Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02.5


I could taste my own cum, but there was another flavor. It had to be Pam's cum as well. The tasted was fantastic as I had already loved the tasted of my own cum and also Julie's. But Pam's cum added a new flavor to it that made it even better.

I licked at her pussy like a man who hasn't eaten in days. Pam saw my eagerness and she went right down and started licking my cock clean. I licked up every drop I could find and then I slid my tongue up her pussy to look for more. When I had all I could get I started licking her clit in hopes I could make her cum once more, so she could flush out anything I didn't get.

It didn't take Pam long to clean me off but she also saw my eagerness and she allowed me to continue. Within a few minute I could feel her start to shake and quickly her juices started to pour out of her. When Pam came again I was ready to lick up anything I could find. Her cum had a hint of my own cum but most of it was Pam's and that tasted just as good.

When Pam stopped cuming she rolled off me then turned around. She crawled into my arms and kissed me before saying, "That was wonderful. I wish all you guys cleaned up like you just did. Please say you'll become a part of our circle?"

"I have to talk to Julie. We have to do this as a couple. But I for one want to do this again," I told her not wishing to make a commitment.

"I understand and if you had said anything different I would have to vote against you. This has to be something you both want," She told me.

"Wait, you mean you all are going to vote on whether Julie and I can come back?" I asked.

Pam laughed and said, "Of course silly we don't let just anyone in to our circle. First you have to be voted one whether or not you can even come for an initiation. Then once you are invited we have to see if you would fit in. You fit in very nicely, as does Julie. Then we vote on whether you can return. If you don't get another invitation you can't come back. You have to get an invitation every time there is a party. That way you know you're a member in good standing. Now don't worry about it I'm sure you'll be voted in. I know you have at least three votes of the seven."

Pam and I went to the bar got a couple of drinks before we sat on one of the sofas. I doubt I could have gotten another hard on if my life depended on it. Pam said she was taking a rest and she may pair up with some one later.

We sat together and watched what was going on in the room. Julie was still the main attraction. I could see she was having a great time as she was on top of Bill riding his cock like there was no tomorrow. She was also sucking Rich's cock or was he fucking her mouth I couldn't tell. Lacey and Sandra were off to the side with Sandra licking Lacey's pussy. Fred the art dealer was fucking Jim's wife who was a teacher at the college. Jim was a banker and he was with Fred's wife. I wasn't sure where the other two couples had gone and I wasn't sure what happen to Sean.

A few minutes later Kyle and his wife Brigitte came back into the room with Sean. Pam got up went to Kyle and Brigitte and started talking to them. Before I knew it Brigitte was on the floor with Pam between her legs and Kyle was behind Pam as he was licking her pussy from behind. Once Sean had himself a soda he came over and sat next to me.

Sean sat and surveyed the room for a few seconds before he said, "Well what do you think of our little group?"

"They're really an nice bunch of people," I told him not knowing what else to say.

Sean chuckled before saying, "That really was a stupid question wasn't it. What I really wanted to ask was how do you feel about what has happen tonight. Are you okay with being here? I know you were a loner for a long time and being this intimate with all these people can be a little daunting when you're not used to it."

I chuckled and said, "Yea it can be but I think I'm handling it pretty well. I really want Julie to be happy. I would have been happy if we didn't do this but Julie acted strangely every time the invitation showed up. If doing this makes her happy then we'll do it. Don't get me wrong I'm having a blast too, but like I said I would have been happy either way."

Sean chuckled and said, "I feel the same way about Lacey. After we were married she missed her old life as a model. We talked about it and we figured out that she didn't miss the modeling as much as she missed the sex. She had her pick of partners and she loved that she could have sex with anyone without worry. As a Dean's wife she couldn't do that. So we thought about doing this as a diversion. All she really needed was some close friends around who she could have sex with. You know something different for a change. I loved her too much to lose her over something as basic as sex. After all its just sex in the end I know she loves me and she's only having sex with someone else because it feels good."

