tagRomanceOf Hell and Heaven Ch. 02

Of Hell and Heaven Ch. 02


Once again I want to remind everyone that this and the rest of the stories in this series are dedicated to Catheath. She is my muse and my friend. She is very special.

I was wakened by Carol kissing my chest. I just lay there with my eyes closed. Then I heard what sounded like a muffled sob and I felt something hit my chest. I opened my eyes and saw Carol looking at my chest and stomach. She was softly touching the scars on my body. She had tears in her eyes. Then she lifted the sheet and gasped when she saw my left knee.

She looked up at me and saw that I was watching her. She then noticed that a piece of the charm was missing and she placed her hand on it, she sobbed, "Oh my love, you have been hurt so much...so....so much.

I reached up and pulled her to me. "It looks a lot worse than it felt. It wasn't so bad. I just can't have any MRI's."

She gave me a sad smile, "Just knowing and now seeing how you were hurt, it tears me apart."

I held her face in my hands and looking into her eyes, said, "I love you Carol, more than I have loved anyone or anything else in my life. I have loved you since the first day I saw you in that homeroom class, so many years ago. I have never stopped loving you and I will never stop loving you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"And I love you, Zack. I have never loved anyone like I love you. I want to be with ..."

Carol stopped in mid sentence. She put her head on my chest and started to silently weep. She just couldn't make that commitment.

But, I wasn't afraid. I wanted to be with her forever. I held her and I knew that we would be together. It will just take some time. I would bide my time, loving and cherishing her.

I started to kiss her neck and shoulder. Slowly moving from one to the other. Light quick kisses, like I was tasting and nibbling on her. Telling her that I loved her with my actions. I told her that she was mine and only mine and that I was only hers. I would love no one else.

Carol grabbed me and kissed me hard. She pushed me onto my back and she smiled down at me. Then she lifted herself up and put her leg over me. She took my dick in her hand and lined it up and lowered her self, taking it into her.

She sat on me and didn't move, just sitting there, luxuriating in the feeling of her cock filled vagina. I was in heaven. Being in the love of my life was like nothing I could ever dream. I loved her, I wanted her, I adored her...she was my life.

She began to move, rotating her hips on my dick. Slowly at first, then getting faster and faster until she was riding me hard. Slamming her hips down onto my cock. Loving me, humping me, fucking me.

I began to hump up into her again and again, forcing my dick into her. Trying to get as deep into her as possible. She rode and I bucked, the cowgirl and the bucking bronco. But Carol was the one rider that this bronco would never dismount. She could ride me forever, I fact I wanted her to ride forever, never to stop, to be connected like this through out eternity.

She then bent forward, lowering her face and kissing me. I grabbed her hips and pushed so that her clit was rubbing against my dick. Carol moaned as her riding became harder and more frantic.

The low moan quickly rose in tone and volume, until she was screeching. She started to tremble and her already tight vagina spasmed and clamped onto my penis. I could hardly move, she was so snug and soft that I thought I would die of the pleasure.

My love then shoved her hips down, getting me as deep into her as possible as I pulled her down. I groaned as I gave up and sent my slick white hot semen into the deepest confines of her womb. I came into her over and over. Empting my balls into her and calling up all reserves and sending them forward into my love.

Carol fell on top of me and was kissing me all over my face and neck. She was telling me of her love for me and no one else. Finally, when she calmed and our breathing became somewhat normal, she rested her head on my chest.

"Oh Zack, I just love you so much. I want to be with you forever, never to be separated from you. But... Oh Zack, what am I going to do?" she quietly cried into my chest.

I hugged her tightly to me and in a loving voice I said, "Carol, marry me. I don't want to lose you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

She laughed softly and said, "Oh Zachary, I do love you, but be serious. I'm a nun."

I kissed her forehead and said, "I have never been more serious in my life. I want to be your husband and I want you to be my wife. I mean it. Will you marry me?"

She put her head into my chest and once again she cried quietly and softly.

