tagIncest/TabooOf Dreams and Reality

Of Dreams and Reality


Chapter One: The Dream

It was a dream, right? I want to believe it was real but, my God, how much of a sick fuck was I, to even think it could it have been!

The first time I saw her, she was standing in her bedroom window, back lit by the light on her nightstand. I saw her long dark hair fall forward as she bent to pick something up from the floor. The silhouette of her body shown through the, sheer, night gown she wore. Her breasts, large and firm for her 18 years, jiggled wonderfully under that night gown. It was the first of many times that I watched for her, never realizing I was heading down the path of the voyeur. I only knew how she made me feel and I wanted her, sick as that thought made me feel.

In no time, I was obsessed. I took every opportunity to watch her, spy on her. I watched, as she changed clothes through that window. I watched her breasts bounce as she released them from her bra. I watched, as she gently rubbed them massaging off the days confinement and saw the look of pleasure on her face as she did. I watched, as she bent to remove her panties and, likewise, massaged her ass and that glorious mound of public hair, stretching, feeling the joy of being unrestricted and naked. I watched and grew hard with trembling obsession over my sister, and it made me sick, but I knew there was no stopping!

Her name was Darlene and I was in lust, in complete lust with my sister, Jesus help me!

It was hot that day, a real summer scorcher, as often said. I decided that the local lake would be a good choice and drove off to enjoy the cool waters and delights of sun bathing. It was mid week and I knew that few people, if any, would be there and that suited me just fine.

I was spending a free summer, waiting for my call to arms. The draft was looming large in my future and I preferred not to think about it. Getting out of my car, I was pleased to see I had been right, no one was at the lake. I grabbed my towel, radio and the small cooler, in which I had placed a few beers, stolen from dad's reserve in the garage fridge, and headed off for the lake beach.

A few minutes later, after a walk through a wooded area, I was all set for the afternoon, my towel was spread out, the cooler was in reach and the radio was tuned into a local station playing the current hits. The Beatle's were playing "Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds", when I decided to go skinning dipping, as no one was around, and slid out of my shorts and t-shirt. It felt so good standing there naked, unfettered to the world. I took the time to slowly rub and scratch my body everywhere, languishing over the feeling and going everywhere my hands and mind told me I needed to.

The hot sun and warm wind on my genitals excited me and my cock began to enlarge, it was a feeling I enjoyed and I smiled at the thought crossing my mind.

"Do you actually use your mind or do you do all your thinking with your dick?" It was a favorite expression of my close friend, John, and it never failed to crack me up.

It got hot quick and I cursed at my late arrival, running to the water, trying to spare my feet and looking forward to cooling off. Flopping in, my breath was slammed out of me, by cold lake water and it took several seconds before any normal breathing started again. Despite the shock, my body got used to the water quickly and I found myself reveling in the warm and cool currents of the lake.

Rolling over I floated for a long period with my manhood riding the small lake waves, flopping back and forth, as I moved my arms and legs to stay afloat. My mind turned to my sister again. Two nights before, I had caught her getting ready to go out, just coming from her bathroom.

My cock started to grow again as I remembered her shedding her towel and setting on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs, as she inspected her pubic mound and hair growth. I watched, with abated breath, as she slipped her fingers inside her pussy and started massaging herself.

Out of nowhere, a thought slammed into my mind, "Someone's watching you!"

I, quickly, jerked to a more up-right position, treading water and surveyed the shore line.

"Nothing! What the hell's wrong with you, Mike?" I wondered to myself, at once, feeling guilty at having watched my sister again, and started my return to shore.

Walking up to my towel, I still had an eerie feeling and began to worry over someone I knew, might be watching me, naked on the beach,. "I'd never live it down." I thought.

"Oh my God, that fuckin', John better not be out here screwing with me!" The thought crossing my mind, as I finished drying off and reached for a beer. I scanned the beach once again, as I popped the top and tipped my head back, for the first long cool drink.

"You like watching me, don't you?"

It was my sister, Darlene, no mistaking that! I damn near choked on my beer, and spat out the last swig. Dropping it, I lunged for my towel, quickly wrapping it around my waste.

"Where in the hell are you, Dar?" I yelled out.

I had heard her, but I couldn't see her! The glaring sun light made the woods shadows even darker and impossible to see into, but the voice came from the shadows again.

