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Nutcracker Temptress


- part 1 -

My last weekend home, I had the most incredible sexual experience of my life! My unbelievable weekend started out with a phone call as I was lying on my bed, feeling lonesome and alone.

I was just entering college as a photo journalist major, and spending my last weekend home alone. The hard part, however, was that my Mother was on an extended business trip lasting several days.

As I was lying on the bed, stroking my cock, wishing it were a sweet pussy, my cell rang. It was my Mom's friend Angelina, checking to see if I was surviving all by myself. She and my Mom have been friends since high school Angelina had promised to take care of me while my Mom was away. I told her that I was having a "hard time" of it as I stroked my cock. She apparently caught my meaning.

"Yes," she replied. "I'll bet you've got "big" things in hand." In my already aroused state I couldn't think of a snappy comeback.

Let me digress from Angelina's call for a moment to explain my feelings about her. She has always been a slight tease, flaunting her 45 year old body in none-too-subtle ways. The most striking thing about her is that she's absolutely beautiful. I start drooling just at the thought of her body. I imagined how her tits bulge over the top of her tiny bikini when she lounges by our pool. She has creamy smooth skin and long slender legs. The thin material in the crotch of her bikini always pulls up tight in the crack of her pussy, clearly outlining and barely covering those luscious lips. Some pussy hair usually work their way out around the edges. She's very casual about sitting or lying with her legs spread.

What a delightful view!

I snapped back to reality. Over the phone, Angelina was still talking. I tuned her in again and heard her suggesting that since we both had some spare time, I should drive over to her apartment and take some photos that we planned some time ago, photo's of her posing nude. Angelina's long brown hair and great body were perfect for nude photos. I dropped my cock and drove right over to her apartment, daring to hope for something better than my hand.

At her apartment Angelina started things down the right path. As she opened the front door, she said. "Well. What's my best feature? My tits or my ass? What are we going to concentrate on?"

I told her that I couldn't decide without a close inspection of the objects in question. Angelina surprised me when she whirled around, quickly pulled her pants down and playfully stuck her sexy little ass out at me. She giggled as she scooted off to the bedroom, describing the outfit she intended to wear.

As we progressed through the shooting. Angelina got bolder. Her clothes came off item by item with my coaxing. Finally, in a sheer negligee and no panties, and after several glasses of wine, Angelina said, "Come on, I can see by that bulge in your jeans that it isn't exactly a professional session. You must be horny! You need to have your balls emptied. And I did promise your Mother that I'd take care of your needs!"

With that, my hard on rose to full attention.

"if you want me to take off this nightie so you can really see between my legs, you'll have to take off your jeans and let your poor cock out before it breaks the zipper. Besides, I want to take some pictures of what you've got between your legs, too! I've always wanted to check out the bulge I've seen in you little swim shorts."

As she said this, she opened her nightie to fully expose those large firm tits that I remembered so fondly. Then the material fell farther aside to reveal her neatly trimmed, dark brown bush. Angelina was even more beautiful and exciting than I'd anticipated.

She thrust out her chest at me so that her tits jiggled and her long, erect nipples arched up into the air. She sat on the arm of the couch and propped one leg up on the cushion. Slowly she spread her legs wide apart.

"Is this what you've been wanting, you silly boy? Move in here close to get a tight shot of my open pussy."

With that, she spread her pussy lips and thrust her crotch toward the camera. If I hadn't been working with a tripod, I never would have been able to keep the camera still.

I moved the lens in close to her that it almost fogged over from the damp heat of Angelina's pussy. Her tangy smell was incredibly enticing. As I crouched over the viewfinder, entranced by my view of her pussy, she reached out with her toe and tickled my balls.

"Hurry up and get your jeans off. I want to play with your balls. I love to play with a man's balls! I feel in control when I hold a guy's balls. I love to squeeze the come out of them. So get your boxers off! I want to hold your balls!"

I hurriedly stripped, letting my hard cock spring out before her hungry eyes. Angelina paused, staring at my erection.

"Oooh! That is a real beauty you've got sticking out there. You've got a beautiful cock and a sexy balls. I won't squeeze your balls enough to hurt, of course, just hard enough to shake up your cum. You'll love it."

