tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNurse's Delight

Nurse's Delight


When I was 23 I crashed my Pan Head into a guard rail, I came too in the ER at Harberview hospital I was still so damn drunk I didn't know that I had broken both arms and my right leg.

What woke me up were three beautiful nurses cutting my pants off. I hoped I had on clean under ware, then I remembered I wasn't warring any. When I tried to sit up one nurse pushed me back down. Oh well at least I was clean. I felt the cold air on my cock when they finally cut my pants off. I was in pretty good shape so I didn't mind at all laying there nude in front of three beautiful nurses and I started getting aroused, one nurse noticed and covered me up with a gown, it didn't do much to hide my throbbing hard on.

The curtains suddenly opened and a middle aged female Dr. came in, she took one look at me and picked up a small stack of towels and through them on my lap. She looked down at me and said well Mr. Luttrell it looks like you've managed to break both arms and your right leg, we won't know for sure until we take some pics. About that time the pain hit hard, I sure didn't need those towels on my lap anymore. I told the Dr I was starting to hurt like a SOB, she said we will get you some morphine. After about 2 hours and 8 shots later a pretty girl about 19 or 20 came to wheel me to the X-Ray dep. By this time my dick had calmed down and while I had been lying there in a drug haze someone had removed the towels.

She wheeled me down a long hallway trailing my IV beside us, through a large door into kind of a waiting area; she stopped the gurney just outside the X-ray room itself facing the open door. She put my charts on my chest and said good luck and left. I could hear someone say now move it a little farther over, there that's good stop and hold it right there.

I've always been kinda nosey so I sat up to see what was going on, what I saw just about blew me away, laying there not 10 ft away was a young blonde girl, I could tell she was a blonde because she was flat on her back with her gown bunched up around her waist, one knee was pulled all the way up and her other leg was almost off the table, she had one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen, what little blonde hair she had didn't cover anything, I could see her clit poking out from under it's hood surrounded by tender pink lips, I could swear they were wet.

By this time my dick was throbbing again. Then I heard the sound of the X-ray machine, a few seconds later a slender middle aged black woman came out from the little room they go into to take your X-ray. She looked up when she walked past the door and saw where I was looking and said oops and looked down at the tent in my lap, walked over and closed the door. By this time my dick was so hard it actually hurt. With both arms in splints there was nothing I could do to relive the terrible pressure. After about 10 min the door opened and the Tec wheeled the girl out and stopped right beside me, she then left the two of us side by side.

I looked over at her and she smiled at me, and I asked her what happened, she said she was at cheerleading practice and another girl fell off a pyramid and fell on her and hurt her knee, the whole time she's telling me this her eyes are glued to the tent witch was throbbing with every beat of my hart. I asked her if it hurt much and she pulled her gown up past her thighs and said look at this bruise, she then moved her knees apart holding her gown up with her left hand while running her right hand up her thigh onto her pussy, at first I thought she was just being modest but then I noticed her hand moving in a slow circular motion, I was right she was wet, I tore my eyes away from her beautiful pussy and looked up at her face, she had her eyes glued to my dick.

Just then the door opened and the girl was to slow getting her gown down, the Tec just smiled at her, she wheeled me in for my turn for the x-ray machine, she spun my gurney around so I was facing the open door and the girl. The Tec walked over and closed the door, shows over she said with a smile. She took pic of both my arms, she didn't say anything about my tent, then she said now lets have a look at that leg, she undid my gown and slipped it off my shoulders, she looked down at my dick and said what ever it was you saw you sure must have liked it.

She walked over to a counter and got a tissue, she then took my hard dick in her hand and wiped off the precum that was dripping out the end. She then positioned the camera above my thigh and said that things going to be a problem pointing at my dick, sense you can't hold it out of the way I'll have to tape it to your left leg, I thought about it for a second then said hey what about when you pull the tape off, she said oh yea that would hurt wouldn't it. I've got an idea she said. Mary should be here anytime to take miss Pickens back, I'll have her help.

