tagNonConsent/ReluctanceObsession: A Love Story Ch. 03

Obsession: A Love Story Ch. 03


*Amelie *

I could hear Milo purring next to my head on the pillow. I kept my eyes shut thinking I could fool him into believing I was still asleep. My whole body ached and I couldn't remember why. As I lay still as I could and tried to drift back to sleep, Milo caught on to me and got right up in my face. I startled when his cold nose hit mine. "Alright Milo I'll get up and feed you spoiled cat." Sitting up to stretch I immediately realized something was not right. Looking around the immense room my memories were rushing back to me. To my left lay a very sleepy Christian with bed head. I leaned over him, pressing my naked breasts against his back and kissed him on the cheek.

I spotted a robe laying at the end of the huge bed on a bench. I crept quietly to the end of the enormous bed so as to not wake Christian. Before I could reach the robe I was quickly pulled back and pinned to the bed. "You're not getting away that easily," Christian said with that devilish smirk as he held me helpless to the sheets. I couldn't help but get lost in his ocean blue eyes as he hung over me with his strong hands around my wrists. I couldn't figure out how I gave in so easily to his power over me. I was putty in his hands. Call it Stockholm syndrome or what you will.... with a captor as skilled as Christian, I couldn't help but give in to him. Part of me was also still terrified of what might happen if I resisted him or tried to escape again. If I could build his trust, maybe I'd earn my freedom or devise an escape plan later.

*Christian *

She folded in to my chest so perfectly that you'd think she had been created just for this purpose. Her soft round ass pressed so perfectly against my dick enticing me to enter. I finally fell asleep after watching her take soft shallow breaths that made her plump breasts rise. I worried that she'd try to escape while I was asleep but I knew even if she got out of the bed without me noticing, she wouldn't get far on the small island and I had hidden the keys to the yacht very well. That's when it occurred to me, I had forgotten a small passenger on the yacht during all the commotion of Amelie's attempted escape. I couldn't sleep anyway so I pulled on my robe and slippers, walked out to the sandy trail that led to the dock with flashlight in hand. In the guest room below I found the little fur ball meowing in a frenzy.

"I don't like cats so you're lucky I love Amelie enough to bring you here." Carrying the cage back to the master bed, I placed Milo on the pillow next to my sleeping beauty. I wanted her to feel like this was her new home so I couldn't leave him behind no matter how tempting it was.

I awoke to Amelie's soft breasts on my back as she kissed my cheek. The bed creaked as she crawled to the end. I sat up just in time to see her on all fours at the end of the bed. Her perfect ass in clear view. As she reached for the robe her pink pussy lips were exposed from beneath her ass. I pounced like an animal grabbing my mate and pinning her to the bed. She loved to tease my dick even when she wasn't trying. She looked up at me longingly and eagerly awaited my next move. "I see you found your little friend?" She turned her head to Milo who was now fast asleep again on her pillow. Her face turned to a concerned look and I could tell she was wondering how long and how I had planned her kidnapping. Little did she know that I was only getting started... I had many more plans to fulfill whether she consented or not.

*Amelie *

Christian sat me up on the bed like a rag doll in his big arms. He kissed my neck before moving to the dresser across the massive room. "I bought this for you, I hope you like it." Christian unfolded a small piece of blue material and held the small halter sun dress up for me to see. It was beautiful but a little more revealing than I would prefer. He demanded I stand and let him put it on me as though I were some doll he could dress up. He lifted my gold curls over the bow in the back of my neck and felt a draft on my exposed sex. "I think I need some panties Christian..." My heart sank as Christian's face quickly turned to anger. "You need to be ready for insertion of my dick whenever it pleases me. Do you understand!?!" He then pulled me to him and without warning, his large fingers were making their way into my tight pussy. I gasped in pain,"No, please Christian, I understand love."

"Good because I've got business to attend to and I don't have time to teach you another lesson right now." He removed his fingers and lifted them to his tongue. "You taste so sweet Amelie. Like peaches and cream." He then put his sex soaked fingers to my lips. "Come on, don't you want a taste?" I tried to turn my head but he grabbed the back of my hair and pushed his fingers in my mouth forcing me to taste my own sweet cum. I gagged and he pushed me to the bed. "Stay here until I get back," he demanded before he stormed out of the room.

