"You must be doing better," she said walking over to hand me some pills and a small plastic cup of water. "You made it through the night without the need for more pain meds," she then added.

I could feel the pain now however, my leg and arms aching horribly, though even I had to admit, not nearly as much as they had been. Even so, I gratefully swallowed the pills, looking around for mom though she wasn't in the room. Noticing I did, the nurse answered my question without it being asked.

"Your mother told me to tell you she'll be back late this afternoon," she explained. "And she also told me to tell you that you should try and get some more sleep, if you can."

I did so, closing my eyes, not opening them again until I heard the sound of her voice later on that afternoon, waking me.

"Brian? Are you awake?"

I opened my eyes, smiling as I saw mom standing over me, the touch of her hand as she swept the hair out of my eyes. She smiled back, but then spoke, worry lines coming into her face as she did so.

"About last night..."

"Yes, thank you," I told her. "You have no idea how much that helped me to sleep," I told her, heading her off as I knew damn well where she'd intended on going with this. I'd already had this conversation with her, well ahead of time, speaking both roles, arguing both sides, and then surprisingly, coming to terms with it for both of us. I made some motion with the heavy lead weights of the casts on my arms, lifting them just barely, unable to bend either one of them, ensuring she saw that. "Remember that talk we had years ago?" I then asked.

She laughed, smiling. "Which one?" She was right, we had had so many.

"That time when you caught me masturbating, and then told me how it was a normal, natural thing to do."

"Yes...I remember," she said actually blushing, though I am sure part of that was due to the recent intimate encounter we'd just had.

"Well, obviously, it helped me to sleep, and according to Nurse Awful, I managed to make it through the night without the need for any more pain medication. So...I owe that to you," I informed her. "Since I obviously can't very well do that myself at the moment," I added with my leaded weight arms still practically pinned to each side of me there on the bed. It was a monumental effort to even shift them a little, trying to find a way to make myself a bit more comfortable as I lay there.


"No buts," I said heading her off. "Don't even go there mom," I said simply. "I can't do it, and I sure as hell don't think Miss Crotchety would be willing to, not to mention the fact I'd actually prefer it if she didn't. You on the other hand..."

I saw her face brighten in surprise, the fear of what I might have thought, or been thinking, well off the mark as she stood there looking down at me.

"And besides, it's like being a junkie, if I can't do it to myself...who the hell else is going to? Unless it's someone I trust and care about...and love," I then added letting her know in that instant, that what she had done for me, I had found to be the most loving and caring of acts I had ever known.

"So you're not..."

"I'm not, anything...except pleased," I said grinning, interrupting her once again, taking away her nervous embarrassment, and guilt in one fell swoop. "And mom?"

"Yes Brian?"

"Before you go home tonight? Will you do it for me again?"

This time she looked at me and smiled, pausing only for a moment as she thought about it, "Yes honey...I will."


We watched some TV together, chatted about normal things, as well as friends and well-wishers who had spoken to her. She'd even told me that Valerie, and the twins had planned on coming to see me tomorrow, now that I was considered to be out of critical condition, and could have visitors. Night fell, the pain meds once again wearing off, though it was still a couple of hours yet before I could have any more. It was uncomfortable, and she could see it, my mind no longer on the TV program we'd been watching together. I'd even left most of my dinner gone untouched for the most part, which they had just taken away, as well as giving the news that it would be a while yet before my nurse would be in to check on me, and give me some much needed relief. That however was no longer the relief I was hoping for.

Once again mom pulled her chair up closer to my bed, simultaneously pulling the privacy curtain around just enough to shield anyone who might walk in on seeing us, and what she obviously would soon be doing to me. I wasn't nearly full hard yet, no tent poking up through the sheets, and surprised myself when a very wicked thought came to me, one that I was surprised I actually considered asking, and then did.


"Yes honey?" she asked, not quite having slipped her hand beneath the sheet yet.

"It would help...a lot, if...."

"If what?"

"If did something else for me too," I then told her.

"Like what?" she asked curiously.

