tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOf Hunters and Their Prey 02

Of Hunters and Their Prey 02


I sat in front of the computer screen pumping my cock in my hand to the order of my blackmailer, my mistress who watched from her bedroom. As we lived several hours apart we couldn't see each other on a regular basis so she'd decided to begin her domination over me using computers and webcams.

"That's right bitch. Jerk that cock faster now. Don't you dare cum!" she commanded.

My young dominatrix Miss Danni, who just five years ago had been one of my students when I was a teacher at a middle school, was wearing boy shorts styled underwear and a tight pink t-shirt which showed her midriff. She never took off all her clothes. "You get naked for me bitch, not the other way around." she'd say. "You're lucky I even turn my camera on and let you see me."

This time around Miss Danni had me sitting on a chair in front of my computer, completely naked and jacking my cock off for her. She claimed she was recording me, I didn't know if she really was, but I didn't want to risk doing anything that would cause her to release incriminating evidence of me to the wrong people. Several weeks ago Miss Danni had tricked me into taking a series of photos making it look very much like I had raped her and captured the event with a camera. She was in sole possession of those photos and she'd done it just to gain leverage over me. She wanted to torment and control me, and I was very much in her control.

"Mistress please, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum!" I panted as my hand flew over my sore penis. Miss Danni only sometimes let me use lube and she had me playing with myself over and over. She also never let me cum. She insisted I would only get to cum when I was in her presence.

"Hold it bitch. I'm going to give you the count of ten and then you can stop. Keep that hand moving and don't you dare cum." Then she proceeded to countdown from ten to one. She took her time and I contorted my face and wriggled my legs straining with everything I had to not cum. Finally she reached zero and I was allowed to stop masturbating and not a moment too soon. As I let go just a few drops of cum leaked out the tip of my dick. My orgasm was there, all I'd have to do was move incorrectly and I'd be unable to stop my balls from emptying their contents. I breathed heavily trying to relax and keep my cum at bay. Miss Danni laughed maniacally at my consternation.

"Awe, did wittle baby dwibble a wittle cum?" she patronized me. "I'm afraid someone will have to be punished for his missbehavior. My bitch knows he's not allowed to cum. First, though, get the ice and get rid of that erection, I don't want to see it anymore."

"Yes Miss Danni." I obliged. I reached onto my desk and grabbed the bag of ice I'd had ready. Every time Miss Danni finished commanding me to do things for a night she'd make me hold a bag of ice on my dick until it went soft. The main reason for this was so she could see me put myself back into the chastity device she had told me to purchase. I also had to buy dozens of little plastic locks. Each one had a serial number on it. Each time I put the device back on Miss Danni would have me hold the lock up to the camera so she could write down the serial number. The locks had to be cut off and she'd make sure the lock I showed her when I removed the device matched the one I'd last put on.

The bag of ice stung as I applied it to my painfully stiff cock and continued to hurt until my dick just went numb from the cold. Even with the ice it took a solid five minutes for me to go limp. I reinserted myself into the chastity device, showed my mistress the lock serial number, and clicked the lock into place.

"Good bitch, now for your punishment" she began. "Lift that cock up so I can see your balls better."

The chastity device was mostly held in place by the way it cinched in behind my balls, it could not be slipped off over them. I lifted my packed presenting my (freshly shaven as Miss Danni always insisted) balls.

"Very good bitch, nice and smooth just the way I like them. Now, go get your mouth wash and a washcloth and come back here. Don't take long."

I didn't know what she had in mind but I quickly got my minty mouthwash and a washcloth from my bathroom and returned to my seat in front of my computer.

"Good, now get plenty of that mouthwash on the washcloth, get it pretty well soaked." I did as I was told. The pungent formulae was seeped into the cloth.

"Now rub that cloth all over your balls. Keep rubbing until I say you can stop."

I wasn't exactly sure how this would feel but I liberally applied the liquid to my soft scrotum. I cringed as it began to sting. In addition to stinging it also made the skin feel hyper sensitive. Just a bit of wind from my breath caused the stinging to increase. It was uncomfortable but only mildly painful. It was certainly not the worst punishment Miss Danni had ever forced me to apply to myself.

"Now, give yourself ten hard slaps to the balls. If I don't think one is had enough I'll make you do them all over."

I hesitated at the thought of punishing my testicles. I looked at my mistress with worried eyes.

"Haha, don't give me that look you little coward. Do it or I'll make it worse."

With my left hand holding my package back and plainly presenting my stinging balls I let a strike fall upon them with my right. I fully intended to hit myself hard enough to appease my mistress but my own sense of self preservation halted my hand at the very end of its decent and it was only a half hearted blow I delivered to my most sensitive of areas. Nonetheless the familiar pain every man knows shot to my brain. It was coupled with a new sensation, the stinging of the mouthwash was greatly intensified by the strike. All of a sudden what did feel like a cold presence on my skin became a feeling of fire. The skin ignited and became much more painful.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" I exclaimed as I doubled over in my chair.

In a soft voice mocking sympathy my mistress spoke to me "I'm afraid that was not good enough my pet. Remember; the harder you hit yourself the fewer times I'll make you do it. If you fail again you will be started over at strike one. Now reapply the mouthwash to your balls. Do this after each strike."

Though in pain, I did what I was told and rubbed more of the painful liquid onto myself. Again I raised my hand to bring myself the punishment my mistress forced upon me. This time I didn't hold back and delivered a square strike right onto my balls. The pain began to take over my mind. After strike four I was starting to weep but I held my resolve and paid my tormented testicles ten solid blows.

"Good bitch. Same place same time tomorrow pet. Don't be late."

I curled up on the floor, too weak to even turn off my web cam. Eventually I fell asleep on the floor clutching my crotch, but despite the pain there was still a slight smile on my face. That night I had beautiful dreams of how Miss Danni would next choose to abuse me.

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