tagLesbian SexObsessions Ch. 2

Obsessions Ch. 2

byMaxine MACD©

Chapter 2: Ashleigh's Story

The weekend had passed so quickly. I spent the whole of Sunday with Helen. She indoctrinated me in the art of pleasuring a woman. We had devoured each other in every conceivable position and style till our pussies were sore and we were exhausted. I felt wonderfully satisfied and content on Monday morning. I arrived at work as usual. I was impatient to tell Bridgette about my weekend. Bridgette was not in the office. She had gone to see a client. Helen phoned and asked me to have lunch with her at the usual diner. I readily agreed. We both thanked each other for a wonderful weekend, promising to have a night together again soon. Bridgette returned later that afternoon. We greeted each other cheerfully and she asked me how my weekend was. I told her briefly about my encounter, giving only a broad outline of the events, no intimate details. She came over to me and placed her hand on my cheek and smiled.

"I want to hear all the details, very explicitly." She said. "Let's go for a drink after work, shall we?"

I agreed. We both were engrossed with our work for the rest of the afternoon. I noticed her looking at me ever so often with a strange look on her pretty face. Almost a look of longing and adoration. Finally the workday ended and we went to a pub quite close by that we sometimes frequent. We found a quiet corner and ordered our drinks. I didn't quite know how to start, and suddenly felt shy and nervous about telling her everything in detail. Bridgette sensed my unease and put her hand on mine and reassured me that she wouldn't feel badly towards me or anything like that. She was only curious to know what it had been like. After a few drinks I loosened up and told her the whole story. She listened in fascination, holding my hand, not interrupting till I was finished. Then came the questions. "Did I enjoy it? Was it disappointing? Would I do it again? Had Helen been a good lover? Etc, etc." I admitted that it had been fantastic. The best sex that I had ever had and that I had cum harder than I had ever cum before, and had had multiple orgasms as well. Bridgette's fingers stroked the back of my hand lightly.

"Jeez Ash! Wish I could cum like that" She sighed dreamily.

"Maybe you should try it then." I said softly. She squeezed my hand and leaned close and kissed my cheek fleetingly. I caught a whiff of her expensive perfume and a feeling of desire came over me. I wanted to kiss her lovely red lips. We had been drinking and chatting for a couple of hours. Finally She said she had to go and we went our separate ways.

The next day Bridgette was friendlier than usual. She was wearing a rather revealing, shear blouse and short skirt. I could see her half cup bra through the flimsy material. Throughout the day she paid me more attention than ever before. She would come over to my desk and stand next to me, put her hand on my shoulder and ask me questions and advice about our project we were working on jointly. Her perfume was tantalizing. She smelt clean and fresh and womanly. Her hip would press against my arm gently but firmly. I was intrigued by her uncharacteristic behavior.

I was flattered by her attention, and loved her closeness. "Was she coming on to me?" I wondered. "No!" I admonished myself. "It can't be." Secretly I hoped that it might be, impossible though it seemed. Bridgette had a boyfriend and as far as I knew was as straight as a die. Towards the end of the afternoon, Bridgette was again at my desk and this time I felt her soft breast pressing against my shoulder. I even thought that I could feel her nipple was hard and erect. I never flinched. She twisted her body slightly and I did feel her nipple brushing across my upper arm. A tingle of excitement made my pussy spasm gently. Lustful thoughts were racing through my mind. She was hitting on me. I was plucking up courage to turn and kiss her, when she returned to her own desk. The day ended without any more flirting and I decided that I had imagined the whole thing. I had misinterpreted her actions and put it down to the fact that my confiding in her the previous day had drawn us closer.

The next day we had a few students in the office, as happens occasionally, and Bridgette kept to herself. I did see from the corner of my eye that she was looking at me quite often. One time I looked up and our eyes met. She parted her lips slightly and ran the tip of her tongue from side to side seductively and smiled. I looked away quickly. Again I thought that she was interested in me.