I held her tight and said, "A long time ago, I was having a problem with a situation and a very wise woman said to me, 'Zack, Why don't you go out side and come in again. We will start all over and act like this never happened.' So why don't we do the same thing here, we will start this conversation all over again. I love you."

"That woman wasn't so wise, was she? Look at the position she has gotten herself into."

"Actually I really like the position that she's in. In fact she can stay in this position all day and I wouldn't mind."

Carol slapped my chest and raised up on her elbows and giggled, "You're terrible, Zack. I don't know about you but I could use a shower." She started to get up out of the bed.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her back on top of me. I held her and kissed her. She returned my kiss and then pushed herself off of me and giggling, said, "Come... shower... we both need it."

She ran off to the bathroom, and I quickly followed. She was brushing her teeth and handed me a toothbrush. "Morning mouth," she mumbled.

I quickly brushed and followed her into the shower. She had the water really hot, just the way I like it. "Mmmm, this is the way I like my showers, good and hot." I put my arms around her, holding her from behind. I kissed her shoulders and said, "Mmmm, this is the way I like my woman, good and hot."

Carol spun in my arms and wrapped her arms around my neck. "This is how I like my man, good and hot...and hard."

I once again had an erection and it had been pressing into her. She pushed her hips into me and began to grind. I was going nuts. I moved my hands down to her hips and we kissed. I reached around and grabbed her thighs and lifted her. As I held her up and she grabbed my cock and slipped it into her.

Once again I was in the woman of my dreams. I was as far into her as possible. She looked into my eyes and smiled, she had wrapped her legs around me and squeezed. She held me into her and we began to love; this was the first time like this for both of us.

I slammed my dick into her as she held onto me and thrust down onto me. I was loving the woman I had always been in love with. It was ecstasy; I was in love, I was hopelessly in love. At this moment I swore that I would never be with any other woman but Carol.

We loved, we fucked, we mated. I pumped my dick into her. I couldn't stop. She tightened, she crushed me into her. I pushed up, forcing my dick as far into her as possible. She grabbed me and crushed her lips to mine and then she screamed into my mouth as she came.

He vaginal muscles tightened and drove me over the edge and I exploded into her once again, spewing my cum deep into her womb. The water washed over us as I filled her.

We ended up on the floor of the shower, me inside of her and the two of us breathing hard, giggling, kissing and hugging. We were being happy, we were in love.

Eventually, we got up finished washing and got out of the shower. We dried off, slowly, taking our time drying and slowly dressing. Getting ready for the day.

I went to my room and changed. There were some speakers that I wanted to hear and some group discussions I wanted to attend and Carol wanted to do the same. We parted and went to our own talks. We planned to meet for lunch and then decide if there was anything in the afternoon we wanted to attend.

The first talk of the day was something I was only slightly interested in. I thought that there might be someway I could apply it to a project we were contemplating.

Boy, was I wrong, it wasn't even close and the speaker had a nasal, monotone voice. Once the speaker starts talking, I won't usually walk out. I don't think that it's right, not only that, I always wonder why people walk out when I'm talking.

I hoped that there would be something in the talk that might be of interest, so I tried to listen. But as usually happens in this type of situation, my mind begins to wander. I stop hearing the speaker and I daydream. Naturally, my daydreams were about Carol. It was nice. My mind went back to that day I first saw her.

She was so beautiful, standing there by the window, in that habit...habit...habit... what the fuck did I do? I made Sr. Carol break her vows. She is a NUN and I made love to her...I had sex with a NUN. What kind of monster was I?

I had forced myself on her and took advantage of her innocence. She wasn't experienced, having lived all locked up in a convent. You don't met people like me in a convent, guys who want only one thing.

The talk eventually ended and I went to another but I have no idea what it was about. Finally I walked to the front of the hotel. Needless to say I felt like a pile of shit, as I stood there waiting for her. I expected her to come out of hotel with a squad of armed police officers ready to take me away.

After what seemed like years, she finally came out of the hotel. She looked around and when she spotted me a big smile spread across her face. She hurried to me and took my hands on hers. She looked at me with a question in her eyes.

