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Office Adventures


"Suzy, could you please bring me yesterday's mail"

Suzy was twenty four. She had light brown eyes and somewhat darker, medium length hair, which she often tied into a pigtail. She was not slim, but not fat either. Her not being tall combined with a roundish face made her look a bit plump. She was the silent kind, obedient, hard-working, consistent and shy. You could say she wasn't very popular but there was nothing bad in her character, just the shyness. She was plain and dressed plain, no high heels, no tons of makeup, just blue jeans and sneakers, occasionally a skirt of some sort. Otherwise Suzy was a kind person. Very sincere, quite caring and also intelligent.

"This is all there is, sir," she said entering Jeff's office.

"Thanks," Jeff said looking up from his desk.

Jeff was the boss. Well not quite *the* boss, but her boss at least and he was in charge of the place most of the time. Suzy had been working with him for four months now, she was something of a personal assistant to him, although she did many other things too. As a boss he was better than most, quite tolerant to people being late and such stuff. He needed work done, and as long as he got it done he didn't care much. In fact, Jeff was a friendly guy, he was in good relations with many of his employees and most of them felt warmly about him. But given Suzy's character they weren't anything like friends. She called him "boss" or "sir". He tried to be nice, to encourage a more open environment, but Suzy didn't react to that.

"Oh, and... Suzy I've been having a problem with this computer I think you could figure this out. I'm just unable to download reports from the server."

"Hmm, never happened for me," Suzy said coming around the desk to take a look.

Jeff rolled back in his chair and Suzy leaned over to reach the mouse. She tried to download a report but the connection was awful and nothing seemed to work. As she was waiting for something to happen she suddenly felt something touch her ass. It was so light that she barely noticed it, but seconds later she realized it was Jeff's hand. Again, she thought that it was an accidental touch but again she was wrong. She tried to look to he right where she presumed Jeff to be, but he had moved behind her, and leaning on the table her shoulders were limiting her view. Meanwhile Jeff silently and softly began stroking her ass. Suzy felt herself blush. She considered turning around but somehow her timidness apparently wanted her to believe that this would finish quickly. She gazed at the progress bar on the screen which wouldn't nudge an inch.

Jeff continued, slowly his hand went from stroking just one buttock downwards and began finding it's way between Suzy's legs.

Suzy was burning inside. She had never been in anything close to this. She had never expected this to happen. And her usual way of staying silent and letting herself go with the flow was failing her. She wasn't afraid of Jeff, he wasn't that kind of person. Rather, she was afraid of the situation, afraid of doing something. All she could do was wait and see what happened next.

The lightness of the first strokes had now gone and Jeff hand was now firmly pressing against her body, making her feel the movement of his fingers through the thin material of her trousers. They ran down her thighs, then moved up stroked deep into her crotch.

"Any luck?"

This struck Suzy harder than anything. Jeff's tone was utterly relaxed. It seemed as if he had been bothering his business for the last several minutes and suddenly remembered her. There was a pause as she tried to collect herself for an answer.

"No," all that she could say, but even that came out with a tremble.

"Well then Suzy, I think I'll have to give it to the IT guys downstairs," Jeff's tone remained utterly casual.

Now Suzy was completely lost. Immediately she imagined herself turning around with her red hot face. Her mind tried to find a short way out, one which could save her from looking at Jeff, but the desk was obstructing her. Finally, she gathered her strength and turned around somewhat rapidly. What she saw stunned her. Jeff was sitting back in his chair. His trousers unzipped, his stiff dick looking out from beneath his shirt. One hand was stroking it, while the other was left in the air by Suzy's sharp turn.

For a moment they looked straight at each other. Suzy was completely lost, she considered runing away, but her timidness still took over and she stood there not knowing what to do.

"What are you so afraid of, Suzy?"

Jeff's hand touched her once again, now softly pulling her towards him.

"Jeffery, what are you doing?!" Suzy finally burst out.

"Now there," he said calmly, still pulling her towards him, but himself also rolling forward, with his legs spread wide open.

"You have been working very hard lately," Jeff started, looking up at her lost red face, randomly stroking her hips, "I think you need to relax a bit."

His hands made their way up, stroking her breasts as they passed. With a quick light touch he undid the upper button of Suzy's blouse. Her face, which had lost some colour in the past minutes suddenly flashed up again.

"Sir, please!"

"Now now, Suzy, there's no need to panic."

Jeff had already got down to the third button. Suzy suddenly felt, that sitting in his chair, Jeff had positioned his legs around her. She looked down and the sight of his hard red dick send a chill through her body. Meanwhile Jeff had got through to the last button. Undoing it he flung it lightly to both sides, as if pushing Suzy to take it off completely. Surprisingly for both of them Suzy responded, instinctively or not, pushing back her shoulders and letting her shirt slide down behind her back, revealing a pretty, smooth body and a white modest bra around her breasts.

In a second Suzy was standing lost, asking herself why she did it. But she suddenly understood, that this was the most outright display of obedience from her so far.

Jeff understood that too. Suzy felt his legs loosen the grip around her. Smiling in delight he leaned back in his chair. Not hurrying at all he began stroking her bare thighs, occasionally moving up, squeezing in under her breasts, then back down towards her belly.

"Now there, what have you been hiding from us so long..."

