tagErotic CouplingsOceans Deep

Oceans Deep


My son Dylan was conceived in the ocean.

Yes, you heard right, the ocean.

I was on holiday in the Seychelles, a two week break from my hectic life in the City where I was a Stock Broker.

The Hotel I was staying in was expensive, secluded from other resorts and quiet as it was out of season.

I didn't expect to meet anyone that I wanted to talk to much less have sex with and I certainly didn't expect to get knocked up, that was the last thought in my head.

But I did both and I did it with style.

Nature can be very forceful when she wants you do what she wants, and is there anything more natural than copulate to populate?

At twenty-eight years of age you'd think I'd know better but I didn't, also I was horny, I hadn't been laid for ages, and I mean ages! When you are a stock broker you don't have a social life, you live for the numbers, and sex is secondary.

But in the Seychelles with all the sun, sand and relaxation, suddenly life has new meaning and you do things you wouldn't normally do back home.

Like I said I certainly didn't go on holiday with maternity on my mind but I certain returned in full bloom if you know what I mean!

I didn't know his name but I can tell you he was an American but unlike me he was in the Seychelles on business and when he picked me up in the bar that evening he was under the mistaken impression that I was a High Class Hostess on the make.

I realised this fairly quickly, mainly because he asked outright after buying me a drink what my price was. At first I was outraged, and almost slapped him in the face but his keen blue eyes, his lazy smile and look of desire as he took in my curves and cleavage made me bite back my anger.

After all I was dressed to be picked up even though I had done it sub-consciously. I had chosen the red silk dress on purpose because it was clinging and revealing. It showed my assets at their best, and it matched my red brown hair and pale translucent skin that had yet to be kissed properly by the sun.

My breasts pushed against the flimsy fabric and you could see the outline of my nipples even in the dusty light of the hotel. My legs were long and slender, my hips round and firm and I was the owner of a pair of natural non-enhanced breasts, large round mounds of delectable flesh, milky and pale like the rest of me.

I stared at him across the wicker table and the moist air from the open balcony doors drifted in. My crotch began to throb; a slow pulsating feeling and I decided to play along, to see how far either of us would take it?

"Can you afford me?" I said flicking my green eyes up and down his casual clothes and he was momentarily startled.

"Expensive huh?" he said.

"Very," I said coolly, "You don't work in this hotel and not be expensive."

He smiled.

"Name your price."

"Five hundred dollars," I said in a voice that sounded calm but actually I was shaking inside. What on earth was I doing, leading him on this way? Was I mad? I must be. But I couldn't help myself, I had to do it, nature was taking me down a path I didn't know existed.

I expected him to blanch, make a flustered reply and head for the door but he didn't.

"Okay," he said and I was momentarily taken aback but I didn't let it show.

He ordered us more drinks, took out his wallet to pay for them letting me see the thick wad of money he had available, proving to me he could pay my fee.

I almost told him he had made a mistake but then the devil in me took over once again for he was handsome as well as wealthy. He was tall, lean, his hair bleached by the sun, his skin just beginning to tan and his sparkling blue eyes and sensuous mouth.

"Your room?" I asked him with what I hoped was a sultry and willing look. He smiled at me and shook his head.

"Let's go to the beach," he said softly, "It will be empty now, its supper time for most people."

My heart hammered in my chest. The hotel had its own private beach that by now would be well and truly deserted. However in the true spirit of exclusive hotel life there would be towels for guests to use if they wanted a midnight dip and there was a lit beach cottage with cushions and rugs if you wanted to get in out of the sun.

By the time he and I got to the beach, the sun was slowly setting, the sea was calm, a soft rippling sheet of crystal blue water with specks of gold and red dancing over it as the sun began to slowly set in the distance.

I took off my sandals and carried them once we were on the warm soft sand. We made our way to the rolling dunes of warm dry sand and we sat down side by side, the air was thick with the sound of crickets and there was a soft buzz in the air that was strangely hypnotic. A lizard skitted by and dune crabs dived for cover as we made an appearance. In the distance there was the sea, sparkling and inviting, and it was warm too, nothing like back home where you'd freeze to death just by paddling!