She silently took my hand and we walked to the small park we were in yesterday. She took both of my hands in hers and with a quaking voice asked, "Zack, are you sorry about what happened last night?"

My mouth took off (Something it does quite often around Carol), "No that was the most wonderful night of my life. I will never want to be with anyone else."

"Do you love me?" she asked softly.

I looked deeply into her eyes and said, "I love you more than anything in this world. But, don't you see, I took advantage of you last night. I seduced you into doing things that you would never have done."

Carol gave me a sad smile and said, "Zack, you did not take advantage of me. You did not seduce me. I was the one who asked you to stay with me and I was the one who asked you to love me. If anything, I was the one who seduced you."

She took my face into her hands and softly and lovingly kissed my lips. We held that kiss for a long time. When the kiss broke, I smiled and said, "I'll tell you what. Tonight I will take you to my room and I will seduce you."

She hugged me close and whispered, "That would be wonderful."

We slowly started back to the hotel, stopping for a couple of "dirty water dogs" (hot dogs from a street vendor). There was a lecture that Carol wanted to go to at one o'clock and I wanted to attend one at two. So I went with her at one and she was sitting next to me at two.

We spent the rest of the day talking to the people at the convention and symposium. We kept our distance while we talked to them. We told them about being in her senior homeroom. They all thought that we were kidding, because Carol could never be that old.

Nor would they believe that she was in my senior homeroom, finally I said, "Okay, we spent Senior year together and went to the prom...but not together." Which was the absolute truth...sort of. This they believed.

We went to a lovely little Italian restaurant for dinner. It was small and intimate. We held hands all during dinner. We walked back to the hotel and stopped at Carol's room for a change of clothes and then we took the elevator to the thirtieth floor. When we got to my door, I took her in my arms and kissed her lips. I smiled at her and said, "Stay with me tonight."

She lightly kissed my lips and said, "Forever my love, if you want me."

"I will always want you."

My suite had a beautiful view of the Arch and the Mississippi River. We sat in the living room and cuddled. I opened a bottle of wine and just sat and talked. We told each other about our families and lives. She was surprised that I haven't dated much and I never had a serious relationship.

"What can I say? I was waiting for you. How could anyone compare to you?"

Then I took her in my arms and said, "I have loved you for years. And maybe I wasn't doing it consciously, but I am sure that every girl I ever dated was compared to you. None even came close, you are the epitome of everything that I find beautiful and loving."

Carol put her hand on my cheek and in a whisper, she said, "Make love to me, Zack?"

I scooped her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom and gently lay her on the bed. It was a king sized and it was huge. Carol looked at the bed and giggled. Then she said, "This is a big bed. I could get lost on it. Then you would have to search it to find me."

I laughed and said, "I would leave no pillow unturned or blanket unruffled until I found you."

"Would you do that for me? Oh Zack, I love you so much," she said smiling. She grabbed my face and brought it to hers. She pressed her lips against mine and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Carol opened her mouth and accepted it. Her tongue shot into my mouth as we caressed.

How I wanted her. My need was stronger than my sense. I began to rip her clothes off and she joined me as she tore mine off. We were both naked in a few moments and were rolling around on the bed.

She threw me on my back and climbed on top of me. She sat on top of me and smiled as she looked down. She lifted her hips and took my dick in her hand and lined me up with her pleasure center. She looked up into the air as she slowly lowered herself onto my steel hard erection. She let out with a sigh as I entered her.

In a nonce, she was sitting on me, completely impaled on my phallus, just sitting there with me inside of her body. Not moving, holding perfectly still, still looking up, breathing slowly, easy and evenly. As she lowered her head, I could see that her eyes were closed. She had a small smile on her lips.

Carol opened her eyes and looked down at me. Our eyes met and her smile became bigger, she said, "I love it when you look at me, Zack. It makes me feel so warm and comfortable...so loved. Don't ever stop seeing me like that."

She leaned over and kissed me. She kissed my forehead, my eyes, my nose and then my lips. She began to move, first she moved back and for the and then she rotated her hips, making the experience most wonderful.

