tagHumor & SatireO Bartender!

O Bartender!


I stood off to the side of the bar with my drink in hand, twirling it around watching the ice knocking against one another. I knew he was watching, every fibre of my being alive with the awareness of his stare and my cheeks burned a fierce shade of red. Thank god for the darkness of the Club. It had been like this for weeks now, seeing him, knowing that he watched me. I remember the first time I saw him. I had leaned over the bar and asked one of the other bartenders there for a vodka and orange juice and saw when he nudged the guy out of his way and came across to attend to me.

"Hey there, what can I get you?" god he had a great pair of lips and a sexy ass voice ... was I staring.. shit

"Umm yea, I'd like a screwdriver, easy on the OJ" I managed to fumble out

"What's that? Sorry can't hear you that well over the music"

"A Screwdriver, easy on the OJ" I repeated again. He smiled and nodded that he heard, damn, he even had nice teeth, straight and pearly white. I watched him covertly as he prepared my drink. He looks like he's over 6 feet tall with brown wavy hair, startling blue eyes, a strong jaw-line and a dimple on his right cheek. Wow, did the temperature suddenly rise in here? My eyes traveled over his broad shoulders and trim waist moving down until they rested on his snug jeans. What an ass! I licked my lips nervously and noticed he was looking at me as I watched, weighed and measured him. Fuck! I really do need to work on my subtlety skills.

"Will that be all?" his eyes kinda crinkled at the side... was he laughing at me. Oh god, mortification.

"Yes thank you, how much do I have for you?" I asked quickly

"Nothing, its on me" he replied smiling

"You can't do that" I protested

"Yea? Who says... go ahead – I've got it" he laughed and ran his fingers over mine as he pressed the glass into my hand.

"Thank you" Smile you idiot, smile for the nice man – groan!

I smiled at him with what I hoped was a sexy secure smooth type of look. Oy Vey!!! He was fucking hot and I wanted to taste those lips of his and then suck gently on his... mental shake there... ok down girl, downnnnnnnn. I wobbled off to join my girlfriends on the dance floor, and I felt it. I felt his eyes on me. My movements slowed and became more provocative as a slow bluesy number came out of the speakers.

In my mind, there was just us, and I was swaying and dancing for him. My ass fitting snugly back against his hips as she swayed in time to the music. I could feel his cock moving in response and my knees started to buckle a bit.

"Lisa... Lisa?" some small part of my brain registered that someone was calling my name, but god I didn't want to stop my little fantasy... go away!!

"Lisa? Woman are you listening to me?" sigh – so much for my fucking fantasy. I watched my best friend Myra moving closer to me.

"Yea? What?" I snapped out probably a little harsher than I should have

"Easy Bitch don't bite my head off – that man is watching you" Man? Watching me? Could it be?

"What man?" ok she had my attention now, who the heck was she talking about.

"The one that just served you at the bar, the cutie with the tight ass" Back off woman that's my tight ass fantasy fuck. My eyes narrowed in on her and she must of noticed because she started to laugh hysterically.

"You are so easy to read, and even easier to bait"

Fucker... I loved her to death but sometimes I really wanted to pop her one right on the kisser. We'd been best friends since we were five and she knew me about as well as I knew myself. She was a hot one, with long straight black hair that stopped midway down her back, a slender figure with delicate curves here and there, not big in the breast department but then we always joked around that I had enough for the both of us to share. She had a butt that would inspire any cockstand within a 5 mile radius. All round and firm and shit, lucky bitch. We were as different as night and day. She was nearing 5'11" and I was at best 5'2" (ok 5'6" in heels – thank heaven) – I had brown curly hair which defied all attempts to tame it, hazel eyes to her blue ones and more curves than I knew what to do with. Some might call me voluptuous but obviously these people never tried sleeping on their stomach with a 36C pair of breasts hindering you. It was like parting the red sea to try and get comfy enough to sleep sometimes. We both never had a problem getting dates or compliments from folks. But lately I was feeling restless and wanted something more. The men I had dated were ok, good looks, great jobs, but there was something lacking. Their level of sexuality and eroticism just not touching that part of me that was so dissatisfied. I needed more.

