Oaksong Ch. 06: Nourishment

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Shalendris becomes friends with the Tauren.
5.5k words

Part 6 of the 9 part series

Updated 06/13/2023
Created 05/30/2021
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Sat upon a throne of iron and bone, the imposing demon watched as all around him, hundreds upon hundreds of naked forms intertwined, moans and screams of pleasure resonating through what was left of the elven chapel.

Slinking through the remains of a marble statue of Elune, another demon with skin like weathered stone approached the throne. Kneeling at the bottom of the dais, the Dreadlord couldn't help but steal a glance upward at the elven woman who had her enormous breasts wrapped around the commander's towering cock.

"My lord Nar'tuzel," said the Dreadlord, doing his best to keep his gaze upon the ground. "I have found Shalendris, the-"

"And where is she now?" interrupted the red-skinned fiend, his glowing green eyes fixed upon the subservient demon beneath him.

"I... She got away," came Tarraxis's reply. "The Tauren were far too numerous, we were overwhelmed."

Othros seemed unconvinced as he casually caressed a gleaming soul gem, letting the stone roll between his digits.

"The great Tarraxis, overwhelmed by a few bovine warriors? Now that is something I would have loved to see." A mocking grin spread across Nar'tuzel's face, looking down for a moment at the soul gem he held. "You hear that, Othros? Your dear Shalendris now owes her life to a tribe of Tauren... She's probably on her knees servicing them right now."

"We may yet be able to turn this most recent failure of yours into success, Tarraxis," came the demon's resonating voice. As he spoke, some of the nude elves and demons fucking beneath him turned their heads towards their master. "And the slut Shalendris will be the downfall of all those she holds dearest."

From within the soul gem, Othros could only scream in despair, unheard and unseen.


Heavy footfalls resonated through the Earth as the great Kodo beasts moved forward, carrying upon their backs three Kaldorei through the southern plains of Kalimdor. The three Night Elves, recently rescued by a group of Tauren warriors, now lay in stretchers of thick leather strapped to the backs of the enormous animals.

The Tauren village of Ekalu'ata was not far, they had been assured. A little over a day's ride, at this pace. They moved with as much speed as they could muster, stopping only rarely to rest and only for a short while. Tauren were not the quickest travelers, but their boundless stamina allowed them to cover far greater distances than other races. The knowledge of the Burning Legion's rapid advances through the region spurred them on, desperate determination etched onto exhausted faces.

"How did you know we were in danger?" asked Shalendris, looking down at Tau'kale, the great, black-furred male who walked next to the Kodo beast upon which Shalendris had been placed.

The 12-foot-tall mountain of a man looked up at Shalendris who was sitting cross-legged upon the stretcher. "My mother, Greatseer Au'lah, saw you and saw the demons' grip closing in around you," he answered with a great, rumbling voice.

The colossus, like his comrades, wore very little. Shalendris had noted the fact when they had first started moving out of the forest, after things had calmed down. The sight was far from offensive to the purple-haired Night Elf, though she did try to avoid looking down at their loincloths for too long. But when she did manage to avert her gaze from those swinging bulges, she found that her eyes would be inadvertently drawn to the opulent chests of the female warriors that accompanied them.

A few yards away, sitting on a stretcher tied to another of the horned Kodo beasts, Talena had managed to keep herself distracted by poring over religious texts. Shalendris chuckled inwardly as she noticed how the green-haired priestess seemed to have a hard time finding ways to hold her book comfortably with the newly grown melons sitting on her chest. Grumbling, she simply placed the tome on her shelf of cleavage resignedly.

The third companion, Allendril, had not woken up since their encounter with the Dreadlord Tarraxis. The sleeping enchantment that had hit him seemed far too powerful for any of those present to dispel but they hoped that one of the village's sages would be able to pull the sorcerer from his sleep.

"We will arrive by noon tomorrow," said one pathfinder, crouching to inspect a rock on the ground for a moment as her trained eagle companion circled overhead.

That night, they set up a small camp to rest and eat. Though they were not too far from their destination, they still needed to replenish their strength in the event of an unexpected battle. Even if those beasts who would openly challenge a roaming band of Tauren were rare, the region was no stranger to various monsters or even Zandalari warbands who often captured the nomadic Tauren to use in their sadistic rituals.

