She was sitting on the floor next to him, legs tucked neatly under her, her head on his lap, where he occasionally brought a hand down to stroke or play with her silky hair. They had been idly chatting for a while, just enjoying each other’s company. He leaned down and spoke to her softly

“Go into the other room and strip, I’ll be there in a moment.”

“Yes sir” she replied, untucking her legs and standing up, stretching her legs slightly before padding into the other room.

She slowly removed her pants, enjoying the feel of the soft fabric as it slid down her legs. Her shirt and bra followed, joining her pants neatly folded on the chair. She wasn’t wearing any panties, since that was a standing rule whenever she saw him. She enjoyed it, since it was a simple way of reminding her of her place at these times. He walked in and she stood there waiting to see what he wanted her to do. He looked her over, and then stepped closer to her.

“Lock your hands behind your neck, spread your legs” he still spoke softly as he didn’t need to raise his voice.

They both knew who was in control.

She did as he asked, lowering her eyes respectively also.

“No, did I tell you to lower your eyes?”

“No, sir”

“Well, then raise them again”

She did so, looking him in the eyes, and seeing a combination or respect, caring, and dominance that never failed to get her wet.

“I’m in a good mood, so I’m not going to punish you, but don’t try to assume what I want or take advantage of my mood. Understand?”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry”

She wanted him to touch her so badly, but she knew she would just have to wait until he felt like it. He walked around her, trailing his hand across her stomach softly, sending shivers through her. Standing behind her now, he ran his hands lightly down her chest, purposefully ignoring her nipples, which now were hard nubs, waiting for attention, instead tracings his fingers around the sensitive underside of her breast, and then down her stomach to her pussy, just playing and rubbing slightly, right above her clit. It drove her nuts, and her hips began to move of their own volition. Seeing this, he quickly brought his other hand up to her hair, grasping a handful and pulling, just hard enough to get her to stop and pay attention. Leaning close to her ear, he whispered

“Do not move, and don’t make me tell you again”

She heard the undertone to that comment, and doubled her efforts not to react to his teasing.

He returned his attentions to her pussy, teasing her for another moment or so before bringing his hand up again, this time just barely grazing over her nipples. She had to fight to keep from arching herself into his touch. He saw that she was trying and rewarded her efforts by grasping her hair again, turning her head back towards him and kissing her. She moaned softly, and tried to make the kiss last, but he broke it off.

“Turn around”

She turned slowly around, making sure she kept her hands behind her neck. He sat down on the edge of the bed and admired her slim but shapely body again and the way that her position made her arch her back, forcing her breasts out as if begging for attention.

“I want you to play with yourself. Of course you won’t forget to ask permission to cum, will you?”

She blushed at his reminder and bit her lip a little

“No sir”.

At that she reached down with one hand and began to lightly circle her clit, while with the other, she began to circle her nipples. She slowly increased the pace, beginning to pinch and twist her nipples more sharply, and rubbing her clit harder and inserting a finger into her pussy to play with her g-spot.

It didn’t take long before she was getting close, and he could see that by the flush on her face and chest, her heavy breathing, and her moans and whimpers, as she got closer.

“Please sir, let your slut cum” she asked as she tried to hold off from cumming.

It was hard though as he had instructed her not to masturbate for a few days before he saw her. He stayed silent for a moment before replying


Unfortunately, she hadn’t slowed down enough and by time he answered, she was so close, she came anyway. She shuddered and tried desperately to keep her balance, while yelling out loudly. Before she had even fully calmed down, she realized what she had done. Trying to stave of the punishment she knew was coming, she began apologizing profusely, begging him to forgive her.

“Please sir, I didn’t mean to, I was so close. Please, I’m sorry sir”

As she finished he stood up and slapped her across the face, just enough to stun her and get her to be quiet.

“I don’t want to hear a word out of you. You’ve learned a lot, but somehow you control in this aspect is sorely lacking. I told you not to take advantage of my good mood, and yet you did. Perhaps not on purpose, but now I cant really let it go. Stand at the edge of the bed, hands down on the bed.”