"Well, it's not like I have any Playboy's handy," I said causing her to laugh, "You sort of jump start things a little," I spoke.

"So you mean you need more than just the touch of my hand to give you a jump start?" she joked back, though obviously nervous, her mind already processing the hint of what I was asking her.

"Well yeah, sort of," I finished. "But it would help, if maybe you were to...ah,"

Now mom surprised me. Though the privacy curtain was pulled, she looked behind her anyway, assuring herself that no one else could see anything from where she sat.

"You tell me if you hear or see anyone," she then spoke. I merely nodded my head in excitement. One of the reasons I'd even suggested it as being a possibility was the fact she'd worn an easy to lift up tee shirt, no buttons getting in the way. I knew too from previous experience with another girl friend who'd done this for me before, she could likewise include removing her bra along with the shirt, and effectively "flash" me, just as Carol, my ex-girlfriend had frequently done for me. With mom's face showing a bit of color, she reached down, her hands easily bringing up both the hem of her blouse, along with the cups of her bra, exposing her exquisitely molded breasts.

It wasn't the first time I had ever seen them, but certainly not quite like this. Not with her actually doing so, allowing me to sit there and gaze at them to my hearts content, though I also ached to do a lot more than simply look at them too.

We had actually had one of our more intimate grown up discussions with her lying there in the bathtub, though at the time she'd been for the most part hidden in a blanket of bubbles. After a while soaking like that, talking however, her breasts eventually began playing peek-a-boob with me, though upon discovering that she was now exposing a great deal more of herself that she might have intended, she'd ended our discussion, promising to continue it later after she'd gotten out and dried off.

I'd been hard as hell then too, just sitting there looking at her. And now remembered, I had jerked off thinking about her that night as well. Maybe I had done that a bit more frequently than I was even willing to admit to myself. Either way, I was laying there in bed now, admiring my mother's beautiful bare breasts, dark brown areolas, swollen and crinkly hard now, nipples fat and extended, just begging to be sucked on. Which is when I then felt the touch of her hand on me again as it slipped beneath the sheet.

"That better?"

My pleasured groan and moanful sigh gave her my answer.

There was a distinct difference in the way she fondled my cock this time too. Last time, it had been the simple up and down motion of her hand, working it, though that had culminated quite unexpectedly with her placing her mouth over the head of it when I came.

This time, she actually made some attempt at pleasuring me, not in just getting me off. I felt the sensual touch of her fingers, exploring. A gentle squeeze as she sought out some lubrication, her finger easily finding it, gathering it up, and then using that to further stimulate and pleasure me with. She took her time. And I took mine, enjoying it, enjoying the touch of her hand, the sight of her exposed lovely breasts, nipples so gloriously firm and erect, dying to be touched. Which she then further surprised me, by actually touching them, herself.

"This feels so wicked," she said, smiling as she said it, yet meaning it too. And it did, wickedly wonderful, wrong perhaps...even decadent, but wonderfully erotic and sensual beyond belief as she sat there toying with her own breasts, cupping and kneading her soft flesh, pulling and pinching her nipple as she sat there looking at me, watching me as I lay there looking at her doing it. Her hand, accompanying the pleasure of my eyes as they lustfully devoured her.

"Tell me when," she soon after asked me.

"You'll know when," I answered, my breath already labored.

"Tell me anyway," she asked me back in a clipped tone of voice, her own lust now taking over her emotions, her inhibitions at stroking me, still touching herself, long having been left by the wayside.

"Fuck! Any second now!" I warned her, saying the one word I had never spoken in front of her before in my entire life, seeing a brief surprised lift of her eyebrows upon hearing it.

"God, say it again," she stated, shocking me a little.

"Fuck!" I moaned pleasurably, already sensing the first initial warnings of my impending orgasm as my balls began to tighten in expectation of that.

Her hand quickly picked up the pace, her other hand once again pulling back the sheet, where she now purposely looked directly at her handy work, along with my very hard, very swollen, purple looking cock.

