tagInterracial LoveNurse Nailed

Nurse Nailed

byRumple Foreskin©

I couldn’t believe what was happening. There I was, hauling ass across town, dodging drunk drivers and running red lights, while this sexy white nurse named Donna Faircloth was gobbling on my Johnson like it was the last dark meat on earth and she hadn’t eating in a month.

What made the whole thing even wilder was her being the evening supervisor on my ward. That meant she was my boss. And she was married. And I’d just hit on her a few hours ago. And it was all so fucking unreal.

I’d been thinking about nailing her since my first day on the ward. I’m a senior pre-med student and work part-time as an orderly. The thing is, you’d have to be dead or nuts or gay not to want her. She’s cute as hell with short blonde hair, nice legs, and a cuddly body that looks custom-made for serious fucking.

Now I’d made it with a couple white chicks before and, to tell you the truth, they were lousy lays. So her being white didn’t mean shit. What really turned me on, besides her looks, was her being so much smaller than me. I must be a foot taller than she is, probably weigh at least a hundred pounds more and I’m not bragging-it’s just a fact-that I’ve got a major league hammer. But while she might be a little short, she’s not tiny. Her figure, especially the full hips and great ass, told me her body could handle the challenge.

The weird thing is, I’d have liked her even if she wasn’t an instant hard-on. I’m not bullshitting when I say she’s even nicer than she looks-and that’s saying a helluva a lot. I mean she’s smart but easy to talk to, friendly as hell, never seemed hung up about my being black, and unlike a lot of nurses I’ve known, doesn’t sit on her ass and dump on the rest of the staff.

I’d been waiting for the right time to make a move on her, although I didn’t have much hope. She always seemed the happily married type. And while she didn’t mind flirting, you could tell she wasn’t into fooling around. Besides, even if she did agree, Brenda, my old lady, is jealous as hell and always watches me like a hawk.

Now don’t get me wrong, Brenda’s a classy looking fox in her own right. She’s tall, with these great long legs but, well, she’s kinda on the skinny side, like a fashion model. In fact, she’s done a little modeling.

The problem is she’s not really that interested in sex, at least not since we’ve been married. About once a month would be just fine with her. So maybe now you understand why I may like, even respect, Donna but can’t help being totally turned on by her.

Anyway, having old “hawk-eye” out of town this week visiting relatives, I knew it was now or never. Yesterday I kinda chickened out though ‘cause we were busy as hell and Donna seemed kind of moody and distracted. In fact, she’d been acting a little strange for a week or so. But today one of the aides said Donna and her old man were fighting. That explained her mood and gave me the perfect opening.

We’d often talked about sex and I’d told her all about Brenda’s super-low sex drive. So when we were alone, getting ready to hand out the evening medications, I used her familiarity with my situation to make my move.

“Lady, you’re acting all tense and nervous, kinda like I do when Brenda’s been playing real hard-to-get. You and old Clay having problems?”

“I guess so,” she said, with a shake of her head. “Clay hasn’t been what you’d call overly affectionate since I became supervisor. Then we got into a big fight last week that’s made things even worse.”

I adopted my “shuck & jive” teasing voice, “Man, I can’t imagine any self-respecting dude not wanting to get it on all night long with a fine lady like you.”

“Your sweet to say that, Leroy, even if you’re teasing. But you know, the funny thing is, that’s how I really feel about you and Brenda. Of course, it’s not funny--not for either of us. Believe me, I’ve learned just how much it hurts.” She looked across the meds cart and gave me an empathetic smile.

This was the time and place. I tried to smile and act casual. “Well, you know, maybe the two of us should look into easing each other’s pain. Like, maybe after work.”

She hesitated for what seemed like forever, until she finally said, “Leroy, are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”

Something told me not to make a smart-ass remark, so I just keep my gaze locked onto her big eyes and made this super-small nod. At first he didn’t say a thing, just stared right back. Finally, she gave me this little half-smile, nodded, and then let my heart start beating again by whispering, “Okay.”

After that, the damn shift seemed to last forever. I kept worrying she might change her mind. But she didn't back out. Back out, hell. I’m here to testify that fine, white leg was ready to party.