"My, a little shy for someone that likes watching me naked, aren't you?"

I was mortified. "How in the hell did she know? I was careful wasn't I?" I thought, as I quickly traced my memory for any indication of when she might have seen me looking at her, but could think of no time that might have been.

"God damn it, anyway!" I cursed under my breath, then asking,

"Hey, that is you, Darlene? Isn't it? I said, stupidly.

"You know damn well it is, Michael. I've been watching you since you showed up and I must say I liked the show!" She called out, giggling.

"Aw come on Darlene! Hey, you know it was an accident, my seeing you that is, don't you?" I said, hoping, to God, it didn't sound half as lame, to her, as it did to me.

"Ya, I figured as much, but then I began to wonder about a few things. Like, why your bedroom light went out every time I turned mine on, ya know?"

"Geees!" I muttered to myself, "She knows and I'm busted!"

"Well, hey maybe it wasn't an accident." and I heard her laugh, that low husky laugh she'd developed over the past 2 years.

"We're still friends, aren't we sis?" I asked, hoping she'd forgive me.

"I suppose Michael. I should be angry with you, but I'm kind a flattered that you'd want to watch me. I'm really not trying to embarrass you, Mike, but let me tell you, your face was priceless a few minutes ago!" and she laughed again, harder this time.

"Would you mind a little company?" She asked, after her laughter subsided.

I couldn't believe it, but managed to croak out a, "You bet." And out she came, like a model on a runway, from the wooded shadows.

Flashing a big smile, she made the most out of the distance she had to close, to meet me on the beach. Dar wore her smallest string bikini, one that I swore was a size or more too small for her, or at best, one that was bought a couple years ago, before she filled out.

Her breasts, now a pair of firm 36 Ds, strained against the tiny triangles of her bikini top, bulging out, forcing the material to outline her hardened nipples. Her exaggerated steps made her breasts sway side to side, with an almost hypnotic rhythm. By the half way point, I could see the perfect outline of her labia against the crotch triangle, telling me she had taken to shaving these days and a smile grew on my face as I stared at her love nest.

She finally arrived, stopping scant inches away, legs slightly apart, with her towel draped over one shoulder and her hand bag, which she had been dragging along in the sand, lie behind her. She tossed her beautiful black hair to one side and with her azure blue eyes sparkling said,

"Hi there, broooother!" and dropped her hang bag.

Staring, at my lovely sister, I watched as she turned, removing the towel from her shoulder and bent over, making a great deal out of spreading her towel to lie down on.

Dar presented me with her firm ass, covered by a slightly larger triangle patch, as she bent down. Her actions made her breasts roll to the point of near toppling out, and the exaggerated way she bent over made her bikini bottom slide even lower over her ass, exposing her crack to the half way point.

"Come on, sit down, I'm not going to bite and I won't tell either." she said, giggling, as she settled on her towel. Without realizing it, my knees just buckled and I sat down hard, never once thinking about the towel I had wrapped around me.

"Hey, nice landing!" She said, as she turned to retrieve lotion from her hand bag and added,

"I take it you approve of my bath suit. Or, is your mouth open because you're trying to catch flies?"

I forced my mouth closed said nothing for awhile, turning away from Dar's vision of loveliness. After a long uncomfortable period, I turned back towards Dar and blurted out the stupidest thing I could have ever thought to say,

"My God Dar, when did you start shaving?"

"The other night, you know, when I was getting ready to go out. You were watching me weren't you? I'm sure I saw you! She said looking straight into my eyes.

"This suit and pubic hair don't really go together." She continued on, as she spread her legs to prove the point, adding,

"See, no hair and my suit fits so much nicer. You think maybe it's too tight?" As I sat staring at the material that wrapped tight against her pussy, outlining her lips perfectly and then disappearing between them before going through her legs.

Without waiting for me to answer she launched into a question regarding Aunt Jean and had I ever seen her in her bathing suit...pubic hair hanging out and all, and how it made her want to vomit.

"So, why do you do it?" She asked in an even tone, changing the subject, never allowing me to answer her first question.

"I mean, I'm very flattered by your attention, even if it's on the sneaky side, voyeurism, isn't it?" I felt guilty then and could feel my face growing red, as I forced my eyes away from her pussy.

