tagNovels and NovellasOfelia Ch. 01 Pt. 09-11

Ofelia Ch. 01 Pt. 09-11



Ofelia took her bikini off and dried herself with a towel before slipping into some panties and sitting at her dresser with her cell-phone to her ear. When Leonard answered he seemed a little worried. "You just got home or what?"

"Oh, no, no. We were down at the pool, swimming. We got back here at like, I don't know, six."

"You went swimming?"

"Yeah. It was boring, though. He doesn't like to swim a lot."

"So now it's seven-thirty. You were down there for a while, huh?"

"Yeah, just talking."

"Did you have a nice time?"

"It was okay."

They talked some more, and after a while Leonard asked her, "So, did he try something with you?"

Ofelia's voice raised, "Oh, yes. You were right. He did."

Leonard paused for a moment, "Well, you gonna tell me about it now or.... I have time. It's not busy here at all."

"Well, okay." Ofelia began, "There's a lot to tell. I mean, it wasn't like it usually is with guys. I think maybe he really has a crush on me. It wasn't like it was with Paul."

"Paul has a huge crush on you, Ofelia." Leonard reminded her.

"Oh I know, I mean, with Daniel, it's different. Like when he kisses me, it's more than just, like kid's stuff."

"When he kisses you? Hmm. How much did he kiss you?"

"Well, I told him he shouldn't but he did it a few times. I kept telling him I'm engaged, and all that, but he wouldn't listen."

"What were you wearing at the pool? A bikini, I know, but which one?" Leonard asked her. He knew all of her bikinis, and begged to take a picture of her in one of them, but she flatly refused. She wouldn't let him take a picture of her in her panties either.

"It was that one I just bought, the one that I was telling you about?" Ofelia replied, her voice sounding excited. "You know, it's sort of off-white, and really soft, kind of like silk?"

Leonard was hurt but he tried not to let on, "Jeeez, Ofelia, I didn't even get to see you in that yet. No fair!" he giggled to show he was only kidding.

"Don't worry, Querido, you'll see it!" Ofelia said, giggling too. "It looks really good on me! You should have seen Daniel's face when he saw me after I put it on! He couldn't even talk! Oh my goodness, he was totally staring at me, like up and down and all over. His eyes went everywhere."

"I can imagine." Leonard said. Then he asked her, a slight quiver in his voice ( a quiver of excitement, not jealousy or worry. That sensation in his belly was taking the place of his natural sense of protectiveness and possessiveness, that quickening of the breath, that strange, intoxicating tickle in the groin):

"So what else did he do besides kiss you?"

Ofelia knew that tone of voice. It was the sign of an electrifying connection between her and her fiance, a plateau they could sometimes reach, if the circumstances were right, if they were in the right frame of mind. When she heard his question she felt herself moisten between her legs. Her nipples stood out, puffy and hard.

"Oh, well..." she began, "In the car he put his hand on my leg, but I told him to stop. Then, in the pool, he felt my legs and my butt. I didn't let him keep doing it. I told him he was getting in trouble with me."

"And what else?"

"He squeezed my breasts." Ofelia said, "He pulled my top down so he could see, you know, the nipples. Too."

"I don't blame him. So you let him do that?"

"Only for like, a minute maybe."

"Did he touch your breasts when he had your top down?"

"Yeah, he did. But like, I didn't give him permission, he just did it. It's like you always say, you know, when you just have to see the nipples? I know how you guys are."

"Yes, that you do." Leonard said.

"Oh..." Ofelia said, after a pause. Leonard's heart started to beat faster again. "I forgot to tell you one other thing. In the pool, when we were swimming, he touched me between the legs. Not a lot, and just on the outside. He put his fingers under there, and tried to rub my...you know. He was like a little boy when I made him stop."


"And his thing, you know, it was sticking out! Oh my goodness, Querido, you could see it even under the water, in his trunks. It was so big! I almost laughed. He was so embarrassed. He was acting like a little boy."

"Big, huh?" Leonard said. Ofelia could hear his voice literally shrink on the phone.

Ofelia had seen and touched Leonard's penis only a few times, and so she knew it was small, smaller than normal. In fact, it was all of four inches long. Ofelia always told him she didn't care, and she was telling the truth, but not in a way that would have made Leonard feel any better.