To throw off any suspicion, we agreed she’d leave work first and meet me in the parking lot of an all-night café over on the other side of town. She was out of her car and into mine the moment I pulled up beside her. The first thing I did was find out if her mouth was as warm and soft and sweet as it looked. And I’m here to tell you, it is.

After I moved back behind the wheel, she kept looking at me. Those big blue eyes were half-closed; her moist lips were slightly parted. What I’m trying to tell you is that she looked so damn fine, so sexy, so inviting, I didn’t know if I could wait until we got to the alley.

That sweet face and luscious body were enough to raise the dead. Knowing all those goodies were about to be mine for the taking was an incredible rush. My stomach was all knotted up with excitement and I could feel old Roscoe twitching in anticipation. I was so hot for that smooth, creamy flesh, I was almost cross-eyed. For just a second, I thought about jumping her right there. But I didn’t want any interruptions, so I just stroked one of her knees, then I made myself shift gears and get the hell out of there.

I hadn’t hit the first red light before she started taking her shoes off. The next thing you know, she’s hiking up the short skirt to her white, nurse’s uniform and pulling off her panty hose and panties. I couldn’t help looking, of course, and got a great view of some fine thighs plus a glimpse of her silky little bush. I couldn’t believe it; she was a natural blonde. It was all such a dick-straining vision, we nearly wrecked.

After saying something about my driving, she handed me her panties. A moment later, her lips were against my ear. While working it over, she asked where we were going. I told her, then just as I noticed the crotch to her panties was soaked, she began unzipping my fly.

I was so stiff and long by that time, she had to unbuckle my belt and unsnap my pants. If old Roscoe had only known what was coming, he’d been fighting to get out. For right there in the front seat, while I was trying to negotiate the late night traffic, she started giving him a blowjob.

Now you better believe it’s one out-of-this-fucking-world experience to be driving down the street weaving between cars and trying to avoid the winos while a foxy, little, blonde chick is going down on you. And let me tell you, she was making like a Hoover, keeping me right on the edge of losing my load.

Now I’ve never really been into oral sex, but when she slowly slid her tongue up and down the shaft, I thought I’d fucking died and gone to heaven. It got even better when she circled the tip of her tongue around my swollen knob, then slowly sucked it back in past her lips and teeth until she had my entire cock head back inside her mouth. After kinda swirling her tongue around it for a minute, she started sucking again.

Man, you can’t imagine how glad I was when we finally turned into that alley. While I was easing the car toward the back, where we’d couldn’t be seen from the road, she stopped sucking, raised her head and looked around. “Are we there, yet daddy?” she asked, giving me this little shit-eating grim. When I said yes, she gave Roscoe a final kiss, then hauled her sweet young ass into the back.

Now in my opinion, it’s real important for a dude to always maintain his cool, especially around a chick. That’s not easy though when your rock-hard boner is still damp from her mouth. So after parking, I took a deep breath to settle my nerves, turned off the motor and lights, turned down the radio, which was just playing disco shit anyway, and pushed in the lighter. We'd have a cigarette first, I figured, then get down to business.

But when I asked if she wanted a smoke, she replied in a low, absolutely un-fucking-believably sexy voice, "What do you think, Leroy?"

Naturally, I turned around. What I saw, even in that dim light, damn near turned me to stone. Stretched out on the back seat of my old car was the sexiest sight I’d ever seen. This drop-dead gorgeous chick was lying buck-naked on her back and looking up at me with those soft, blue, bedroom eyes of hers while giving me a come hither smile that was an open invitation to fuck. What's more, she was slowly stroking a fine looking boob with one hand while casually running the fingertips of the other hand through her tiny, blonde bush. Now I checked out every inch of her righteous bod. But once I’d locked onto that sweet, golden muff, I couldn’t look away, at least not until I heard her say something like, "So tell me Leroy, is a cigarette what you really want the most right now? I mean, if it is, well, that's okay with…."

Now don’t ask me if that’s exactly what she said, because the truth is my brain had gone numb. The only thing I knew was that I’d landed in the middle of a real-life fantasy and was about to fuck the hottest looking chick I'd ever known. Well, to be honest, I also knew I sure as hell didn’t want any cigarette.

I remember shouting something about, "No fucking way!" then scrambling into the back seat and landing right between those beautiful, wide-open legs. After briefly grinding my mouth against hers, I slid down and got a double lip-lock on one of her hard, little, pink nipples. All this time I’m struggling to get my uniform off. Once that was done, I moved back up until old Roscoe nosed into the juncture of those smooth, perfect thighs.