When I got home from work I stripped off my clothes and put on a short robe. As I prepared supper, I thought of what had transpired the past few days and I started to fantasize about Bridgette and I in a sexual situation. Thoughts of my weekend with Helen flooded my thoughts and I tried to picture it having been Bridgette that had made love to me instead. I was getting horny at the erotic fantasies. I went to my bedroom and lay on my bed. I closed my eyes and lay back on the pillows and clasped my breasts, playing my thumbs across my tightening nipples, feeling them swell at my touch. They were Bridgette's hands on my breasts, kneading and caressing my trembling flesh. I pushed my chest up against my hands, my firm breasts yearning for more. I pinched and pulled my nipples till they stood out like acorns, hard and aching with desire. I let go of my breasts and quickly slipped off my panties. I lay back down on my back and fondled my breasts again. My pussy was tingling deliciously and I felt the lips swelling with arousal. I ran a hand down my body slowly - Bridgette's hand - over my flat tummy, pausing at my navel, and then continuing downwards to my yearning womanhood.

I let my fingers tickle my blond curls for a while, stalling the moment of making contact with my heated sex. My other hand found its way to my yearning pussy as well. With my index fingers, I traced the outline of my pussy lips. Down the outside, feeling the engorged flesh quiver at my touch. I paused at the bottom of my slit and then brought my fingers upwards on the inside of my lips, feeling them part in anticipation. I skimmed over my vaginal opening and brought my fingers higher each side of my distended clit. Not touching the sensitive bud yet. I pressed inwards and outwards, pulling back the sheath to free my engorged clit. I traced a finger lightly over its tip and then took the swollen organ between a thumb and forefinger. I moaned with delight at the pleasure. The fingers of my other hand slid into my slit and traveled downwards, finding my gaping hole. Wet and ready. My cunt squelched as I quickly thrust three fingers deep into my sheath. My other hand strummed my trembling clit. My hips bucked upwards fiercely, impaling myself more deeply on my thrusting fingers. I felt my warm pussy juice flowing into the palm of my hand. I screamed Bridgette's name over and over as I came, my convulsing cunt spewing out my girl cum in orgasmic bliss. I slowed down my ministrations, letting myself down slowly from a satisfying climax. I drifted off to sleep with the aroma of my love juice in my nostrils, too tired and contented to bother with washing myself. Thoughts of delectable Bridgette were on my mind. I knew I wouldn't see her the next day. She had an all day meeting with a client again, but would be back on Friday.

The next day I couldn't concentrate properly. I realized I was missing the lovely brunette, her flirting and coming on. I was infatuated with her. No! Obsessed was more like it. My fantasies had instilled a deep desire to posses her, to ravish her and have her ravish me. My work took second place as I pondered how to go about seducing Bridgette. Helen had seduced me. This was now something quite uncharacteristic of me. I didn't really have the nerve for seducing her, but was determined to find a way. I decided to let her carry on with coming on to me, but would respond in some way. After work I went to the mall to shop for sexy and revealing lingerie. I found a white quarter cup, lace bra that barely covered my nipples, but exposed my areola, and a matching thong and suspender. I also bought a pair of thigh high sheer stockings.

Friday morning I had a nice bath with all the goodies in the water. I shaved my legs, and trimmed my pussy hair. I applied my makeup carefully. I did eyes, lips, everything but not overdoing it to look like a tart. I put on my new underwear. I was particularly pleased with the bra. After surveying myself in the mirror, I discarded the thong and went without panties. I rummaged in my wardrobe and pulled out a low cut white lace blouse and a pale gray suit with a short skirt. I put on the blouse, but decided it wasn't revealing enough and took it off again. I put on my suit and three-inch high heel, white shoes. "Now! Miss Bridgette." I thought to myself. "Two can play the same game." I smiled at my reflection in the mirror.

I arrived at the office before Bridgette and settled down at my desk with a cup of coffee. She arrived about twenty minutes later. She greeted me warmly and came over and kissed me on the cheek. Once again I smelt her lovely, fragrant perfume. I made a mental note to ask her what it was. She was smartly dressed in a white suit. We made small talk for a while and I brought her up to date with the previous day's work and she filled me in about her client. The morning passed slowly. Once again she kept looking at me, flashing a smile and licking her lips occasionally. I smiled back and once, when she licked her lips slowly and sensuously, I raised my eyebrows questioningly. I met Helen for lunch. No plans were made to see each other for the weekend and I felt a bit disappointed. I didn't want to seem over keen however, so kept quiet. When I arrived back at the office, Bridgette had gone to lunch. The boss and the two office assistants had left for the day. I was alone. My thoughts were on Bridgette. "How should I go about letting her know I was interested in her?" It was a problem I didn't know how to deal with. I was too much of an introvert to just start flirting and seducing her. Bridgette breezed in a while later. She asked where the others were and I told her we had the office to ourselves for the afternoon.

