tagIncest/TabooNynke Ch. 03

Nynke Ch. 03


The day before had been an exceptionally hot Saturday. I spent the entire day with my 19-year-old friend Mary. In the evening she was inaugurated by her parents Nicole and John into the delights of carnal pleasure. In the presence and with the aid of little me - her almost 19-year-old best friend. Late in the evening my parents Micha and Sasha came along, and together we feasted into the night frolicking around on the family-size bed in the master bedroom. But all this is to be read in the previous chapter.


Chapter 03 ~ the family has fun with two boys from school

It promised to be another hot day. First all six of us took a refreshing shower, and put on clean swimming wear. It didn't surprise me at all that my mother Sacha appeared to know her way in John and Nicole's house. By now it dawned to me that probably every second she had not been at out home in the past years she probably had spent in this exact mansion. She got a box from a cupboard in the master bedroom. It contained various skimpy bathing outfits, one smaller than the other.

Mary choose a red/white-striped thing. It turned out to be a very high cut one-piece bathing suit. One and a half size to small it barely kept hold of her size 36C tits. And the seat was so highly pulled upwards that it disappeared almost obscenely into her cunt.

I opted for a more decent piece, so I thought, at least at first sight. It was a light-blue ensemble that actually was on the skimpy side as well. At the time I was unaware of the fact that the fabric was so thin that it turned completely translucent the moment it became wet.

Nicole gave us both a loose fitting surf-short, as to avoid us leaving the door as absolute trollops. Our mothers both put on a black sexy one-piece swimsuit, naturally high cut. Their backsides remained completely bare, and their buttocks were on show as well: a lot more was on view than stayed concealed. John wore a shiny, tight swimming trunk, and Micha a fluorescent boxer short. We all got into John's Grand Voyager, and half an hour later we arrived at our destination. It was a big resort, complete with a beach, swimming pools, sauna, what have you.

Mary and I left with our mums to the beach immediately, to soak in some sun. John and Micha headed of in another direction, telling us they would try to arrange something for the afternoon. Mary and I shed our shorts leaving only our swimming gear on, and spread out in the sand. We didn't lack any attention, since the four of us were clad in such daring outfits. Especially Mary befell a lot of attraction. She lay on her belly sunbathing, with her legs spread just a little. With the affect of a very visible puffed up prune underneath the scanty crotch of her panties. Many passers-by slowed down their pace considerably in order to absorb the offered view. Nicole and Sacha received a generous amount of whistling and flirting as well.

After an hour of soaking up the sun we got pretty hot and decided to seek out a terrace in the shade. Just as we got up we were approached by two boys I recognized immediately as our classmates at high school: Doug and William.

"Hey, your father already told us we would run into you," said Doug towards Mary. "Are you leaving already?"

"No, we were just going to get something to drink. If the two of you would like to join us, then be our guests!" offered Sacha.

And so the six of us left in order to get a drink. William and Doug escorted Mary and me, and our mothers lead the way. En route I noticed that the boys started to become burdened with their growing erections. They just couldn't keep their eyes away from us, from our tits and our curvatures underneath our briefs. But their interest obviously included the practically bare bums of our mums who didn't stop swaying in front of us.

On the terrace we chose a quiet corner that was practically out of sight. The boys twisted in their chairs nervously and stared at Mary's and mine crotch practically all the time.

"Just relax boys," said Nicole as she laid a hand on the knee of William. "We understand perfectly well that you two would like to see more than you do now. Considering the bulges in your briefs we ladies do not leave you two unaffected..."

Both Doug and William turned red but regained their composure quickly. William boldly even brushed his bulge for a moment.

"Well youngsters, go and cool of a bit in the pool," Sacha said, smiling at Nicole.

The four of us headed towards the pool giggling. Doug and William threw Mary and me into the deep end without further ado. As we climbed up the edge soaking-wet the eyes of Doug and William practically plopped out of their heads. Around the pool sharp whistling was sent in our direction. I myself didn't notice it just then, but I was standing on the edge of the swimming pool parading as if I was stark naked! Only the rims of my bikini were still visible. Otherwise everybody could see right through the sheer fabric. My shaven pussy was in full view for anybody who opted to watch in mine direction... and a lot did! Also my firm, upturned tits with their big brown aureoles were visible in all their glory. As Mary indicated my situation to me, my nipples sprang forward, making it all worse...