The thought of that cute young girl holding my dick just about made me crazy. The Tec walked over and opened the door, Miss Pickens was too slow again and I could see her pulling her hand out from under her gown. She put one finger into her mouth and sucked it in and out like she was giving head, never taking her eyes off my dick. The Tec came back into the room with Mary, who let out a little gasp when she saw me laying there, the Tec explained what she wanted her to do.

She then handed her a tissue and said you might as well clean him up while you're at it. Mary stood frozen in place staring at my flag pole like it was going to bit her, the Tec says what's the matter girl haven't you ever seen one of those before, Mary said yes but never one that big, the Tec says well dear that's pretty damn big but I've seen bigger as she winked at me The whole time this is going on I can see Miss Pickens looking right in the door at me laying there helpless.

She had her gown up and was rubbing that beautiful pink slit. The Tec adjusted the camera and told Mary to hold my penis out of the way; as soon as she garbed it I knew I was going to cum soon, she used the tissue to wipe the precum that was flowing out the end, I told her it would probably stop if she rubbed it up and down a bit, I don't know if she was stupid or she like the idea of playing with me because she started jacking me off, after about 30 seconds I came like a fountain the first blast hit her in the nose, she tried getting out of the way, but the second one went right into her open mouth the 3rd hit right between her tits, remember this was in 1977 so there was no worry about AIDS, I guess she didn't like getting my cum spray all over her because she put her mouth over the end of my dick and sucked the rest out.

I heard a moan and looked out at miss Pickens, she had her head thrown back her hands locked between her closed legs. The Tec came out and looked at me then looked at Mary and smiled as she dipped her finger in the cum dribbling down Mary's chest and put it in her mouth laughing well I see someone had a good time. She told Mary she could take Miss Pickens back then come back and get me.

Mary left and the Tec closed the door. She then went to the sink and ran some water onto a wash cloth, she looked down at me saying I better get you cleaned up and took my dick in her hands and started washing it. I was pretty young then and started getting hard again. She said boy that was sure fast, to bad we don't have more time I'd love to take care of that for you. With your injuries I think you'll find out that this won't be the last time this will happen.

I woke up after surgery in a room with two beds but I was the only one in the room, then I remembered what happened last night and thought that was to good to be true it had to be a dream. Then Mary walked into the room and hey it wasn't a dream, she came up to my bed and said I just stopped by to see how you were doing, then looking over her shoulder and said real quietly don't say anything about what happened last night, I could get fired. I asked her if we could do it again sometime and she said no I don't think that would be a good idea, she gave my dick a little squeezes and said I think you'll be well taken care of, I told a few of my girlfriends that work on this floor about it, and now they all want to see the guy with the big penis. You take care now she said with a wink and left.

Day two.

About an hour after breakfast two very pretty nurses and one fat dumpy one came into my room saying it's time to change your bedding Mr. Luttrell. I wonder how they were going to do that with me not being able to get out of it. They worked pretty fast, they pulled off the blankets, and I was doing fine until I felt the ties to my gown being untied.

I had a tent before she got the 2nd tie undone. Here I was again laying nude with a hard on in front of three nurses, two of which I'd fuck anytime and one I'd probably let suck my dick, only if I was drunk and it was last call. One got on each side and bent over me lifting me up while the 3rd one pulled the sheets out from under me. In this position I had 2 pretty woman with their faces just inches from my throbbing dick, when she went to put the sheet back under me they had to lift me higher, when they did this my dick stuck up under ones chin, she couldn't have missed the precum oozing out.

The whole time they were doing this the door to my room was open, they didn't close the privacy curtain so anyone walking by out side could see right in. They had almost got the bottom sheet under me when two teenaged girls called candy stripers walked in and said we've been looking all over for you three, Dr James needs you right away in room 512, he said to drop what ever your doing and come down there. I said your not leaving me like this are you? A pretty one said sorry Hun, duty calls. But I have to go to the bathroom, she looked back over her shoulder and said one of these girls will help you, we will be back as soon as we can. They walked out the door closing it this time. So here I was lying naked with a huge throbbing hard on alone with two teenage girls both of which couldn't take their eyes off of me.