"Just going to the bathroom." She said, and minced out the office, her hips and ass swaying provocatively. My body was trembling with desire. I wished I had the courage to just grab her and kiss her passionately and tell her that I wanted to make love to her. She seemed to be taking a long time in the bathroom. I concentrated on my work, trying to finish so I could leave early. After about fifteen minutes, Bridgette came back from the bathroom. She came and stood next to me and put her hand on my shoulder.

Overpowering the fragrance of her perfume was another aroma. It was the smell of a hot, wet pussy. Bridgette was aroused. I felt a tingle in my loins immediately. My own arousal, sparked by her sexy, womanly smell, caused my pussy to lubricate as well.

"I think we should pack up working as well. Don't you?" She asked. Her hand was rubbing back and forth across my shoulders. I looked up at her.

"What do you have in mind Bridge?" I jumped at the opening, my body tingling. It was now up to her. She moved closer so that her pubic mound pressed against my elbow.

"Well. Anything is better than work on a Friday afternoon." She said. "Especially since we are alone." She had tossed the ball back in my court. I casually moved my elbow slightly so that it pressed harder against her pussy. I felt her respond and thrust back gently. Her prominent pubic mound pressed against my elbow, and as she moved, it pressed firmly as if she were subtly masturbating against it. She was not hunching it, but as her pubic mound slid along my elbow, I could actually feel the slit of her pussy slide along the bone of my elbow. Damn! I put my head back, closed my eyes, and just let the sexy feelings flow over me, and absolutely loved every minute of it. I wiggled my hips just a little and squeezed my thighs together, just to let her know it was affecting me. Finally I could stand it no longer and as she moved away a little I raised my elbow slightly to press firmly against her crotch. She looked down at me and her beautiful eyes sparkled. I pressed upward and saw her eyes close for a moment. She never moved away and I was encouraged. I turned slightly in my chair to face her and placed my other hand on her thigh. It felt soft and warm. I moved my hand higher and in towards her inner thigh. She parted her legs slightly. My hand continued upwards and came to the top of her black stocking. My hand was on her soft, naked flesh. Her hand was now gripping my shoulder fiercely. Her legs parted further, inviting me to proceed higher. I moved my fingers upwards and encountered her panty-clad pussy. Her panties were absolutely soaked. I could feel my own stickiness spreading between my legs. Her hips bucked at my touch. I cupped her mound in the palm of my hand and squeezed her pussy gently, my fingers pressed her panties into her slit. I was now filled with confidence.

"Do you want me to continue?" I asked huskily.

"Oh God yes." She blurted out, grabbing my arm and pulling it towards herself as she ground her pussy against my hand.

"Lock the door." I commanded. I now had enough bravado to take charge. She went to lock the office door and I quickly unbuttoned and removed my jacket. Bridgette turned and stopped in her tracks when she saw me undressing. Slowly she undid her own jacket. She parted the front and I saw she was wearing a black, lace camisole and no bra. She pulled her arms from the sleeves and let her jacket fall to the floor. Next she hooked her thumbs in the waist of her skirt and slid it down over her shapely hips, stepping out of the garment. I undid my skirt and raised my butt off the chair to remove it. Bridgette couldn't see from her position that I wasn't wearing panties. She had on a black thong. Her black stockings were self supporting. Slowly I slipped the straps of my bra off my shoulders. My breasts popped free of the miniscule garment, which was battling to contain my swelling breasts. She came and stood next to me again. She pulled down her top and her gorgeous full breasts sprang free. She pressed her panty-clad pussy against my turgid nipple.

I looked at our reflection in the mirror across from my desk and was thrilled by the sight of our partially clad bodies so close together. I wanted to see what delights were inside her panties and with trembling hands, yanked her thong down. I bent down to remove the minute panties and her pussy was right in my face. As she lifted her foot for me, her pussy lips parted and I was inundated with the aphrodisiac fragrance of her cunt. I was filled with lust and buried my face in her womanhood. Bridgette thrust her hips forward against my face. I pulled back and stood up on shaking legs. We fell into each other's arms. Our mouths found each other and we locked into a passionate embrace. Tongues dueled with each other for possession of the other's mouth. Bridgette won and I opened my mouth to accept her flicking tongue. We kissed long and sensually, finally breaking to regain our breath.