In the meantime Mary's suit began to crawl up. The fabric was made in a way that it began to shrink because of all the wetness it had soaked up. The result of this was that the skimpy suit, scanty as it was to begin with, became smaller with a further size. The backside sucked itself into her ass crack, leaving her buttocks almost bare, as if she was wearing a string. Her tits didn't stay covered as well. Up until then the frills tried to behold her heaving breasts, but now they sprang away from her tits, and pushed them against each other. In the end the crotch of the bottom of the suit disappeared inside her pussy completely. Her cuntal lips puffed up around the seat obscenely and it seemed truly as if she didn't wear panties at all...

This scared the hell out of us, so we jumped right back into the water. Off course this wasn't a solution after all. We couldn't simply stay in the water until after closing time. Now all faces around the pool stared in our direction. Doug and William followed us into the water, if only to hide their enormous erections. They swam towards us. I jumped into Doug's arms and pushed myself against him. Clearly I felt his hard-on pressing against my belly. William held Mary were close to us. The two gentlemen waded with us in their arms to the other side of the pool, where they came out of the water via a slope, leading us away from the pool. Surrounded with a loud roaring and applause from the bystanders we were carried away by our 'saviours', in the direction we had come from.

Sacha and Nicole couldn't keep still from laughter when they saw us come closer. They already had laid ready some bathing-gowns, which we wrapped around our bodies thankfully. This implied off course that our mums had put us on display purposely, knowing very well the effect the water would have on our impossible outfits... At that moment Micha and John arrived from the direction of the swimming pool. Probably they had seen what had happened.

"I suggest we go home again," John said. "We have informed Doug's and Williams parents that we will bring them home later. So boys, if you want, you can come with us."

Obviously this wasn't told to deaf ears!

We all fit into the Voyager just fine, with Mary and Nicole on the second row surrounding William between them, and Doug on the back row in between Sacha and me. The moment the car drove off Nicole took the cock of William out of his pants. She looked at him smiling and began to pull at the expanding prick. She grabbed his right hand and placed it in her crotch.

"Be a good boy now and touch me good down there. You don't mind me sucking your nice big cock, do you?"

Sacha had laid the hand of Doug on top of her panties, and with her own hand she moved his fingers up and down over her pussy. He sported a bright red colour. They probably never expected that our mums would allow all this, let alone take the initiative themselves. Doug began to feel my mother up between her legs. As I sat close I had a perfect view of how he managed to get my mum very hot indeed. Sacha freed the swollen member of Doug out of its precarious position and began to work on the purple head. First with her hand, and then she put her lips around it. It was so hot to witness my mum performing sex on my classmate so close to me! She managed to postpone Doug's orgasm until just moments before we arrived home.

"Damn, I just don't believe this! I'm really coming hard! Shit...," Doug exclaimed. The last spurt of his sperm flowed into Sacha's mouth as we drove up the driveway and came to a halt inside the garage. Doug sat shaking between Sacha and me as he shot several spurts of his spunk into my mother's mouth. Sacha withdrew Doug's dick out of her mouth and arched over him towards me. She French kissed me intently sharing Doug's seed with me.

We practically fell out of the car. Nicole had performed the same service for William as Sacha had done to Doug. Out of the corners of her mouth trickled the creamy white evidence. The boys came out of the car a little groggy, mumbling incoherent words sounding like 'wow' and 'shit'. Once inside the house, John handed everybody a cold beer.

Micha threw a gush of beer into my crotch. Immediately my split and clit became visible again. He stood against me and rubbed with his hand over my snatch. The only reason I stayed upright on my feet was because my dad hold me in his left arm.

"Good job, boys," grinned John. "Now that our spouses have taken away your first eagerness the two of you can give our daughters some true prolonged lapping at their love boxes. So finish up your beer and get to it."