As Talena and Shalendris sat down to munch on dried meat and berries, they were soon approached by Tau'kale. The imposing male huffed as he sat down next to them. "Shalendris and Talena, we have had not much time to talk," he said, looking over the pair for a moment. "Tell me of yourselves, of the foes we face," he continued before popping a red berry into his large bovine mouth.

The two Kaldorei told the Tauren much about themselves and about the Burning Legion. They told them of life in the Kaldorei Empire, of the sudden demon invasion, of the danger Queen Azshara probably faced at the hands of the fiends. They told him of their family, of their love life, of all manner of things, both important and inconsequential.

Tau'kale listened to every word, quite interested in what the two had to say but appearing quite worried at their tales of the demonic legions. "I see..." he said, rubbing his chin for a moment. "And you say your lover, Othros, is dead?"

Shalendris looked down at the ground, thinking of an answer. "I... Not physically dead, I think. He has been taken by the Legion. Turned into one of them. I saw him... I almost fell to his charms, to his manipulations, to the addictive allure of fel magic," said the Night Elf, tucking a loose strand of hair behind a long, elven ear.

The Tauren knew of the allure of dark magics and had seen many times the other races of Kalimdor using it or falling prey to its influence. This "fel" magic was probably no different, Tau'kale thought. "Now that is quite the tale that you two have told me," remarked Tau'kale. "Our people will have much to think about. The Tauren are a nomadic people and our tribes do not always get along. I think we must act quickly to save as many of your people as possible. Once we reach Ekalu'ata, I will ask my mother to send out messengers to the other tribes," he continued, concern etched onto his scarred features.

That night, Talena and Shalendris slept close together, huddled near one of the enormous Kodo beasts. Though they had blankets to stay warm, they ended up using its body warmth to avoid the chill of night anyway. They had no fur like the Tauren did and thus, required a little more heat to sleep comfortably.

Yet, sleep did not come easy to Shalendris, and her sensitive ears picked up an odd sound, causing her to crack open an eye.

Schlip schlip.

Lying on his side and with his head on a haversack, Tau'kale had covered himself with a blanket, his face pointed right at Shalendris and Talena. One did not have to be extremely perceptive to note how, by the slight glimmer in the man's eyes and the motion beneath the blanket that he was taking care of business.

Was he jerking off while staring at her and Talena? Shalendris glanced sideways at her friend, noting how her blanket had slipped away during the night, revealing a decent amount of cleavage, especially with how her robe struggled to even contain the ludicrous amount of titflesh she now sported.

All the other Tauren seemed to be asleep and two of them had been posted on either side of the makeshift encampment to watch for any approaching threats.

A slight grin spread across Shalendris's features as she opened both eyes to stare right at Tau'kale. "Having fun?" she half-whispered, hoping the Tauren would hear her from the distance.

Her words caused him to stop moving suddenly and to close his eyes, feigning sleep. One could have almost believed the trick were it not for the black-furred male's exaggerated and unconvincing snoring.

Stealing another glance at her sleeping friend, Shalendris slid the blanket off herself and crawled over to the "sleeping" Tauren, wincing as her colossal tits dragged along the pebble-laden ground.

Shalendris leaned into the man, whispering into his twitching ear. "I know you're not asleep, Tau," she said, giving his ear the slightest nibble.

"Oh uh, hey, why are you waking me up? Are we under attack?" the unsubtle Tauren asked, his cock poking against his blanket, pushing it forward somewhat. With his arm positioned in the manner it was, Shalendris knew fully that he had a hand still placed firmly upon his cock.

"Might be quicker if I lend you a hand, hm?" the overly busty elf asked, grinning.

Shalendris had not truly been in control during the last few sexual encounters she'd had and, with Othros gone, she felt she was ready to explore the pleasures of the flesh with others.

Lying down next to the hulking warrior, the 7-foot-tall Night Elf seemed quite diminutive indeed, with her head eye-level with his bulging pectoral muscles. With one hand, she lifted the blanket and moved closer to him, her titanic knockers pressed against his abs.

"Shalendris, I... Othros..." whispered Tau'kale, looking down at the elven woman who had already begun reaching down for his cock.

