Obsessions Ch. 1

byMaxine MACD©

"Yes. I am Helen. I suppose you found out the same way I did." Her voice was deep, but not as deep as a mans. "Thank you for calling. I am so relieved. I want to see you. Please. I'm infatuated with you. I have been longing for you for weeks now. I have never done something like this before. I had to let you know my feelings somehow, I was going out of my mind. Please say you will see me. Please"

"Yes." I finally answered. "I want to see you as well. I have never been with a woman before. In fact I have hardly been with men either."

"When can we meet?" Helen asked. I thought I detected relief in her voice. I thought for a minute. Tomorrow was Friday and I didn't work Saturdays. "I'm free the weekend." I replied. "Will you come to my house tomorrow after work and stay for dinner?" She asked. "Yes. I would like that." I said. She gave me directions to her place. I hung up quickly, too nervous to continue the conversation. I had another restless night, wondering what the next day would bring. I was feeling extremely horny, but refrained from masturbating The next day I skipped lunch and went to the mall. I found a dress shop to buy a new outfit. I spent a long time deciding what to buy. Eventually I picked out a white camisole top, which was daringly low with spaghetti straps, and a full circle short white skirt. I also bought white thong panties. I left work early, had lunch at home and then languished in a bath, pampering myself with bubbles and fragrant bath salts. I trimmed my sparse, blonde pubic hair neatly and shaved around my pussy lips. I pulled on my new panties and sat at my dresser doing my makeup with care.

I dabbed myself with perfume and even put some under my breasts and above my mound. I slipped on my camisole top and pulled on my skirt. No bra or stockings. I looked at my reflection and was pleased with the result. I thought I looked pretty good. I put my glasses in my bag and put in my contact lenses I picked up my car keys and left my apartment. It took about half an hour to find Helen's place. Her directions had been very explicit and I found her apartment without any problems. At her door, I was once more a bag of nerves. I made myself calm down, pushed the doorbell and put my shoulders back, pushing out my breasts. A few seconds later, the door opened. We met face to face for the first time. Helen looked gorgeous. Exquisitely made up, she was wearing a black halter-top and a red skirt with black lace edging on the hem. Her shapely legs were encased in sheer red stockings. Obviously red was her favorite color. I wondered whether she was wearing red underwear. She greeted me and ushered me inside. I could see she was just as nervous as I was.

She led me through to a den, which had a small bar to one side. She offered me a drink and I opted for white wine when I noticed the opened bottle on the bar counter. We toasted each other hello. It was chat time and we both told each other the stories of our lives. Helen was twenty-nine and a widower. Her husband had been killed in a car accident five years ago, soon after they were married. She had no kids. Her husband had been quite wealthy and had plenty of insurance. She had been left very well off. She didn't need to work, but did proof reading for a publishing firm to alleviate the boredom. Gradually the wine took effect and we relaxed more and more. I liked her immensely.

After about two hours we were like old friends. We had almost finished the second bottle of wine, and were both a bit sloshed. The conversation turned to sex. Helen told me that she had been introduced to girl/girl sex about a year after her husband had been killed. She had since had a few lady lovers but not recently. There were no men in her life, she preferred women. I had already told her that I had never been with a woman before so it wasn't necessary to repeat myself. Helen put on some music and we danced close. I leaned into her, enjoying my first experience of being in another woman's arms. She felt so soft and smelt divine. A woman's smell. A mixture of perfume, body soap, shampoo and lipstick. She rubbed my back gently with the palms of her hands as we swayed slowly to the music.

Our breasts were pressed together. Her one leg moved between my thighs and I liked the silky feel of her stockings against my thighs. Her one hand moved down to my butt and caressed my ass cheeks. She lifted her leg slightly and I lowered my body to let my burning pussy make contact with her thigh. I was getting wet and there wasn't much fabric to cover my leaking pussy. My juices were smearing her thigh. I felt her pussy rubbing against my thigh. She was just as wet as I was. Her hand on my back moved to my shoulder and she hooked a finger under a strap of my top and slowly pulled it down my arm. Her other hand left my ass and pulled down my other strap.