Like I’ve said, it’s important for a dude to maintain his cool, so I kept kissing her until I couldn’t wait any longer. Breaking the kiss, I raised up slightly, and slapped on my best smile. I wanted to watch her reaction when my big, black Johnson sliced fast and deep into that blonde-haired pussy.

To make sure I had a clear shot, I gently lifted and spread her legs. She didn’t object, just scooted around a little to get comfortable. We stayed in that position for a minute, body-on-body, hip-to-hip, motionless and expectant. I could see the lust in her eyes, smell the aroma of need mixed with her perfume, and feel her warm, pale skin shivering with excitement. This chick wanted it bad.

But so did I. And being a real gent, I didn’t want to keep her waiting. The moment old Roscoe plunged into her body I saw her face scrunch up and heard her gasp. When he hit the inner most recesses of her pussy, she shuddered, her head jerked back, her lips formed a small "O" and she moaned, “Oh, yes.” I’d been right about her body. There might not be much of it, but what she did have was prime and able to handle every inch I could give.

I paused while her pussy clutched around the entire length of my hard, dark meat. There was no rush and I wanted to savor it all: The sensation of her tight pussy squeezing my Johnson, The feel of her warm, agile little body under me, and maybe most of all, the sounds of her soft moans and quick breaths as she waited for me to start pounding into that smooth, creamy flesh.

But it was impossible to stay still so I didn’t keep her waiting for long. I began pumping old Roscoe in and out of that juicy, blonde snatch, listening as she let out a cries that sounded like pure passion. Wrapping her arms and legs around my body, she began matching my downward plunges with equally urgent, upward thrusts of her own. Within seconds, I could tell she was having a mind blowing orgasm.

I didn't slow down to let her savor the afterglow, just kept pounding my hammer into her. Before I knew what was happening, she started coming again. The feel of that dynamite little bod twisting and shaking under me was fucking fantastic. I never wanted to stop, just keep nailing her hard and fast until she either begged for mercy or I died in the saddle with a big grin on my face.

By now I could tell she’d lost track of everything but the feel of old Roscoe making like a jackhammer in and out of her silky snatch. I lifted my upper body off her and watched in amazement as she began having one quick orgasm after another. I’d never known any chick, black or white, who did that.

During one climax, she was moaning and tossing her head from side to side while her fingers dug at my back. The moment after that one peaked, she gasped and her body jerked hard. I couldn’t believe it. This chick was having another one. This time her pussy squeezed so hard, it nearly forced me out of that slippery little hole.

The feeling was so great it started me building toward my own orgasm. But this was such an incredible fuck, I wanted the enjoy it a little longer. So I changed my position, then began using long, slow strokes.

Maybe it was the new position, maybe the new pace, but suddenly her arms were wrapped around my neck and she was hugging me close, moaning, “Oh, yes. Oh, Leroy-yes!” while thrusting her hips up to met my every stroke.

Hearing her say my name like that was too much. It triggered a humongous surge of passion that made a joke out of my trying to keep from coming. For the first time ever, I could appreciate the old line about, "cracking your nuts." Mine seemed to explode and I felt my load surging down my shaft, then erupt deep inside her marvelous, clutching cunt.

Meanwhile, she must have been having her own mother of an orgasm. The pressure inside her pussy became unbelievable. When she shouted, “Oh, yes!” it sounded like she’d just won the lottery. Her hips sprang off the car seat as her body became a stiff bow. I grabbed her hips and with one final lunge, drilled old Roscoe in deep and hard as the last of my cum poured into her hot, churning pussy.

I’ve got no idea how long we stayed locked together like that. But finally she sighed and slumped back onto the car seat. A moment later, I lost all control over my body and collapsed on top of her. Like I said before, I’m a whole lot bigger but she didn’t complain. Instead, she slowly stroked my sweaty back while we both tried to recover.

It turned out to be a super fast recovery time. We never changed positions. Instead, we stayed wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing and talking while she gently coaxed old Roscoe back to life.

That second session lasted a lot longer which made it even better. Afterward, I felt totally satisfied for the first time in months, but I also felt completely exhausted. It made me wonder whether I’d nailed her or she’d nailed me. But it didn’t matter.