The night dragged on and I found myself moving closer and closer to the bar to watch him as he worked. As far as I could tell, he was pleasant without being flirtatious and quick and efficient in his movements. No wasted moves on his part. Precise and in control. He has beautiful hands, with long fingers that I mindlessly pictured sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Yes... I can say with a certain degree of confidence, that my panties were indeed damp from watching him. Of course, he would choose that particular time to look up and see me watching him, me and my damp panties. Was it possible for my cheeks to get any redder. I looked away quickly.

"Oy woman don't look now but he's coming over" Myra whispered to me.

Screeeeechhhhhhhhhh what the fuck do you mean he's coming over??? I now know how a deer feels when its trapped in someone's headlights.

"Hi" I heard my Stud say to me.

"Hi" I managed to croak back

"Enjoying yourself?"

"Pretty much so far"

"You look good out here, but you look kinda distracted as well, anything wrong?" Was he for real, wrong? Of course something was wrong! I was thinking about jumping his bones in all the worse ways possible and I'd just met him.

"Umm thanks and no nothing's wrong" well at least my brain was still functioning – thank god.

"Oh.. ok" he drifted away. Idiot!!! Why the fuck didn't you prolong the conversation.

And so began the mating ritual. Week after week, we would go to the Club and I would see him and we would share some meaningless conversation back and forth. I had noticed that he never allowed anyone else to attend to me, at least that was something. The more time that passed by and the more opportunity I had to watch him, the more intense my feelings of lust became. He was the subject of every sexual fantasy that I had and quite often ended up pleasuring myself with the thoughts of him ramming into me hard. If I didn't see some action soon I was gonna pull my hair out, strand by painful strand. I secretly wondered if he thought of me at all and if he did, what those thoughts were. Off and on I caught him just staring at me, his eyes travelling along my body, watching my face, it was almost as though he was trying to memorize every little detail. Little did he know that like him, I was doing my fair share of watching and learning and committing to memory the details. Details are important I think, like the way his right lips always inched up a wee bit more than the left when he smiles, or the way his eyes rolled when someone was giving him a tough time at the bar, even the way he meticulously fixed his work area and cleaned constantly. He ran a tight ship that one. It was erotic to watch him and study his movements when he wasn't looking, it made me want him even more. It made me wonder what his hands would feel like upon my body, how he would touch me and where he would start. I was aching to touch his lips and slide my tongue against his, to taste him, to feel the warmth of his breath against my neck. I was becoming somewhat of an expert fantasizing about that. Sigh... I need to get laid, and soon... by him!

Friday night, back again and I was looking hot, I have to admit. I was sporting a brand new short white mini skirt with a pink halter top and topped it off with leather strappy 4" heels. I'd gone to the hairdresser and cut my hair shorter than normal so that the curls framed my face and accentuated my cheekbones. As we entered the club, I made a mental note to myself, go for it. Excusing myself from my group of friends, I walked across to the bar and looked around for him. What the hell! He wasn't there – where the hell was he. I bent across the bar trying to signal another bartender to find out if he was sick or what, when suddenly I felt a hand on my back.

"Hi there Lisa, looking for someone?"

Spinning around I looked up and there he was... my Stud. I stood there staring at him, fuck he looked sexy. Tonight he wore a pair of black pants that snuggled around the curves of his ass like nothing I've ever seen before and a red fitted jersey which stretched across his broad shoulders and beautiful biceps.

"Umm Hi there" Wait, he called me by my name, how'd he know.

"Its Jon by the way, dance with me?" he held out his hand and watched as I stood there trying to decide what to do. Obviously I was taking too long to decide so he took my hand and led me out to the dance floor.

"Why aren't you working tonight?" I asked

"I took the night off to be with someone" he responded

"Oh... I see"

"No I don't think you do Lisa, I've spent the last 4 weeks, watching you, making small talk with you and wanting to touch you, like now" Jon pulled me close against him. I loved the musky scent he was wearing, it made me want to sink my teeth into him. I could feel the strength of his thighs pressing against mine, moving in time with the music. My heart started to race as I felt him against me. Breathe Woman Breathe!!!!!!