All the time she was humming happily in my ear. She pulled both straps lower and my breasts popped out of my top. My heart was hammering in my chest I was very excited. As if on queue, we both stopped dancing. Helen bent down and took a nipple between her soft lips. She kissed and sucked it into her mouth at the same time. I felt it harden instantly. She rolled the other nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She was doing things to my body that I had never experienced before. My nipples were rock hard and seemed to keep expanding. Helen tongued and sucked my aching nipples for a long time, alternating between the two till I thought I was going to go out of my mind. Her hands worked behind me on the fastener of my skirt. Her deft fingers soon had it undone.

Next she pulled down the zipper and stood back from me slightly. My skirt fell to the floor of its own accord. I stepped out of it. She clasped my camisole in her hands and lifted it up. I felt it lifting my breasts as it passed under and then over them. She lifted the garment over my head and I pulled my arms free of the straps. She stood back, clutching my top, and stared at me. I was left in my thong and high heels. She tossed my top onto the settee. "My God! You are so gorgeous." She said, walking up to me. She took me in her arms and fastened her soft lips on my mouth. Her tongue moved from side to side tracing my lips. I opened my mouth slightly to let her tongue gain entry. My whole body was alive and tingling. I had never had such a sensuous kiss before. She eased me backwards till I felt the back of my thighs against the table. She pressed my shoulders down to make me sit on the edge. Helen dropped to her knees at my feet and tilted her head back to look up at me. Not taking her eyes off mine she moved her head closer to my throbbing pussy.

Suddenly I was filled with lust. I wanted to take control. To tease her, to make her beg. My clit had swollen so much it was aching. It felt bigger than ever before. I lifted one leg to the table, parting my thighs to open my most intimate part to her. Her moist parted lips were only inches from my sopping wet panties. I knew her staring eyes could easily see the outline of my flared pussy lips and blond hairs through the sheer, wet material. My pink clit was distinctly visible poking straight out of my thong, creating a "tent." The way her eyes strained, Helen could see my sopping wetness, the glistening pearls of female dew. My molten pussy was no more than half an inch from her expressionless face. Helen was now squirming and licking her lips. I arched my back as if stretching. My engorged pink pussy lips burst out around my soaked thong, which was too skimpy to contain them. Every bump, crease, and wrinkle was visible under the stretched sheer fabric. Without any warning, she reached around me, cupping my tight creamy buns, pulling my panty-covered pussy into her face. I felt her long pink fingernails digging into my soft flesh, holding me tight. Her nose pushed my panty front deep between my flared pussy lips, while I could hear her deeply inhaling my musky womanly aroma.

My engorged clit was pushed against her soft pink cheek. Her hot breath tickled my curly blond hairs, causing my sex to drool even more. Avoiding my bloated and very sensitive clit, her flat firm tongue quickly licked up the drops of my female cream seeping through the sheer material, like water through a screen. She slurped at my crotch. This attention made my pussy lips swell further, becoming more sensitive. Her face became magnetized to my hot wet crotch. Her long fingernails dropped down to the backs of my thighs, gripping me tightly, leaving deep red marks of what would have been sharp pain if I had not been so greatly aroused. Finally, completely frustrated, she jerked my sopping panties to one side. But I would have none of that. I pushed her away from my sex and stood up.

I stood astride her and bent my legs, lowering my gaping pussy to her upturned face. Her tongue snaked out in anticipation. I lowered myself further till my sodden, panty covered cunt rested on her tongue. I allowed her only one lick and pulled away. I moved to the settee and sat on the edge, parting my thighs. Slowly I caressed my bulging genitals through my, now, transparent panties with both hands. Helen gave a groan and crawled over me to try and feast on my pussy again. Still I denied her and coaxed her around so that she was sitting between my spread thighs with her back to me. Her neck rested against my bulging sex. I caressed her shoulders, letting my wandering hands move lower. I played my fingers lightly across the tops of her heaving breasts. I slipped my hands inside her top and under her bra. I ran my palms over her soft, but firm orbs, strumming her nipples gently.

I loved the feel of her smooth flesh, the turgid nipples hardening and expanding under my fingers. This was the first time I had ever touched another woman's breasts. I loved it. I looked down at her and could see into her top. She was indeed wearing a red bra. I rocked my hips, letting my pussy rub against her neck. Helen was panting and moaning. I was reveling in the power I had over her. It became too much for her. She twisted round and grabbed for my panties, practically tearing them off me as she pulled the crotch aside and homed in with her tongue. I lifted my feet onto the cushions and spread my legs wide. Again and again, harder and harder, she licked and slurped the sweet cream my pulsating cunt produced. Suddenly, getting very serious, her long probing tongue now curled lengthwise, forming a "U." It thrust into my slick depths, tickling my silken pulsating walls, sending shivers up and down my spine.