One of them said, Miss Thomas said to help you go to the bathroom, how do we do that? I said, how long have you two been working here? She says this is our 2nd week, we only work one day a week and we get full credit at school. You seem kind of young,? Young! were both 19. Well actually Julie here is just 18 but she's close enough that they let her slide. Ok get the bottle and hold them both, I really gota go bad. What's your name? Sue she replied. Ok Sue you're going to have to put my di…penis into the bottle while I pee ok. She reached out her tiny little hand and grabbed hold of me, I was so stiff all she could do was bend it over, no way could get it into the bottle. Sue asked Julie to come over and help her, now I had two teenage girls squeezing and trying to bend my dick into the bottle, I told them even if they got it in I wouldn't be able to go anyway. Sue asked why?

I said, you've never seen a penis before have you? Let alone a hard one… No, well yes I saw my uncles once when he passed out in our front yard New Years Eve with his pants down.

Doesn't count I told her. All this time Julie was staring at my dick like she was in some kind of trance. There's only one way we can get it to fit? What's that said sue? I'll have to cum. Come where? Said sue. Don't you know about the birds and the bees? I asked her.

Of course I do….ah you mean you need to squirt…yes and you and Julie are going to have to help me do it. I don't think were supposed to do things like that, we could get in trouble she said. Think of how much trouble you'd get in if you don't help me and I burst a bladder and died. You not only wouldn't get into nursing school but you wouldn't be allowed near any hospital in the US, and once the word got out you'd be banned even in Mexico, how would you like that I said. I could see the thought churning around in her pretty little head. Well I guess it would be all right, but nether of us have ever done this before so you going to have to show us what to. Ok I said get that bottle of Keri lotion over there. Now Sue you just take your hand, no you'll probably have to use two hands.

I couldn't believe this was happening. There, pour some on my penis; she poured so much out it dripped down onto my clean sheet. Sue put both her hands around my pole and started moving them up and down, squeeze a little harder I told her, she was a fast learner. Julie, come over her and help Sue I said. Julie moved slowly to the bed never taking her eyes off my dick, what do you want me to do she asked. Just play with my balls, squeeze them very gently. I was in heaven.

I wasn't long before I started to cum. Sue and Julie both jumped back and I told Sue not to stop now. Squeeze harder now. Sue just now noticed cum dripping from her forehead, Yuk she cried out. It's ok just wash it off, I bet someday you'll love it all over your face. 5 min later Sue was holding my softened dick while I peed in the bottle. I asked Sue how she like it, she said, oh it was ok I guess. I looked over at Julie, she had a vacant stare, she said, I've never seen anything like that before. The girls cleaned up the mess and left leaving my laying nude on my bed. I drifted off to sleep; I started dreaming about little miss Pickens sweet pink pussy and damn if I didn't wake up with another hard on. Oh well I thought, this stay in the hospital could turn out to be very erotic and a lot of fun. Now I started wondering what happened to nurse Thomas and the other two. I heard my door open and thought finally their back.

A female voice sung out. Lunchtime Mr. Luttrell. A very pretty slender girl with a badge over her left breast saying food service, Dianne. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw my cock standing straight up. I, I, came to feed you your lunch, but I can come back later, No I said I've been waiting for three nurses to come back for more then an hour, I don't want to starve too.

She said well if you don't mind I guess I won't. She was looking everywhere except my at dick. I was starting to enjoy this. Her hands were shacking when she put the tray down on the table beside my bed. What are we having today? I asked her. Beef Barley soup and meet loaf with cheesecake for desert she said, how's that sound? That sounds great I said. In order to feed me with out getting on the bed with me she had to lean on my bed with one hand resting on my leg while she fed me with her other hand. I could look in the mirror across the room and see her stealing peeks at my hard dick when I wasn't looking, throbbing just a few inches from her from her hand.

God I was horny. I tried thinking of a way to get her to touch it. She started staring at whether I was looking or not. I asked her how old she was, 28 she said, you look about 20 years old I told her, she looked at me with a big smile, well thank you sir she answered. She was a lot older and not as stupid as Sue and Julie, but she might help me out. I asked her all kinds of questions ranging from how long had she'd worked there? Two years, did she like it? most of the time, any kids? No, ever been married? No, boy friend? Sometimes.