"You feel it don't you? You feel the pull between us Lisa and I'm tired of us walking around in circles about it. I waited to see if you would approach me because I figured if I came on too strong I'd chase you off, but I'm tired waiting and I have to tell you something, I'm dying to taste you." With that statement he swooped in closer and pressed his lips against mine. My one thought was that he had firm lips and his breath had a slight minty taste to it. I started to respond to his kiss, moving closer to him yet again when suddenly I felt it – oh my goddddd he had a hard-on. I gasped gently and he looked down at me, whispering into my ear

"Do you feel how fucking hard I am for you Lisa" he pushed me against a pillar on the dancefloor and grinded his hips into my mound, pushing his hard cock into me until I swore my legs were going to buckle out from under me. My hips took on a mind of their own and started to gyrate in the most obvious of moves – god, he's gonna think I'm a complete little slut.

"I don't think we should..."

"Don't think Lisa, don't fucking think, I want this and I want you and I know you want me too" The man was right there, I did... I wanted it all, right fucking now!

Jon grabbed my hand and started to walk off with me trailing in his footsteps. Damn he was in a hurry, I had to practically run to keep up with him. Making a mental note to quickly scan the room for my friends, I caught Myra's eye and gave her the signal for "I'm cool, don't wait up for me". Turning back to Jon I noticed that we were heading for the Employees only door which led to the second floor. The stairs led to a passageway with three doors and he started towards the last door when I felt the need to ask,

"Where are we going?" I knew pretty much knew what we would be doing but had no clue where we would be doing it.

"I'm taking you into the Manager's office" WHAT?????????? My mind screamed but my clit was too busy humming to take care to listen to my mind. Sigh... fuck it... I want this.

As we pushed thru the darkened room I realized that it consisted of nothing more than a desk and an executive chair, two side chairs and a lounging couch. Behind the desk was a large glass window that looked over the dance floor and DJ booth. Interesting.

"They can't see us" he laughed as my face must have registered the shock. Hmmmm, this was getting more and more interesting by the minute.

"Come here Lisa..." I moved into the room as Jon tugged on my hand and pushed me against the desk. Damn he didn't waste time this one.

"I'm going to taste every fucking inch of you Lisa, do you hear me? I want to remember the taste of your pussy against my tongue and the feel of my cock as I fuck you hard" Woahhhhhh! Did he realize how worked up I was getting hearing him speak so frankly about his wants and needs. Jon was in no mood to chit chat and he cleared the desk behind me in one swoop and laid me on my back on the desk, pushing my feet up onto the desk and in the process pushing my skirt up as well. He leaned close

"I can smell how excited you are you know and it makes me want to fucking rip your clothes off and make you mine, but first I want to taste that sweet cunt that you're hiding beneath this skirt. The minute I saw you come in tonight I knew I had to have you". No sooner had the words left his lips then he knelt down between my legs and spread me wide open.

"Mmmmmm, such a sweet little cunt, do you want my tongue on it baby, tell me, do you?"

Was he for fucking real???


He ripped off my panties and held them up to his nose, sniffing the very essence of me, my god. He turned to look at me and held my eyes as he bent down and ran a finger across my pussy lips. Back and forth, gently teasing me and making me squirm with urgency for more. Parting my lips, he moved against my clit, using his thumb to rub it around in circles. I started to pant softly as he did this and jerked my hips in time with his motions.

"That's it baby, you fucking like this don't you, your hot lil cunt wants my cock" He slipped a finger inside without any warning and I let out a little screech. Pump my pussy, pump it in and out my mind was screaming out to him.

"Tell me what you want Lisa, let me hear what you need from me"

"I want you to finger my pussy dammit and you know it and then I want to see that cock of yours out and ready to please me" He had the audacity to grin at me and laughed...

"I knew I had you pegged right, you're a hot lil number with a craving to be fucked" I glared up at him and started to move off the desk when he pushed me back down gently. Pushing my skirt up so that it pooled at my waist, he pushed my thighs wide open and knelt down between them. His head moved in closer and before I could protest he fastened his mouth over my clit and started to lick and tongue me into oblivion. Picking up where he left off he started to slide his fingers back into my pussy as he lapped at my clit, pumping me steadily and watching my reaction to his ministrations. Gawd, did he have long fucking fingers and did he know how to use them. HELL YES! He kept at it bringing me to the edge several times without letting me go over, it was amazing, it was frustrating, it was fucking torture....

