tagNovels and NovellasOfelia Ch. 02 Pt. 04-06

Ofelia Ch. 02 Pt. 04-06



Ofelia took a circuitous route home just to waste some time so that she would be sure to miss Leonard. She would tell him about her date with Daniel over the phone. When she got home she said hello to Manuel, who was on the sofa reading a book, and headed for the bathroom.

"I love you too, Flaca." Manuel said sarcastically, lifting his head.

Dominga was out. Ofelia used the toilet first, something she had been needing to do since lunch-time, and took her leisure because she didn't want to have to go again later. She locked the door, but Manuel must have been too buried in his book to want to bother her.

In the shower she washed herself thoroughly, as never before. A tiny shadow of stubble had come in where she had shaved and was beginning to itch again. She would put some more cream on it when she got out of the shower. She ran her finger down the slit between her legs and rolled her eyes back, remembering Daniel's hands on her breasts, the way his penis felt through his slacks, like a big snake wanting to break free. She was sure it was bigger than Manuel's.

Her middle finger found her opening and nuzzled into it. She had never penetrated herself beyond the second knuckle, nor let any boy reach in any farther than that. She pushed her finger further and further inside her, but she could only reach so far, and she knew that Daniel's penis was much longer and much thicker than any finger. She worried, but only a little. Her vagina was very tight and gripped her finger snug as a bug. She squeezed her finger with it. She felt like she could crack a walnut in there, and rather than worry for herself, she was happy for Daniel, knowing how good her vagina would feel to him. One thing she knew was, men liked them tight. The tighter the better.

She washed herself in back and wondered for a moment whether Daniel would want to enter her there. She knew from some of her brother's magazines that men were alarmingly pre-occupied with that particular area. She saw pictures of giant members sunk inside those tiny openings, and she couldn't help but feel that there was something brutal about it. She hoped Daniel wouldn't ask to enter her there, but if he did, she wouldn't refuse. She took a soapy finger and could barely get it into that opening at all. Her heart gave a jump, feeling how much tighter it was than her vagina. The girls in those magazines must be out of their minds! she thought, and swallowed a slight feeling of panic.

Ofelia washed and washed, and even shampooed her hair again. She rarely did that more than twice in the same week. But she wanted to be radiant, perfect, for her lover. She would have shaved between her legs again if it weren't for the worry of causing herself a rash. She wanted to be smooth as satin for Daniel, all over. She wanted to maximize his pleasure and gave hardly a thought to her own. Then she corrected herself: not so fast, Ofie. You are thinking about your pleasure as much as you are thinking about Daniel's. Your pleasure depends on his pleasure, but it is your pleasure just the same. Ofelia Silva is nobody's sacrificial lamb.

When she finally came out of the shower she was stricken by something she hadn't thought of yet. Daniel had no idea she was a virgin. How could he? The way she acted, the number of men just at the mill alone who had fooled around with her. There was no way he would have assumed she was a virgin. She was fearful now, and terribly so. Her belly fluttered with anxiety as she dried herself. She felt the need to sit on the toilet again.

As she sat there she thought of how best to go about telling Daniel she had never had sex, just tons and tons of foreplay. And she thought to herself, won't that take away from his pleasure? Having to treat her so gingerly because she had never been entered before by a man? She couldn't just not tell him, because he would know as soon as he tried to get inside her. He would know just by the way she acted and reacted. She was good at role-playing and play-acting, but she doubted she could pull that off.

As she sat there she thought of something. It made a warm feeling well up inside her, even while it seemed completely crazy. That feeling of the need to sit down again turned out to be a false alarm, and Ofelia got up from the toilet. She opened the door of the bathroom and walked naked across the hall to her and Manuel's room. When she didn't see him in there she called out to him,

"Manuel, ven!"

"Guey!" came the mock-insolent answer.



"Papi, Ven! Now!"

Manuel put his book down and obeyed his sister, finally. He was getting less adept at insolence when it came to her anyway. He was mumbling to himself when he went into their bedroom. His heart jumped into his mouth when he saw her sitting in bed with the covers up to her chin and a ridiculous smile on her face. Ofelia raised her eyebrows suggestively and her hand came squirreling out from under the blankets, one finger come-hithering to him. "Paaaa...piiii." she was saying softly, smiling, "Oh Paaaaa....piiiiiii."