"God Ash. I've wanted you since you told me about you and Helen." She panted.

"I've wanted you too Bridge." I said breathlessly. "I think since I thought it was you who sent me the red panties. I secretly hoped it was you." I moved away from the chair that was restricting me and turned her around so that her back was to my desk. I held her tight and this time she let my lips and tongue take possession of her sweet mouth. I curled my tongue upwards and raked the tip across her pallet. She moaned into my mouth. I raised my hands between our bodies and placed my palms on her bountiful breasts. Her hard nipples pressed against my hands. I eased her backwards till the back of her thighs were against the desk and she had to sit down. I lifted her legs and pushed them back up to her chest and then parted them. Her pussy flared open before me. Her outer lips were swollen and bright red. The delicate inner petals, with their soft folds, a lighter pink. Her clit glistened with moisture and protruded from its hood, throbbing with yearning. Her love hole was slightly open and I could see it was filled with her thick opaque love juice. I bent forward and put my tongue tip in the puddle between her spread thighs. I scooped out a generous dollop with my tongue and swirled it around inside my mouth. It was delicious. I licked up her slit to her clit and flicked it with my tongue tip. Bridgette flinched at the contact and then bucked upwards. I pushed on her thighs and she slid further onto the desk, her juices leaking from her pussy leaving a wet sticky trail. My pussy was spasming with lust and needed attention. I closed my mouth over her pussy, my lips sealing around her pussy. I sucked hard, drawing her clit out into my mouth, her juices flooded inside my mouth. I couldn't take it any longer and quickly moved around the desk and climbed on top of it, straddling her head.

I spread my legs and lowered my dripping pussy to her mouth. Bridgette needed no coaxing. She knew what I wanted and stabbed her tongue deep into my molten depths. I gyrated my hips and pressed downwards on her face, riding her penetrating tongue. My trembling clit made contact again and again with her chin. I grabbed my breasts and squeezed them hard, sending spears of pleasure deep into my womb. I felt my pussy start to spasm and knew I would cum soon. Not wanting to climax just yet, I eased off. I lowered myself to my elbows and gripped the back of Bridgette's thighs. I leaned forward and lowered my mouth to her spread pussy. We were in the classical sixty-nine position.

I felt her big breasts pushing up against my tummy. We licked and sucked each other in a frenzy of lust. She soon had me at the peak of cumming and I sensed she was about to cum as well. With all my will power, I tore myself away from her.

"Nooo......Pleassssseee......" she cried. "I'm ready to cum." She tried desperately to pull me back down and humped her hips upwards in a futile effort to regain contact with my mouth.

"Not like this." I panted. "Not here. I want it to be good for you." I got off the desk and reluctantly Bridgette stood up.

"My place." She blurted out. "Let's go to my place. Phil's not there." Phil was her boyfriend. Her place was closer than mine.

"Ok." I agreed. We dressed and tidied ourselves up and straightened the desk. All thoughts of work had left our minds. I never bothered to put my panties back on and stuffed the damp garment into my handbag. We locked the office and went to the car park. I followed behind Bridgette. The drive to her house didn't take long. I got out of my car and saw the big, dark stain on the seat of my car from my leaking pussy. I just shrugged my shoulders and followed Bridgette into her house. She locked the door behind us. It was pleasantly cool inside. Bridgette took my hand and led me straight to the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and removed her clothes and shoes leaving her stockings on. I stood next to the bed and undressed more slowly, looking down at her gorgeous body. Although her breasts were big, they hardly sagged at all. Her nipples were erect and puckered. The pale areolas were swollen as well. She was really beautiful. When I was naked, Bridgette slid toward me and pulled me down on the bed with her. She began to massage my breasts, rubbing them softly. Then, her fingers began to pinch and pull my nipples. Pulling them way out till they ached and then letting them snap back. The grew harder and bigger, aching pleasurably. She began to kiss, nibble, and suck on my neck and my earlobes. Groaning, I twisted in her arms, searching for her mouth with mine. Her hands moved down my stomach to my mound, where she began to trace my wet slit with her fingers. Feeling my body tense, my skin prickle with pleasure, and my nipples harden, I moaned louder, begging her to make love to me. She rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her.

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