"Very big!" Ofelia answered, forgetting herself for a moment. "It was..." She stopped suddenly. "Oh, you know what I mean, not like, his thing was big! Chale! I didn't see it, just how it was showing in his swim trunks. That's what I meant by big. Like when you say I have a big smile. It's not like my mouth is big or my lips are big! See what I mean?"

"I know what you mean, Carina. I'm just giving you a hard time. Come on, don't you know me yet!" Leonard told her, and his voice was re-animated.

He didn't want any signs of jealousy to spoil what he saw as very definite possibilities in this present situation. After all, he knew that the thing that turned him on more than anything else was the thought of his beloved being made love to by a man other than himself. He didn't fully understand why, but he had come to terms with this early on in their relationship. He had never heard of a cuckold before, or that being willingly cuckolded by one's wife was a fairly common fetish among men, but he would have been glad to know it wasn't just him.

The truth was, Leonard did have feelings of jealousy, fueled by normal feelings of possessiveness; but his fetish had such an appetite he was able to strangle the former in the demands of the latter. He swallowed his pride in order to feel that state of physical and mental intoxication which only Ofelia's unfaithfulness could bring him to. Fantasy only went so far; but when fantasy was fed delicious morsels on a daily basis by reality, fantasy became stronger than reality.

The truth was, Ofelia had been unfaithful to him, and not just once in a while, but always; and yet at the same time, she didn't regard her actions as being anything like infidelity, which to her meant literally having sex with someone else. She truly did want to marry Leonard, and truly did believe he was an excellent choice for a husband. She wanted him to be the father of her children. The problem was, it was almost entirely a practical decision for Ofelia, and not a romantic one.

This was, however, not a problem for Ofelia.

For Ofelia, romance had its place, but it was not necessarily in the home where it truly belonged. Romantic love, and all the poetic fuss over that, the passion, the lust, the fleeting encounters, the energy-charged physical exchanges: these weren't things that happened between a man and his wife, except perhaps at the very beginning of courtship. A marriage, to Ofelia, consisted of security, the establishing of a home and a family, harmonious co-existence, good standing within the community, an example to others, an example of living right and living well. Passion was a threat to all of these things, a somewhat negative force, so to speak, which could be tolerated only in small doses.

Ofelia didn't care in the least about her so-called reputation as a terrible flirt and a tease. She had heard many awful things about herself but she knew in her mind that the people who made such accusations about her were either jealous, if they were women, or frustrated lovers-to-be whom she had rejected, dismissed, or humiliated, if they were men. In either case, she felt no threat to her sense of pride, nor any actual threat to her standing in the community, which would forever be strengthened and proved airtight due to the fact that she was going to be the wife of a hard-working and successful man, a long-term member of her church, a good mother, and a committed non-drinking, non-smoking, non-drug -using paragon of virtue. In her own mind, Ofelia's reputation was spotless and intact.

Daniel presumed that Ofelia's sexual gratification came from using her beauty to manipulate men. Though it was true that her good looks made it easier for her to gain the attention of men and also to have some degree of power over them, that wasn't how she derived her pleasure. Her greatest pleasure was derived from the euphoric, physiological and mental sensation she experienced when she was showing parts of herself to a man who was *not supposed to see those parts*.

For this reason it was exciting for her when her brother or one her cousins happened to see her in such a way. They were family and they were not supposed to see her that way, nor were they even supposed to want to see her that way; and for those reasons it was sometimes doubly super-charging when they did. She had moments when she was practically breathless, when she felt as if her head was light as a feather and was about to float away without her, when her belly and groin seemed filled with a thousand little flames and feathers, warming and tickling her, saturating her with pleasure. In fact, she had experienced orgasms during those moments. There were times when she could barely keep from moaning her pleasure aloud.

One such moment occurred shortly after she turned eighteen. She had gotten in trouble for staying home from school without permission and her mother had punished her by making her scrub the kitchen floor. Ofelia had put on one of her summer dresses and, because her breasts were so small, especially then, she didn't bother to wear anything underneath it except for her panties. She had a bucket and a brush and was on her hands and knees on the kitchen tiles, scrubbing and scrubbing, when she realized that Manuel and her older cousins Fernando and Jose had come into the apartment and were watching her.