He had said what I was thinking about Julie. I loved her too much to lose her over sex. What she was doing right now was pure sexual release. When we made love it was different. It was calmer and we both felt the love we had for each other. She wasn't making love to those men. She was fucking with them. If this was what she needed then I'd be glad to give it to her. Besides it wasn't like I was just sitting and watching I was have a great time too.

By this time Julie had exhausted her two partners and she came staggering over to Sean and I. She looked like she was going to pass out so I pulled her down on to my lap and took her in my arms. She looked a little leery about what kind of a response I was going to give her so I kissed her lightly on the lips the same lips that had just sucked at least one cock and most likely more. I could even taste someone's cum on her lips.

When our lips parted Sean asked, "Well Julie how do you feel about what happened tonight?"

"I feel okay about it I'm just worried about how Ted feels about it," she told him as she cast a suspicious eye toward me.

I was about to say something but Sean stood and said, "I'll leave you two alone. I know you to have some talking to do."

After Sean was out of hearing I said, "Tell me the truth did you really enjoy yourself tonight."

Julie looked at her knees and thought for a few seconds before she said, "If you want the truth yes I did. I really had a great time. I know that sounds terrible but it is the truth."

"Well I'm glad you had a great time I'd hate to think you had all this sex and hated every minute of it." I told her as I pulled her close.

Julie gave me another suspicious look before she asked, "You mean you don't mind that I made love to all these people?"

"Julie if you made love to all these people I would be very upset. I don't think I could handle you making love anyone but me," I told her but before I could finish she tried to cut me off. I put my hand over her mouth and said, "If you had sex with all these people then I'm glad you enjoyed yourself."

Julie looked at me as she tried to figure out what I was saying. Then I could see a light come on in her head as she said, "Oh I see, since I don't love these people like I love you I'm only having sex with them. I make love to only you. So it's okay if I have sex with other people as long as I only make love to you?"

I chuckled and said, "Well I don't want you going out to pick strangers off the street, but yes it's okay if we have sex with special friends."

"So I don't have to worry about you leaving me because I acted like a slut tonight?" Julie asked.

"No as long as you realized I acted much the same. After all I had two men and two women," I told her.

Julie giggled before she said, "I got you beat I had five men and six women. I count Lacey twice since I had sex with her twice. I never knew pussy tasted so good."

I laughed and said, "I forgot how good it was but I was reminded tonight. Maybe next time I can find out how good Lacey tastes."

"Oh I forgot I invited Lacey Sean Sandra and Bill over for a cook out tomorrow. I told them about the back yard you had built for me. They're coming over to sunbathe since they can't sunbathe nude here. One of their neighbors complains. So you may get your chance tomorrow. I mean if it's okay to do it again so soon?" Julie told me.

I laughed and said, "It's okay to do it again so soon, but I thought we were leaving for Mexico tomorrow."

"Mexico will still be there on Monday. Besides we have a whole week before we have to be back. It's not going to take that long to spend too much money," she told me. We kissed once more before we got dressed and went home.

After we got home Julie and I made love together like it was the first time for both of us. Our lovemaking changed that night as if we now knew the difference between loving and just fucking. That night I cleaned out Julie's boy pussy for the first time after I pumped my load into her. She was surprised that I did it but she loved it just the same. From that point on I made sure to clean her out after we made love. She also cleans me, out when she rides me,

The Sunday after the party we had our first party at our house. At first it started out with our guests sunbathing out it the sun but before long an orgy had ensued. It was first but not the last time that I had sex with the Dean and his wife at the same time. Lacey's pussy was like a snapping turtle and she could squeeze the cum right out of you without you moving. It was exquisite torture and one I looked forward to. Sean's cock was about as long as my seven incher but his was almost twice as thick as mine was. When he fucked you, you were royally fucked and I felt like my hole would never close. The party lasted well into the evening and they stayed over. Sleeping anywhere they could find space.

Once Julie and I returned from Mexico we found an invitation in our mailbox for a party the following Saturday. This time we discussed whether we go or not and we decided that we would. We decide to go and we have gone to at least one each month though we have gotten together with the Dean and Lacey as well as Sandra and Bill more often. In fact the four of them were regular visitors during the summer so they could work on the all-over tans. They have also joined us on several desert trips.

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