Then Angelina let go of my balls and took hold of my hard, straining cock. She pulled it up to her pussy lips and rubbed its tip along her wet lips, concentrating on her clit.

"Oh, that feels nice," she sighed.

I started to shove the head into her tight hole, but she stopped me.

"Please don't fuck me right now. Let's play some more first. We've got all night. Let's take some kinky pictures before you fuck me and shoot me full of your cum."

Angelina extracted a promise from me. For our sex games, I promised to act out whatever she wanted for the camera. She said she'd do the same. We took turns setting up the pictures and became completely uninhibited. We had a fantastic time, shooting close-ups of tits, pussy, cock and balls, in every juicy way we could think of.

I had a great shot of Angelina's pussy with her juices literally running down her thigh, and another of her dripping topside on her taut belly. Angelina went along with the shot but said it was really cold, and warned me about her revenge.

Her revenge came when she had me stand behind the couch. She pulled a table up under my balls and gently placed them between the pages of a dictionary. The timer on the camera fired just as she pretended to lean on the closed book with a wicked grin on her face.

"Remember, I love to squeeze balls."

The next picture shows Angelina naked, standing infer the streetlight outside in front of her apartment, trying to hold a dildo up her pussy. She willingly ran out into the middle of the street naked. She stayed under the streetlight long enough to fit the dildo up her pussy and throw her arms wide.

"Okay, take the shot."

The she ran back toward me, and what a great thing it was to see her running naked. Her big tits really giggled and bounced. When she reached the entrance to the apartment, she was really turned on by the thought of having almost been seen by a passing car.

We set up one last picture. It was a close-up of her mouth stuffed with both my balls, just as my cock was spurting its load on her face and hair. We were having so much fun that we quickly used up all my film. Since we didn't want to stop playing with each other's body, we decided to drive to a nearby shopping center to buy more. To make the ride more interesting, Angelina dressed in a coat with nothing on underneath. She said that she gotten a real thrill being naked outdoors and that she wanted to "accidentally" show herself off some more. She gave me a pair of silk, wraparound, high-cut shorts to wear. They just barely covered my cock as it hung flaccidly. I said they would cover nothing if I got a hard on.

"That's the point. I intend to make you hard at some appropriate moment so your cock will stick out from under the wrap. It'll be a real thrill. And I want to be able to reach under the shorts and grab your balls whenever I feel the urge. After all, I stood naked in the street for you! At least you've got on a shirt and a little something that covers you crotch."

During the drive to the shopping center she entertained me by playing with her nipples until they were erect, and by inserting her fingers into her pussy. Then she pressed the knob of the gearshift handle against her pussy lips to feel the vibration. But this stunt was abandoned when a pickup truck bearing two young women in swimsuits drove up alongside us at the stoplight. Angelina quickly leaned over and unwrapped the front of my shorts, completely exposing my cock. She bent her head down and started sucking it in a hurried attempt to make it hard. Her quick motions were instantly noticed by the two girls, who had a perfect view of my lap. When the light turned green, neither us nor the girls moved. Then the girls rolled their window down and began to cheer Angelina on.

"Get that cock up! Come on, girl! Suck that cock! Make him squirt! We want to see him squirt!"

Angelina began jerking me off with her hand, moving her head out of the way so the girls could see. She whispered encouragement to me.

"You've got a hard on for them now. Show them your cum. Make your balls explode their cream right out the window at them. They're watching your cock and waiting to see you cum... Hey, look, that one is rubbing her tits!"

She was right. The girl by the window had let down her top and revealed her small, perky tits with their very erect nipples. She was pulling on them with one hand while the other was busy in her lap.

"Watch her tits. She's pulling her nipples and playing with her pussy. Make your hot juice spurt for her to see."

The other girl in the truck then started sucking on her friend's other tit. That was all I could take. I came in large gobs all over the side of the car. Angelina immediately licked me clean. The girls in the truck applauded.

"Great show! That was a beautiful jerk off. Make sure she sucks you clean and dry."

The girl by the window said, "Do you want to watch me come now?"