Then, just as quickly, it retreated, going back to only lightly licking my pussy lips, leaving my hot, gushing hole spasming with need. I looked down between my out thrust breasts at my quivering pussy. I had never seen my lips so swollen, or my clit so bloated. It was sticking far out of its sheath, begging for attention. I had lost my power over her. Helen now had possession of me and took control. Still on her knees she turned around so that she was facing me. She attacked my red bloated lips with a vengeance - kissing, then licking, then nibbling, and finally gently biting. I was delirious with passion and lust. It was the first time my pussy had ever been touched by a female. How I had yearned for this. It was more erotic and sensual than I could ever have imagined and she hadn't even touched my clit yet I was ecstatic with pleasure, more than I could ever describe. Just as I was approaching an earth-shattering orgasm, my hot wet cunt moving in tight vertical circles around her firm sucking mouth and puckered lips, she stopped abruptly and pulled back. "Nooo...." I begged. "Don't stop. I want to CUMMM!" and arched my back, my pussy trying to remake contact with her glorious tongue. The little tease looked up at me, as if questioning whether she should continue, totally in control. My juices glistened on her bright pink cheeks and red lips, and ran down her chin and neck. "Not yet sugar. We've got the whole night ahead of us. And you willl CUM, but only when I allow it."

"My God!" I thought. "If this is only the beginning. What's in store for me." Helen got up off the floor and stood looking down at me. She lifted her top off over her head, revealing her pretty red bra, which was battling to contain her heaving breasts. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She was wearing matching red panties. She kept her underwear on and climbed onto the settee, straddling my tummy, with her back to me. As she swung her leg over me I caught a whiff of her excited pussy. Much like my own scent, but richer. She tucked her arms behind my knees and pulled my legs way back and apart so that my butt lifted clear off the settee cushions, and my pussy was in her face. Her mouth clamped onto my pussy lips, creating a seal. She sucked hard and probed my depths with her expert tongue. It felt as though my womb would be sucked out.

Her jaw moved up and down as she licked and sucked. She was eating my cunt. Her nose kept mashing into my highly aroused clit and my pussy spasmed each time it did I was ready for a shattering orgasm again. But once more, Helen denied me. "The fucking bitch." I thought to myself. Once again I squealed in frustration. Helen lowered my legs and climbed off me She left the room, but returned in minutes with a rug and a long box. "Get up." She ordered. Dropping the rug and the box on the settee. "Sit on the table." I obeyed her stern voice meekly. As I stood up she ripped my soaking panties down and off. I felt my love juices running down the insides of my thighs. Gingerly I sat on the edge of the coffee table. My thick cream formed a puddle on the surface of the table between my spread thighs.

"Have you ever masturbated with a dildo?" She asked, lying back on the rug, which she had spread over the cushions. I shook my head negatively. "Well watch me and play with yourself at the same time. But don't you dare cum." Helen pulled her skimpy red panties off and spread her creamy thighs wide. Slowly she ran her hands up her magnificent body and cupped her breasts in her hands. She squeezed and kneaded them through her bra. Her breasts swelled and strained against the thin fabric, finally popping out the top. Her tits were absolutely beautiful. Full, rounded orbs with fat nipples. Her hands strayed down between her thighs and caressed her gaping pussy, prizing the lips open, revealing her secret depths to me.

I stared in awe. My fingers found my own needy cunt and I copied her manipulations. Her hips rose and fell as she finger fucked herself. Her face contorted with lust. I felt my climax building but managed to control myself. Helen also stopped pleasuring herself. She reached into the box and pulled out a long, red double-ended dildo. It wasn't very thick, but must have been all of eighteen inches long. She moved it up and down her slick crack till it was liberally coated with her viscous fluid. She eased the head into her opening till it was almost halfway and then withdrew it. It was now coated with her thick inner cream. She reversed the dildo and again pushed it into her cunt, but this time it had barely entered her. She beckoned me to her with her finger. I slid off the table. I wasn't sure what she wanted. She instructed me to lie back with our pussies facing each other and to put my one leg over hers and the other under her other one. She held the other end of the dildo to my pussy opening and said.