Suzy didn't understand what the "us" meant and it frightened her a bit. She didn't focus on that for long though, because Jeff's hands once more moved their way up and behind her back. Now moving closed and stretching Jeff reached her bra. He had some trouble with it but eventually he undid it. Once again, Suzy inertially helped him take it off completely. Her face was once again the light pale, not turning back red as before.

Jeff rolled back as to get a better view. Smiling and stroking his dick he looked at Suzy's round and somewhat firm breasts. Suzy didn't want to look Jeff in the face and soon cought herself focused on his dick. In still frightened her, though not as before. A thought crossed her mind: possibly it appealed to her too.

Once again Jeff rolled closer and spread out his legs.

"Sit down," he said lightly guiding her towards his right leg. Suzy didn't resist, and in a moment she was sitting on his leg like a child. Jeff's head was now leveled with her breasts.

For a moment he stroked them and looked closely at her small red tits.Then he began kissing and sucking, first around and then the tit itself.

For the past minutes Suzy had become numb of standing there half naked and being admired. Now something changed. She definitely liked it as Jeff sucked her tit. Her previous sexual experiences were both few and quite poor. The feeling of someone sucking her tit was new to her, almost out of fantasy. And although the whole experience was awful and humiliating itself, she was enjoying herself that particular moment.

Jeff went on for a minute, then he stopped, but still kept his mouth pressed to Suzy's tit. He fingered around and found her hand, took it and guided it towards his dick. Suzy understood his intention. She didn't even know was she reluctant or not, but she began stroking it.

"Good girl," Jeff pushed back to say that, then resumed sucking, fingering and stroking the other breast with his left hand.

Suzy looked down, to see Jeff's dick as she stroked it, but his head was obstructing her view. Now she definitely felt she was enjoying it. She liked holding his dick, it didn't frighten her already. She stroked it in rhythm with Jeff's mouth, instinctively trying to please him.

On his part, Jeff became more passionate, he sucked, kissed, sometimes biting her lightly. One one occasion, Suzy moaned. It was the first sound she had made for quite a while, and Jeff apparently loved it as he bit her again.

Finally Jeff stopped and distancing himself a bit looked up at Suzy. Her face was quite different, still showing signs of her first shock and shyness, it was much more relaxed. Jeff urged her to get up, he got up with her letting his trousers fall down.

"Now there, why don't you lie down on the desk" he said pointing behind Suzy. She looked at the large desk, it was mostly free of anything other than papers. She sat down on the edge facing Jeff once more. He came closer looking straight in her eyes. His hands once again, playing around her hips, slowly went down. His palm pushed in under her trousers and then her panties. It felt it's way down, slowly, occasionally feeling around the sides, it reached the soft hair.

"What have we got down there?" Jeff teased still looking Suzy in the eyes. Her face now showed a turbulent mix of revived worry, fright, pleasure and desire. Inside, she didn't know which it was.

Jeff's hand went deeper, reaching her slit it lightly pushed a finger in. Then it felt it's way towards her clit and began stroking.

Suzy's face now showed an utter chaos of feeling and emotions. Jeff loved the sight.

"I think you want to show me what it is you've got there?" his hand pulled back up and quickly undid the button on Suzy's pants. Moment's later they together were pulling them down. Jeff quickly took her shoes off and got her pants completely away. Next were the panties. Jeff was to excited now, to play around with them. He pulled them off the same way, revealing a small, cute bush.

"Now that's better," he smiled, moving her legs apart. His hand quickly started stroking, first one thigh, then the tight little slit, then the other thigh. Jeff couldn't get enough. He fingered her pussy, then reached out towards the small tight asshole. Finally he kneeled down and got his mouth to work.

For a moment it was everywhere. His tongue sprung deep into Suzy's pussy getting his face wet with her juices, then backed up and pressed hard on her clit, then down, licking everything there was on the way to her asshole. He tried to penetrate it, but it was to tight. Instead he licked it hard and long, then went back to her pussy.

Suzy was overwhelmed. She had never felt some much affection for her body, never had anyone lick her pussy, let alone her asshole. She never thought it could feel so good. Leaning back, her two hands behind her, she enjoyed every moment.

For several minutes Jeff licked and sucked her. It was not long before she came. Her pussy convulsed rapidly letting a strong flow of juice all over Jeff's face. Suzy felt herself loose strength, but Jeff wasn't done yet. Quickly he got up, his eyes caught Suzy's which now didn't hide anything. His dick, hard as ever touched her soaking pussy. Just one second Jeff hesitated, he knew what he really wanted.

"Do you want me to do it?" his voice now exited as ever.

"Yes," Suzy uttered in a low, soft voice. In a moment her pussy lips were pushed wide apart. She felt Jeff's dick rapidly make it's way into her. In a moment the room was filled with the sound of Suzy's moans and their bodies slapping against each other. Jeff held her by the hips as he rammed his dick up her pussy time and time again. Moments later with one last throw he came inside her. Quickly pulling out he let the second stream cover her pussy and thighs.

Jeff backed and sat down in his chair. For a moment neither of them spoke, as Suzy panted on the desk. Finally he got up and helped her off. There was a box of tissues on the desk, Suzy took those and cleaned herself up a bit. As she did so, Jeff was sitting beside her, and she took a moment to wipe his dick of the last drops of cum.

She dressed up quickly, leaving the room with a very strange feeling inside.

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