"Aiy aiy aiy, mi amor. You are crazy aren't you? Like everybody says?" Manuel said, coming forward tentatively, afraid she might be possessed or something. "Did you eat something at that mill? I told you, Essa, that stuff will kill you."

Ofelia was giving her brother her prettiest smile, batting her eye-lashes, making the best of her dimples. Her wet hair only added to how fabulously and ridiculously sexy she looked. No human being ought to be that sexy, Manuel thought to himself. He came closer and closer, wondering what she was up to. "Are you like, naked under there?" he asked.

Ofelia smiled and reached out for him. She hooked her finger in the belt loop of his shorts and pulled him close to her. "I need you to help me with something, Papi." she said, looking up at him, batting her eyes in a way that was so obviously exaggerated the both of them burst out laughing. But Manuel didn't laugh for very long. In a moment he was dead serious, and a little bit cautious.

"You mean like last night? You wanna do that again?"

"No. Well. Not exactly. Come over here and get under the blankets."

"What if I say no?"

"You can't say no, Papi. Not to me. Get over here already." Ofelia patted the mattress beside her. Manuel sat beside his sister. She smelled clean from the shower. She shimmied around so that she was facing towards Manuel, and in the process she let the blanket fall away to expose her breasts. She didn't bother to cover up. There was no longer any point to it, nor was there any point ever, really. She wanted him to see her breasts. She wanted him to see her nipples. She liked it that he could see them.

"Remember a long time ago you told me you would do anything for me?" Ofelia asked Manuel, who was trying to act nonchalant, what with her naked breasts right in front of him. Of course he had seen them hundreds, thousands of times, but not like this.


"Okee-doke." Ofelia said, and suddenly she was pushing on her brother's shoulders, "Then lay down and take your clothes off."

"Aiy-aiy-aiy!" Manuel said, and he was terribly excited as he lay down and slipped his shorts down, taking his briefs along with them. He removed his t-shirt and tried to relax. Ofelia lay on her side next to him, and the young man felt her warm hand slide down his flat belly until she found his penis. It was already long and hard. He made a stifled squeal as she wrapped her fingers around its thick shaft and began to stroke it while smiling down into his bewildered eyes.

"Relax." she told him. She was reclining on her elbow, her left hand free. "You're still a virgin, right Papi?"

"Um, yes." Manuel responded, and put his hand on top of her hand, "You're gonna make me shoot." he warned her. "What the hell are we doing?"

"Hush, and listen." Ofelia said. "We're going to help each other, that's all." Ofelia stopped stroking Manuel's penis but ran her thumb over the opening, sliding through the pre-ejaculate fluid that was coming from the tiny opening, rubbing it around in a big circle around the soft, smooth skin there. Then she moved her hand down and affectionately caressed his testicles, enjoying the soft sac, the size and shape of the balls inside. "And just remember, we're not *really* brother and sister."

Usually the two never brought that fact up, and Manuel, in particular, never wanted to think about it. To him, she was his Mama, his sister, and the greatest love of his life. "Dios mio." he breathed.

Ofelia pushed the blankets down so she could see and admire him. She pushed herself up and leaned on one hand, her elbow straight, and let her free hand explore him, touch him with complete freedom. She ran her fingertips over the bottom of his penis, admiring the thick vein that ran down its length. She took its thick base between her thumb and forefinger and stood it up, letting her eyes grow wide with admiration. Manuel became breathless just watching the way she looked at it. She leaned it back and tilted her head, smiling warmly, looking at it from front and back, taking it in from various angles, her eyes going up and down. His belly rose up and down erratically.

"The door is open." he said urgently, feeling very close to making shoelaces even though she was only holding his penis at the bottom. Ofelia laid it back down, very gently, as if it were made of porcelain, and ran her fingernail from the oozy opening down that wide vein, all the way down.

"It's beautiful, Papi." she told him, not looking at him but examining his testicles now, holding them in her hand, lifting them up to look underneath. His penis twitched and jumped off his belly. He was leaking something awful now. It was clear and slippery. Ofelia saw it and bent down to look at it closely, her eyebrows coming together studiously. She gently lifted the head of his penis off his belly, looked at the strand of silvery clear fluid that came out of it and stretched elastically, still connected between his penis and his stomach.