He took me by surprise; cupping one of my breasts and kissing my throat, making me gasp and arch my back. His mouth was hot and wet and his fingers were pulled at my breast in soft delicious tugs.

"I'll undo my top!" I gasped and he let me unbutton the front of my frock and then pull my arms out so that the soft material slid down my back and around my waist. I wasn't wearing a bra, the dress was too revealing for that, and I had no panties on either, mainly because it was too hot to bother with any kind of underwear.

He lowered his head and began to lick one of my nipples, his tongue flicked in and out and ripples of pleasure ran up and down my spine, I let out a moan, pressed my hands into the sand and thrust my chest forward.

"You know how to get a girl going!" I gasped and he came up for air smiling as he did.

"I believe in getting value for my money," he said and my cunt contracted at his words and then I gasped again because he pushed me back onto the sand and began to kiss and lick my nipples whilst pulling up the flimsy skirt of my dress.

My shaven crotch was already moist when his fingers slipped the soft hot slit, I parted my legs obligingly and he began to move his fingers rhythmically back and forth, he was good, he found my clit fairly quickly, and I let out a gurgle of pleasure, and gripped his shoulders in appreciation.

"Hmmmmm, you're getting wet down there," he murmured, "Maybe I should help you along."

His mouth from my breasts and seconds later his head was buried into my crotch and a delicious hot feeling was running through me as his tongue lapped and lapped at my cunt with hard experienced strokes of a man who knows how to eat a woman's pussy.

He certainly knew how to orally stimulate a woman that was for sure. His tongue was a veritable love muscle, he pushed it deep inside me, sucking at my cunt lips, teasing my clit with a flick of the tongue, making me cry out, and thrust against his face with each strong stroke of his tongue.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I heard myself cry out over and over again, "Oh my GOD!"

I would come soon if I wasn't careful, I tried to even out my breathing, but it was difficult because I was so damn turned on by what he was doing to me.

Eventually he stopped, he could feel my cunt contracting against his lips but he hadn't finished with me yet. He pulled me into a kneeling position so that his crotch was in line with his face. He gripped my chin with firm fingers and squeezed my cheeks so that my mouth formed a pouting circle, I found myself undoing his pants, my fingers tugging on the zipper.

He had a raging hard on and the size of his cock as it sprang out of his pants made my eyes widen slightly in shock. It was big, and I mean big but I didn't get chance to contemplate its girth because he pushed it into my open mouth and I found myself gagging at first as I struggled to accommodate him orally.

With one hand at the back of my head, he began to thrust gently in my mouth, he took his time, my lips rippled over the hot swollen shaft in my mouth, I made my tongue move back and forth, I relaxed my face, let my mouth stretch to its limit and bit by bit His cock began to slide down my throat. My tongue and lips massaged his cock, licking and rubbing the hot throbbing muscle as it moved back and forth, in and out of my very willing mouth.

"Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" he groaned as he rotated his hips and stroked my hair, "Oh hot damnit!"

I wondered vaguely if he intended cumming in my mouth, I was a bit nervous about that, I wasn't sure that I wanted him too but he tasted nice and like me he shaved down below to so there was no pubic hair to tickle my nostrils. His balls were heavy and throbbing and I stroked and fondled them as I sucked and nibbled on his throbbing cock and this made him groan even more.

He slid out of my mouth before he came and I found I was disappointed. He pulled me to my feet, his cock was still rigid between his legs and smiling at me he stepped out of his pants and kicked them to one side said.

"Take your dress off, we're going for a swim!"

I found myself obeying him and then we were running into the warm Indian Ocean until it was up to our waists and he was crushing me to him, kissing my mouth, the taste of his cock still on my lips, his throbbing muscle rubbing against me in the foaming hot Indian Ocean.

I kissed him back and then he was hooking his legs around mine, holding me with one arm in the soft lapping water which was surprisingly still and I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my cunt.

It was surprisingly easy for him to slide inside of me despite the pressure of the water around us. It was an odd sensation, because you are weightless more or less, also his cock was so big it helped, because even with the weightlessness it was a tight fit I can tell you.

