Obsessed With My Son


I do not know how long I thrashed my cunt, but my hands, wrists, and bed were soaked from my flooding juices. I had never fucked myself so thoroughly. My cunt ached, I needed to be pounded. I needed a good, hard fucking. I needed Jake. I needed Jake to fuck mommy. I needed his cock buried in my cunt. My body screamed for cock. My cunt took control of my thoughts. I stripped my clothes from my body.

I slinked over to my door, cracked it open, putting my ear to the crack, listening. No sounds. I tiptoed down the hall, standing outside Jake's door. I listened in the darkness. Nothing! I massaged my throbbing cunt, rubbing the clit softly, stroking the length of my slit. I don't know how I expected to hear anything, my cunt was screaming so loud in my head. I held my breath, turning the handle to Jake's room. I pushed the door open a couple of inches, listening in the darkness. Jake was not snoring, but the room was dark. I listened closer, trying to hear movement of any kind. Maybe Jake was masturbating, thinking of mommy. I bet I crossed his mind. Did he want to fuck me? Would he eat my pussy? God, what if he thought my body was gross? What if he did not want me? My mind took control of my body. I slowly pulled the door closed, moving quickly back to my room. I could not breathe. What if Jake had caught me naked outside his room? Oh Jesus, what would he think? I stood petrified in my room. "Oh my God! Oh my God," I muttered to myself. "What was I thinking," I said out loud.

I crawled into bed. I drifted off to a restless sleep. I stroked my cunt softly, letting the feeling spread through my body as I slowly drifted to sleep. My cunt again begged for cock.

"Mom? Mom, you asleep," drifted into my ears. "Mom," questioned Jake.

"Baby, what is it," I responded. I glanced at the clock. Twenty minutes had passed.

Jake stood by the edge of the bed. "Mom," he whispered. I felt the covers being pulled back as he crawled on the bed and under the covers. Stretching out beside me, his hand reached to me, landing on my shoulder. He caressed down my naked back. "Oh shit," he whispered in the darkness. His hand slowly crossed the small of my back, slowed but steadily moved to caress my ass. "Oh my God," he again whispered as my nakedness surprised him. His hand hesitated as he rounded the bottom side of my ass, his fingers moved toward my sex.

"Jake," I whispered. He froze, his hand stopping all movement. An eternity passed in the split seconds after I whispered Jake. I rolled to my side, facing Jake in the darkness, his hand now on my hip. I slipped my hand out, touching his chest. I trailed my hand slowly down his body, finding his boxers. I stopped at the waist band, my fingers unable to move forward, but no able to pull back. Jake's hand covered mine for an instant, then sliding under the waist band of his boxers, opening them for me. My hand slid so fucking slowly downwards, feeling his pubic hair, my nails finding the base of his cock. Pointed down, he was engorged, rigid. He groaned deeply as I touched his flesh with my fingertips, my nails leaving a line of fire as my fingers wrapped the flesh, my thumb wrapping the other side. I groaned loudly as I pulled his cock upwards, stroking softly. He was rigid and leaking pre-cum. I groaned again as my hand rubbed over the end of his cock. Squeezing my thumb and fingers together, I formed a hole to shove his cock through, squeezing hard, stroking him hard. He groaned deeply, his hips flexing, driving his cock through my hand. He roughly grabbed my tits, pinching a nipple, stinging me deeply. I pulled my hand off his cock, covering my wounded tit.

"Ouch," I said loudly. "Don't do that," I instructed, a corrective motherly tone to my voice.

"Sorry mommy," grunted Jake. "Oh God, I'm going to cum," he almost shouted, embarrassed. I grabbed his cock, pressing it against his abdomen, pushing him to his back. I threw the covers off him. I felt his cock throb under my hand. "Oh fuck mommy," Jake grunted. "I'm sorry mommy," he whispered softly. I pressed his cock flat against his body as he shot rope after rope of cum. I could feel he massive jerks of his cock in the darkness. Jake groaned with each spurt of cum. He quickly finished his orgasm. "I'm sorry mom," he again whispered in the darkness.

"Stay still baby, let mommy grab a wash cloth," I whispered. I climbed over him, and moved to the bathroom. I turned the light on, moving to the linen closet. I grabbed a wash cloth, warmed the water in the sink, soaked the cloth, wringing out the excess water, and headed back to my bed. I left the bathroom light on, casting a warm glow throughout the bedroom. Jake had not moved. His hand covered his deflated cock. I moved to him, silhouetted in the semi-darkness of the room. I could tell he was looking at my body, trying to see. His hand reached for me. "Wait baby," I instructed. Globs of cum were up under his sternum, and draped down over his navel, squirted as far as his flattened cock could shoot. I had not seen so much cum in years. Kevin had surgery, so the quantity of his ejaculations were substantially smaller than before the surgery. I wondered what Jake's cum would taste like. My cunt again throbbed. I reached to touch his highest glob of cum. My fingertip dipped into the creamy fluid, rubbing it around in a small circle. Jake watched quizzically. I hesitated, pulled my hand to my lips, my tongue extending to lick the taste into my mouth. I sucked the finger into my mouth, staring at Jake. In a split second, Jake wiped up a glob of cum on his fingertip, reached to my mouth. Grabbing his wrist, I pulled the finger slowly to my mouth, my tongue extending to touch him, to suck the finger slowly into my mouth. My tongue danced around his finger as I hungrily sucked it deep into my mouth. Jake flat out groaned loudly.