She hesitated

“Now” he said, raising his voice slightly.

She looked down, and tried not to show that she was a little upset. She had disappointed him, and she hated to do that. She knew she was bad about controlling her orgasms, but it was so rare for hi to deny her it, that she never really had needed to be good at it. She should have believed him when he told her she would learn. She took the position he had told her to and waited. What seemed like an eternity was actually only a moment or two, while he retrieved two things from a closet. A blindfold and a cane. She knew enough not to look while he was getting things.

“You’ve really disappointed me slut. However, I think you’ll remember the punishment this time. Can you guess what I’m going to use to punish you?”

“No sir”

“A cane”

He almost heard her gulp when he said that. The cane was the one thing she didn’t have much experience with, and was still slightly scared of. She trusted him totally, but couldn’t help whimpering softly when he said it. Seeing that she slightly scared, he put the things down and walked over next to her. Grasping her chin, he turned her head towards him and looked her in the eye. She was slightly reassured seeing that he wasn’t truly angry with her, and he leaned down and kissed her briefly before returning to his position behind her. Picking up the blindfold he put it on her, knowing that losing that sense heightened all her other ones, and he wanted her a little on edge.

“Now, I want you to count, out loud, after each one. If you lose track, I will repeat that one. Understand?”

“Yes sir” she replied almost in a whisper.

With that, he picked up the cane and looked at her for a second. The next thing she heard was the slice of the cane through the air seconds before it hit her. She gasped loudly and almost jerked away when it hit. It was a sharp pain that didn’t fade immediately away like the flogger did.

“One sir.”

Each time she heard that sound right before it hit. By the fourth hit, she was almost crying, and her count on the fifth one was almost inaudible. He stayed on her ass, and never hit the sensitive spot where her thighs met her ass, and she was grateful for that. However, she forgot to count on the sixth hit.

“It seems you forgot to count. I guess I’ll have to repeat that one”

He waited a second, for what he knew, and hoped was coming.

“No, please sir, I promise I wont come again without permission, please, I’m begging you. I’m sorry I disappointed you.”

He heard the honesty in her voice, and decided he would stop there, but decided to let her wait a moment, wondering, before he responded.

“Very well, I think you learned you’re lesson. Good girl.”

As he said that, he walked closer and softly stroked her hair and down her back. She let out an audible sigh at his touch.

“Thank you sir” she said, and he knew she meant it.

She truly wanted to please him, and he knew it bothered her when she disappointed him. Reaching up and removing the blindfold, he stepped away again putting the cane and blindfold away. Turning back towards her, he saw the faint red stripes on her ass, and knew she’d be thinking about it for a day or two.

“I want you to lie down and play with yourself again, remember the rules”

She crawled onto the bed, wincing when her sore ass hit the sheets. Lying back, she began to play with herself again. He pulled a chair up in front of the bed and watched.

“Look at me, don’t look away from my face” he told her. She opened her eyes and looked him in the eye. As she got closer, it became harder to do so, but she managed.

“Please sir, let your slut cum”

He laughed, knowing she couldn’t really expect him to let her come so easily after her disobedience before.

“No, and for the rest of today, anytime you ask permission to cum, you are to refer to yourself as my cunt.”

She whimpered and eased up on herself, trying desperately not to cum, she managed though it was very hard. It was becoming harder and harder not to cum, so she asked again

“Please sir, let your cunt cum” she hesitated on the word cunt, but managed to get it out.

“No, keep playing with your pussy. But you know what? It’s my pussy isn’t it?”

She didn’t reply

“Isn’t it?” he asked again.

“Yes sir” she replied as she squirmed and tried not to look him in the eye.

“Look at me, in the eye, and tell me whose pussy that is cunt”

She struggled and finally looked him in the eye again

“Yours sir”

“Say it, I want to hear you admit it. No more pretending like you have power in these situations.”

“Ugh, please sir” she asked, needing to cum so badly she was afraid she'd fail him again.