Doug and William were obviously flabbergasted by the way they were being treated by our parents. In the first place they already got the hots for Mary and me. Most probably they had lusted after us for quite some time, considering how they often followed us at school. At least they didn't show any hesitance at all this afternoon in admiring openly the swells inside our panties and our nice little bums as well. And after being sucked dry in the car by the very hot women our mothers still turned out to be, they now were offered their hearts desire on a silver platter. What a thrill it had to be to be asked by the actual fathers of their chosen prey to go down on us. The offer to feast themselves on the contents of our little panties wasn't wasted on them.

Micha pushed me on the cough, and put my legs wide. "William, come over here and show Nyn what a good lapping is all about!"

William sank on the floor down between my legs and began to lick my cunny right through the sheer fabric of my bikini bottom. The fabric grated my clit deliciously. Very soon my panties were soaking wet not because of the beer, but from my richly flowing essence. William happily gulped down all my girly-juice he could get his tongue on.

John threw Mary on the couch right next to me. He put Doug between her legs who immediately went down on her. Mary grabbed my hand and we clutched each other's hand really tight as if sharing through this gesture our deeply felt lust. Tears of joy rolled down our cheeks. Our happy cunnies started to make naughty sloshing noises. Our appointed servants tried really hard to make us happy. They kept on sucking on our gyrating pussies, even though this had to be quite difficult at times. After a considerable lapse of time first Mary and than I had our first orgasm of the day.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooh," cried Mary, "don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, keep on going! You're right on targ... Shit! I'm comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!"

"Wooooooooooh", I joined in the whining, "yeeeeeeeah, go on!!!!!!!"

I rammed William's head hard against my gash and humped against his mouth wildly. All the way through my climax I kept on yammering.

"Fuck! Shit! Thaaaaaat's it! Right on, come on, don't fail me now! Shit William, give it to meeee! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees..." I finally broke into a shattering climax.

Doug and William took a break and were given another beer by Sacha. Nicole ordered John and Micha to take their places: "We don't want the girls to cool down too much, do we. You two keep them ready and willing until Doug and William have regained some energy."

John munched me down expertly. In no time I nearly reached another climax. Mary lay gyrating and panting on the cough, pulling my fathers head by his hair tightly into her crotch. The sloshing sound of our cunnies was soon replaced by the loud panting and puffing we produced. But we were no match to the expertise our fathers showed us. They simply didn't let us reach another orgasm. They let us hang in very close to bliss, every time pushing us almost over the brink but then at the right moment holding back so as to avoid us reaching the release we hungered for.

When Doug and William had finished their beer, Nicole and Sacha got hold of their cocks and revived them again with their hands and mouths. I became extremely horny through this situation: me and my friend were being kept on the brink of pure delight by our dads, while our guests were being prepared by our own mums obviously to fuck our brains out.

Sacha ordered us to turn around. She let us kneel on our knees with our torsos draped upon the cough. We lay with our bare breasts rubbing on the cough. Side by side we made an invoking picture of two very craving nymphettes. Our pussies were swollen nicely, and very clearly visible between our lightly spread legs. Our cuntal lips opened invitingly as to show our willingness to receive a good fucking.

Doug and William swapped places and started again by licking our sashes. With long strokes they prepped our cunnies, savouring our musky fragrance. Than they attacked our privates with their groping fingers. After reaming our love canals first with one, then two, and finally with three fingers, they replaced their fingers with the one that really mattered. They moved their hands around our upper bodies and cupped our breasts. Mary's ample tits of 38C size were mauled thoroughly by Doug, and my swinging firm 37B titties were squeezed by William. We pushed our taut butts against the pushing fuck-rods. The stiff spears split into our cunts and rocked back and forth, gaining speed slowly but surely, finding a thoroughly and long enduring rhythm.

John and Micha took their places on the couch opposite ours. With a beer at hand they settled themselves comfortably. They really liked the spectacle that they had arranged. Because of their earlier spending the boys only slowly regained their state of emergency. Meanwhile dear little me wasn't given any break at all. John had taken me to the brink of ecstasy, so when William shoved his member from the back inside my eager dripping cunt, my pussy began spasming and clutching around the intruder. Almost immediately an orgasm shot through my body. When it subsided, the next climax announced itself already. My body heat rising, shivers running trough my spine, the inner walls of my cunt contracted with great spasms. I didn't flow down from my high at all; I was simply forced to stay there. The orgasms tacked together into an undeminishing string of climaxes.

