tagMind ControlNymphocom Ch. 09-2

Nymphocom Ch. 09-2


(Thanks to Steven for his photos to illustrate my story! Thanks to Gioia Beil for posing!

EDIT : unfortunately recomposed images can not be published on literotica either, even if you own the rights to all the parts of the images ... so I will just publish without the images for now and I'll do an illustrated version in september.

This story is written in the view of a husband whose wife falls victim to the infamous professor Royer and his mind-controlling device.

This is the second part. Thanks a lot for the feedback on the first part, I appreciate it a lot and try to use it to improve my stories :-)

Also sorry again, but it is not possible to publish the x-rated photos on Literotica.)


I jerked up when I heard noise at the front door. I had fallen asleep again while waiting for my dear wife Iveta to come home. I rubbed my eyes and felt a tiny kiss on the cheek.

"Bertrand, my love, you should sleep in the bed!", Iveta said cheerfully.

She was still wearing her stunning black mini-skirt and her tight white shirt, which looked a bit crumpled. Her hair was slightly undone and I could smell a faint odor of alcohol. I look at the clock in the living room and it read 2:20. A sting to my heart made we completely awake.

"Where have you been?" I asked suddenly very concerned. A sexy woman like my wife in this outfit was a likely target for any sexual predator lurking in the dark.

"We have gone out with Nina and the boys," she replied excitedly. "Armand and Roberto have been looking for you but you were already gone."

She giggled stupidly and I realized that she was more than a bit drunk.

"They wanted to celebrate the great bet from this morning," she continued. I contained my anger and frustration because I wanted to hear what had been going on tonight.

"We went to the Bra Buster Club again, like yesterday. It was a lot of fun." Iveta got a dreaming look as she recalled the events from her evening.

"So, do you think that stupid bet was worth celebrating?" I asked her somewhat aggressively. I was really upset at the idea that my beautiful wife was partying with my colleagues while I was not there. She was not into partying before so why was she going out two nights in a row?

"My dear husband," Iveta said, taking me into her arms, "I am sooooo happy that you did not object to this. Everything went great and everybody is convinced that I am single. Nobody suspects that I am married to you, isn't that wonderful?"

"It is wonderful that you are not married to me?" I spat.

"No no, Bertrand, it just means that my job is safe," my lovely wife slurred, "and I am sooooo happy to keep my blowjob."

I looked at her stunned but she corrected herself quickly.

"my job, I mean! my job!"

"You never ever use that kind of words! What has gotten into you?" I stood up and Iveta looked at me smiling drunkenly. She was clearly not in her normal state as she would have been shocked just hearing the word "blowjob". Now she was using it and not having second thoughts.

"Sorry Bertrand, Armand and Roberto did not stop using ... umm ... naughty words tonight."

Again I tried to put my exasperation aside because I wanted to understand what my colleagues had been up to.

"So what happened?" I asked in a somewhat calmer way.

"Not much, my darling, just the usual flirting ..."

"What usual flirting??" I exclaimed

"You know, the boys were always hitting on Nina and now they are also hitting on me since they believe that I am single and as ... hmm ... naughty as Nina. I hope you don't mind my darling, its a small price to pay for keeping my job."

I grumbled something in agreement. I was dearly in love with my wife and I wanted her to be happy. She was treasuring this job as it allowed her to feel part of our society and it helped us pay the bills. I was hating my colleagues for flirting with my wife but as long they kept a distance from her then I would be able to keep my jealousy under control..

"So what happened?" I repeated, succeeding in giving my sexy wife a little smile.

"Thanks for not getting upset, Bertrand, you know that this is very important to me."

My loving wife sat next to me on the couch but she was a little tipsy and fell back against the cushions of the armrest. She giggled a bit while straightening her mini-skirt out, but she just had given me a full view of her nice and naked shaven pussy.

"Oops," she said grinning, "I think I am a bit drunk."

I had never seen my wife drunk but I did not really care because the sight of my wife in this outfit with her naked pussy underneath just had given me a nearly painful hard-on. I suddenly was hoping to get some sex tonight!

"But you took a taxi back home, right?" I asked, suddenly concerned.