Donna Faircloth might be married, white, and my boss but she was also sexy as hell, fun to be with, and one of the finest pieces of ass I’d ever had. So it didn’t matter who was the hammer and who the nail. I had to have her again, and real damn soon.

Unfortunately, soon took a lot longer coming than I’d wanted to wait. Our schedules were so screwed up; it was over two weeks before we could hook up again. And by then, I’d lived to see a miracle.

Brenda came back from visiting her folks all lovey-dovey and with a positive attitude toward sex. Apparently, someone back home, my guess is it was her feisty old Grandma, must have gotten wind of what wasn’t happening in our bedroom and given her a real attitude adjustment.

You better believe, I was enjoying every minute of Brenda’s new sexuality. And you know, if she’d always been that way, I doubt if I’d ever risked making a move on Donna. But I did, and when we did, her loving was absolutely addictive. So no matter what Brenda was like now, I couldn’t kick my need for Donna’s loving.

Of course I didn’t mention any of this to her. As long as she and her husband were fighting and she thought Brenda wasn’t putting out for me, Donna had an excuse for what we were doing. And since I had this need to do her again, not saying anything about Brenda was the only logical choice.

Our next chance came on a Saturday when we both were scheduled to work the evening shift. Brenda was leaving town that morning on an overnight trip with the church choir. Donna said her old man would be booking all weekend for some heavy tests. Her plan was to leave their apartment early after telling him she was going shopping and was taking her uniform so she could change at work. That evening she’d call and say she had to work late.

I got us a room at the Magnolia Motel. It was a cheap but nice enough place tucked away just outside of town. The moment I locked the door behind us, we were all over each other, kissing at the same time we were pulling off each other's clothes. When we were both down to wristwatches and smiles, I picked her up and carried her over to the bed.

It’s not like I was trying to be romantic, you see; I was just in a rush. Anyway, I bent over so she could reach down and pull back the covers, then I carefully laid her on the sheets. At first, I just stood and drank in the view of that pale, perfect body waiting for me. When I couldn’t wait any longer, I crawled in between her wide-open legs. Like I said before, at work Donna was always friendly but professional. And while she had a good sense of humor, she was kinda quiet, maybe even a little shy. However, I’d learned that once she committed to making love, it was like all her inhibitions just vanished. Let me give you an example. After I shot my first wad, which took a lot longer than in the car, I’d rolled off and we lay side-by-side holding hands and trying to recuperate.

I was thinking about asking if she wanted a cigarette Without a word of warning, she kinda rolled on top of me, gave me a kiss, then slowly spun around until she was face—to-face with old Roscoe. What can I tell you, there never seems to be enough time to smoke when we’re together.

Now Like I told you, I’ve never been into oral sex, either giving or receiving. If a gal wants to gobble on my Johnson, like Donna did when we were driving to the ally, that’s okay with me. But it’s not my favorite thing and there’s no way in hell I’m going to return the favor.

Of course, I wasn’t sure that’s what she had in mind. After all, old Roscoe wasn’t exactly looking his best, if you know what I mean. But before I could decide whether to say something about hosing him down, I’ll be damned if she didn’t pop his well-used cockhead into her mouth.

“Oh wow, that’s fucking unreal, lady. But, uh, don’t you want to, you know, I mean, he’s kinda messy and all.”

Somehow she managed to turn her head around and look at me while keeping her fingers wrapped around the shaft and the cockhead inside her mouth. She pulled it out with a quick movement that produced this neat, little, “pop.”

“You really are sweet, Leroy. Now don’t get embarrassed. It’s just so cool that you’d think of something like that. But you see, and I hope this doesn’t gross you out, while we were laying together I just got this sudden urge to find out what we tasted like.”

She paused to lick her way up the entire length of the shaft, then she gave the cockhead a noisy kiss. “And you know what, I doesn’t taste that bad. I mean, it won’t ever take the place of chocolate chip cookies, but it’s really kind of a turn-on.”

After another pause during which she replaced the cockhead inside her mouth and slid several inches of the shaft past her lips, she pulled it all out again. “Besides, if I can get--what do you call him--that’s right, old Roscoe, well if I can get him back into action real soon, maybe we’ll be able to squeeze in an extra session before going to work.”

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