I lay on the bed in astonishment at how quickly Christian had changed. I could still taste myself in my mouth and reached for my aching pussy. Chrsitian's prodding had made me excited and I was surprised to feel how wet I had gotten. I slid a finger into my tight slit and returned it to my lips. I did taste pretty good I had to admit. My juices kept flowing as I undid my halter top and played with my nipples. It felt so naughty playing with myself knowing Christian might come back at any moment and decide to force himself inside of me. I ran my juice lubricated fingers over my swollen clit sending shivers down my spine. I don't know what came over me. Something about Christian's control over me made me so horny and I imagined him thrusting hard and deep inside my wanton pussy like when he took my virginity the night before. Christian had awoken my inner slut and the thought of him pounding me became too much. I released my orgasm through my body as I arched my back on the bed. Copious amounts of fluid rushed from my pussy making a small puddle on the sheets. When my pussy stopped pulsing. I tied the halter of my dress and licked my fingers clean.

*Christian *

I had lost my temper again. I need to be more level headed if I'm ever going to father children. Part of me just wanted so much to control her though and put her in her place. She needed to be an obedient sex slave before I could make her my wife and mother to my children. I needed to break her will. How dare she question my decisions. If I hadn't had work to attend to I would have dealt with her swiftly and shoved my cock down her throat forcing her to swallow my cum. That would have to wait. I had hired a young woman to be a mid-wife and servant to my soon bride. Right now she was waiting for me at my private dock to take her to our private island. Amelie could use the company too when I'm away on business. It's amazing how eagerly and naively a young girl will answer a personal ad with the promise a significant cash reward. I would have been stupid not to investigate...

Three months before I abducted Amelie, I placed an ad in the local paper for a mid-wife to live with me in my mansion and tend to my pregnant wife. No more than a day later, a girl by the name of Natalia calls me interested in the position. I agreed to meet with her at a local coffee shop to discuss details. As I entered the front of the shop, I quickly identified my new hire. Gazing out the shop window was a Brazilian bronzed late 20 something with long legs and raven hair. Her breasts were barely contained by the buttons on her blouse. She had a fuller figure than Amelie but was also a little older too. My physical attraction to Natalia was just that, physical. I had no interest in her as more than a potential sex partner and servant for Amelie. She caught me staring at her and gestured for me to come over. I sat down and we got to talking about what my expectations were. I of course left out the part where I fuck her senseless. "Your family wont mind you coming to live in my mansion for such a long period of time?"

She combed her hair behind her ear, "Well, that's the thing, I'm kind of on my own. I came to the U.S against my parent's wishes and they've kind of ex-communicated me since. I don't think anyone will even notice that I'm gone."

Just what I wanted to hear. "You're hired, I'll let you know when and where to meet me when the time comes. I'm sure you and Amelie will get along very well."

Natalia stood on the dock looking at her cell phone. Probably checking the time and wondering why I was running late. I docked the yacht and helped her gather her belongings. I then took her hand to help her on to the deck, grabbing her cell phone in the process. "You wont be needing this love." She reached for her phone as I tossed the device into the water. "Did you forget the terms of your position? I need your full attention if you're going to work for me." She wiped the smug look off her face and reluctantly boarded the yacht then folded her arms in defiance. If we wouldn't have been so close to shore, I would have set her attitude straight by forcing my dick in that sun tanned ass of hers while I grabbed a fist of her hair for leverage. In due time...

*Amelie *

My anxiety started to build as the sun slowly set on the horizon. The mansion was too empty and big so I gathered up Milo and headed to the beach to wait near the dock. I had plenty of time to worry. Would if Christian left and wasn't coming back? Would if he was tied up somewhere and forgot about me? How long could I survive on this tiny island alone? I started to panic and the tears welled up in my eyes. I had always been on my own but now I depended on Christian for everything. That was part of his mind control... He knew that bringing me to this island would force me to put my life in his hands and he could do with me as he pleased. How long had he planned this? Why didn't I just trust my gut and turn back in the ally when I saw the van? I had never felt more alone in my life than I did at that moment looking out over the ocean. Miles and miles of ocean between me and the rest of the world. As the hours passed I yearned for Christian to come home. I would give anything to see his handsome face and have his strong arms wrap around me. I had never wanted anything so much at that moment...

