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OB/Gyn Appointment


I had an experience that I just had to share with someone. I went to my yearly OB/GYN exam with the same doctor I have been going to for almost 8 years. He has always been extremely friendly and patient we me during his exams. He would listen to understand what was going on with me, especially with the birth of my daughter and son. I am 33 years old with blond hair, 34B-24-34 body, 106 lbs and I think I keep in good shape. At the beginning of each exam he always goes through the usual questions, checks my lungs, etc. He will do a thorough breast exam. A nurse is present sometimes, but is usually in and out during the exams or many times not present. My breasts are very sensitive and I must admit that this gets me excited when he touches my breasts and nipples.

He has a very specific pattern that he has always used, starting at the top and making a circular pattern around my breast, very gently, but firmly manipulating my body. He would spend much more time with my nipples going around them first and then rolling the nipple in his finger tips stating that he is looking for any discharge. Dr. Kendall always seemed to start up a conversation as he was manipulating my nipples asking about my health, how I was doing, inquiring about the amount of exercise I was performing, all the while rolling my nipple in his fingers. I struggled to concentrate on answering the questions as the sensation felt so good. When I get excited I always get a pink flush across my chest and this always happens in the doctors office. I have had a nurse comment on the pink color of my skin during my exams before, but commenting on it more as a medical observation rather than anything else.

Dr. Kendall has always asked the question before a pelvic exam if I preferred natural lubrication or the use of a lubricant. I had always indicated that it did not matter and he had always taken a dollop of a substance like KY Jelly and put it on my vagina. For some reason when he asked today I said "natural lubrication if that would be OK". He said "sure that it just took a little longer, but many women prefer using natural lubrication". He moved down and helped me place my legs in the stirrups, and then asked for me to slide my hips forward to the edge of the exam table. He then sat on a stool and moved up between my legs and adjusted the drape as usual which would cover my belly and lay up against my thighs almost up to my knees. Once I was in place, I could not see much of Dr. Kendall at all.

Dr. Kendall placed his hands on my thighs at first, like he was looking at them for anything unusual. He then began to press the skin all around my vagina, pushing and massaging it. His hands were warm and I remember thinking I could not tell if he was wearing gloves or not. His hands ran through my small triangle of light brown pubic hair. He asked me some basic questions about if I had an active sex life with my husband. I said yes and he asked about how many times a week we currently had sexual relations. We continued to talk and I felt his hand start gently caressing the labia of my vagina. He asked if I had any other sexual partners in addition to my husband. He indicated it was important to tell him the truth as it would influence the care I needed. It surprised me every time he asked this but I suppose in this day in age multiple partners are probably more common. As I answered his question my mind was wandering and I swear it felt just like my husband caressing me.

His hands were very soft and gentle as they manipulated my labia. I actually became wet very quickly and as I did he began to spread my labia and run his finger in a circular motion around the opening of my vagina. He complimented me stating "it appears that I was continuing to take care of myself and that everything looks very good and healthy". His compliments always seems funny to me but he always stated them in a very sincere way. I felt the moisture spread more and more all over my vagina. Dr. Kendall shifted his finger up to my clitoris and started making circles just around it. The sexual tension in my vagina and body was expanding rapidly and it became difficult to concentrate and answer his questions. He continued to ever so gently caress my clitoris and then he slipped a finger into my vaginal opening and began moving it slowly in and out. The feeling was so wonderful and so strong. Within a short time, my leg muscles tightened and I felt the wave of tension from a really strong orgasm move through my body. It felt so good that as I came down from the sensation, I was embarrassed as I just knew he had to know what just happened. As I had the orgasm his hand slid back down into the folds of my vagina and he did not move his fingers very much for a few seconds as the sensation continued to subside. After my orgasm stopped I felt his finger start to penetrate my vagina, slowly at first and then with a steady rhythm.

He slid his fingers deeper and deeper into my vagina. He move one finger in and out and then added a second finger to his steady rhythm. As his fingers went all the way inside, his hand started to bump my clitoris again. Dr. Kendall asked if I knew how to do pelvic exercises and if I were doing them. He explained how to tighten my muscles like I was trying to stop urinating. He said this would strengthen the vaginal canal. Doing this repetitively several times a day would keep the muscles tight and could help avoid problems as I grew older. He slid two fingers deep into my vagina and then asked me to tighten my muscles. I did it a little bit and he asked me to hold them tight. As I held the muscles he moved his fingers steadily into and out of my vagina. He then said to relax and he continued to move his fingers in and out of my vagina as he asked if I could feel the difference. I did feel the difference and told him so.

He encouraged me to try again but to try to tighten them as much as I could. This time I really squeezed my muscles hard around his two fingers that he was moving in and out of me. He complimented me again saying "Oh yes that is it, see how different that feels". He continued to slowly move his fingers in and out and then he said relax. He recommended doing that 30-40 times a day and that I could actually do it almost anywhere and no one would know. He said lets try it again and as he continued to move his fingers deep into my vagina and then pull them back out the sensation was fantastic. It was not very long before I came again, this time even stronger and lasted longer than my first one. As I had the second orgasm he let his fingers slide almost all the way out of my vagina, but with the tips of two fingers still inside of me moving a little. He asked if I had any questions about the exercises and I could only get out a simple "no, no questions" back as my response.

He moved his fingers around a little as he reached for the vaginal speculum. The tip of the speculum began to move into my vagina. This sensation is usually a little uncomfortable but today it slid into me easily. He began to move it in and out slowly going deeper with every forward push. When speculum was all the way inside of me, it was bumping against my clitoris and I knew I was on the verge of another orgasm. He still moved it in and out a few more times until it went all the way inside and sat stationary for a moment. As he opened the speculum another orgasm began and it was very strong. The wider it spread the stronger the sensation became. As my third orgasm was subsiding and I was getting my concentration back he slowly removed the speculum and said that everything was fine and that I could get dressed.

He acted as normal as could be, very up beat, keeping his always friendly demeanor. He slipped out of the room and I kind of laid there for moment thinking. I could not believe what was normally a fairly uncomfortable experience had this morning felt absolutely fantastic. I had never had three orgasms in a row like that before and it felt great. My legs were weak as I got dressed. He came back into the room with his nurse and asked if there were any other questions. He reminded me to keep doing the pelvic exercises.

I could not believe the experience and it has made me very horny for a number of days now. I don't know if this is an unusual experience or not but I feel like I should tell all my friends, that if a doctor asks you if you want natural lubrication that you better say yes. If I have to get this exam done once a year, I might as well have it an enjoyable experience. I feel like I may have been missing out on a little secret that exists between many physicians and their patients on how to make this medical exam more comfortable and something women can look forward to rather than dreading getting it done.

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