"It was by accident, Dar, the first time I mean, ya know?" I stammered.

"After that I couldn't stop. You are so beautiful and there's no way I can describe how you made me feel!" I nearly shouted.

Darlene looked straight into my eyes and said just one thing,

"Wow, my brother's in lust with his sister!"

In my shame, I dropped my head and started to dig for words to further explain and apologize, when she stopped me.

" Hey, it's really Ok Mike. To be honest, after I figured out that you were watching me, I tried to put on a few shows for you. I had fun doing it, but I never realized how much it meant to you. It's also why I figured you knew I've been shaving. So relax and if you don't start putting some of this lotion on me, I'll get sunburned!" She said, winking at me.

Her lips turned into a warm smile, she handed me the lotion bottle and I felt the weight of guilt start to lift.

"She knew and didn't mind" I thought to myself.

"Where'd you like it?"

"Everywhere, of course, how silly!" she replied and rolled over on her stomach and adding, "Oh, please untie my top would you, can't have string lines in my tan!"

I adjusted my position, grabbed the top string and pulled, feeling the tension give way as the action released the pressure from her breasts. Darlene rolled her head to my side and said, "Ah, that's better, move my hair out of the way, too, before you start, OK?"

"Ya" was all I could say. Moving her hair I had to shift slightly again and in doing so my towel parted, exposing my cock, now harder and heavier than it was. I began massaging the lotion in and marveled at the softness of Darlene's body, my hands trembling.

"God, that feels good, Mike." She said, as I moved my hands all around her back, but shied away from her firm, tight, ass and exposed crack.

"Hey, don't be shy, broother." She said, slightly exaggerating the word.

"Pull my bottom down more and make sure you get plenty of lotion on my butt too, I don't want a tan line to show, there either, OK?" she said, winking at me. I did as she asked and loved every minute of it.

In my haste, I squeezed the lotion bottle too hard, sending a large stream onto Dar's ass and down between her butt cheeks.

"Jees Dar, I'm sorry..." I said, hesitating, a little uncertain of what her response would be.

"Ya, I feel it too. Use your fingers Hun... pull it out and rub it in elsewhere." She said, with eyes closed and a smile on her face.

Trembling even more, I slid my fingers across her tight ass and inside her bikini bottom. My hand stopped at the bottom of her bikini, I slid my fingers between her butt cheeks and slowly withdrew my hand, caressing her ass, as I pulled the running lotion out.

My mind raced as I thought, "Damn was I dreaming or what? Did she actual raise her ass as my fingers moved along inside her crack?"

"Thanks, I think I'll hire you!" she sighed. "Oh, but you forgot the rest, didn't you?" She said, more as matter fact than question.

"Ya, I guess I so, legs and feet too?" I asked stupidly.

"Everything, Michael" was all she said and spread her legs wide apart. I grabbed the lotion and turned to finish my work.

Being more than a little preoccupied, I didn't expect Darlene's next move. As my hands slid up and down her long legs, moving towards that sweet spot between her legs, her next action caught me by surprise. My fingers were just sliding up her inner thigh and lightly touching that thin piece of material, running through her crotch when I felt her fingers wrap around my cock!

"What's it like Michael, having a penis that is?" She asked as if talking about anything but what she had a hold of!

"When you're done rubbing the lotion in, I really want to look at your penis Mike. I want to explore every inch of it, OK?" She asked, in very solemn tone of voice.

"Sure, Dar, if that's what you want." I said, gasping at her touch, as she giggled over my response.

As promised, I let Darlene have her way. At 18, she acted like a little girl exploring something totally new and wonderful for the first time. She grabbed my cock and explored it, inspecting every inch, like a scientist looking through a microscope. She gently squeezed my ball sack and played with my balls and giggled in delight.

"My God, Mike, this is so cool!" She exclaimed. "What's it like?" She asked again, "You never answered me."

"It's a pain some times Dar." I responded.

"Does it ever get in the way?" she asked.

"No, but there are times when it can be an embarrassment, you know what I mean?"

"You mean when it gets hard like it is now?" She asked, almost too coyly.

"Ya, like it is now." I said. "It doesn't hide very well when it's hard and it can be pretty embarrassing at times, you know?"