The sun set and I lay on my back in the sand to gaze up at the stars. I listened to the ocean waves hit the beach and it relaxed my fears. Milo was off chasing lightning bugs somewhere. My eyes became tired from all the crying. I curled up on the warm sand, closed my eyes, and drifted away.

*Christian *

I had to make a quick run in to town to get some supplies while Natalia waited for me back at the yacht. Out of curiosity, I decided to take a detour past Amelie's little cottage like house. I was nearly 5 houses down her road when I saw the lights of the police cruiser parked outside her house. Today was Monday and Amelie hadn't shown up to work at the nursing home. Her coworkers must have been suspicious of her unusual absence and sent someone over to her house to investigate. I was very careful and thorough when I collected her clothes and fur ball Milo. I made it look as though she had left in a hurry, maybe to care for a sick loved one or take an impromptu vacation break. They would probably investigate for about a month and give up as there was no evidence or close family nearby to press the investigation. Amelie was a loner, just like me, that's why I needed her just as much as she'd need me. I was her only family now.

I returned to the yacht to find Natalia painting her nails a crimson red. She gave me another of her annoyed looks and I noted it as an opportunity to reprimand her later. I would have left her at the docks if she weren't such a nice piece of ass and had a set of skills that would become useful to me later. My parent's had always wanted me to take over the family business but, defiant as I was, I took to medical school instead. After 5 short years in, I decided I was bored and dropped out. Medicine was more of an extracurricular because I certainly didn't need the money. Despite my education, I knew I'd need help from Natalia if I were ever going to deliver my first born into this world. A mid-wife would be very useful and I couldn't take any chances when it came to my future family.

I left Natalia below deck and cast off for the island. It was nearly 2am when we pulled up to the dock of the island. I turned off the engine, anchored the yacht, and hid the keys. I expected Amelie to come running to the shore to greet me. I figured a day alone would do her some good. Give her time to really appreciate all I was doing for her. This was all part of my plan to make her submissive and reliant on me. I went below deck and found Natalia sleeping on the master bed. She needed to learn her place but I wasn't ready to teach her. Instead I woke her and told her to grab her bags and make her way up the path to the mansion. She walked sleepily up the path, stumbling along the way like a drunken slut.

When I made it in the front doors, I yelled for Amelie but there was no reply. I searched the bedrooms expecting she'd be asleep. She was no where but there was no where to go. I ordered Natalia to keep looking for her as I ran back down the sandy trail to the dock. I saw an animal walking on the beach and walked towards it. It was Milo. He led me to a dark figure on the beach and the nearer I got I could see it was Amelie. Her frail body lay curled up on the shore not far from the dock. I picked up her limp sleeping body and carried her back to the mansion.

*Natalia *

I could already tell this was a huge mistake but I needed the money. Christian reminded me of one of those rich snobby trust fund kids that haven't worked a day in their life. He was astonishingly good looking though and he knew it. His arrogance was evident. I mean who inherits a private island??? Better yet, what was he keeping his pregnant wife here for? He yelled at me to look for her but I didn't even know who I was looking for. I'd never met his wife so how the hell would I know if I found her. Certainly in a big mansion like this people could get lost pretty easily. He was so demanding and I wasn't the type to be pushed around. I like to push back.

The front door opened and Christian was carrying what looked like a child in his arms with a sand stained blue sun dress and matted blonde curls. Her milky skin must have been ice cold as she was nearly naked. I moved closer and saw her angelic face. I knew then that this must be Christian's young bride. She couldn't have been much older than 20. It was then that I noticed this was not a pregnant woman. She was too tiny to be pregnant. Christian could see my look of confusion and quickly laid the young girl on the bench next to the front door before barricading it with his muscular body. "I can explain," he said as he dead bolted the door behind him but I was already eying the next escape route. The french doors to the patio. I bolted for it and forgot I was wearing kitten heels. I slipped on the slick tile of the kitchen floor and hit my head with a loud thud that shook the whole mansion. Dazed, I looked up in horror as Christian stood over me. "I didn't want it to be like this Natalia but you leave me no choice." He then pulled out a cloth, dampened it with a bottle from the counter top and forced it to my lips. I screamed and tried to kick him away but he was too strong. The intoxication hit me and everything blurred and I struggled to not lose consciousness.