Mary's ordeal wasn't any different. Our mothers' tactic to get us really heated up by our daddies first, and then letting the boys hammer us merciless for ages, paid off. The two of us were given a seemingly unending row of orgasms, while the boys didn't reach their end for a considerable time.

After the fucking had been going on for quite some time, Micha ordered a short break. He pulled me up straight, and sat down on the cough. As John saw this, he immediately took his place next to Micha. They grabbed our heads in a tight grip and pushed their ooze-dripping rock-hard penises inside our mouths.

"Now show us some good suck-action!" Micha advised us.

They let us suck on it for five minutes. Suddenly without remorse my dad started to use my head as a play-doll: never losing the tight grip on my head he force-fucked me with it. He pulled my head up and down all the time, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

"Are your ready to swallow yet?" he asked me. I wasn't able to stop him when he started to pull really hard. Without waiting for an answer, he started to push his cock into my throat. I had to gag as his shaft began to enter my throat.

"Nyn, try to relax your throat muscles, otherwise this is going to hurt a lot!" Nicole advised me.

I had never experienced this before. The cock pushed further inside of me without mercy. I felt it glide inside my throat, deeper and deeper. The muscles in my throat moulded the fat cock as it slowly disappeared into my gullet. John did exactly the same to his daughter. Mary was now being fucked deep inside her throat. From her throat came gargling sounds, and her gullet muscles contracted around the hot cock that really filled her up to the brink.

In the end I felt my fathers balls bounce against my chin. The smooth pubic area around the root of Micha's prick pushed flatly against my lips. Suddenly he pulled my head into his crotch more strongly, and held it there. My nose was being flattened against his belly as he came. I felt the enormously big cock throb deep inside my throat. Then I felt something warm flow into me from deep within. It was his hot sperm. Mary got the same present from her father. She was speared on the shaft of John and forced to swallow his spunk. Her throat convulsed around the spurting penis, trying to throw out the thick fluid, but the only effect this had was that the orgasm intensified and the amount of hot seed that shot out of his cock increased.

As our daddies withdrew themselves from our throats, strings of seed dangled from our lips and chin. Mary even had a thick string hanging from her nostril. She coughed some of the spit up that was deposited in her throat.

After regaining some of our breath, we gulped down a beer. John then put Mary on top of the salon table, on her hands and knees in doggie fashion.

"William and Doug," he spoke, "the honour is all yours."

William took position behind Mary and drove his cock into her pussy in one push. He started to heat up her cunt again with slow strokes. Doug walked to her head and let his willie hang into her mouth. With his hands he moved her head over his dick up and down. After ten minutes they changed positions. William let Mary suck a little on his prick for a while, but than pushed it slowly into her throat. Meanwhile, Doug put a finger upon Mary's small anal opening, and pushed on it, testing its tightness.

"Damn, now that's a tight ass! My cock will probably hurt a little first, but don't worry, you will get used to that."

As Mary heard his remarks, she tried to wrench herself free. Our fathers took hold of her legs and upper body and kept her firmly in place. Her mouth was still completely stuffed with William's prick. Nicole and Sacha helped Doug by holding Mary's buttocks, and pulled them from each other.

William hit her bottom a few times as she squirmed on the table, and said, "How I have craved after your cute little butt. Every time you walked in front of me this little cock-teaser wiggled me nuts. Now you are going to receive me in your backdoor, finally."

He removed his finger, spit on his hand, and smeared it into her ass crack. He placed the head of his cock against Mary's shit hole, and pushed. Moaning around the saliva-covered prick of William, she felt the pressure on her anus. It became stronger and stronger as Doug pushed on, trying to insert his vast tool into something that was not meant for it. And it hurt. It felt like her arse was being split open in two. Doug pushed harder on Mary's ass. Just as the pain began to be intolerable, Mary felt how her ass gave in and the head of the cock penetrated her, sliding into her rectum. Some gargling sounds and soft wailing came from her throat. It was al the sounds she could make as she was being fucked in her throat. Mary felt how the gigantic head was being captured by her small hole. She felt how it began on its slow journey into her rectum, through her shit chute, deeper and deeper. Feeling how the head made its way through her butt, she thought it had surely reached bottom deep inside her bowls.

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