"Armand drove me home," my lovely wife replied. "He really insisted. I don't know why."

I felt angry again, my wife was just too gullible. Armand was of course having an idea in mind.

"He just asked that I show him my ... ummm ... pussy again. Since he saw it this morning already I just thought that it was not a big deal. So I just lifted my skirt and he had a good look." My wife giggled again. "The problem was that he got so distracted that he kept missing the right way to bring me home. I think it took us one hour to come here. You see, nothing worth mentioning."

I was fuming internally but I had to get over it. This was part of our strategy to protect Iveta's job. My cock was aching in my jeans and my arousal was too big, I started caressing my stunning wife's legs trough her stockings. To my surprise she responded and gave me a big wet kiss. I tasted alcohol but also tobacco on her tongue, which seemed kind of strange as Iveta was rather anti-smoking, but I did not even flinch as I was moving my wife's skirt up her hips and exposing her naked and shaved pussy. She started to undo my jeans and I lifted myself up to help her. I fiddled with the buttons on her skirt while my dear wife got hold of my erect cock from my boxer shorts. Unfortunately I was so excited that after Iveta gave it two or three strokes I started cumming in huge streaks all over the couch.

"Oops," said my lovely wife proudly, "I guess you like when I show myself to other men. I've never seen you so hard."

I laid back, completely frustrated by my premature ejaculation. Iveta stood up quickly, a little unsure on her stocked legs.

"I need to take a shower now," she giggled, "don't forget to clean up your ... umm ... mess before it dries."

She walk away from me, giving me an incredible view on her perfect naked ass. My cock sprung back to life almost immediately.

"But I want you now!" I protested.

"Later Armand, later," and she walked to the bathroom.

I felt double betrayed because I hadn't had proper sex with my stunning wife and because she had just called me by the name of a colleague. I knew it was because she was drunk but it still hurt.


I woke up at 5:00 to the noise Iveta was making as she got dressed again.

"What are you doing?" I asked in an exhausted voice.

"I need to go to the center, Professor Royer needs me there."

"But you slept only 2 hours?"

"I feel very good Bertrand, I am not tired," my sweet wife replied.

My sweet wife was not used to drink much so she should have experienced a major headache but there she was getting dressed to go to work. I watched her put on another short skirt, even shorter than the one from yesterday. It was barely covering her tight ass and there was a lot of skin between its bottom and the top of Iveta's stockings.

"No panties again?" I exclaimed in disbelief.

"Bertrand, my darling, I thought we were through with this already. You know that it is just to protect my job. Please don't get mad, I was so proud of your reaction yesterday."

She looked as she was going to cry so I calmed down a bit.

"But I thought it was a one-time thing. You don't need to put on these clothes every day."

"But I LOVE my job!" she cried out, "therefore I need to wear these clothes!"

She put on her high heels and immediately gained ten centimeters height.

"And besides, Nina said that she will come dressed like this everyday now too, so you can see that I will not be alone."

"Ok, ok," I replied, beaten and drowsy from sleep. "Fine, it's just clothes anyway."

"Thank you Bertrand!" my beautiful wife exclaimed, "I love you! You are always so understanding."

She checked herself in the mirror to see if the skirt was in place and then ran outside of the bedroom and outside of the house. Then only I noticed that she forgot to put a top on and that I had a raging erection.


In the following days, Nina and Iveta kept flashing their bald pussies under their mini-skirts at every possible occasion. Both girls seemed to have a lot of fun and, considering it all, everybody was having a lot of fun except me. Soon enough Nina also started showing off her huge boobs by pulling up her shirt when she walked into our office. Armand and Roberto were growling and shouting each time and Nina sometimes looked disappointed that I was not joining in. My beautiful wife Iveta was not going that far and, since it was all just showing and teasing, I just convinced myself that all of this was harmless.

Sometimes I was even secretly happy when I saw Armand drooling after looking at Iveta's fine ass and not being able to touch it. On the other hand I was still not getting much ass either, as my loving wife was always coming home late and leaving early in the morning. At least I could sometimes watch her dress or undress when she thought I was still asleep. She was still 100% the prudish girl and her sluttish behavior at the research center was an impressive actor performance. I was completely sure that nobody was suspecting Iveta to be married to me, or anybody else for that matter, and therefore her job at the Meudon research center was secure.