"I think, before we do anything else, you need to come first, Papi." Ofelia said, and Manuel saw her eyes flit to the box of tissue paper on the nightstand. She put his penis down and leaned over him to retrieve it, and Manuel let out a rather loud squeal as the nipples of her little breasts hanging down swept across the belly of his twitching member. Ofelia grabbed hold of the box of tissue and came back, dragging her breasts intentionally back across Manuel's penis.

She took it in her hand, this time right up at the top so that just the head and the rolled foreskin showed above the webbing between her thumb and fingers. She saw more of the clear fluid bead at the tip and break, spilling over her first and second finger, then trickling down all the way to his abdomen. She squeezed and moved her hand up and down a few times, and tipped his penis slightly so that when the sperm came out it would squirt onto his chest. She leaned over, looking closely at the tip, waiting for the hot white milk to shoot out. She knew that the way she watched for it made it doubly exciting for him. She smiled, and squeezed some more, tugged it very slowly, to make it as exquisite for him as possible. She saw more pre-cum flow out, and loosened her grip. The pre-cum was whiter this time, a little thicker.

"You're getting so close, Papi. Does it feel good?" she asked him, smiling sweetly. He nodded feebly. With her free hand she reached up and pulled his earlobe, a thing she used to do when he was a little boy that would always make him laugh. She saw his eyes roam over her breasts. She kept her grip loose on him and sat up just so. She took his hand and put it to one of her breasts. "Feel the nipple. It's okay. You can squeeze it harder, you won't hurt me..."

Manuel took Ofelia's nipple in his fingers, pulled the stiffened tissue. He felt the soft belly of her breast with the back of his fingers, pushing it up, rubbing his knuckles across the smooth skin. Ofelia put her free hand under her breast when his hand fell away, and she said, "You want to see it jump?"

With a bright smile she made her soft little breast wiggle for him. Now she looked down at his penis again, and moved her hand ever so slightly, up and down, once, twice. Then stopped. "You need to come, Papi. Go on and come now..."

Ofelia moved her hand up and down, not too quickly, but not too slowly, and applied a good amount of pressure. He literally exploded before her eyes, his whole body tensing, a loud moan erupting from him that sounded like he was in pain. She emptied him out all over his upper body, amazed at how bountiful it was. She watched it come out with focus and interest, and smiled in unabashed admiration, as if he were performing a difficult trick.

"Oh my goodness, Papi." she said finally, and waited a few moments before starting to clean it all up. "It's like you saved it all up, but I know you didn't. Sheeeez."

Manuel mumbled something. Ofelia clucked at him like a nursemaid as she cleaned everything up. When she was done she lay down beside him and let him drift off into sleep. She kept her eyes on the clock. It wasn't even four o'clock yet. She had plenty of time. She suddenly realized that she hadn't called Leonard yet to tell him that she was going out on a date with Daniel. She needed to call her fiance to tell him she was going out again with her lover. Those words in that order made her stomach burst with nervous excitement, and that delicious, ineffable warmth sped sweetly through her veins.

Ofelia put on some skimpy cotton panties and a tiny camisette and her bare feet padded down the hallway. She had her cell phone in her purse, and quickly fetched it out. She hurried back to the bedroom. Sitting at her vanity, looking at herself in the mirror, she called Leonard at his job. After a few rings he answered. She was much shorter with him than she had planned on being.

"Querido, listen, I don't have much time to talk. I just wanted to tell you that Daniel is taking me out again tonight."

"Oh? Daniel? Is that? That's your boss, right?"


"Well, alright. I mean, what. Did he. I mean, it's okay..."

"Are you mad?"

"Mad? No why. No. It's just. No its. its okay, Carina. You go and have a good time."

"I don't know where he's taking me. He just said he's coming to pick me up later, so I have to get ready. I'll call you when I get home, okay?"

"Okay, yeah. That's."

"Bye, Querido. We'll do something fun on the weekend, me and you. I'll see you. Bye."

"Yeah. Love you. Bye."