The young men teased her because she was being punished, and came to sit on the floor around Ofelia to tease her some more, just playfully so. They meant no harm. After a while she could tell that something was wrong because they had all fallen into a hush. Or they said things just to hear their voices make some kind of sound, to keep Ofelia from getting suspicious. She realized that they could see down the top of her dress. She realized, because it was fairly low-cut, and because she was on all fours, that her breasts were completely visible, that they could see them hanging down, as small as they were, and that they could see them wiggling and shaking, and that they could see her nipples.

Ofelia remembered how she felt as she continued to scrub the floor, knowing what she knew; how she felt their curiosity and interest, even their desire, as they enjoyed the liberty of seeing a part of her that was supposed to be private, and a part with which young men just happened to be inordinately fascinated. She felt her nipples become very hard. She felt herself become very wet between her legs. She felt her belly flutter and churn, the way it would when she was going up the first steep climb on the roller coaster at Six Flags, only much better than that, and a thousand times more exciting.

The young men got slightly less awkward after a few minutes, and Jose made a comment about how the three of them should take turns giving Ofelia a spanking for being such a bad girl. And some jokes were made about how her bottom was sticking up in the air and how she was in the right position for it already. Ofelia blushed intensely and seemed upset,and was trembling as if she was trying not to weep. Suddenly Manuel was like a tiger. He shouted and started to throw his cousins out, telling them he would whip their asses if they didn't move it, and fast. He was fiercely protective of Ofelia and was deeply worried that their youthful play had hurt her. He would have happily killed anyone who so much as lifted a finger to harm her.

But she wasn't hurt, she had climaxed, and her whole body was shaking. She had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. She was slippery between her legs and in her panties. A distinct and altogether new scent was coming up through her dress. She quickly got up and ran to her bedroom, but not before assuring Manuel that she was okay and telling him not to follow her.

Ofelia had experienced similar occasions after that, but they were few and far between. She had always liked to show, but now this fetish of hers was almost always right on the surface, in the very forefront of her mind, though she rationalized it in a thousand ways, and never came fully to terms with it, since it seemed undoubtedly sinful. On one particular occasion her brother was out with his friends and he had accidentally left a dirty magazine open on his side of the bed.

Ofelia had never seen a magazine like this one. It was slick and glossy, and smelled brand new. As she flipped through the pages she began to get excited. There were pictures of girls with their legs wide open, exposing themselves in graphic detail. There were full-page close-ups of female genitalia which looked strange and exotic even to her. Oh what that must have been like! she thought to herself. Even though she didn't think she would ever have been able to do it, not for any amount of money, she envied the models for the sheer ecstasy of sensation that must have resulted from posing like that, for knowing that there were thousands, maybe millions, of men staring at their most private places, and thinking goodness only knows what. It was almost certainly wrong, but the wrongness was the central factor in what made it work.

Leonard and Ofelia talked a few minutes more and finally Leonard had to get off the phone. He made sure to assure Ofelia that she was his love, she was a good girl, and she wasn't doing anything wrong. Cheating was when you lied to your partner, when you abused your partner's trust, when you tried to make a fool out of your partner. To Hell with what anyone else might think or say. She couldn't help that she was beautiful and that men fawned over and made passes at her. It was all she could do to keep all those slavering wolves at heel.

Ofelia didn't really need the reassuring, but she thanked her fiance anyway and gave him a kiss over the phone. She truly did feel lucky that this man wanted to marry her, that she had something of extraordinary value in Leonard. And she felt no desire whatsoever to deceive him, or to hurt him in any way. This was a precious and important relationship, and Ofelia was grateful for it.

Nonetheless, it was Daniel's face that she saw when she went to take still another shower. She washed her body, washed the smell of chlorine off her smooth skin. She washed between her legs and remembered that she had shaved. She reached around back where it was a bit tender from the razor; actually, it itched and was a little tender in the whole area, but it wasn't too bothersome. She would put some cream on it. She wished Daniel had been a little more aggressive, that he had seen her smooth flower. If he had asked, like Diablo, she would have shown it to him. Gladly. She wanted him to see it.