The purple-haired beauty looked up, eyes locking with this potential lover. "He is gone, Tau. Do you not want this?" replied the woman, fingertips grazing along the throbbing cock's length, as if waiting for a single word giving her permission to go on.

Without any added words, Tau'kale reached down, wrapping his hand around the Night Elf's, pushing her hand a little harder against his needy length.

Her upper body pressed to his, she leaned in to inhale his masculine scent, sweat and dirty intermingled after days traveling. It was not an unpleasant scent, quite the contrary and she soon found herself pumping his cock slowly, fingers wrapped around the girthy prick.

While not as big as she had anticipated, it was still rather hefty and, unseen to her, its true size was hard to fully appreciate.

Tenderly, the black-furred Tauren moved his hand from Shalendris's own and placed it gently on the back of the woman's head. Large enough to fully encompass it if he wanted, he instead let his fingers move along her scalp, triggering a soft sigh of pleasure from the touch-starved elf.

The man groaned as he neared climax, spurred on by the Night Elf's eager pumping. Gritting his teeth, the enormous Tauren attempted to hold back the oncoming surge.

"Are you close?" asked Shalendris, looking up at the man's face.

An affirmative grunt was the only answer she got, so she slipped beneath the covers to stop the mess at its source. With eyes well adapted to the darkness, Shalendris immediately spotted his fat prick, the hefty mast approximately as wide as her hand and twice as long.

Before her mouth was fully opened to encompass the girthy manhood, Tau'kale pushed down on the back of Shalendris's head. Her eyes went wide as the enormous prick was shoved right down her throat, spurting rope after rope of thick, creamy splooge directly into her stomach.

Though Tau'kale was not as well-equipped as she had hoped, Shalendris was nevertheless impressed by the sheer quantity of potent seed he was pumping down her throat. She held on as best she could, her airways blocked by the tremendous size of the bull's meat. Her throat bulged from the cock's circumference as his massive black balls emptied themselves.

His orgasm seemingly never-ending, the man's impossible strength stopped Shalendris from pulling her head from the cock, lips locked around the monolith's base.

Though she should have run out of air a long time ago, Shalendris found she had little need to breathe through her lungs, so she enjoyed every second of that titanic prick unloading what seemed like gallons of potent jizz right down her slutty elven throat, a throat which seemed to be milking that massive cock for all its worth.

"Agghn..." softly groaned Tau'kale as his orgasm subsided after nearly a minute, leaving Shalendris slightly bloated, stomach appearing far fuller than it had been mere moments earlier.

Pulling her head from his cock, Shalendris slithered upwards so that her face was now but a few inches from Tau'kale's, and she gave the black-furred male a gentle kiss on the snout.

"Thank you," came the man's appreciative words.

Shalendris chuckled, letting forth a tiny burp from the absurd amounts of Tauren cum she had just ingested. "Always willing to help a friend in need," she replied before slipping from beneath the covers, crawling back to her own sleeping spot.

"So glad you're making friends." Talena's words reached Shalendris's sensitive ears, her friend looking over to her with a mocking smile on her lips.

There would be many more, thought the Kaldorei to herself as she licked her lips and fell asleep.


They had little time to eat that morning, making their way with as much speed as possible towards the village. Shalendris found that she felt no hunger that morning and her rounded belly from all the cum she had ingested seemed to have vanished. Most troubling of all, however, was that her breasts had grown proportionally, giving her tremendous tits a few wholly unneeded inches.

When they had woken up, large plumes of smoke were visible on the horizon, green flames visible against the morning sky in the distance. They knew that this meant that the Burning Legion would soon be out into the plains and if they hadn't been spotted yet, they soon would be.

As they traversed the great golden plains, the pathfinders of the group had spotted tracks from beasts they did not yet recognize. While the Tauren seemed quite puzzled at this, Shalendris was beginning to feel increasing worry.

She didn't share these worries with the Tauren, not wanting to cause any undue panic... But if these beasts were akin to those who'd attacked her in Zin-Azhsari...

No, she thought. Focus on the road ahead.

And so, the group carried on as they moved in an almost straight line, guided by the skilled hunters of the group. The sun was slowly setting on the horizon when they approached their destination.