He began to thrust; short hard thrusts and I felt the most glorious of sensations run through me as warm Indian Ocean swirled around our jerking limbs, it was bit like having water in your ears, you can feel this pressure and when you exhale hard, the pressure increases, when you inhale it decreases, well his cock inside me was like that.

It also helped that he was sucking my tits as he ocean fucked me. The flats of his palms were on my shoulder blades and I pushed against them and his head moved from tit to tit, sucking and tugging on the mottled over sensitive hardness, making me mewl and cry out in pleasure.

"You've got great tits!" he gasped, "I could suck them all night!"

I could let him suck them all night, he lapped at them harder and then he was pulling me to him and gurgling in my ear as his body appeared to increase in movement though in the sea it felt different, very different.


His hips rotated, he moved from side to side inside of me and I clutched at him, crying out as I felt myself peaking as well, and we came together in the ocean, his seed saturating my womb and then flooding out of me when he finally withdrew minutes later.

Even in the water we were both sweating and I let out a groan of satisfaction. We staggered out of the water and flopped onto the beach.

"That was fucking amazing," he said when he finally got his breath back, "Fucking amazing!"

I had to agree with him, my orgasm had been electrifying and very enjoyable. I felt guilty about deceiving him about who and what I was so I told him the truth; I wasn't actually a Hostess but a guest like him at the Hotel.

Of course he was embarrassed at first but eventually he saw the funny side of it and he laughed.

"If you had been a Hostess," he said, "You'd have earnt your money ten fold!"

I laughed too. The sun had almost set but it was still quite light. Our bodies were drying off quickly and he leaned over and kissed me, I kissed him back hungrily and he said.

"I'm up for more fun, are you?"

I was more than up for it and he knew it. For the next three hours we played in the sand and sea.

I've never done a 69 on a beach before with a guy, I doubt if I ever will but I did it then! I sucked him off whilst he did the same for me, and it was bloody fantastic. I could hear him moaning as he licked and gobbled at my cunt, he used his fingers along with his tongue and mouth and this made me buck like mad and gurgle in pleasure as I sucked and slurped at his rigid purple shaft.

"You've the hottest cunt I've ever eaten!" I heard him say, "Oh God you taste so gooooooood, oh yes, I'm gonna make you cum you cock sucking little slut!"

I sucked harder on his cock, his words making my whole body go into spasms, I couldn't believe it, he was calling me a slut and I liked it! God, if anyone had called me a slut in England I'd have smacked them in the mouth but this nameless American who was eating my pussy like it was peaches and cream on a hot summer's day, and I couldn't get enough of it!

He came first, his thrusting increased, I heard him groan behind me, and then he flooded my mouth with his hot salty spunk which I lapped up and then I too came, unable to hold on any longer, suddenly and without warning I orgasmed, my mouth was still wrapped firmly around his cock and I found myself gurgling in pleasure and squeezing his balls, and sucking his cock into life for a second time.

He sucked and slurped at my juice saturated cunt and then he gripped my heaving buttocks and began to pinch them, hard firm pinches that made me buck more on his cock which was sticky with spunk but beginning to swell again!

"You sure know how to suck a cock!" he said with a groan of pleasure, "Keep at it baby, I'm gonna cum in your mouth again real soon!"

He did, and as I licked his cock and balls clean for a second time I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying myself, not to mention how damn turned on I was! I felt the softness of his lips on my trembling buttocks as he kissed and fondled them.

"Hmmmmm," I heard him say, "Do you mind if I play with your ass?"

"Sure, go ahead," I heard myself croak, and he spent the next fifteen or so minutes licking, kissing and spitting into my bum hole and then pushing his fingers in and out of the contracting mottled flesh whilst I cried out in both pleasure and pain. I was a virgin in that area and I think he knew it too because he stopped and said.

"Let's go for a swim!"

Of course we didn't swim, and I got my ass cherry popped in the ocean, it stung like mad, the ocean is salt after all but it was one hell of a sensation once his shaft was up and side my throbbing ass and boy did he talk dirty to me whilst he was butt fucking me in the water. I was rubbing my clit as he whispered in ear.