Ofelia wanted Daniel to see everything. It wasn't just Daniel, really. She wouldn't mind if every man she ever knew could see every part of her, every little thing, exposed to the bright light of day. She would like it. She stood there in the shower, thinking about that very thing. She would know they could see her nipples so she would let them stiffen up and become erect, diamond-hard. It would be okay if they saw that. And it would be okay too if they could see her flower, and that she had shaved it smooth. They would think, maybe, that she had shaved it for them, so they could see it more clearly. It would be okay if that's what they thought, because it would be true.

Sometimes while Ofelia lay in bed unable to sleep she would have a fantasy. She imagined herself as something like a school teacher, or maybe a school nurse. She would have her hair pinned up and she would be wearing a starched, pressed white uniform. And she would be at the head of a class, of young men only, to give a special instruction, and the cholos in the back would be whistling at her and making cat-calls as she reached under the skirt of her uniform and pulled down her big white nylon panties: granny-panties they would call them, snickering and making fun.

One of the cholos would come up and grab her panties from her and they would toss her panties around the classroom. They would look inside them and examine them. Meanwhile she would tell everyone to pay attention as she lifted up her skirt and prepared to sit up on the desk. The room would fall silent as they stared at her flower, shaved smooth, split down the middle like a sweet nectarine, oozing its thick slow juice in pungent beads. Then she would sit with her naked behind on the desk and her skirt bunched up, and spread her long legs as far and wide as she could, like those girls she saw in those glossy magazines her brother kept in his closet, in a duffle bag, under some old gym socks.

Once she had their attention she would invite them to come closer so they could see better. They would all be standing around her in a big semi-circle, fascinated as she opened up her brown flower to show the pink petals inside, opened it wide enough for them to see where her opening was, where they were supposed to put their thing when they got with a girl, and it would be small and round and tight, barely big enough to fit a finger, and baby-pink. And they would wonder how they would be able to get their big hard things in there, it was too small, too tight, because she was a good girl and was only doing this because it was her job as a professional

and she would sit back on top of the desk with her legs spread wide open, her heels on the edge, some white stockings going up past her knee and up her thigh. She would lean on one hand while she used the other to keep her flower wide open and she would tell them what was what --

these are called my labia majora and these are called my labia minora and this small thing here can you see it get closer Manuel you too Daniel that's it is called my clitoris and that small hole there can you see it good is my vagina which is where you put your penis don't worry it stretches a baby can come out of it --


Ofelia never masturbated, but sometimes when she was in the shower she would wash herself very thoroughly down between her legs, and she would get close to something which she would then deny herself. It made her feel dirty when she thought about letting it come, just letting it rip through her like it did those few times when it happened all on its own. As she washed her body now she knew that she could make it happen, and quickly; but instead she turned off the water and dried herself off, then walked naked from the bathroom into her bedroom, wishing the front door would suddenly fly open.

Ofelia put on some pajamas and wondered where Dominga and Manuel were. Probably visiting at Tia Gina's, where they went at least twice a week. They liked to go there because Tio Ruperto owned his own restaurant and they had a big in-the-ground pool with a jacuzzi, and a giant television.

The more Ofelia thought about Daniel, the more she realized that her feelings actually threatened to spoil what she had with him. She needed to be strictly off limits. She needed to be forbidden. Her feelings of desire for Daniel were exactly what caused her misgivings now. She thought about her experiences with other men for a moment, and compared those experiences with her afternoon with Daniel.

She had actually had several experiences with Paul Diaz, for instance. That night when she was seen kissing him at his going-away party was not the first time such a thing had happened. One could even say that Ofelia and Paul had been having something of an affair for about a month, an affair which ended that night at the theater. She went out with him alone, while Leonard was at work, about a dozen times. They always flirted a great deal, and Ofelia would let him do a little more than she let most other guys do. One afternoon they went for a drive and Ofelia let Paul kiss and suck her breasts for a long time. He even made a bunch of marks on her breasts, all around her nipples. There was no fear of Leonard seeing them as it was always dark on the few occasions when Ofelia let him enjoy her with her blouse up. Leonard didn't mind the dark.

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