All around Ekalu'ata, tents of wood and leather had been built alongside longhouses of stone and straw. The village's multiple structures made a large crescent around a lake in the center of which lay an island. Most impressive of all, however, was the great grey stone jutting out of the island, various blue runes painted across its surface.

So large was that single rock that it cast its shadow across the entire village as the sun set in the west, candles and torches being lit to counteract the night's darkness.

As the travelers entered the village, its inhabitants quickly gathered around them. Some, to help unpack the Kodo beasts and others out of curiosity.

Out of the corner of her eye, Shalendris took notice of a few villagers pointing to her, whispering to one another as they passed by. One young Tauren, however, stopped right in front of Shalendris, openly gawking at her gigantic tits before being shooed away by a very embarrassed mother. No matter how much she tried to wrap those mountains of titflesh within those white bedsheets, she would never be able to hide them.

At the center of the village, Tau'kale turned to Shalendris. "With the Burning Legion soon on our doorstep, we must discuss the next course of action. The war council shall meet this evening." His tone was serious and, though they had shared an intimate moment the previous evening, there was only a dutiful scowl on his face. "The both of you should rest, tomorrow might be a difficult day."


A small room in a longhouse had been assigned to Shalendris and, while quite simple in design, it offered her more comfort than she had experienced in days or even weeks. Thick furs from varied beasts were spread across the floor with large, fluffy pillows.

Her friend, Talena, had decided to sleep in the healers' tent where Allendril had been placed, leaving Shalendris alone in the dimly lit bedroom.

While trips like these would leave most people exhausted and sore, Shalendris found that whatever ache in her muscles felt like a faraway echo, present but just barely so. Reaching up to cup her gargantuan tits through the bedsheet-bra she wore, she let slip the slightest chuckle. "Are you two behind this?" she asked them, letting the two overgrown udders fall back into place as she moved her hands away.

Of course, the magical powers her breasts seemed to hold still held many mysteries to her and, so far, she found that different effects would be bestowed upon her depending on the type of magic she was affected by. Life energy seemed to allow her body to nourish and heal itself while arcane energies seemed to grant her clarity of thought and the ability to mold others by transferring that energy to them.

Shalendris walked over to the nearby window, looking out at the village. It seemed that many of the elders, warriors and hunters were moving into the largest tent at the center of the village. Could it be the chieftain's tent, she wondered?

Truth be told, the Night Elves knew very little about Tauren society and Shalendris was no exception to this rule. However, she felt a deepening interest in these newfound allies and their way of life, and she hoped that this bond would grow once all of this was over.

Those massive tits of her did allow to negate the effects of fatigue but they didn't grant her strength beyond her normal abilities and the twin mountains were beginning to feel like quite the burden. With a grunt, Shalendris sat down on the large pile of furs, removing the bedsheets that held her breasts, letting the two enormous tits out into the open to settle onto her lap.

All the semen she'd ingested from Tau'kale the previous evening had really done a number on her, she realized. Though her tits had definitely grown considerably after she'd sucked him off, they'd kept growing after her body was done absorbing every bit of life essence from the male's potent seed.

Both the woman's arms extended forward, attempting to encompass her chest's vastness. Her hands managed to reach her hardening nipples, though just barely. And as her fingers brushed against those deep purple nubs, she couldn't hold back a pleasured gasp. Oh, how sensitive they felt... With fingers gently began caressing her nipples, now far larger than she'd ever seen them, she could feel herself growing more and more aroused.

Why were there none of the huge Tauren males to share these furs with her? How she longed for those great hands to grope and fondle her oversized tits, how she wanted them to shove their fat dicks down every hole she had to offer... Before long, the lavender-skinned elf had fallen to her back, great vast mounds of flesh bouncing and jiggling about on her chest like two enormous pillows, ready to smother her. Had she not been holding those oversized masses; she would have surely been hit in the face by them.

Shalendris's hands were quick to move down to her dripping cunt, eager to try and put out the fires now raging within her. Images of multitudes of Tauren males ran through her mind as she closed her eyes, that golden moon on her forehead pulsating with increasing intensity. In her mind's eye, these males all took turns ravaging her, leaving her a cum-coated mess. One soft moan and then another slipped past the woman's plush lips before a few knocks at her door tore her from that lustful moment suddenly and violently.