I felt the first mind-numbing pulsation, watching...waiting for the feel of her mouth once again, which I expected her to bend over and due any second now. But mom once again surprised me, waiting, the first glorious spurt suddenly skyrocketing out of the end of my prick hitting her squarely in the face. She laughed, only then surrounding her lips about the head of my prick, sucking, swallowing, and sucking again until she had drained me exhaustibly.

"Fuck!" I moaned one last time, hearing her girlish giggle of glee and pleasure as she sat up licking her lips.


"Was that as good as the first time she asked?" Though I was somewhat disappointed as she now reaffixed her bra over her breasts, hiding them away again, likewise pulling down her tee shirt, and then finally replacing the sheet over my still somewhat stiff cock.

"Even better," I said dreamily, still basking in the afterglow of that magnificently wonderful climax. I looked at her directly, the lust in her eyes had not as yet diminished, her own desires, excitement still hovering on the surface. Once again I gambled with my own boldness, not knowing if I'd succeed in the attempt, though I was now determined more than ever to try. "Your turn," I said simply looking at her, letting her know by the expression in my face that I was serious and not joking around.

"Yeah...right, I wish," she said non-committally, though her tone of voice belied the truth of her need even as she spoke.

"So?" I answered back. "Do it...let me see you," I now asked, almost pleadingly. Once again she sat there looking at me with disbelief at hearing what I'd just asked of her.

"You can't be serious," she stated, again giggling, trying to laugh it off, though I saw behind the façade of her nervousness a desire to do exactly what I'd just asked of her.

"Please mom...for me, I can't do anything for you myself, not at the moment anyway," I then added, seeing the raised lift in her eyebrows as I said that. " would mean a lot to me if you would, to see you find pleasure while I watched, knowing that at least in that way, I could participate, and return something in kind to the pure joy you've just given and shared with me."

I saw the internal struggle, the turmoil of what I'd just asked her to do as she actually sat there silently thinking about it. But then I saw the look in her eyes, as the lust seemed to die briefly, rationalization taking over as she answered.

"Brian, I don't think that's such a very good idea, I am after all your,"

"Mother...yes, I know. And it was my mother who just gave me, and shared something very sweet, very intimate, and very loving with her son. All I am asking is that you allow me to do the little that I can do. Share with you at least a small portion of that same sort of intimacy...please?"

I knew the next look on her face would give me my way or the other.

"You're serious, you really want that, want to see me..."

"Yes!" I said eagerly, hopefully, enticing her with my enthusiasm and excitement, and then clinching the deal. "Just the thought of seeing you do that for me, will make me feel a hundred percent better mother...I know it."

Although there was still uncertainty in her face, her words and actions confirmed what I hoped for. Nervously, she snapped open the button on the shorts she was wearing, once again looking over her shoulder towards the curtain.

"You tell me..."

"I will, I will! I promise!" I said, now praying that no one would come in and ruin this moment for either one of us. If they did, it might not ever happen again.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this," she then said, unzipping the fly on her shorts now. I didn't respond to that one, keeping quiet, letting her work through the rest of this now without any further help or coaxing from me. She stood up, now standing beside me, one eye towards the curtain, able to hear as well as see any unexpected arrivals movement, hopefully having a moment at least to cover herself as she took one of the blankets from the bottom of my bed, tossing it over the arm of the chair just in case. There wouldn't be time to pull up her shorts and fasten them again if anyone did come in, and she knew it. But perhaps enough time to sit down, using the blanket and pretend to be sleeping covering herself that way.

It was a nice surprise to discover she wore a thong instead of the more mature underpants I was half expecting to see.

"Wow!" I heard myself actually say as she allowed her shorts to fully open and slide partially down her thighs as she stood there facing towards me. She actually laughed at that.

"What? You expected your mother to be wearing Granny Panties or something?"

"No...not really, just not...a thong!" I openly admitted, feeling a renewed, surprised lurch of interest in my cock upon seeing them.

The one thing she didn't do, was to remove the thong. Maybe that was a bit much to expect under the circumstances. But I did watch in abject fascination as she slid her hand down the front of the tight, tiny waistband, knowing full well where her fingers now were as she fingered herself, standing there in front of me, the material slowly bending, pressing against the knuckles of her hand.