Ofelia felt a pang of guilt and an even bigger sensation of pity for Leonard. Of everyone in her little world at the moment, he was probably the person of purest heart. She was in love with Daniel, but she knew that Daniel wasn't exactly a pillar of virtue. Ofelia went into the bathroom for another false alarm, and while she was sitting there she thought about a few things.

She tried to imagine Leonard putting his hand on a girl's leg on a first date, a first date which wasn't even supposed to be a date. She couldn't imagine it, however, because Leonard would never have done such a thing. He was always the perfect gentleman. She tried to imagine Leonard patting some female subordinate at the supermarket on her behind. That was even harder to imagine. Leonard would never do such a thing, and he would hold any man who would do it in complete contempt.

Ofelia asked herself why she so whole-heartedly preferred Daniel to Leonard, why she looked past Daniel's obvious faults as easily as she looked past Leonard's virtues. She thought about the time when she had started to work at the mill. Daniel was the foreman in another department and she only saw him a few times during the day. They looked at one another constantly, and it was quickly and readily apparent to both of them that the admiration was mutual.

When Daniel moved to Ofelia's department they got to know one another better and began a long and flirtatious relationship. Daniel's eyes would wander all over her, up and down, and everywhere in between. He took every opportunity to be close to Ofelia, took every chance to make some sort of physical contact with her. He looked at her breasts while he was talking to her, brushed up against her when they were on line in the cafeteria, complimented her a dozen times a day.

Over time Daniel realized that his growing attraction to Ofelia was more than requited. Every time he looked at her she was looking back. Her eyes wandered. She acted nervous when he first started to make friends with her. It was only when he was assured of the mutuality of their attraction that he began to take liberties with her, liberties he wouldn't dream of taking with just anyone. And yet it was still wrong, and Ofelia knew it. And yet she didn't care. More to the point, it was Daniel's bad-boy side which appealed to her the most.

Leonard's biggest shortcoming was that, sadly, he had no bad-boy side. He was good through and through. Even that kink of his seemed harmless. Maybe he simply found Ofelia's total freedom stimulating? Maybe he found it exciting that he was able to grant that freedom to her despite his desire to possess her? Maybe the cuckold fetish (though Ofelia had no idea what it was called) was some psycho-sexual product of altruism?

It didn't matter, in the end. Her heart had made the decision for her months ago, and it took Daniel's forthrightness to cause Ofelia to come to terms with it. As she sat there thinking things over, she wondered if she ought to go through with what she was planning with Manuel. It seemed crazy on one hand, and yet it seemed like it was the best thing to do. To give herself to Leonard would have been wrong because she felt nothing for him except a warm affection and respect for him as a human being. Plus, once he had her in that way, it would be all the more difficult for him to deal with losing her. She had been accused of being a tease, but to her mind it would have been more wrong to give herself to Leonard sexually and thereby to let him taste what he would soon be losing forever, rather than just never allowing him to possess her in the first place.

This was the only way that all four people involved could possibly be best served, she decided. Daniel was expecting an experienced woman and that was what he would receive. Let him come at her with the heart of a lion, she thought, with all the passion he could spend. Manuel would have his most precious dream made real, and the idea of giving him such a gift filled Ofelia with pleasure. He loved her so absolutely, and so deeply; he deserved to be rewarded for the number of times he had risen to her defense, how he had risked being beaten up and shamed to preserve her honor.

Even Leonard would benefit from her decision, --- even though he might not realize it for quite some time,-- because she would be sparing him the worst offense a woman could commit against a man: that of entering into a marriage, and indeed, the marriage bed, with no fire in her veins and only a pale, cowardly deceit in her heart. Ofelia was glad that she would be doing Leonard the kindness of not using him for her own selfish goals; that this had happened now and not a few years into their marriage; that he was still young and would have plenty of time to find a woman more suited to him. She truly hoped and wished the best for him.

As Ofelia headed back to the bedroom where her temporary groom still lay sleeping, she wondered if all of these cogitations and psychological gymnastics were not really just another convoluted and convenient series of rationalizations, ones which she was currently using to sugar-over the fact that she really just wanted to have sex with - fuck him fuck his cock in my cunt his big cock fucking me - Manuel and was glad to have finally arrived at a way which would allow her to do it in good conscience. She truly doubted that this was the case, but she let herself dwell on the idea.

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