I was also still trying to break the passwords on Professor Royer's files and I had also hacked the access to the surveillance cameras feeds. From my desk I was able to watch all corridors, break rooms and other locations in most parts of the research center. On some cameras I also had an audio feed and I felt a bit sick when I spied on Armand and Roberto speaking about the "office bitches" when they felt alone around the coffee machine.

When I ran across Iveta in the center and nobody was around she would give me a wink or blow me a kiss and this would cheer me up. When other people were around however she would completely ignore me which was making me somehow depressed. On one afternoon I had an idea, and I used the feed of the security cams to find out the right moment to talk to Iveta. That day she was wearing tight black spandex pants and a tight red top which were hugging her body so closely that it was obvious that she was not wearing any bra or panties. Perched on her high heels and with her red plastic belt underlining her thin waist she was looking like a porn star and when I came to meet her near the copy room I had to stare for several seconds before making a noise so that my awesome wife would notice me.

She gave me a stone cold look but when she peeked out of the door and saw that we were alone she beamed at me and even touched my hand.

"Bertrand, my darling, I love you so much! This is the happiest time of my life," she whispered. "I have you and I have a great job! For what more could I ask?"

I resisted the temptation to take her in my arms and kiss her so I just smiled back and said,

"Iveta, I just thought of something. I think your plan is working but there is still something to consider."

My dear wife looked at me, a bit concerned that something might be wrong with her acting.

"You show off to everybody except me, I think people might get suspicious that I get a different treatment from everybody else. You know ... they will not think that we are together, no, but they might just suspect something else and I guess we should avoid that. We don't want anybody ask questions or take a closer look at our private lives."

Iveta thought about it for a second and then slowly nodded.

"I think you are right Bertrand ... if I treat you differently we could raise suspicions. And if I behave ... ehmm ... you know ... sluttish ... with you too it would be the perfect double bluff."

She thought it through once more and then nearly cheered out loud.

"Bertrand, this is a great idea! I am so happy that you take such a great care to protect our secret! You are the best husband in the world!"

She jumped up and down in excitement and seeing her small bra-less tits juggle in her tight top gave me an instant hard-on. My sweet wife blushed when she realized it but she quickly added,

"I will show you my ... umm ... breasts later today in front of Armand and Roberto, you know ... like Nina has been doing! I will show them and you could even touch them in front of everybody else. And when I turn around you could clap my ... umm ... ass and I would just show how much I liked it!"

Iveta seemed to get very excited at this thought and this did increase my hard-on even more. I could just stutter,

"Will you come home early tonight so that we can have some ... you know ... intimate moment?"

"Yes Bertrand, my darling, I will come home early. Its been a long time since we last watched a DVD together."

She leaned forward to give me a kiss but a researcher came out of another door on the floor and she quickly turned back to the copier. I did a hasty retreat to my office.


I sat back down at my desk trying not to smile at the idea that my wife would show her sweet breasts to me and that Armand and Roberto would be terribly jealous. I hoped that Iveta would try to hide her nude tits from them, making them even more upset. And when I would feel her ass they would be really mad!

I did not have to wait long before Iveta and Nina came into our office. My idea was apparently so good that my lovely wife was impatient to try it out, especially if this was going to help hiding our relationship from our colleagues.

Nina wore also white spandex pants that clung to her very fit body and showed off her distinct cameltoe. Her large breast were dangling freely under a very tiny pink top and her shoes were having a heel of at least 15 cms. Both girls were looking like a mix of supermodels and hookers and I felt my dick growing hard.

"Hi guys," Nina cheers happily, "I think you need a break."

Armand and Roberto looked up from their keyboard and started howling like wolves as Nina slowly walked around our room. She stuck out her fine ass to Roberto and smacked herself on her ass-cheek while Roberto nearly drooled on the floor. To my pleasure my supersexy wife walked towards me and did exactly the same. Her spandex covered ass was just centimeters away from my face.