*Amelie *

My naked body hit the hot bath water and I awoke abruptly. Christian was naked too as he lowered me gently into the bubble bath. He then joined me from behind and I relaxed back on his hard chest. "I thought you weren't coming back, I was so scared Christian."

"Well I'm here now love. I brought you a friend too. I think you'll like her."

"Oh? Do you like her Christian? I mean..."

"No Amelie, it's not like that. Believe me when I say you're the only one who holds my heart. She's just here to keep us company and help deliver the baby."

"Christian... what baby? I'm not pregnant..."

"Not yet maybe..."

I started to remember pieces from the night Christian took my virginity. I remembered when he drugged me and examined me on the bed in the yacht. He said something about making sure I'd be ready for something... I didn't know what he meant but his intentions became very clear now. I was too young to be a mother. I mean the idea crossed my mind a lot. I fantasized from time to time of being the cookie cutter 50's style wife that stayed home with the children and greeted her husband at the door in her kitchen apron. It seemed so cliché and sexist though but that could have been the idea that was instilled in me by society. The whole idea seemed comforting in a way and terrifying at the same time.

I must be losing my mind to succumb to such ideas when I was kidnapped by a stranger only days ago. What was happening to me? Was I relinquishing my will to Christian and letting him take control of me? Somehow the thought of letting go made sense in that moment laying on his chest as he caressed my breasts with a soaped sponge. My body was screaming, "Yes, give in Amelie, it will be ok," but my mind was screaming, "No, don't give up." Christian whispered in my ear, "Shhhhh, calm your mind love, I'll take care of you." It was like he read my mind...

*Natalia *

I couldn't tell if my eyes were open it was so dark. My mouth was gagged and my legs were restrained by what felt like stirrups. The light flickered on and I realized I was strapped in to an examination table. My heart was racing and I struggled against the straps but was tied too tight. I heard footsteps on the creaking steps and screamed against my gag. Christian's face came into view.

"There's something you don't know about me Natalia, I know exactly how to make you obey me. I can be very ruthless and fortunately, my basement is very sound resistant so you wont wake up my Amelie. When I'm done with you, you'll think twice before you try to disobey my orders again."

Christian put on latex gloves and leaned in between my legs so he could meet my eyes. "I have this theory Natalia that the way to a woman's heart is through her pussy. Wouldn't you agree?" I was cursing him through the gag but he was unmoved. He grabbed my breasts hard and twisted my nipples relentlessly. My muffled screams were no use. He bit my nipple and fondle the other with his huge hands. He pulled up a stool and move out of my line of sight between my legs. I waited in anticipation for what would happen next.

"Natalia, I'm going to guess you're the type of girl who has been around the block a few times. Let's do a test. You scream when I've gone too far and I'll consider stopping. Sound good?"

What the hell did that mean? Then I felt it, he was inserting something cold into my ass. Stretching my tight hole to its limit with what felt like a large butt plug. Just when I thought it was over, I felt 2 then 3 then 4 latex fingers insert into my slit. "More?" asked Christian. He proceeded to insert all 5 digits stretching me to what I thought my limit. I shrieked as he pushed further. I'd done everything in the book but fisting was not my forte. I had a feeling Christian was not the type to take no for an answer though. I felt like I was ripping in half as he held his latex hand inside my opening.

"More Natalia? Ok, if I must."

I screamed an inaudible, "NOOOOO!," as he pressed onward. I started to lose consciousness from the pain as all that remained was his wrist. He began to pump his hand in and out but before he could get to three thrusts I passed out.

*Christian *

Surely as a mid-wife she's seen holes stretched further than this I thought as I forced my hand further into her cunt. Amelie could barely fit my dick and Natalia could fit my whole hand. The pain must have been too much because she stopped screaming and became very non-reluctant after I pumped her with my fist a few times. She came to an hour later and I untied her. I then cuffed a monitor to her ankle. "If you so much as step further than 100 feet from this mansion, you will be shocked like a dog on an electric fence. Do you understand bitch?" She nodded yes and I pushed her towards the top of the steps. I led her to a room in the back of mansion. This part was once the servants quarters when the home was built. Being as Natalia was my servant, this plain room would suit her well.

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