"Lick my cum off me mommy," Jake whispered. "Please mother," he continued. I looked at him, lying there. I tossed the washcloth to the night stand, pushed his legs together, and moved to straddle him, placing my cunt inches above his knees. I lowered my torso, my head just above his hanging cock. I stared into his eyes as I extended my tongue, flattening it against his hairy stomach. I grabbed his flaccid cock, stood it up, holding the underside with my thumb. I rubbed upwards from his nuts, pushing any remaining fluid up his cock. I sucked the soft head into my mouth, sucking hard to drain any lonely fluids. Just as quickly, I let his cock flop from my lips. Slowly, I licked up his belly, darting my tongue in and out of my mouth, licking little globs of cum with each lick. His body arched against me, his cock now pressing against my tits. He held my shoulders. He watched me intently. His eyes grew wild, his lust growing instantly. As I moved up his body, I slid my pussy along his body, wiggling back and forth over his legs and thighs.

Sitting upright, placing my hands on his chest, I could feel his cock under my cunt. I mashed my body down, grinding my sex on him. I humped back and forth on his cock. I coated his sex with my juices. He grabbed my tits, cupping them gently this time, rolling the nipples firmly, pulling them, squeezing them. "Yes Baby," I whispered. "You like momma's tits honey," I asked. He grinned as I ground my pussy all over his growing cock. I desperately needed to cum. I ached. I watched him lick his lips, and I knew what I needed next. I moved up his body, placing my cunt at his mouth. Grabbing his hair, I lifted his face up toward my wet gash. "Lick me sweetie, make mommy cum honey," I commanded. He grabbed my thighs, pulling his face up as I bent over his face. He locked his mouth on my swollen clit, sucking it deep into his mouth, his tongue flicking it back and forth quickly. I sat up, arching my body forward, driving my wet pussy hard on his face, his tongue. He lapped me hard, driving his tongue deep into my hole, then returning to assault my clit. I flooded his face with my juices. "Yes baby," I repeated over and over, riding him hard. "Mommy's going to cum baby! Oh God baby! Mommy's cumming," I hissed out, grabbing his head shoving my cunt hard on his mouth. I rode his tongue for several minutes, reaching around behind me to grab his hard cock. "Yes baby, mommy's going to fuck you honey! Mommy's going to fuck her man baby," I grunted out.

I moved off his face, he stretched hard to suck me as I lifted up. I moved quickly down his body, my fingers spreading my juices all over my cunt. God I was wet. I was almost dripping from cumming so hard. I straddled him, grabbed his hard cock as I stretched over his body. "Fuck me baby! Mommy needs your cock!" I whispered. I aimed his rigid cock, lowered my body, hesitating slightly as his cock entered my hole. I pushed my body down hard, driving his cock completely into my body with two thrusts of my hips. I ground my crotch on his, mashing our bodies together. Smaller than his dad's, he made up for it in energy. He went nuts, thrusting his hips up a foot off the bed, driving his cock deeper with each thrust. He fucked me hard. I thrust my hips in every direction, humping him forward and backwards, driving his cock over my clit, deep into my pussy, and up and down hard, fucking every inch of his cock. I rode him hard!

He grabbed my hips, pulling me down hard on him, thrusting hard to cram every inch of meat into my cunt. His eyes closed, I could feel his need to cum again so quickly. I needed to cum as well.

"Cum in me baby," I shouted at him. "Cum in Mommy," I instructed. "God I love your cock baby," I almost shouted. "Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy hard!" I screamed. I thrust my hips so hard forward, backwards, up, down that I thought I would rip the damn thing off him. We both started grunting, groaning with each thrust, breathing came in gasps. Our bodies slapped together, the sounds of flesh against flesh filling my bedroom.

"Oh fuck!" screamed Jake, thrusting his hips up hard, lifting me entirely off the bed. I drove my cunt down hard, sucking his cock deep with my muscles. Jake started grunting, a hard grunt escaping his lips with each spurt of cum. With each spurt, he involuntarily thrust upwards, driving his hard cock deep, grinding against my sex.

"Oh baby," I grunted out hard. I reached to my clit, flicking it hard. "Mommy's cumming," I screamed out, my mind exploding in flashes of light. My eyes closed so tightly, my focus only on my cunt, his cock, and our fucking. Sweat rolled down my body as we thrust against each other. I tried to suck his cock off his body, squeezing my cunt muscles hard. We settled down, his cock buried deep. I could feel his soft spasms as he flexed his cock. I humped him like a madwoman, my cunt lips washing over his pubic bone, covering his balls with wetness. I soaked him, juices running out of my pussy, running down his balls. I collapsed on him lying flat on his chest. Our breathing gradually slowed. I could feel his cock slowly slipping out of my cunt. I growled deeply, turning to bite his nipple, sucking the flesh into my mouth. He moaned loudly, pulling my head hard against his nipple.

"Oh fuck Mother," he whispered. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" he repeated several times, pulling me close, his hips tilting, trying to keep his deflating cock in my cunt. He rolled me to the side, pushing me to my back, keeping his place between my legs. Rising to his elbows, he looked deeply into my eyes. His hips humped against my sex, his head bowed, his eyes closed tightly as he whispered "God damn Mother," softly. He leaned to kiss me, his lips hungrily sucking my lips, his tongue exploding into my mouth. He sucked the breath from my lungs as he again humped his hips against my sex. Humping hard against me, he pulled his head back looking into my eyes. "Mom, I want to fuck you again," he whispered, holding me close. "Please," he whispered softly.

"Baby, Mommy's just started," I whispered into his ear, biting his ear lobe softly. "I want your cock again and again and again and again," I whispered, looking deeply into his eyes. "Starting right now," I growled.

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