Smiling, my sister reached out with both hands, one over the other, grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her. At the same time she slid forward to place her mouth over my cock head.

I watched my cock disappear into Darlene's mouth and felt her tongue going around the head. I thought I would faint, as Dar slowly went up and down my cock, taking in all she could and making me throb like never before. She slowly withdrew it from her mouth with a popping sound and giggled delightfully!

"Oh wow, that was fun. I've read about it and my friends and I have talked about it, but I didn't realize just what it kick it was to suck on a guys cock!" She giggled even more.

"I suppose it's pretty bad when the cock is your brother's, huh? She asked, with a look of slight guilt.

Still holding my cock and gently rubbing it she looked into my eyes and said, "Thank you... I have to tell you something Mike, I've watched you too. I have seen you in your room, playing with this wonderful penis of yours. I just had to know what it felt like. I want to see it cum like it did with you, can I help you do that?"

I lost it. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I started to stammer, saying, "You...want me to cum for you?"

"Oh YES, please Michael!" Darlene beamed back at me, giving my cock a hard squeeze.

"OK, but what about you Dar? Would you let me help you? I found myself asking.

"I've wondered what it would be liked if you helped me. You'd really do that for me, Michael?" She asked, with shallow breathing, anticipating my answer.

"God yes, sis! You have no idea how many times I've wanted to get you off!" I said, smiling broadly, as I half sat up and bent over Darlene to reach the drawstrings of her bikini bottoms.

Slowly, I pulled the strings until they gave way. She never let go of my cock, but I heard her quick intake of breath, as I slipped my hand under her upper thigh, urging her to lift slightly, so I could pull her bottom suit away. She did more than I expected, as she spread her legs wider, and lifted her butt generously, allowing me to easily pull her bottom off.

I was breathless, staring at the most perfect pussy I had ever seen. Dar kept her legs spread, showing me her pink labia lips rising to meet that dark swirl of muscle, of her rectum.

With rasping voice I said, "I'm going to start helping you Dar." As I gently traced a line along her labia, back towards her rectum and heard Darlene's sharp intake and felt her grasp tighten on my cock.

"Sounds yummy Michael." She said with heavy breathing and added, "Your fingers just make me want to scream.

Grabbing the lotion bottle, I squirted a generous portion on Darlene's ass and began to rub gently, noting with no great surprise that she lifted her ass to the welcome attention it was getting. It was absolute heaven massaging that firm tight ass and sliding my fingers between her ass cheeks slowly and deliberately, listening to her gasp as I paused at her rectum, with each pass. Gently I slid my index finger into that tight little hole and to my surprise she raised up trying to bury my finger deeper.

"Oh my God Michael, that feels sooo good, don't stop, please don't stop." How could I refuse my sister!

"No problem Dar, I won't, but let go of me for a little bit, OK? " I asked her. Pouting, she did as I asked and I moved around to her backside and between her legs.

I slid my left hand under her and found that wet moist nerve bundle, her clit, and began to ever so gently massage it, in every direction I could. Her delight was obvious and she raised her ass even higher in response. Taking the clue, I ran my tongue up the crack of her ass until I found her rectum and then buried my tongue as deep as it would go, feeling a deep shudder from her belly, and the moan of satisfaction.

"God, don't sto...." came a muffled response, as she buried her face in the towel.

"Are you sure Dar? I mean you are my sis and maybe we've gone way too far already!"

"You stop now and I'll kill you! And, I'll tell everyone you tried to fuck me!" Dar shouted out, quickly turning her head to look at my smiling face.

I immediately reinserted my index finger, and Darlene said, "You are such a fuck, you know that?"

After several deep insertions, I added my middle finger, spreading her rectum more, and watched as her ass rose higher, the moan deepening as I pushed into her, massaging her clit and ass at the same time. Seven or eight insertions later I quickened the pace and added a third finger to that glory hole and Darlene rose off the blanket, as much as she could, to drive my fingers deeper and deeper.

My hold on her clitoris had never stopped and now I could feel her pussy juices start to flow and run down my hand. Her breath started to come in, hard, short bursts, as her legs began shaking wildly... I knew she was getting close to cumming. I WAS IN PURE HEAVEN! MY SISTER FOR CHRIST SAKE. THE OBJECT OF MY OBSESSION!

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