She was starting to trust me now so when she was done feeding me and put the tray on her little cart I asked her if she could help me use the urine bottle. She looked around the room, then at me and said; I think I should get a nurse. I reminded her about Nurse Thomas and how long she'd been gone. She said between vacations and people taking sick days I think we are 40% under staffed. I really gota go bad I told her, She looked at me then at my dick and said OK. She went and got the bottle but ran into the same problem that Sue and Julie encountered, how did they do it before? she asked. Well, I said, they made it go soft. She looked puzzled and said how did they do that? Then it suddenly came too her how they must have done it. Then she said no, she could never do anything like that, if she got caught she's be fired. I asked her if that was the only reason?

She looked at me and said, yah I think so, I can't take the chance, jobs are too hard to come by in Seattle these days. No problem, I told her just put your cart in front of the door that way no one can get in until you move it. She thought about it a second and said all right; She moved her cart in front of the door and walked back to my bed. Where do we start? She asked. I looked around for the lotion; it was on the bed I told her. There it is she said, leaning down to pick it up off the floor. She pored some on the palm of her hand and looked me in the eye and said well here we go.

Her hands were about the same size as Sue's so she had to wrap both around my shaft. I can't believe how big it is she said staring at it like it was made of jewels, she started pumping, never taking her eyes off it, Oh that feels so good Dianne. After jacking me off for about 10 min, she looked at me and asked how much longer it was going to take because her arms were getting tired. I smiled at her and said I guess you'll have to use your mouth then.

She looked up at me and without saying a word reached over and took a tissue out of the box and started wiping the lotion from my dick. I thought I was going to cum right then, I knew I wouldn't last long as soon as her lips touched my dick. She started at the base of my dick and began licking up my shaft like it was an ice cream cone, when she got to the head she looked me in the eyes then put just half the head in her mouth and sucked it like she was trying to suck something out of it.

One way to get a good blowjob from a woman is to tell her only one other woman has ever got me off with their mouth. This lady must have watched a lot of porn because she did it better than any porn star I've ever seen. I thought I'd be a gentleman and tell her before I came in her mouth and when I did, she just started sucking harder; I came so hard I could almost hear it hit the roof of her mouth. When she looked up at me she had a big smile on her face.

She got up and went to the sink to rinse out her mouth. She returned with the urine bottle, the whole reason for getting me off in the first place, the one thing I didn't think off was that I didn't really need to pee. At least there was no mess to clean up. She picked up my now soft dick and held it in the bottle, when after about a min when nothing came out she looked at me, but this time there was no smile on her face, you're a real pig she hissed at me.

Well, I didn't really lie to you I said, I needed to get off pretty bed and without the use of my hands I didn't know what else to do. Are you mad at me? I asked her, no not really she said, I enjoyed doing it; it's something I never thought I'd do. Great! I said maybe you could get some more practice tomorrow. I don't think so, she said. Why not? I asked her, because I've got the next 3 days off she said with a laugh.

About 20 minutes after Dianne pushed her cart out of my room nurse Thomson walked into my room carrying my missing top sheet and a blanket. I'm sorry Mr. Luttrell, we are very short handed, I didn't forget you, and I just couldn't get back to you until now. I hear you were well taken care of while I was gone, she said, giving me a sly wink. I knew Dianne wouldn't say anything and Sue and Julie were so dumb they actually thought it was part of their job, I can just imagine them sitting down at lunch with the girls, with those two nitwits telling everyone at the table about how they saved the life of the poor guy in room 5454 who couldn't pee because his penis was so hard they couldn't get it in the bottle.

As Nurse Thomas was finishing with my bed she gave me a stern look and said. They are very young don't you think? Who? I said, oh you must mean Sue and Julie. You know who I mean, she said in a very stern voice. Well I had a very serious problem and they helped me solve it. Well next time you have a problem like that get a more mature nurse to help you. Someone like you? Yes, someone like me. You try and get some sleep tonight and I'll see you in the morning. I'll be giving you your bed bath. How many strings did you pull for the honor? No strings, we drew straws and I won she said smiling, as she walked out the door.

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