“No! You will not cum until you say it”

She finally realized that he was right, when she was with him this way she didn’t have the power, and for this man she truly was his slut, his submissive, and his sex toy.

“Yes sir, it’s your pussy,” she finally said.

He stayed quiet for a moment then said

“Yes it is. Now cum for me cunt, feel my pussy around your fingers. How wet it gets for me.”

She came hard, and felt her pussy clench around her fingers, as she yelled and thanked him at the same time.

As she came down, she looked at him again. He smiled slightly

“Good girl”

He stood up and quickly took off his clothing, or what was left (he had removed his shirt a little bit ago). Getting onto the bed, he moved over her and grasped her hair, pulling hard. Kissing her fiercely, he simultaneously brought one hand down to her now very sensitive pussy and coated two fingers with her juices. Bringing them back to her mouth, she readily accepted them and cleaned them off.

“You’re learning,” he said with a little bit of humor.

She smiled and reached up to kiss him again. He let her, enjoying her need for him. After a minute of that, he moved down and began to nibble and bite her nipple. Bringing another moan out of her. He moved between both her nipples, getting them both rather sore, enjoying her moans and whimpers all the while.

Leaning back, he spoke again

“Get up on your hands and knees”

She readily moved into that position, putting her head down on her arms on the bed, her ass in the air. He ran his hand over her ass lightly, causing her to draw in a sharp breath.

“What do you want?” he asked her, while playing lightly with her clit.

“You sir”

“Nope, that wont do it, I want specific”

She tried moving her hips back towards his hand, but he simply moved so that he maintained just enough contact to drive her crazy.

“Please sir, I want you in me”

“No, that’s not it, and you know it, don’t try to play games slut”

He emphasized his statement with a sharp pinch to her clit, causing her to jerk. She hated it when he made her get specific, he knew she had trouble saying things, and that was exactly why he pushed her. She gave in though, because she didn’t want o disappoint him twice in one day, and she wanted him in her so badly it almost didn’t matter at that point. In the meantime, he was enjoying the site of her, worked up, whimpering and moaning, her marked ass up in the air waiting for his cock to fill her pussy, and a slight sheen of sweat on her back. He knew how much she wanted to please him, and enjoyed watching the internal fight between the side of her that wanted to be dominated sexually by him totally, to be his slut, and the part that still had trouble accepting it.

“Please sir, fuck me.”

“Ah, does my pussy want to be fucked?”

He knew he was tormenting her, but also knew she got off on it.

“Yes sir, please, your pussy wants to be fucked”

She emphasized this with another thrust of her ass back towards him, to which he laughed.


With that, he thrust into her pussy sharply, causing her to gasp and her pussy to clench around him. He didn’t bother teasing her, and simply began fucking her hard. At one point, her reached down and put a hand on her throat, lifting her up a little so his hand there supported her. Letting her go, grabbed her hair again and pulled back, using it like a leash to pull against as he thrust. He loved the tight heat of her pussy and he could feel that she was getting close to cumming again, by just his fucking her.

“Please sir, let your cunt cum.”

“Yes, cum hard. I want you to cum all over my cock. You’re such a slut you cum just from having a cock in you.”

With his words, she came again, her pussy clenching hard around his cock. He got close to cumming soon after, and just for the hell of it, slapped her ass lightly, drawing another gasp form her, and causing her pussy to reflexively clench again. As it did, he came, gripping her hips hard.

Leaning over her a little as they both came down, he kissed her head lightly. He lay back on the bed as she got up and brought him a towel to clean himself off with. Once he finished, he handed it to her and let her clean herself off a bit too. Motioning her with his hand to come onto the bed, she climbed up and cuddled against him after kissing him again. He smiled and ran his hand down her back lightly, letting it rest on her waist.

“Thank you sir” she said quietly.

He smiled again and thought about how she had come from an uppity, mouthy, in denial sub, to his largely well behaved, eager to please, slut. As he did so, he playfully tickled her side, hearing her giggle, enjoying her.

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