"I sure do. But I can't see the rest of you."

The girl opened her door and swiveled sideways in her seat to face me. Her waist was at my eye level. She leaned back and slid her bikini bottoms down her legs. The other girl reached around from behind her and cupped both her tits. She rubbed and massaged them, occasionally pulling at her erect nipples. At the same time, the naked girl spread her legs to give mea perfect view of her pussy. She began rubbing her clit furiously. Angelina leaned over to get a better look.

"Go to it, girl. Stick your finger in your pussy."

The girl did what Angelina suggested. She had her fingers stuck in her pussy while she rubbed her clit. She started moaning and writhing on the seat. Soon she came with a muffled cry. Her whole body shuddered and she squeezed her legs together. Her friend then jumped back into the driver's seat and slammed the truck into gear. The tires squealed at her fast takeoff.

Angelina was really tingling for another sexual encounter now. I pulled on her nipples as we drove and she kept both hands on her pussy as she carefully watched each car that passed by. She was waiting for an opportunity to get her kicks by exposing her body. As luck would have it, the perfect car pulled alongside. There were three college age guys in it. She mumbled under her breath, "Watch me."

She let one tit fall out of her coat as she slid across the seat toward her window. The driver of the other car opened his mouth in amazement and jabbed his friends to look. She then opened her coat wide and squished both her tits against the window. I fingered her pussy while she had fun playing "peek-a-boo" with the young guys. Angelina giggled all the while.

- part 2 -

It was already dark when we pulled into the shopping center parking lot. The stores would be closing soon. The excited boys in the other car were still on out tail. Then we realized - horror! - that neither of us had brought money.

Still feeling uninhibited, Angelina and I concocted a plan for making some money right there and then instead of having to drive back to her apartment. I walked over to the three guys who were now standing by their car. I explained that my friend and I were playing sex games and that we needed money to buy film to photograph our fun. If they would give us money for the film, she would be willing to let them feel her tits.

Boy, were they eager to help out. We went over to the van. Angelina opened the door and bared her tits for them. She let each of them have a turn a squeezing her tits. One of the guys was so excited that his cock came into view, sticking out from the bottom of his running shorts. Angelina noticed this, too.

"Come here. Let me feel your cock. You poor boy. You need your balls emptied."

As he stood behind the van, she yanked down his shorts and began to fondle his balls. Just as she was bending down to suck his cock, he shot his load all over her arm. She then reached for the next boy, whose pants were already down.

"Oh, I just love to feel young balls like these."

She sat with her legs spread wide at the back of the van.

"Come here. This is where you're supposed to shoot your juice, right here in my pussy... Come on, shove that beautiful young cock in me. Fuck my pussy and see how good it feels to have those nice balls of yours explode."

She pulled the guy over to her by his cock and helped him get in between her pussy lips. He pumped away for a short time and started to groaning. Angelina reached between his legs, fondled his balls.

"I'll help you squeeze it out. I want every drop of your cum."

After a similar performance with the third guy, who also got off inside her pussy, she lay back and raised her pussy up for the boys to inspect. They each got a close. One pulled her lips apart, sliding his fingers deep inside her. Another licked and sucked her pussy till Angelina started to squirm She was dripping wet from her own pussy juice and two loads of cum. I joked that I would have to check the floor of the van for rust because she was making a puddle on the carpet.

Angelina spoke to the boy who came too quickly.

"I see your pretty cock is ready for another go."

She grabbed him by the balls and pulled him over to where she sat with her legs wide apart. She guided his cock into her dripping pussy and moved him in and out.

"Don't cum in my pussy. I want to swallow your juice this time. Pull your cock out and fuck my mouth. Shove it right in till your balls are slapping my chin. God, I love young balls."

She held his balls while he carefully pumped in and out of her mouth. Then she turned over on all fours. Her big tits were giggling wildly and slapping each other as they hung there. All too soon the boy gasped and Angelina swallowed his cum rapidly.

"Ah, your cum tastes great."

Angelina lay on her back with her head hanging out of the rear of the van.

"Come here and let me kiss each of your balls good-bye."