"You're the dirtiest bitch I've ever fucked, I can't get enough of you, I knew you were a slut when I saw you sitting in that bar, you had that 'fuck me' look in your eyes, I knew you weren't wearing any panties or a bra, that's why I thought you were a Hostess, well you sure fuck and suck like one baby! Oh yes your ass is soooooooooooo fucking tight, oh let me suck your titties, I've gotta suck them whilst I give it you up your slutty little ass, hmmmmmmmmm, oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!"

I was rubbing my clit harder and harder und the water and I exploded before he did. My juices flooded out of me and into the sea and I closed my eyes tightly shut and let out a howl of pleasure and my trembling ass bucked even harder on his cock making him gasp and cry out and thrust faster and faster inside me until finally he couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Here it cummmmmmmmmmmmmms!" he screamed and my eyes shot open as I felt my ass being flooded with a hot long gush of his seminal fluid. My mouth opened and shut in shock, I heard myself let out a little cry as he kissed my neck and face and whispered in a hoarse voice.

"Clamp your butt cheeks together when I slide out of you, I want my spunk to stay inside you!"

Seconds later he slid out of my throbbing ass and I obeyed him and together we staggered out of the ocean for a second time and flopped on our backs onto the warm sand, relaxing in the warmth of post coitus bliss.

Eventually he cupped a breast in one large hand, by now it was dark and we could only see each other's outline, the stars and the moon were all that lit up the silent beach. He nuzzled my nipple and it sprang to life even though I was more than sated. His spunk was now slowly leaking out of my ass and into the sand and I felt content.

"We didn't use a condom when we fucked the first time," he said suddenly whilst he stroked and pinched the soft hot and still responding flesh, "Are you on the pill, when I thought you were a Hostess; I assumed you were on the pill?"

I wasn't on the pill; I hadn't been for years in fact. He knew the answer by my silence. His hand moved to the flatness of my belly and he stroked it, making it flutter inside.

"I'd like it if you got pregnant," he said softly and he began to kiss my nipples with soft gentle kisses that made me tremble all over.

"Me too," I croaked and moaned as the kisses became deeper and his tongue rolled over the warm salty flesh that was my tits.

"These tits are made for a baby's mouth," he said with a groan and I cried out in pleasure at his words my hands running up and down his smooth damp back.

He slid his hand between my legs and began to arouse me with his fingers.

"You'll make a great mom!" he gasped, and I gasped with him, his words turning me on even more than the steamy sex we had just had, "Tell me you'll have it if are pregnant!"

"Yes!" I said my breath ragged and full of lust, "I will, I will!"

He squeezed a nipple with thumb and forefinger and said in a hoarse voice in my ear, "It makes my cock throb just thinking about you being knocked up, and you're so wet, oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeees baby girl!"

He made me cum for a third time and then as my heart stopping orgasm was barely dying down he spread my legs began to lap at my juice saturated cunt. I groaned and bucked against his face, my heart was hammering in my chest and I knew that the myth of the multiple orgasms wasn't a myth at all, it was true....HOLY SHIT...it was true!

I never got to know his name, I could have asked him but I didn't want too. We went our separate ways and I never saw him again. He was going home the next day in fact, so I spent the rest of my holiday masturbating myself as I thought about my ocean fucking sessions as well as praying that I was pregnant. Even after the lust had ended I wanted to be pregnant!

Well I did get pregnant and Dylan was the result.

Dylan's 18 months old now and an adorable little tyke, and I have absolutely no regrets about his conception. In fact I quickly realised that I had been celibate for too long and that my work had taken up too much of my life. I still make good money on the Stock Market, it's in the blood you know, numbers and such like but I have a healthy active sex life now.

When Dylan was five months old I started to have regular sex. No regular partner you understand, just regular enjoyable no strings attached sex, I went on the pill of course; I didn't want to get pregnant again so quickly after having Dylan.

However eighteen months on I do think it's time Dylan has a brother or sister, I don't want him to be an only child, so I'm booking my next holiday in the Seychelles for next month, after all I dropped lucky the first time, so I'm pretty sure it won't be all that difficult to do it a second time...

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