"I fucking want to cum!" I growled

"You'll cum when I say you can cum and not before" I was astonished at his words and worse yet, I was terribly aroused and excited by his tone and take charge attitude. He pulled me up and pushed me down on my knees and watched me expectantly. I allowed my hands to move up his pants and unzipped him slowly, letting my fingers brush against his cock which was blatantly straining against his pants. I curled my fingers around it and stroked him through his pants as he started to squirm and pump my hand in reply. Not caring how I might appear to him later, I reached in and pushed his shorts to the side and pulled his cock out. My god what a fucking cock he had – at least seven or so inches of hard shaft and a perfect mushroom head oozing pre-cum. I couldn't resist it, bending in I licked the tip of his cock and moaned softly around him. God he was overwhelming my senses. I felt his hands sliding into my hair and grabbing a bunch of hair in his fist, forcing me further down onto his cock, pushing it inside my mouth until I was gagging slightly but loving it. He fucked my mouth slowly, his movements measured and sure. In and out, in and out, using his hands to push my head back and forth.

"Fuck yesssss, that's it baby, suck my cock like the good lil bitch that you are, take it all, take my fucking cock"

I was more than up to the task and was getting wetter by the minute watching him get excited by the blow job I was giving him. I picked up the pace and started to bob up and down on his cock faster and faster, watching his eyes close and feeling his shaft twitching in my mouth, feeling it start to surge against the back of my throat. I pulled off of him quickly and stared up at him defiantly.

"What the fuck..." He would learn in time that I gave just as good as I got and would bend only if its what I wanted to do. Little did I know but I was about to meet my match.

Jon tugged me up by my hair and pushed me face down into the desk, raising my right leg so that I was completely exposed to him and open, so open I was sure that my excitement was starting to run and drip down onto the surface below me.

"What you need is a real man to fucking give it to you baby, and I'm more than up to the challenge" he growled against my ear as he shoved his cock inside of me. Oh godddddd! I loved it... this is what I wanted from him. He pushed my ass high into the air and grabbed my hips fucking me hard and fast and then changing his tempo and slowing it down. The man kept dragging me to the point of orgasm and then retreating and changing his rhythm. I was getting agitated and wanted to experience that euphoric feeling gushing thru me as I came.

"God you're so fucking tight baby, I could fuck this sweet lil cunt forever" Oh ho, two could play this game and I allowed my years of yoga training to help me squeeze my pussy muscles and pull him in further, pulsating around him as I strove towards finding my ecstasy. Squeezing and releasing, in a rhythm that was enhancing the pressure felt on my clit.

"God damn, whatever you're doing it feels fucking amazing" he mumbled below his breath. We were both close and I knew he wanted it as badly as I did. Then I felt it. He moved to my ass and slipped the tip of his index finger into my asshole, pushing it in slowly and rotating it around.

"Let's see how you deal with this baby, I'm going to fuck you and finger your ass until you beg me to cum" We were still at this??? Did he loose a page in translation? He was determined to make me submit to him and honestly, there was a part of me that really wanted to as well. I relaxed all my muscles and started to enjoy the feeling as he pumped me mercilessly. I pushed back on him and rode his cock furiously, pushing him and tugging at his shaft and head in the process. "Oh fuck yes, fuck me baby... fuck meeeeeee" he started to moan low and his fingers dug into my hips as he slammed his cock in harder and harder. Then suddenly he pulled all the way out and quickly pulled me around, pushing me down onto my knees as his cock spasmed and jerked out the cum inside of him. It hit my lips and nose first and started to squirt all over my cheeks, dribbling down my chin and oozing onto my chest. Not waiting for the first explosion to subside, he picked me back up and bent me over the table and the next thing I knew I felt his cock nudging at my ass and slipping past my tight hole. What the hell! He was going to fuck my ass.

"Such a nasty lil bitch, I'm going to fuck your ass too, bend over more!" I followed his instructions because I was too far gone at this point to care. I wanted him to fuck my ass. Spreading my legs wider I relaxed as much as I could as he pushed into me, inch by inch I felt him slide it in and I wanted more still. Reaching down with my right hand I touched my clit and started to rub it furiously – inflicting a pleasure pain feeling and wanting more. He felt it too and started to move faster and faster, fucking my ass hard and squeezing my nipples in his hands.

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