"Good quality ass don't you think," Iveta suggested in a sultry voice. She bent forward towards the neighboring desk, resting on her elbows. The spandex pulled even tighter across her pussy, and it was evident that she wore nothing beneath her pants, the outer edges of her pussy were clearly visible.

"Hey I want to see too," Armand complained, feeling a little bit left alone. I smiled at the idea that this time he was not going to be the one getting the treat but my clever colleague had come up with an idea. He waved a 10 euro bill in the air.

"Who will dance for me?" he yelled enthusiastically. Nina just laughed but Iveta looked at Armand in a way I never had seen on her, something between lust and greed. She then smiled and slowly walked over lasciviously to my colleague. Armand grinned broadly and threw me a wink. I had to swallow hard when I saw my dearly loved wife starting to dance slowly in front of Armand. Even Nina stopped teasing Roberto to watch Iveta dancing like some professional stripper. She was moving on her extremely high heels without problem as if she was born with them and showed a flexibility I did not know she had. She bent forward without flexing her knees and she touched her toes. I heard Armand gasp at the sight and I could only imagine what her cameltoe was looking like. My dear wife then turned over, bent towards Armand's hand, took the bill into her lips and snapped it from his fingers. I felt sick of jealousy but my cock was painfully hard at the sight of this show.

Everybody else cheered and applauded at Iveta's performance and my wife smiled proudly while stuffing the bill in her pants. She had just behaved like a cheap whore right in front of her husbands eyes and did not seem to even have second thoughts. She kept smiling and came slowly towards me, slowly pulling her tight top upwards. This reminded me that it was all just acting and that she was now going to show me her breasts as promised, and, unlike Armand, I would not need to wave with euro bills. My anger and jealousy disappeared as Iveta approached and my excitement grew when I saw Nina coming towards me as well. I grinned stupidly at both girls who stopped just short from my desk. My awesome wife had pulled her top just over her breasts and I could see the bottom of her soft round mounds just below the cloth.

Nina softly reached for Iveta's arm and pulled her towards her. She gave her a nice kiss on the cheek and Iveta made round surprised eyes and smiled. Then Nina whispered something to her ear and Iveta looked at me and then at her friend. She nodded, looked at me again, and then she slowly moved out of Nina's way. Armand and Roberto were standing up to see what was going on and I was not really at ease with this hot big breasted girl coming closer to me.

Nina's bend forwards towards me and her big breasts pressed heavily against the cloth of her top. She beamed when she noticed the shape of my hard-on in my pants.

"You like what you see," she teased me, and Armand, Iveta and Roberto, who were looking at us with curiosity, cheered wildly. My beautiful wife was again having this lustful expression on her face while she was coming closer to get a better view. Behind her I could witness my two colleagues eying Nina's heavy hangers but also Iveta's spandex covered knack-ass. I tried to smile but I was also a bit desperate as Iveta was the one who was supposed to show me her breasts. My fear became worse when Roberto said to Iveta,

"Hey bitch! want to give me a show as well?"

My loving wife did not react in the way I expected to what I considered as an insult, but instead she smiled happily at Roberto and, while Nina wrapped her arms around my neck and sat on my lap, Iveta reached to the sides of her shirt and pull it over her head. Her nice breasts fell into view for all to see and she settled on Roberto's lap in the same way Nina was sitting on mine. I felt a intense bang of jealousy as my colleague immediately reached for my wife's breasts.

"You hands are cold!" Iveta shrieked and giggled when Roberto started to massage her left tit. Armand growled and Nina was shouting encouragements and moving on my lap over my hard erection.

"This turns you on as well?" she then whispered to my ear. "You can touch mine as well, Bertrand, if you wish."

I was just feeling sick and disgusted at the sight of my dearly loved wife being groped by another man but Nina was mistaking my arousal she felt on my lap. Since I was not moving she took my hand into hers and guided it under her shirt to rest on one of her large mounds of flesh. Her nipples were fully erect and she moaned as I absently-minded malaxed her soft breasts.

To my horror Armand also approached my lovely wife and started groping her right breast. Iveta did not seem to mind and was even encouraging both men by pushing her bust towards their hands. I was incredibly jealous and I felt huge pain deep inside my stomach. Nina looked at me somewhat disappointed.

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