I began to push my dick up into her. It feeling was unbelievable, the pleasure indescribable. Her vaginal muscles messaged my dick, until I couldn't stand it any more and I began to slam my dick up into her.

She leaned forward and put her hands on either side of my shoulders and began to once again ride me like a jockey on a thoroughbred. We rode on and on not trying to win a race but to go on forever. Racing through eternity, joined, one forever and ever. Riding along the paths and byways of our love and devotion.

Then we reached that place that we had been searching for, that precipice, beyond which was the abyss of passion and joy. The bottomless chasm of everything loving and pleasurable. We willingly and happily leapt forward as out orgasms took control of our beings.

We both yelled out our love, telling the world of our devotion and commitment to each other. Holding each other in a passionate embrace.

She had been sitting on me with her back arched and then fell onto me as I pushed up into her and let loose. I ejaculated. I came into her in a torrent, a flood, shooting my semen into the deepest recesses of her womb. Once again filling my love with my life fluids.

Carol fell forward, wrapped her arms around me and was forcing her head into my chest as if she wanted to tunnel into me. She moaned out her pleasure as she pushed her hips down, taking as much of me into her as was possible.

After a lifetime or two, our climaxes eased and we came back to the world. She lay on top of me breathing hard. I kept my arms around her, holding her tight. I didn't want her to get off me. I didn't want to take my dick out of her. I wanted to be in her for as long as possible. She just stayed on me not moving just relaxing and getting her breath bask to normal.

I closed my eyes for a moment and found it was dark when I opened them. Carol was lying next to me with her arm around me. I have never felt so contented in all of my life. I closed my eyes and dreamt sweet dreams.

The next time I opened my eyes, the sun was peaking through the curtain. I lay on my side and just watched her sleep. Carol looked so at peace and so beautiful. I thought that my heart would burst with all of the love and tenderness that I felt for this woman sleeping next to me.

Eventually she opened her eyes, lifted her head and looked at me. She smiled and mouthed the words, "Good morning my love." Then she closed her eyes and laid back on the pillow.

Her eyes snapped open and she said, "What time is it?"

I looked at the clock radio and said, "Quarter to nine...oh damn..."

Carol sat up and said, "We have to move, I have to be down in the lobby in forty-five minutes. I have that panel discussion at ten and you have the question and answer session."

We got up and showered. It was a quick one, with a promise of a long slow one tonight. We dressed and she left about five minutes before me, after a long and passionate kiss. We wanted to be a little careful as some of the people running her conference knew that she was a nun.

I went down and found the Director. He brought me to a rather large conference room. The place was quite full and the questions started before I got to the front of the room. We went on for almost two hours.

During that time I refused to look at the clock, I knew that if I saw the time I would get aggravated. I wanted to just get out of there and be with Carol. Finally the place was empty and the Director came over and thanked me over and over.

He was so thrilled that this went over so well. I laughed and told him that I was shooting from the hip and a lot of what I said was thought of as I stood there. I would of course think if I was getting into anything classified and would answer accordingly. Of course I didn't tell that too the Director.

As I was walking out with the Director, a woman, who I had run into a couple of times at the symposium, approached and asked me how the keel effected the flow, turbulence and were there other ways that we could apply this to other aspects of design. I laughed and said I would have to think about that and get back to her, I had no idea right now.

I left her and the Director talking and as I walked through the halls to the lobby, Carol came running toward me. She almost ran right past me, but I caught her arm and brought her into my arms. She looked totally surprised and started to talk.

"Oh Zack, I'm so sorry, the panel discussion ran so late, I'm so late..."

I pulled her close and kissed her quiet. I smiled and said, "I just finished and I was coming to look for you."

We stood there holding each other in silence. I could feel her heart beating. It was racing like she had just run a mile. I realized that Carol was really in love with me. Don't get me wrong, I knew it but just the way that she was so worried about being late that drove it home. Life was good.

We walked out into the lobby just talking. We had lunch with the director of the conference, she had every one who was on the panel and their significant others there. One of the wives was a marine engineer at the symposium and we talked for a while. All in all it was a lovely lunch and we had a wonderful time.

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