She had the guys stand over her, and in turn, she held each of their balls and helped him flick his cock back and forth so she could watch it swing. Then she sucked the balls of each boy into her mouth. When it was his turn the third boy spurted cum all over her tits.

When the three boys were gone, Angelina and I went into the store to buy film.

"I had a great time sucking and fucking those young cocks, but you didn't get any of my pussy. You stood there, watching and jerking off."

I placed her hand under my loose shorts so she could feel my raging hard on.

"I had a great time watching, but my balls are refilled now, so you can drink my cum whenever you want to!"

She knelt down in a deserted aisle, pulled my cock and balls out of my shorts and gave me a quick licking. Before I had enough to make me cum, she stood up and started to pull me along the aisles by my cock, looking for film. The store was almost empty because of the late hour, so she only had to hide my cock a few times when other people passed by. She did this simply by changing hands and placing herself between me and the by passers. She said she wanted me to have my turn as she'd had hers with the three boys. Maybe, she said, she could find me some young pussy.

Just then we heard someone giggling in the next aisle. We hurried over and found four young women. They were about the same age as the boys had been. All four were dressed to kill in skintight shorts and tops. You could plainly see their nipples poking through the thin material. They had beautiful young bodies! Two had rather large tits that bounced as they walked toward us. The other two had flatter tits, but their nipples seemed to stick out farther. Any of them could make a cock stand up and spurt!

"Are you ready for this?"

Without giving me time to respond, she changed her grip to a firm one on my balls and pulled me gently down the aisle toward the girls with my cock wagging in the open. This time she didn't switch sides to conceal me. As the young girls walked by, one of them noticed my stiff cock and stared intently. I heard her giggle.

"Did you see that? That woman is pulling that guy by his, well you know, his balls! And I saw his thing sticking out."

"You mean you saw his cock?"

"Yes, I saw it right out in front of him. Come on, walk back past them so you can see it, too."

With that, they turned to walk by us again, but Angelina covered me up and turned to face the girls.

"We're playing sex games tonight. If you girls want to see or maybe even touch this guy between his legs, meet us out in the parking lot."

Then she let her coat fall open to expose her tits and still dripping pussy.

"We'll give you a fuck show, if you want to watch."

Angelina seductively rubbed two fingers up and down the lips of her wet pussy and then licked them clean.

We went to the checkout to pay for the film. When the cashier, an attractive woman, ran out of paper bags. She went to the next counter to get some more. Angelina then let her coat fall open, swirled her finger in her pussy to get a good helping of pussy juice and quickly smeared both pens the clerk had left laying on the counter. Angelina twirled them around till they were good and juicy. She then placed them back on the counter. The clerk came back, put our film in a bag, and held one of the pens in her mouth as she used both hands to fold the package. She quickly pulled the pen out, looked puzzled, smelled it, but put it back in her mouth. Angelina and I looked at each other and grinned. Angelina reached down and squeezed my balls in plain sight of the clerk. The attractive clerk reacted by sucking the pen further into her mouth.

Back at the van we waited to see if the four girls would take us up on our offer. Soon all four came shyly over to the van. Since I was in the back, I opened the door for them.

"Would you like to see what's between my legs?"

They all nodded eagerly. I slowly lowered my shorts. When my cock sprang out, it was pointed straight at them. One of girls turned to Angelina.

"Those are some balls, aren't they? That's what you were holding when you were pulling him around the store, isn't it?"

"Yes, nice aren't they? They sure are fun to squeeze."

Reaching over, she gave my balls a good, hard squeeze to demonstrate.

"Oh! I thought guy's balls were very tender. I thought you could just touch a guy there and it would hurt him."

The girl reached out gingerly and lightly fondled my balls.

"Well, you have to be gentle, but when you get a guy excited, he likes to have his balls fondled and squeezed. He'll do whatever you want him to. Won't you?"

She grabbed my balls, turned to me and gave me an even firmer squeeze.

"Of course I will."

And I promptly slipped two fingers up Angelina's pussy.


Angelina spread my legs apart to give the girls a better view. They each knelt down to examine my cock. And Angelina, with her fetish, had them appropriately interested in my balls, too.

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