"Please...let me see, let me see you," I half begged, actually forcing myself to sit up a little, even an inch or two more against the pillow behind my head.

"Ok, ok...but lie still," she cautioned me, breathless, her tone of voice dripping with lust, desire and whatever else I had never heard her speak before. She removed her hand, and instead used it to slip off to one side the majority of that tiny strip of material between her legs. I then saw the puffy outer lips of her pussy suddenly appear, her eyes wide, big around as saucers as she looked down towards me, gauging my reaction. I sighed, moaning pleasurably, feeling the lift of the sheet over my prick once again, directing her attention towards it. "Goodness!" she said simply, seeing the newly formed tent once again.

"Keep going!" I urged her. "Come for me."

The wanton desire of my own tone of voice clearly told her that I was again as excited as she was. Her fingers now clearly slipping inside that wondrous slit, the very place I had once come from so many years ago. She probed herself, fingering, teasing, and toying with her clit as she further spread herself, knowing full well as she did so that my face was now only inches away from her sex. As close as she was, I could smell the intoxicating aroma of her arousal, adding to my own. Her clit big as life, so hard, juicy and shiny as she took the essence of herself, using that to smear about the tiny firm little head of her woman prick, just as she had moments ago done to me.

"Closer," I whispered, seeing her take a step. "Closer, please closer!" She took another step, and then another, half waddling towards me until she could go no further, come no closer. But it was enough. "Oh my god! Brian! What are you..." And then she came.

I had barely even touched her clit with my tongue, flicked it perhaps once, maybe three times, as she reached out, laying her hands upon the bed, and then upon me for support as she shook wildly, uncontrollably there standing next to the bed. Her low deep-throated moan squeezing out the pure unbridled ecstasy of her orgasmic pleasure, my tongue flicking against the surface of her clit wildly now as she climaxed, trying desperately to keep the sounds of her joy from going any farther than the curled up edge of her lips.

Seconds later she stepped away, still slightly wild eyed, collapsing down into her chair, her shorts still suspended around her thighs just above her knees. It was then that we both heard the door to my room open, a few seconds later, Nurse curious peeking around the curtain towards us. She'd had just enough time, the blanket thoroughly covering her, clear up to her neck as she sat feigning sleep, the nurse peeking in at us curiously. I placed my finger at my lips, looking at mom nodding my head in her direction. Nurse Smile, did so, whispering, nodding her head in return.

"Take these, they'll help you to sleep," she informed me, and then just as quietly, left the room.

But I had no doubt in my mind at least...I would once again sleep like a baby.


I was in the hospital for the better part of a week, recuperating. Though towards the end of that, released to finally go home far earlier than expected, the Doctor's had proclaimed my rapid recovery as almost miraculous, under the circumstances. I contributed it to the now twice daily, hand jobs and blowjobs I was being given by my mother. That...and not needing to take nearly as much pain medication now as I had been. I'd enjoyed all the friends that had come to visit, in particular Valerie and the twins, both of which had whispered promises of naughty erotic enticements the moment I felt up to it after I got out. Something I would certainly have to think about. But the reality was, I was still going to be laid up in bed for a while, the necessity of moving back into my mother's home at least temporarily, putting everything else on hold. If not...permanently the way I was looking at it.

Initially, coming home was a bit more awkward for us both as opposed to being in the hospital. There, nurses helped me do certain things I couldn't entirely do all by myself. I hadn't really given it much thought, after all they were nurses. But now home once again, it was up to mom to help bathe me, clean me up some when I needed help. Strangely enough, I felt like a kid again, a very young kid again, and entirely at her mercy most of the time.

The one thing that changed almost immediately, which at first really threw me, was the fact that mom came into my room just before bedtime, checked on me, ensured I took my medication, and then left me to sleep for the night. I had my cell phone close at hand, able to call her on hers if I needed anything, but I was a little surprised, and somewhat disappointed when the erotic intimacy we'd shared together at the hospital hadn't continued at home.

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