"Now slide towards me." I maneuvered towards her and the long dildo pressed into my love hole. We were joined together by the fake phallus. I felt wicked. Helen lifted her butt off the settee, I felt her calf muscles tense against the back of my thighs. Slowly she lifted and lowered her butt, rotating her hips in a sensual rhythm. She edged closer and closet to me. Her movements caused the dildo to wiggle and move in my pussy. I felt the stimulation arousing my craving pussy and copied her movements, bringing new sensations to my pussy. The dildo worked deeper into our gyrating cunts as we moved closer together I started bucking faster as the 'cock' penetrated me deeper. I looked between us, fascinated. Our pussies were now only two inches apart, joined together by the long dildo. It was so erotic. I didn't know how much of the fake prick was inside me, and how much inside Helen, but it felt pretty far up my cunt.

Helen changed her rhythm. Her butt stayed clear of the cushions and her pelvis was jerking in short, quick movements. She pulled me towards her with her strong legs and our pussies met. Lips melted together in a 'kiss.' The long dildo our 'tongues', fighting for possession of each other's cunts. Our highly aroused, prominent clits, our 'noses' rubbing together. Helen twisted her body slightly and our pussies fused together more tightly. We continued gyrating our hips and settled into a rhythm. I learned quickly how to contract and relax my pussy muscles as Helen was doing. This caused the dildo to move backwards and forwards, penetrating each other deeply on alternate strokes. Helen was obviously more expert than I because the 'cock' kept going deeper and deeper into me, right up into my womb. I was delirious with pleasure. The stimulation was the most fantastic thing I had ever experienced. I wanted it to last forever. Apart from the dildo buried in my pussy, Helen's cunt lips and clitoris were working on mine as our pussies slid over each other, squishing and gliding in our combined cunt cream. Sparks of electricity erupted in my convulsing cunt, the dildo hit bottom and I screamed out in ecstasy as I came. My arms, which were supporting me, were trembling so much, they gave way and I collapsed onto my back. Helen kept the dildo going in our cunts and my orgasm kept going on and on. I clutched my breasts hard and squeezed my nipples. Helen came explosively a few minutes later and I felt her hot girl cum flood over my pussy. We lay still, our pussies still joined by the dildo.

After shocks trembled in my cunt for a while. Helen pulled back slowly. I clenched my pussy muscles, not wanting to loose the object of pleasure from my pussy just yet. The dildo came out of her pussy with a slurp. I looked down and saw that more than half of the dildo was embedded in my cunt. Helen stood up and peeled off her remaining under clothes. I stared at her gorgeous naked body. She reached down between my spread thighs and slowly removed the dildo. She took my hands and pulled me up. "Come." Was all she said, and led me by the hand to her bedroom. She searched in her wardrobe and pulled out a yellow and blue robe. She pulled open a drawer and found a pair of white silk stockings. "Put these on please darling." She said and handed me the yellow robe and stockings. She put on the blue robe. I followed her to the kitchen where we had a meal, which she had been prepared earlier. We had a bit more wine to drink and returned to her bedroom. I had recuperated from the earlier onslaught to my pussy. Helen guided me onto her bed and made me kneel at the edge. She slipped the robe off my one shoulder and bent forward and took my one breast in her mouth.

Helen took as much of my breast into her mouth as she could and flicked my nipple with her tongue, bringing it to full erection immediately. She repeated this with my other breast. She removed my robe and climbed onto the bed behind me, putting her arms around me and lifting my breasts in the palms of her hands. Her light fingers played over my tingling flesh. They played lightly over my turgid nipples, bringing untold delights to my sensitive orbs. She kissed my earlobes and neck in all the right places. Her hands cupped my nipples and started squeezing and kneading them. She knew just how to tantalize me. Her strong fingers would start at the base and work outwards to my nipples. She caught the firm buds between her fingers and pulled them out till they could stretch no further and then release them, letting them snap back. She repeated this over and over, till my nipples were standing out further than they ever had in my life. I couldn't believe they had become so elongated. They ached with a pleasurable pain.

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